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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Is Shilajit Part of Nature's Health-Bestowing Bounty? │ Are a Few Cases of Vitreoretinal Lymphoma in New York Tied to the Chernobyl Disaster?

With my younger brother Mark home last evening, i was obliged to sit up watching T.V. with him until roughly 11:30 p.m.

He had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for this morning, so that time of evening was sufficiently late enough for him.

Remaining up that late necessitated that I have a second can of strong (8% alcohol) beer.

I did not expend much time before getting to bed after Mark hauled himself upstairs to his room.

However, as I spoke about in yesterday's blog post here, I had propped up my mattress to attempt experimenting with inclined bed therapy (IBT).

The bed headboard is large, and itself rests in its full length upon the carpeted floor ─ it is too cumbersome and heavy for me to try and lift to set anything beneath it for the six or seven inches required to elevate the mattress.

Also, I suspect that the weight of the bed itself would ─ should the bed frame be made to be uneven with such an incline ─ probably soon result in a loosening or even breaking of the bolts or heavy screws or whatever it is that have the frame attached to the head- and footboards.

And that is why I had stuffed various cushions and such beneath the mattress in lieu of changing the whose bed's incline.

Well, that effort was a total bust.

I immediately found that the incline was far too much ─ maybe a foot; and the supports I had stuffed under the mattress were irregular, making my side of the mattress somewhat higher than the other side.

It was too late to be fussing with removal of the lopsided mattress supports, so I roughed it and spent the night in bed as was.

Eventually I had worked down to the point that I was only using the bottom three-fourths of the mattress ─ the upper fourth was simply too elevated to remain lying upon.

Besides, the mattress was not properly sloped all the way down, for there was nothing beneath it in its lower portion. A major requirement of the elevation is to avoid being in any kind of sitting position ─ not only is there no benefit to having something like a hospital bed where the upper part can be raised, but that position is actually harmful where IBT is concerned.

So my experiment is done ─ I am unable to have the mattress in my bed elevated as required.

I have seen at least one video where a relative handyman has acquired some lumber and used a power-drill to alter his bed that was sturdy like mine, but I have no access to lumber (I do not drive) nor the spare pension income to spend on any, and neither am I comfortable wielding a drill when I have no confidence in the ultimate result.  

I am not interested in just defacing the bed, after all.

Here in the small bedroom where I keep my computer is a one-person rather cheap bed that has the usual legs older beds typically have.

If I find myself ambitious one day, I may clear off the enormous piles of clutter that I have piled onto it over recent years and make a new try with IBT.

But for now, the experiment is done before it hardly even began.

Despite the awkwardness of how my mattress was to sleep on last night, I never found myself so awake that I felt any need to check the time until around 5:45 a.m. this morning.

And by then I was ready to get a start on my morning.

I was a little surprised at removing my earplugs to hear how hard it was raining outside. Awhile later after Mark had gotten up, he mentioned that it had begun to snow.

I was busy adding content to the new post I am constructing at Lawless Spirit, one of my six hosted websites. When I got around to having a look outside, I saw no indication of any snow falling, but there were hail or snow pellets lying on the carport roof just below my bedroom window.

The rain stopped later in the morning, and the day remained heavily overcast with the threat of imminent rain at any time.

About the only other thing I have to report about my day ─ apart from a good nap midday ─ is that I heard my eldest stepson Tho answer the front door after Mark had gone away for the day, and he apparently had to consort for awhile with a couple of male Mormon missionaries who had come seeking Mark.

Mark and I were both members of the church when we were schoolboys in the early 1960s; and he later returned for a short time when he was dealing with a horrible divorce / child custody dispute ─ and then a six-month drunk driving suspension ─ back sometime in the 1990s that had him contemplating suicide.

Thus, periodically church members make outreach attempts to him, but he is apparently in these later years of his life quite happy being a heavy beer-drinker on a daily basis.

The church has no idea where I am, as far as I know. 

I suppose that I should also mention that I had my usual afternoon exercise session out in the backyard tool shed, and felt fairly capable.

I read a couple of rather interesting health-related items today that I want to make mention of.

Have you ever heard of a substance called shilajit? It is a strange sort of 'ooze' that emerges in some East European and Asian mountain ranges, and which is reputed to have remarkable health properties when consumed. 

I couldn't ever remember hearing or reading about anything like it before.

You may notice that the person(s) behind that Wikipedia article dismiss the substance with this set of statements:
Based on currently available studies, the bioactivity of shilajit lacks substantial evidence. The immuno-modulatory activity does not stand the test of critical assessment and is considered as unproven.
And one single reference is given to support that stance.

However, although I did not bother investigating the various references that are given to back up the several claims presented in the following article, its authour apparently had little trouble coming up with quite a number of alternate studies that belie the Wikipedia position:


This is just one further regret that I have that I must spend what remains of my life making do with my inadequate monthly pension, for I know that I shall never be able to give shilajit a trial for myself. 

The other topic I wanted to briefly broach concerned the recent discovery of just how far-reaching and long-lasting the effects of radiation seem to have been from a disaster such as Chernobyl.

These two reports tell of the research that is tying in a rare sort of cancer with people who happened to be living in countries neighbouring the Chrenobyl region at the time of the disaster, but who long ago moved from there to America:



Sometimes I feel grateful for having grown up around here in the 1950s and 1960s ─ I never had the phenomenal amount of various types of radiation exposure that the young people of today are being bombarded with from their very conception.

Who knows what is in store?

Anyway, neither of those two article identified the actual study, but I think that I found it ─ the full research is not available to the general public without a payment, however: A cluster of vitreoretinal lymphoma in New York with possible link to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Okay, now I wish to post this scan of an old photo ─ the description beneath it is from the Google Plus album where I have the scan filed:

The photo has this written on its back by my mother Irene Dorosh ─ please note that the identification described below is identifying the people depicted from the right to the left:

4 generations

Kim (Kay's daughter); Aunt Eva [holding] Michelle; Kay

I would guess that the photo was likely taken sometime during the decade of the 1990s or even early in the 2000s; and the location may have been the Thunder Bay area. 
They are probably all my maternal relatives, but I have never met any of them, and their names are unfamiliar to me.

Isn't that a sad state?

Even after my eldest half-sister Ethyl died late this past year in that area, my brother Mark and I are so detached from that branch of the family that no one let us know.

I was to learn of it early this year from Susan, a niece of Ethyl's ─ a niece whom I have been in very infrequent E-mail contact with. She only mentioned it out of curiosity to ascertain if I had heard anything about Ethyl's passing, or if perhaps her information was news to me.     

Susan had been living on Vancouver Island for many years and had made a career for herself in the naval armed forces, but she had recently retired and moved to Alberta ─ that update was her main reason for E-mailing me.

Well, my evening is upon me. I must close today's post and see what I can find to watch on T.V. and enjoy with a can or two of strong beer. Mark ought to be spending the night at the residence of his girlfriend Bev, so I should have comparative peace to enjoy anything I find to watch.

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Swedish Study Finds the Paleolithic Diet to Be Superior to the Nordic (Nordic Nutrition Recommendations) Diet

I believe that it was nearly 11:15 p.m. before I was in bed last night. Only my youngest stepson Poté was still up.

Despite my initial stretch of sleep being disconcertingly short ─ I rose and used the bathroom during the midnight hour ─ my mindset was still sufficiently in tune to what it was when I had first retired, so I was not afflicted with any progression of thoughts.

Often when I wake up after a block of sleep, my mind will commence to dwelling upon one or another distressing facet of my life, and then sleep becomes highly elusive or even improbable.

But not this time. I was in much the same frame of mind as when I first went to bed.

Sleep was fractured over the course of the remainder of the night, but never did I check the time. And when at last I did, I think that it was at least 5:30 a.m.

I had successfully coasted past the time spread of 2:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. when I of late most often find myself no longer able to make a return to sleep.

Upon arising, I was soon at work building the foundation of a new post at Lawless Spirit, one of my six hosted websites. But when 6:00 a.m. arrived, I began to feel some concern about my eldest stepson Tho ─ he usually rises by then to ready himself for work.

I was soon able to hear Poté's cellphone's alarm sounding, but he seldom rises immediately. These alarm sounds can sometimes continue intermittently for an hour or more.

Nevertheless, he did get up ─ perhaps shortly after 7:00 a.m. And by 7:45 a.m. or so, he was out the front door to drive himself to work.

It was then that I started to become exceedingly agitated about Tho lazing away in his bed. He never went to work yesterday, and didn't emerge from his sleeping quarters that day until into the noon-hour.

The thought that I was to have his unwanted presence robbing me of yet another valued weekday overcame me, and I found myself mouthing imprecations of utter displeasure.

Tho sleeps directly below the room here upstairs where I have my computer, so whether or not he may have heard me, I cannot surely say. It wasn't as if I was yelling aloud the profanity.

Although my vocalizations may not have had aught to do with it, he rose very soon after Poté had left. And maybe by 8:15 a.m. or so, he was also out the front door to drive himself to work in his mother's car ─ his mother is on a seven-week holiday to her home village in Thailand for an extended visit with her mother.

From such an abject place, my spirits had soon soared such that I was so very chipper that I was practically singing.

I know that sometimes I must come across as despising my stepsons, but I do love them both. I just need to do it from rather afar ─ I cannot abide an unbroken diet of the louts.

I wanted to get out and do some local grocery shopping, so upon getting the Latin Impressions post set up for the several days of content-addition that are now ahead, I began readying for that expedition to Deepu's No Frills market about four blocks away in the Cedar Hills shopping plaza (96th Avenue & 128th Street) [Google map] here in Surrey.

It was comfortably before 10:00 a.m. when I set off, which is less than an hour after the store had opened.

I also had a bill payment to mail, so I performed that task in one of the two mailboxes out in front of Shoppers Drug Mart in that same shopping plaza.

There was nothing else remarkable about the venture, except that it was rather heavily spitting some rain, and the air was very chilly.

I was home in sufficient time that I performed 111 of my version of Hindu squats, and then I got back to work on that Lawless Spirit post and supplied the curated content of an actual half-morning's normal workload.

Perhaps that was my undoing. I did not feel particularly well, and so I returned to bed fully clothed and may have lay there for nigh an hour.

I still did not feel too grand after rising, but by the time I had finished the day's second hot beverage, I was close to what passes for normal.

And just after 2:30 p.m., I went out to the backyard tool shed and had some exercise there.

I oddly enough felt a little stronger than usual, performing one repetition more in my repetition-total than I have been achieving in the four sets of pull-ups that I try to engage almost each afternoon.

The sky at that part of the day seemed to be mostly blue, and the Sun was shining brightly.

It won't last, but I am far more than okay with that. I prefer the gloom at this time of year ─ I am more likely to get outside and go public than if it is bright and sunny.

Yesterday in my blog post of the day, I talked about my intention of giving inclined bed therapy a shot. But I was not going to try and elevate my bed until today.

Well, I got to it this afternoon, but I scrapped my original plan of setting metal plates (from an old home gym) under the headboard base ─ the darned thing is far, far too heavy. I would almost have to disassemble the bed.

So instead, I have piled up cushions and such beneath the mattress itself, and I now may have an elevation that could more like a foot than the six or seven inches that are suggested.

I would have photographed the result, but I will wait until after I give sleeping a try tonight.

Supposedly. I ought to find myself sleeping better, and have improved respiration and sinus status; circulation should be enhanced (the claim is made that after about four weeks, people have professed that their varicose veins have flattened out); and even vision has improved ─ some cases of failing eyesight have been restored to a much haler state.

But if my mattress's elevation is too severely inclined, then I may have trouble with being comfortable enough to sleep. I ought to discover if that is to be the case quite early into my night.

Note that it is essential that the entire mattress be sloped ─ elevating just the upper half of the mattress (as with a hospital bed) is actually deleterious.

I seem to have some slope to the lower part of my mattress, but I will discover any truth of that tonight, I am sure.

But let's move on to a different health-related topic ─ one that involves weight-loss without the need to actually go hungry.

This afternoon I read about a study comparing two specialized dietary plans. One was the Paleolithic diet which I have of course heard of; and the other was unknown to me ─ one following Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. 

The two-year study of 70 women split up into two groups and who followed one or the other plan lost weight and had other benefits on both plans, but the Paleolithic diet was demonstrably superior.

Here are a couple of reports about the study:



The women were not restricted in the amounts of food they could eat. They just had to obey the proper regimen applicable to whichever plan they were assigned.

What impressed me about the study was that it took place in Sweden ─ a very Nordic country!

The head researcher was Caroline Blomquist, a doctoral student at Sweden's Umeå University. The study was the basis of her doctoral thesis.

The university even published an article about the study


Should that link ever fail, the article is easily enough found with a search at the university website, for I located several different webpages there containing the same article.

Earlier I mentioned my wife Jack, who is holidaying over in Thailand.

Each day I check her Facebook account on the good chance that she will have posted some new photos, and that was the case for today.

I have four photos she took in selfie mode during a visit with her "sister-cousin," who has a meat (butcher) stand ─ probably in a market in their very large village of Nong Soong, which is maybe a 15-minute drive from the city of Udon Thani:

That seems to me to be quite a large market for a so-called village.

Well, as usual, I am running out of time to be blogging ─ my evening is upon me, for it is now 6:00 p.m. as I type these words.

I am going to close now with an old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street [Google map], and two houses up from Third Avenue.

My previous journal entry had been two days earlier. I was leaving around the mid-afternoon on a hike out to the duplex unit that my younger brother Mark was renting ─ it wasn't too very far down Semiahmoo Road [Google map] from where it attaches to Old Yale Road in Surrey.

I had also written that I was going to visit my old friend William Alan Gill, who was in St. Mary's Hospital in New Westminster, recovering from gastric bypass surgery over a week earlier.

The hospital no longer exists, but back then it was essentially on my way to the Pattullo Bridge, which I would have to hike over to get out to Surrey.

Obviously I must hot have returned to my room later that day, nor even the next. I expect that this latest journal entry will tell the tale of the missing time.
WEDNESDAY, February 16, 1977

I've come into town this wet morning with Mark on his way to work (I rode in the back cause he had to pick up 2 guys).

I went to mom's yesterday and found that my B.C. Wildlife Federation 5 Western Express and 1 Provincial Lottery tickets had arrived the day before. 

And I was surprised to find my bodyweight down to 186 or 7 [pounds].

While napping there, I had an interesting dream; I was abed for some minor reason at some large social function that at least partially involved athletics. Mom was with me, when a famous female athlete came to see me, making the rounds encouraging the ill and also fortifying her image. She flirted with me, and in fact returned 3 or 4 times upon declaring she was leaving. She kissed me deeply, and I recall vividly how fine her tongue was, and how unusually raspy its polyps. And she allowed me to probe her gently with an adventurous finger. In my fantasy I came at that, but not in reality, though I thought I had.  


I had the laundromat to myself, and spent 60¢ on literature.

Then I hustled down to see Stickley at U.I.

He disturbs me; he led me to believe there may arise a problem over the fact that most of the jobs on my list of 8 were in Surrey.

But he didn't give me another list, nor say I'd be called back.

I went to Manpower and saw a notice re a postal clerk competition, for which I picked up an application.

Then at Safeway I bought $1.04 worth of oranges.

On my way to Mark's I'll mail to Victoria for a Provincial Lottery ticket, and to Toronto I'll send an entry to Canadian Cheese Dream Stakes.

I failed to see Bill Monday cause he wasn't in his room; he phoned Mark's later and said he'd likely be discharged Saturday.

I'm leaving for Mark's 1:10 p.m., and will drop off my postal clerk application.
It is most unfortunate that I never managed to become employed by Canada Post.

I had been visiting Mark's duplex practically daily ─ fairly soon after he broke up with his girlfriend of about three years at the end of the previous September, and after I broke up with my own girlfriend after about three months.

After Mark's breakup, he gave up the house he had been renting with his girlfriend, and he began renting the duplex.

My own breakup must have made me needy for company, I think. Previously, I had been quite content being by myself at my room.

The duplex was less than three miles from the home of our mother, Irene Dorosh. She and her husband Alex were living in Surrey's Kennedy Heights area.

Their home was my main mailing address; and although it no longer exists, its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue [Google map].

I generally walked anywhere I went, and I often extended my hikes by taking circuitous routes to reach my destinations.

That department of Manpower and Immigration agent ("Stickley") handling my Unemployment Insurance account must have come across to me as quite the prick.

I sure miss having erotic dreams!

One final thing ─ my AdSense account. I checked it just before starting today's post here, and was warmly pleased to see that 48¢ had been accumulated over the course of today. Often I am fortunate to even see 1¢ show up in a day ─ more times than not, there is nothing.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Inclined Bed Therapy │ More on Why Routine Cancer Screenings Are Raising False Alarms

I was in bed last evening by 11:03 p.m., hoping for a decent night's sleep.

It wasn't to happen.

I did fairly well with the initial block of sleep ─ or at least, I never found myself wakeful enough to care to check the time until something like 3:21 a.m.

I took the opportunity to use the bathroom, but after returning to bed my thought processes began to burgeon, and sleep became improbable.

I knew that my younger brother Mark would be getting up around 4:00 a.m. or so to start readying for work, so I decided around 3:30 a.m. to just get up and turn on (and log into) my computer.

Then I dallied at it until I heard Mark moving about in his bedroom, and then heard that movement evolve into his ensuite morning shower.

So I returned to bed ─ either to fall asleep, or to await Mark's departure for work around 5:00 a.m.

It was 3:59 a.m. by the time I was back in bed, so Mark obviously rose well ahead of 4:00 a.m.

Sleep did not pay me a visit; and when I heard Mark heading out the front door for work, I rose to soon get to work to finalize and eventually publish the post I have been working upon for quite a number of days at Amastu Okiya, one of my six hosted websites.

The post is Easy Geisha Costume II.

My youngest stepson Poté was to rise early into that project, and headed out the front door around 7:41 a.m. to drive himself to work.

That left just my eldest stepson Tho home and still in bed ─ he generally tries to get up ahead of 6:00 a.m. to start readying for work.

Apparently having a statutory holiday this past Monday, then a late start on Tuesday that found him sleeping in, and finally a full day yesterday, all proved too much for the fragile 23-year-old. He never emerged from his sleeping quarters until early into the noon hour.

How the hell is that possible? He went to bed before I did last night, yet I couldn't remain in bed much past 3:30 a.m. and he can hold out until the noon-hour?

That almost sickens me with envious disgust. 

Heck, I even returned to bed shortly after 10:00 a.m. for a nap, and was up again long before he got up ─ my nap had broken, and I accepted that finding another elusive stretch of nap would have taken far too long.

I do not like having my weekday home-alone time robbed from me ─ I mightily resent it.

The day has been overcast and quite chilly; and when I was out in the backyard tool shed ahead of 3:00 p.m. for some exercise, there was such a fine rain falling that I did not even feel it when I first went to the shed. It was only after I was taking a break from a set of exercise repetitions and standing in the shed doorway looking outward that I was able to visually perceive the almost imperceptible falling moisture.

I am sure that I heard a radio announcer this morning say that we are to have rain starting later today, so maybe this was its birth.

Let's return to the topic of sleep.

I came across an article this morning that has me intrigued ─ viz., that sleeping upon an inclined bed can not only bestow better sleep, but also bestow many health benefits.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Apparently the key is to have an elevation of about six inches (15.24 centimetres).

And the whole bed must be at an incline, and not just the upper half of the mattress as might be achieved by a hospital bed, for example. 

Here is the article:


If my stepson Tho had not been home today, I would have sought some rectangular weight training plates in our storage room ─ these are plates that were part of one of those home gyms featuring pulleys and such.

The storage room is accessed through the boys' den area, but I am so bummed at Tho that I do not want to present an opportunity for pleasantries with him.

I will await a time when I am home alone.

The plates might not serve, though. If a few are stacked upon one another to attain sufficient elevation, and such supports are then used beneath the bed's head frame, they may prove unstable.

The head and foot of the bed are not on the floor on a pair of legs that the plates could be placed beneath ─ rather, the headboard and footboard bases are a solid length of wood extending the full width of the bed.

So there are no legs.

As I said, though, I will need to test this out, and I will not do it if it necessitates communication with Tho.

And consarn that infernal idiot!

It is just after 3:45 p.m., and I have eaten nothing today. But after coming in from my exercising out in the shed, I put some ground beef into a pan to slow cook over an electric element of the stove.

That was at least a half-hour ago.

I just went downstairs to check its progress...and the stove element was not even remotely warm. Tho had taken it upon himself to turn the damned thing off!

Now I must start the wait all over again for another 40 minutes or so ─ that's about how long this slow-cooking process takes.

And I'm bloody hungry!

God, I hate having either of my stepsons home during the freaking week!

But I want to touch upon a second health-related topic that I have already brought forth in a blog post this week ─ how medical screenings are finding far too many bogus 'potential threats' than should ever receive attention.

Cancer screenings are primary here. Screenings are detecting so-called cancers that the medical profession never should be bothering with.

Unnecessary treatments and surgeries are often extremely harmful physically and emotionally; and such detections badly skew the actual rates of cancer, making it seem that there is an epidemic of cancers when there probably is not. 

The medical profession just happens to be finding piddling little developments that would never in a lifetime cause a problem for the patient, and which would probably disappear without any medical attention anyway.

But check out the following article for yourself ─ it is different from any that I already linked to in the earlier post:


Now to witch topics entirely, my wife Jack ─ who is on a seven-week holiday in Thailand in order to have an extended visit with her mother ─ usually posts photos and even a rare video into her Facebook posts each day.

But sometimes she doesn't post anything, and that was the case when I checked today.

Consequently, I am going to post a few other images.

When I first went to Thailand in January 2003, one of the ladies who took good care of me was known to me as Tukta. 

I never saw her in either of the subsequent visits I made to Thailand in 2004 or 2005, but we are still in occasional E-mail (and Facebook) contact.

She E-mailed the following photo that she took with her webcam late in January:

I've gotten older since early 2003, too.

If I ever came into the money, I would make her a larger part of my life ─ she was a kind-hearted, good woman.

The next three photos I will post are examples of mosaic art that an E-mail contact of mine created just a few years back ─ as you may suspect, the mosaics involve broken pieces of glass:

As far as I know, I was born without any talent of any sort whatsoever.

And I think that will do it for today. Tho headed away shortly before 5:00 p.m. for a gym workout, but I don't feel up to a forced search of the storage room for those plates to see if they would serve as supports beneath my bed's headboard.

I would prefer to have the time for a leisured exploration of this whole project.

Maybe tomorrow?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

💀💀💀 More Bad News About Tamiflu

That vile addiction took me over yesterday ─ I was unable to get to bed last night until 12:30 a.m., but usually it is far later.

At least I got a reasonable block of initial sleep, I suppose. And I never checked the time this morning until 5:47 a.m. ─ that was when I began my morning.

After I had turned on my computer and logged into it, and then used the bathroom, I encountered my eldest stepson Tho ascending the stairs to use the bathroom in preparation for his departure to work.

I was not to be home alone today, though. His younger brother Poté had the day off work, and never got up until 2:00 p.m. Last evening he and his relatively new girlfriend (Anika?) were involved in rearranging the boys' den area where Poté keeps his bed ─ it has been arranged such that now the bed is less visible (there is no door to the den area, so the bed was always in full view of anyone who cared to look in that direction).

The girlfriend was not here this morning, so she must have driven herself home at some point last night.

Had I not been so involved with my folly last night and gotten to bed earlier, I probably could have published the post I am constructing at Amatsu Okiya, one of my six hosted websites.

Granted, it is now over 17,000 words, but I feel that I may as well add another half-mornings' worth of curated content to it.

When I finished the work on the post that I put into it this morning, I returned to bed around 11:07 a.m. and got at least another 75 minutes in "the sack," successfully napping.

By the way, something unexpected took place fairly early last evening ─ my younger brother Mark announced it when he arrived home around 8:00 p.m.

It was snowing ─ and quite thickly.

To put this into perspective, I don't think we have even had any overnight frost throughout the entire month of January. But yesterday was the fifth consecutive day without any rain ─ and the main of those days have been rather sunny.

I even noticed that there may have been a little frost overnight in the Monday and Tuesday a.m. hours. At least, I did notice the grass in the backyard was just about crunchy when I was walking on some in a shaded area in the afternoon on Monday.

Considerable melt is happening today ─ we received at least two inches of snow here in my part of Surrey. I heard on the radio that nearby Vancouver is supposed to reach a high today of 7º C.

However, tonight it is predicted that the temperature will sink to -2º C.

I took two photos which I will post, but first I want to post some further photos that I have culled from my wife Jack's latest Facebook posts ─ she is presently over in Thailand on a seven-week vacation to enjoy an extended visit with her mother.

However, before I even do that, I wish to present a link to an article slamming Tamiflu:


How it is that there are still intelligent people out there who surely have gotten wind at one time or another over the many years that the Pharmaceutical Industry is profit-driven, and implicated in no end of wrong-doing and causation of harm; yet before consuming these various products that this industry produces, few people research the products to try and learn if there might be something negative to know about them.

Anyway, this is the reference that the article had listed, but which it did not link to:


The information about dangers is out there ─ don't expect the Pharmaceutical Industry nor the medical profession to spell it all out for you.

Okay, back to the topic of my wife's photos.

Apparently today she visited her "sister-cousin" ─ I don't know the woman's actual name, for my wife just refers to the woman with that term whenever she speaks of her:

Of course there were a number of other photos, but I was selective, for Jack actually took this five-minute video using her cellphone in selfie mode ─ unfortunately, I don't think she realized for the first 40 seconds that her cellphone was actually recording as yet:

Jack took some other photos elsewhere ─ I liked these of her posing up close by a small floral arrangement:

Google automatically created those two collages ─ I just decided to include them with the relevant photos.

I also selected these three photos, but I am unsure if they were taken today:

Alright, now here are the two snow photos that I took this morning.

The first was taken through the living room window at 7:45 a.m., and looking out toward the cul-de-sac we live in:

Then a minute later I took this photo from the doorway to our backyard sundeck, and looking out toward the unheated small tool shed where I try to get in some exercise each afternoon:

And yes, I did get some exercise there this afternoon, as I did yesterday, too.

Well, I think that I have carried this post on long enough, so I am going to bring it to a close with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and just two houses up from Third Avenue.

The previous day's journal entry indicated that I was going to hike out to the duplex unit my younger brother Mark was renting in Surrey, but I did not say when that was ─ I suspect that I likely left my room sometime in the latter morning.

Since I wrote no more that day, I must have spent the night at Mark's suite.

Mark was living a reasonably short distance along Semiahmoo Road from where it leads off from Old Yale Road.
MONDAY, February 14, 1977

I came home this morning with Mark on his way to work.

I grossly overate yesterafternoon on a pot roast and many vegetables.

I bought a $5 money order so as to be able to mail to the Island for a Provincial Lottery ticket, providing I am able to find an address for there.

Before 11:00 a.m. I laid [sic] down, awakening about 12:45 p.m.; I had another erotic dream: Mark & I were camping or something, and encountered a very lovely and shapely girl ─ though distant; she got me off merely from pressure of her peerless knee against my genitals. 

I wrote a letter to dad I'll mail later today, suggesting I get an 8 hour janitor job, he help me, and the two of us live together in a nice place. I was going to visit him tomorrow, but decided on the letter.

I see I can employ my dumbbell again (my right shoulder was too sore following last Thursday's garbage collection stint with Al Varga).

I have to take my unemployment insurance claim in today; thereafter, before going to Mark's, I'll stop off at the hospital and see Bill.
I no longer remember that day of working on a garbage truck with Al Varga, but apparently our route was essentially bordered by the King George Highway (now Boulevard) to 140th Street (Nichol Road); and 64th Avenue (Bose Road) to 96th Avenue (Townline Road). 

My old friend William Alan Gill had been in the hospital for over a week ─ he had undergone gastric bypass surgery. He underwent the procedure in St. Mary's Hospital in New Westminster. 

That prestigious facility no longer exists, unfortunately.

Back on December 16 in the present, I received the following E-mail concerning such surgery:

I was searching for some articles about bariatric surgery today and I came across this page: http://siamlongings.blogspot.com/2015/11/latest-on-deadly-glyphosate-real-reason.html

I noticed that you linked to one of my favorite sources on the matter -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bariatric_surgery

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I created an infographic on the Benefits of Bariatric Surgery, it is informative and lists the majority of benefits: https://renewbariatrics.com/procedures/benefits/

Might be worth a mention on your page.

Either way, keep up the awesome work!

Yours Truly,

Lisa Bradley
Communications Specialists
Lisa never actually read my old post's piece on bariatric surgery, for I had nothing favourable to say about it whatsoever.

But I will post her communication with the infographic link for anyone who may wish to check it out.

Bill's surgery ruined his life.

He had been employed for years at Royal City Foods, a cannery that used to exist in New Westminster back then.

When he tried to return to work after his surgery, he could not avoid spending practically half of each shift visiting the toilet ─ he was helpless to control his bowel movements.

It was so unacceptable from his employers' standpoint that they got him recommended for a Canada Pension (disability) so that they could release him, and he was never able to be employed again.

His economic status of course plummeted. 

He was never able to afford a car and all of its related expenses any longer, and thus he never drove again.

He never found love, although he does have a ladyfriend he has been close to since perhaps the mid-1980s. But he never married.

He is now 71 years old, and has been essentially bedridden for maybe two years in a care facility over in Victoria ─ he has to wear a catheter at all times.

There are a host of ailments plaguing him. I have absolutely no idea how the dear man has lived as long as he has.
No one should consider this surgery without first going wholeheartedly onto a very low-carbohydrate diet, for it's the carbohydrates that are behind the worst of fat accumulation.

By shunning carbohydrates, no actual dieting ─ and hunger ─ is required. Enjoy a bounty of protein- and fat-rich foods ─ just ensure that the fats are natural fats, and not trans fats and the wrong kinds of vegetable oils. 

Research it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Three Good Reports on Alcohol's Benefits; Flu and Heart Trouble; and the Deadly Dangers of Imodium

It is well that I had nothing planned for today ─ the night's sleep that I 'enjoyed' would have precluded fulfilling any projects outside of the house.

After retiring for the night within an hour of it becoming midnight (I forget the actual time), my first break in sleep that had me sufficiently awake to check the time was 3:03 a.m., so I rose and used the bathroom.

At returning to bed, my limited and haphazard thought process started congealing into conscious progressions, and soon it was apparent that I was too mentally active to make a return to sleep.

So at 3:33 a.m. I rose to turn on and log into my computer, and kill some time there until I  heard my younger brother Mark rise for work ─ just ahead of 4:00 a.m. it was.

I returned to bed at 4:03 a.m. to await his departure around 5:00 a.m. ─ or to fall back asleep, if that was to happen for me.

It did not.

I never heard him exit the house and lock the front door, but I did hear a vehicle door get closed, and then the vehicle drove off.

It was right around 5:00 a.m., so I rose and opened my bedroom door to verify that all was in darkness downstairs, and it was.

I was soon enough at work upon the post I am constructing at Amatsu Okiya, one of my six hosted websites. It probably is huge enough now that I could cease working on it and get it published, for I put in 1½ mornings' worth of curated content to match yesterday's effort.

And that meant that in the past four mornings, I have actually compiled the work of six regular mornings. 

But I will continue with it for at least tomorrow morning.

Anyway, my eldest stepson Tho seemed to have slept in. He never actually rose until I played a YouTube music video ─ his bed is directly beneath the small bedroom where I have my computer in the upstairs.

That was deliberate on my part, incidentally.

It was 6:54 a.m. when at last he headed out the front door to drive himself to work in his mother's car (she is presently on a seven-week holiday to Thailand to visit her mother).

Normally Tho would have left anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes earlier.

His younger brother Poté remained in bed until after mid-morning.

After I had finished the work I managed to put in on the Amatsu Okiya post, I dallied here in nonsense for some while at my computer; and then shortly after 10:00 a.m. I returned to bed to try and nap while fully dressed and without the benefit of earplugs.

For some weeks now, there have been two small packages that we have been expecting to be delivered, and I am unsure if both will just be left in our mail receptacle outside, or if whoever makes the deliveries will perhaps require a signature or otherwise feel the need to place the item within the security of the hands of a house occupant.

So I wanted to be prepared to swiftly rise and make my way downstairs to the door if I  heard the doorbell.

Unfortunately, submersion into a nap proved extremely difficult, although I certainly verged on it. I must have been abed for maybe an hour before getting up in discomfort, with eyes burning from want of sleep.

Poté was still home.

I boiled a couple of eggs for inclusion in a later meal, and then I saw little option but to return to bed and properly try to nap.

That meant undressing and also using earplugs with a blindfold.

This time I did get a certain nap in, and was again probably in bed for an hour or so.

I found Poté to be gone. Initially, though, I had a bit of a scare ─ I saw through my bedroom window that there was a white car parked street-side, and it resembles that of his girlfriend.

Were the pair here and already in bed together, as happens too bloody often?

So I ventured downstairs and checked the carport ─ Poté's car was gone. Either the white car belongs to someone else; or else the two drove off in his car.

Since they are both co-workers in the same sports shop, perhaps they have the same afternoon shift today and so they went to work in his car; and of course, he will be bringing her back here later today.

A check also revealed that the mail had come, and one of the small packages was finally delivered ─ apparently not requiring any direct contact with a household resident from the deliverer.

This particular item is one that my wife Jack had hoped would arrive before she left for Thailand ─ but she left over a month ago. I'm not exactly sure what the item is, but it may just be a memory card for her digital camera.

But I see that it was shipped from "Deyund Vakind Technology" located in Changshang, Hunan, China. I expect that this is the same city identified by Wikipedia as Changsha.

Why on Earth would Jack order from so darned far away when Amazon or even Staples would have had the item here before she left? Staples sometimes delivers the following day, for we live near one outlet that's about 1¼ miles or so away.

Oh, well ─ just one more package to be delivered. And this one is coming from Amazon (U.S.).

I see that I am running very late with this post ─ it is already 5:20 p.m. I must hasten.

Quite recently I recollect at least one article that I noticed which claimed that a study had determined that alcohol was best avoided, and that there was no justification for health-based consumption.

I suspect that this following article by a medical (and also a philosophical) doctor is likely referring to the same study, and herewith debunking its conclusions:


There is another study ─ this time concerning influenza, and the supposed value of getting vaccinated against it ─ that apparently is also perched upon very suspect science:


Here is an article critiquing that same weak study:


That last website also has a report about the over-the-counter diarrhea medication loperamide, which is sold as Imodium (and is also present in other medications).

Were you aware that people have died from taking Imodium?


The article had the following as a reference, but it did not provide a link to that source:


Okay, now some photos!

As I said earlier, my wife Jack is over in Thailand. On most days, she posts something ─ photos, and a rare video ─ to her Facebook account. 

I make a daily check and select any photos I rather like.

Today, she included three old photos of her father. He died when Jack was a young teen, or maybe even a pre-teen.

I don't know too much about him, but I recall that she said that he had driven a truck on behalf of the U.S. military when it was involved in the Vietnam War ─ the States had a military base called Camp Ramasun (7th Radio Research Field Station / Ramasun Station) right alongside her village of Nong Soong, which is maybe a 15-minute drive from the city of Udon Thani.

I daresay that at least one of the following photos likely relates to that time:

Jack must have photographed the original photos with her cellphone, and then uploaded the results to Facebook. She titled her Facebook post simply as "My handsome father."

The man died fairly young ─ I understand that a heart-attack or something claimed him one night while he was in bed sleeping beside his wife (Jack's poor mother).

I also collected these three photos of Jack that must have been taken in one of the shopping complexes in Udon Thani itself:

And there are these two photos that may have been taken in a nightclub or similar venue:

I never met anyone in those latter photos with Jack except for the chap at the right in the final photo ─ his nickname is Jak, and he has been a friend of my Jack since she was probably still a schoolgirl.

I am closing today's post now with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and two houses up from Third Avenue.

The previous day's journal entry had said that I was leaving my room at 9:45 a.m. to hike out to the duplex unit that my younger brother Mark was renting in Surrey ─ the duplex was a reasonably short distance down Semiahmoo Road from where it attaches to Old Yale Road.

Evidently I spent the night at his home.
SUNDAY, February 13, 1977

I got home about 5:45 a.m., meeting with a pretty drunk Mark at the top of the Old Yale Rd. hill.

Al & Marie [Varga] had been to Mark's the early afternoon before, and I guess Al figured he had me committed to going drinking later at night.

But I stayed at Mark's.

I was very wet when I arrived at his place yesterday.

I'd sure like to get out of going partying next Friday. 

I've decided to try and get janitor work in partnership with dad, moving in together close to the job as soon as possible. The job could then be under my name, and dad could thus continue to receive his [partial disability] pensions, allowing us to live quite well.

While sleeping during the night at Mark's, I dreamed I had a small Western Express Lottery win. 

Perhaps 6 - 8 weeks ago, Bill [my old friend William Alan Gill] dreamed I won a lottery, then some weeks later so did Mark. Accurate augers? I hope so!

I'm going to try for further sleep here at 6:30 a.m.


I awoke around 9:00 a.m.

I'm going to mail a try for a drive-in theatre janitor work ad, which perhaps dad & I could handle, even though it is in Richmond somewhere.

While on my way to Mark's I shall stop at International Meats.
I had begun visiting Mark's duplex unit with amazing regularity for at least the past few months.

I don't recall just where International Meats was located, but it was along Scott Road after crossing over the Pattullo Bridge, and well toward the base of the Scott Road hill taking drivers out of the flats.  

Mark apparently overnighted someplace else other than his own residence, so I had slept there before hiking back to my room in New Westminster early in the morning. If I met him coming home at the top of the Old Yale Road hill, then it would have been right close by the 128th Street and 108th Avenue intersection

As seen at that Google map, my route would have taken me to the left (downhill) until I reached a set of railway tracks; and then I would have turned right onto them, and followed them to Scott Road fairly near to the Pattullo Bridge.

I was a renowned walker where my family and friends were concerned.

Al and Marie Varga had an apartment in New Westminster. I suppose Al expected me to be returning to my room the previous evening, but I never did.

That is so darned interesting that three people (me among them) dreamed of me winning a lottery, yet I never did. To this very day, it is my desperate hope to win big before I die.