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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bill Gates' Wrong-Mindedness │ Snorers and Their Weakened Skull Bases

Last evening never progressed at all as I was expecting it would.

Hoping that I would be left alone to watch a movie, I had tuned in Picture Perfect and was quite enjoying it.

Both of my stepsons were away, and Mark usually spends Saturday nights at the home of his girlfriend Bev.

Around 9:50 p.m., with only about a half-hour of the movie left to view, I noticed Mark's van show up and start to back into the driveway.

This was disappointing. He usually only comes home on a Saturday evening because he and Bev are squabbling too much.

I felt that I had no option but to cancel out of the movie ─ the feature was far too good to have the final half-hour spoiled with unwelcome, irrelevant, and inane drunken blather from Mark.

He opened and rather quickly came through the front door and into the kitchen with the words, "We're home!"

It was not the "royal we" ─ Bev was tailing along behind him.

It is a rare thing for her to spend a night here when it is other than Christmas, New Year's, or Thanksgiving. But it had turned out that the two of them had been to the birthday party of a now-40-year-old Fijian chap they both knew, and Mark had at least five containers of food that had been given to them.

Naturally, I had already eaten. I will await my first meal of today before I sample any of the fare (the time is 11:43 a.m. as I get an early start on today's post).

I still had the poster to the movie on display via the Terrarium application in our Android TV Box, so Bev enquired what I was watching. I responded, but she seemed unable to retain information.

Once the two finally got seated in the living room and the pair had their drinks (Bev normally drinks white wine), I started the movie over from the beginning, canceling the presented option to carry on from where I had left off.

Jennifer Aniston is deemed by me to be one of the most attractive actresses acting in recent years, and she looked so young and perfect in this movie. I did not much mind at all re-watching the first 75 or so minutes over again.

In re-watching, I actually caught a few things I had missed the first time, such as snippets of conversation. For instance, there was an opening sequence where only Jennifer's voice and that of a man are heard talking together, but no visuals of them as yet. 

When I first watched, I couldn't understand what he said that got her dander up and made her evict the young Lothario.

All I was able to understand was that he had said something about having endurance, but I was unable to fathom what was upsetting about that.

Well, in the re-watch, I deduced that he did not have a condom; and when she brought up that question, he attempted to offset her concerns (when he admitted that he didn't have one) by claiming that one was unnecessary because of his almost preternatural quality of endurance.

In other words, he would have no problem at all withholding from ejaculation.

Well, Jennifer's character was having none of that nonsense, and she was showing the failure to the door with the admonition that their brand new relationship was ending right there.

Of course, there were other sections of the movie that Bev and Mark drowned out because they had too much noise to make, and so it was also good that I had already seen the bulk of the show.

But Bev was not to last. And well before we had reached the end of the stretch already seen by me, she bade us goodnight and went upstairs to Mark's bedroom for the night.

Mark was able to appreciate the movie's plot and had clearly become interested in how it would be playing out, so he was quieter once he didn't have Bev to react with. Once we reached and passed the point in the movie that was already familiar to me, I was able to derive full benefit from the final half-hour or so. 

The midnight hour was approaching, but Mark still wanted to watch "something short," so I tuned in an episode of Future Man.

It was well after midnight when it was done, but fortunately Mark was ready to get himself up to bed ─ I had been a little concerned that Bev might come downstairs and rejoin us. I had never wanted to be sitting up as late as I was doing.

And so I got to bed about two hours later than I otherwise likely would have done, had I been left home alone.

Incidentally, I came upstairs ahead of Mark ─ he dallied below fussing about. Before I had begun undressing in my bedroom, my cellphone began pinging the arrival of a text.

Ii was 12:35 a.m., and the text was from my youngest stepson Poté:
Hey I'm outside
Don't have my keys
Can you open the door pleas
And then I heard knocking.

Mark was there to respond to it, correctly surmising that it was one of the boys. And so in came Poté and his girlfriend Aneet.

I was glad that I did not need to be greeting the pair.

However, if my evening had gone as planned, I would most likely have never been aware of the text. I would have probably been asleep, and wearing earplugs.

It is even unlikely that I would have detected my phone's ringing if he had called me in desperation. But maybe he would have knocked and rang the doorbell until I eventually perceived something.

Still, it would have been a wonderful thing if the two had to go and spend the night somewhere else ─ say, at the home of her parents for a change?

I had consumed two cans of strong (8% alcohol) beer over the evening, whereas the previous evening I did not drink anything. This seemed to bring on a hangover as my morning approached.

I checked the time before it was yet quite daybreak and then used the bathroom, but I was feeling far too rough to dare getting up to perform any work on the post I am building at my website Amatsu Okiya.

I think that it may have been just past 5:00 a.m.

I returned to be and sought further sleep; and when next I checked the time, it was 6:48 a.m. If I wanted to get much done on the post, I had to get up and at it.

I had a minimum amount of content in mind that I wanted to put into the post, but I had my doubts that Mark and Bev would remain abed long enough for me to get the task done.

I was still feeling quite poorly ─ I wanted to get back to bed for a nap before I had to become involved in morning socializing.

To my considerable relief, I reached that targeted minimum of work; and so at 9:30 a.m. I was back in my bed.

A nap did ensue; and it was about 10:42 a.m. when I roused from it and checked the time. So I rose; and as I was dressing, I heard the front door shut.

I was to find myself home alone.

I prepared my morning's second hot beverage, and was enjoying it as I skimmed through the Sunday morning Province newspaper when Mark returned.

It seems that Bev had something going with (I think) her son scheduled for 1:30 p.m. or so, and thus she had wanted to be taken home.

Mark was not to be home too terribly long; and quite soon after I began work on this blog post, he announced that he was heading off for the afternoon even though it was not yet noon.

I then learned from him that he was to rendezvous with his old friend Frank Hewlin & wife who have been hereabouts the past few days ─ they normally live on the Island and also have a residence in the Maritimes.

Apparently Frank phoned Mark this morning when Mark and Bev were trying to sleep.

Anyway, that pretty much catches me up this rather heavily overcast day. I am going to take a good break now and see about having some exercise out in the backyard tool-shed.

That would free me up to have some of the Fijian food.

And despite the cloud cover, I may even try to sit outside for 40 minutes with bared feet in order to derive some earthing benefit, but it may prove too cool out there to just be sitting.

To be continued....


I had the nine or so minutes of exercise out in the backyard tool-shed, but it was too uncomfortable out there to try and just sit in a chair for 40 minutes with no shoes on.

As for the meal, it was fair. Mark wasn't given anything especially tasty, except for some birthday cake.

I may yet get out and visit the Shoppers Drug Mart approximately four blocks from here so that I can stock up on nutritional supplements ─ the supermarket I usually buy them at seems to have quit stocking selenium.

So if I go, I will of course be taking another break from this blog post.

Meantime, I read something today concerning rich man Bill Gates and his ongoing funding of things that are best left alone.

He's a staunch backer of the work of monsters like Monsanto ─ which of course would translate into Bill Gates being equally monstrous.

But he's been making the news recently in the area of flu vaccination ─ he is wasting money trying to get researchers to develop a "universal" influenza vaccine.

The following is a very pro commentary on this bid by Gates:


You should note that the authour is described beneath the piece as being "president of global immunization and lead on influenza efforts at the Sabin Vaccine Institute in Washington, D.C."

In other words, he's making a fabulous amount of money annually with his involvement in vaccines ─ why wouldn't he be utterly in favour of this effort?

I have no idea what he might earn with the Sabine Vaccine Institute, nor if he's still with the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, but between 2009 and 2016 at that latter government organization, he earned as a base salary at least a quarter of a million dollars each year.

That's according to FederalPay.org.

It's unlikely that this was his sole income throughout those years, or that he's earning less now.

So he is heavily invested in vaccines and could only be pro vaccine in the very strongest sense ─ it's where his livelihood is!

I prefer Jack Harrison's commentary:


Jack Harrison had another short article about something I was unaware of as even being possible ─ that is, that snoring could weaken the base of the skull so seriously that it might result in leakage of cerebrospinal fluid:


That led me to some research, and I dug up these two substantiating articles:



Isn't that creepy?

Wikipedia claims that leakage of cerebrospinal fluid without any known traumatic cause occurs in about five out of every 100,000 people.

And sometimes, the leakage cannot be permanently stopped through surgery!


Well, I took a break from this post, but all I managed to do was lie down and fall into a very deep rest. I don't think I have it in me to get out to the pharmacy.

Thanks for coming home last evening and keeping me up late, Mark.

I want to post this photo taken (I think) this past January 27 in Bali. It depicts my wife Jack's brother-in-law. I don't actually know his name, but he is married to Lumpoon, one of my wife's two sisters:

And speaking of Jack, she texted me this morning at 10:41 a.m. to enjoin me to eat some strawberries that she bought and left in the fridge late last week.

I am often surprised by the things that must pop into her mind from out of nowhere. I would have expected that she would have been more concerned that I put some meat into the freezer that she had left out to age, instructing me at the time to put into the freezer today.

I did so this morning right around 7:30 a.m.

Okay, I am going to bring this post to a close with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster [Google map].

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street [Google map], and two houses up from Third Avenue.

On tap for the day was the 1½-hour hike out to the home of my mother Irene Dorosh in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey. The wee home that she and her husband Alex had was my main mailing address. And although the house no longer exists, its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue [Google map].

For better than the past half-year back then (I would say), I often followed up that visit with one to the duplex unit that my younger brother Mark was renting not three miles away in the direction of Whalley.

I most certainly do not know that address, but he was living along Semiahmoo Road [Google map], not very far from where it joins onto Old Yale Road. Possibly the duplex was just about across the street from where 102nd Avenue ends on Semiahmoo Road, but that memory may be faulted.

For several days at this point, Greta ─ a Dutch friend of my mother's ─ was staying with her and Alex after busing down from where she was living in Barriere.
FRIDAY, May 20, 1977

I left c. 6:30 a.m. for mom's.

Greta was still there.

My weight was nearly 195! But I ate.

[For most of my adult life, it ranged around 183 pounds, so that was where I wanted to get it back to. In the present, my weight has been around 195 pounds for many, many months.]

The mailgirl brought me the 4 placemats of Alpine scenes I'd ordered from Alpen (it came from Weetabix), a change of address card from Cathy, and in yesterday's mail, my developed roll of film (19 of the 20 exposures were good).

[Cathy was actually Catherine Jeanette Gunther, the very beautiful ex-girlfriend of my brother Mark. They had been living together for about three years, and she and her two little girls had become family to my mother and Alex ─ the breakup was hard for them because she moved away, and those little girls meant so much to them. I have actually regretted losing Jeanette in my own life ever since ─ she was an incredible young woman.]

I scribbled up a letter to Terri.

[Terri Martin was a U.S. pen-pal I had back then whom I also regret losing touch with.]

Mom & Greta went out; Greta was to leave today.

I left c. 12:45 p.m. for Mark's, if I recollect clearly.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. we went to look at most of the home listings; nothing final came of this.

[I had allowed Mark to persuade me that we should throw in together and rent a residence in Surrey.]

We each bought a newspaper, and he took us to the pub near Hunt & Scott Rds.

[That would have been 80th Avenue & 120th Street (Google map). It has been so long since I have been in that area, I am now unsure what pub that would have been. I think it may have been around there that the Kennedy Pub first existed; and I also recall some sort of establishment in an old railway car, but it may have been an eatery.]

We remained till after 11:00 p.m. when it shut down, then we went to the Dell, remaining there till closing.

[The Dell Hotel used to be located in Whalley as part of the Dell Shopping Centre (Google map), and was located over near the post office; but the hotel was torn down just a few years ago. I quite liked the place to drink at.]

I blew about $5.

We would have earlier gone to Nell's, but Mark phoned and learned they weren't boozing.

[Our maternal Aunt Nell Halverson's large household just about always could be relied upon to be having a weekend-long party scene going on.] 

We sat a while, then retired. It must have been c. 3:00 a.m. 

I felt ill. I got little sleep.

I was displeased for drinking, and for toking earlier.
I hated becoming disabled the following day after drinking too much, for I was quite fitness-minded. 

Also, I had very little income, so even $5 spent in this sort of unplanned fashion was hurtful. After all, it was only Mark and I ─ it was not as if we were enjoying the company of others.

The Dell probably had strippers to keep us entertained.

To the present now, it is only 5:55 p.m. If I can get this post proofread and published, and if Mark delays coming home, then maybe I can yet get out to the pharmacy ─ no one else is presently home.

The day seems to have become sunny, and folks around here seem to be rather active out there.

I'm staying home.... 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Amazing Claims About Cocoa and Cacao, Alcohol, and Our Sense of Smell

I got to bed early last evening ─ I was there at 9:57 p.m. Anf I never even drank a beer that evening.

Thanks, Mark.

My younger brother had come home earlier that evening in his usual condition for that time of day. I had a comedy tuned in on T.V. via our Android TV Box.

By the time it was done, he had joined me in the living room, so I tuned in the premiere episode of a series called American Gods. Mark had some unwanted commentary to provide during the opening sequence that featured a ship of Norsemen apparently landing on the coast somewhere in North America several centuries ago.

There was an amazing scene where one of the Norsemen ─ who were about to head toward the thick verdure some distance from the shore ─ suddenly became host to such an array of incoming arrows that the entirety of his front from head to toes resembled a porcupine with all of its quills erect.

So covered, he toppled over onto his back quite dead.

Naturally, none of the others were willing to attempt to advance any farther, fierce warriors though there were.

There was a further amazing scene where the Norsemen ─ who could not sail away because there was no breeze ─ decided that to appease Odin and be delivered the essential wind, they would all allow themselves to be blinded in one eye.

When that failed to work, and a breeze then seemed to attend the (sacrificial?) death of one of their numbers, they decided to do battle amongst themselves to obtain Odin's notice; and to that end, they proceeded to slaughter each other in merciless, gruesome fashion. 

Only a strong wind that kicked up finally stopped them from exterminating themselves.

Mark had gainsaid the sense of the battle scene.

The vikings were able to sail away, and apparently returned to their homeland, never to speak of what they had experienced.

Then the episode moved to the present and a rather imposing fellow in prison who seemed likely to become the series' main character.

After just a few minutes, I realized that Mark was passed right out and now utterly oblivious to the show.

I considered watching the episode and then calling it a night, but after a couple of sessions of him gagging on his own slobber in between soft snoring, I had enough of it.

I switched off the Android TV Box and tuned in the only news channel we can receive via basic cable, and then I came upstairs to start putting an end to my evening.

I wanted to hang out here at my computer until 10:00 p.m., but I soon realized that Mark had roused ─ I had turned down the T.V. volume, so the absence of lots of diverse noise from the episode I had been watching probably sank through to his awareness. 

I soon heard him in the kitchen.

Unwilling to return downstairs, and fully determined to follow through with my decision to be done with the unwelcome company Mark had presented, I soon had shut down my computer and then shut myself up into my bedroom, and was anon undressed and abed.   

I felt some pangs of conscience, for Mark does not understand how to take advantage of the Android TV Box ─ it is I who exclusively operates it. Therefore, I have no idea how he spent the remainder of his evening ─ perhaps he just stuck with the news channel. The few channels we receive on regular T.V. offer very little of interest.

If he comes home this evening instead of spending the night at the home of his girlfriend Bev (as he usually does on Saturday nights), then if he again passes out, I will give him the same cold-shoulder treatment and leave him to his own devices by turning off the Android TV Box and seeking my bed early.

I think that it was shortly after 4:00 a.m. this morning when I first checked the time after becoming wakeful enough to wonder about it. But I took a bathroom break, and got back to sleep.

At most, it was another 1½ hours when I checked the time and rose for the morning in order to get a good start on the post I am constructing at Amatsu Okiya, one of my six hosted websites.

Often I fail to get started on such a post as smartly as planned, for my E-mail Inbox gets dealt with first. And this morning ─ like yestermorn ─ I got distracted by a couple of videos that I deemed worthy of saving into my Drafts folder for future forwarding to my E-mail list.  

As a result, it was well past 7:00 a.m. before I got to work on the post.

I had a credit card payment to mail ─ the payment is due on Tuesday, so I fear it will be unlikely to arrive on time, particularly with this coming Monday being a statutory holiday (i.e., Victoria Day). But  if I could get the letter mailed in time to be collected today, there might be a chance.

I had thought that a pair of mailboxes about four blocks from here had a Saturday collection; but when I left here shortly after 9:00 a.m. while Mark was having his morning shower, I hiked to them and discovered that no such service occurred on the weekend.

I returned home to find Mark at the dining table reading the Saturday morning Vancouver Sun

I hadn't quite supplied the minimum amount of content into the Amatsu Okiya post that I had assigned for myself, so I got back to work on it for awhile longer, and then I returned to bed for a nap.

There is a post office at Pearl Photo in Surrey Place (Central City) about a mile from here, so that was my next option if I had any hope of getting that payment mailed and collected. But I was too tired to confront that venture without a nap ─ I had gotten swiftly groggy while finishing up that bit of website work.

I had my nap, rising to find that Mark was again shut up in his own bedroom, evidently seeking a nap of his own.

I felt too hungry and vigourless to just launch into that hike, so I had a breakfast and then my day's second hot beverage. Meantime, Mark emerged from his bedroom and soon announced that he was heading out for awhile.

While Mark had been in his bedroom, both of my stepsons finally started their day, each having a shower.

With Mark away, I started readying for my outing, but I fussed and fussed, for I was feeling very public-conscious. I think my eldest stepson Tho must have taken off for somewhere before Mark finished his nap, but his younger brother Poté was still here as I struggled with my preparations.

I was to hear him go out the front door, so I watched out my bedroom window and saw that his girlfriend was parked out on the street. He joined her, and eventually they drove off.

I was home alone.

Just as I was about ready to dare the public, I heard what I fully believed was Tho arriving back home. This exasperated me almost into a fury, for I never seem able to be free of the both of the lads ─ they are present almost in coordinated shifts that are deliberately designed to vex me. 

Or so went my irrational thinking.

I had no desire to be seen leaving, so I waited until the kitchen seemed vacated ─ from the vantage of the kitchen, I could be noticed by anyone within it as I was coming down the stairs and heading for the front door.

I do not like explaining my comings and goings, even to Mark ─ I have to walk everywhere, while the others all drive. It makes me feel second-class each time I head off afoot, so I prefer none know of it.

To my surprise (and repentance of attitude of ire toward my stepsons) as I reached and opened the front door, Mark's van was outside in the open carport ─ it was he who had come home.

No matter ─ I successfully slipped away unnoticed. It was 2:37 p.m.

The day was overcast, but very warm. Yet just as I had experienced this morning, I was to be feeling odd drops of rain that never managed to otherwise betray themselves by wetting the pavement. 

I walked very leisurely to avoid perspiring, for I wore a jacket and baggy ("grandpa") jeans, even though many people were walking in tee-shirts and even shorts.

I got the bill payment mailed, but I haven't a clue if it will actually be collected today ─ maybe there is no weekend collection, or maybe it had already happened today if such collection does happen on Saturdays.

But I had to take the chance.

I got back home to find Mark gone ─ and the front door unlocked, even though no one was here.

Those two walks today will be my sole activity ─ there will be no backyard tool-shed exercising today.

Those hot beverages I often mention having during my days ─ one of the ingredients is some cocoa powder. But I think I will try pricing some cacao powder the next time I am shopping because of a study about its effect upon vision that is mentioned in the following report:


The vision study was the third one mentioned in that report. But here are a couple of other reports dealing with the first two studies that looked at benefits to the brain and other areas of the body:



And now here are a few others that dealt with the vision study:



Yes, the vision enhancement may be short-lived, but...maybe not. Especially if some is consumed on a daily basis, of course.

And maybe cacao is not essential for this benefit ─ good ol' cocoa powder may suffice. Nevertheless, I still intend to price cacao. Maybe I can afford it.

I coincidentally came upon another article today that spoke of the benefits of cocoa (and also coffee and alcohol):


Take a look at the claim concerning alcohol in that last article:
...A study from the University of Illinois found that men who've had a few drinks are better at solving brain teasers compared to sober men. (I suppose it makes sense that I've always enjoyed wine and brain teasers.)

In fact, the moderate drinkers had 40 percent more correct answers compared to non-drinkers. They were also quicker on the uptake, getting through the questions in 11.5 seconds as compared to 15.2 seconds for non-drinkers. The optimal amount of alcohol for improving creative problem-solving was two medium glasses of wine or two pints of beer.
If this is true, then wouldn't someone who had enjoyed one or two drinks perform better behind the wheel of a vehicle?

Isn't that worth thought?

I went searching for anything more about that University of Illinois study ─ it seems to have been one that was completed in 2012:
Quite fascinating!

But why isn't this information well-known today? 

It makes me wonder if the silence is deliberate ─ the governments and teetotaling interest-groups may not want the general public to be informed about this unexpected data concerning a drink or two.

And so anyone who is caught driving with even a single drink in  his or her system is virtually pilloried.  

One other article I read today made some enormous claims concerning our sense of smell:


You will have to refer to the article for yourself, for there are far too many claims for me to delve into right now ─ my evening has already arrived.

But it seems outlandish that our sense of smell can be involved in detecting danger and fear; or distinguishing positive emotions such joy, love, and happiness; or discerning someone's age; or even the "assessment of others’ neuroticism based on body odor, while body odor allows adults to recognize dominance in social stature"; and on and on.

Yes, there is a reference to a study for each of the claims, but how many of us are keen enough about this to become immersed into a lengthy list of technical studies?

Do you think you could use your sense of smell to deduce that ─ through body odour alone ─ someone was neurotic? 

Or that through a person's body odour, you could sense that person's dominance (or lack thereof) in social stature?

I'm not buying it.

I want to bring this post to a close, but first I want to post another half-dozen photos from the marriage of my wife Jack's niece back on February 25 ─ the photos were possibly taken in the city of Udon Thani.

All six of the photos depict the bride and groom. The bride's father is visible in most of them at the right border of the photos; and the bride's mother (Lumpoon, my wife Jack's sister) is beside her husband and directly behind the bride:

To finish my post, here is an old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street [Google map], and two houses up from Third Avenue. However, I was about to move back to Surrey for good after having been living in New Westminster since at least 1969, and maybe even 1968.
THURSDAY, May 19, 1977

I slept poorly, for I arose at 5:00 a.m.

Bill & I, thanks to Mark, are to rendezvous today to pick up Nell and have her visit Rentex on our behalf.

[I had allowed myself to be persuaded by my younger brother Mark into moving out of New Westminster and throwing in with him. But we had yet to locate anything to move into. Apparently my old friend William Alan Gill was going to drive me out to my maternal Aunt Nell Halverson's Surrey home to take her with us to Rentex, an organization that collected all manner of data on rental availabilities that were not otherwise advertised in places like newspapers. Nell reportedly had a membership with Rentex, for she and her large household often moved about. Mark was at work, so he would be uninvolved this day.]

I breakfasted quite heavily, then began on some further cleaning here. 

The landlady briefly dropped by at 7:45 a.m.

I should mail Jean's letter today.

[Jean Michelle Martin (née Black) was a U.S. pen-pal I had back then.]

I laundered [at a laundromat], and blew $1.80 on a comic (Aug. Invaders #19) and May's very lewd Penthouse. I found a penny when I reached the crosswalk after departing the store.

[The laundromat was up on Sixth Avenue near the public library, but I now have no idea where the store was that I visited for my literature.]

Later I mailed my letter, returned 2 books to the library (and later visited it briefly again), then looked through the "outdoors" books in Woodward's.

Evil at 11:35 a.m.

I'm leaving c. 11:50 a.m. for Mark's; it's fairly sunny.

[I would have walked to Mark's duplex rental ─ he was living a short distance down Semiahmoo Road (Google map) from where it detaches from Old Yale Road.]


Bill came for me c. 10 minutes after I got there.

After taking Nell to Rentex, he wanted me to accompany him to 325 Granville [Google map] so he could replace the CB licence he lost. 

Well, I met Colleen. And other than last night's gang, present were Nell, Al, Roxanne & Janice (I never got to see this latter clearly), plus Colleen's 2 kids.

[Colleen Halverson was one of Nell's daughters; Al Stewart was fiancé to Wendy, another of Nell's daughters; Roxanne Halverson was a daughter of my maternal Aunt Georgina Halverson; Janice Hyatt yet another of my maternal cousins, and the daughter of Garnet Hyatt. Nell and her sister Georgina had married a pair of brothers, and thus had the same last name of Halverson.]

Nell didn't belong to Rentex, she said, but to Selective Accommodations. 

Oh yes, Earl was home too.

[Earl Primrose was Nell's common-law husband.]

What happened was that Bill set off for Vancouver without me, taking Donna, Roxanne & Janice.

[Donna was the new wife of Bruce Halverson, one of Nell's sons.]

I went with Al & Nell (Jock was at work).

[Jock (John) was another of Nell's sons.]

We got a number of listings, and I was dropped off at Mark's about 3:15 p.m. He didn't come home till at least 10:00 p.m.; another ball practice.

I stayed the nite.
That is very interesting to me to read mention of the very date that I met my cousin Colleen Halverson for the first time.

I probably met her when we were kids back in the latter 1950s ─ my mother took Mark and I with her to Calgary, where my Aunt Georgina Halverson and her family lived; and then with Georgina Halverson and the family, on we all went to Ontario where Nell and her brood were then living.

But there were so darned many people ─ relatives ─ met during that trip that I was never much sure who I had seen. I probably was only in Grade III at most, after all.

Friday, May 18, 2018

America's FDA Seems to Be Covering up Damaging Information About Roundup's Glyphosate

My younger brother Mark may not have been away last afternoon as long as he usually is, but he undid the value of that temperance by hitting the hard liquor after having one or two cans of beer here at home.

He couldn't seem to pay attention to the shows I had tuned in for us to watch. When he wasn't launching into a topic that had nothing to do with the plot, he was getting up and disappearing for extended periods; and ─ in the case of the final show I selected for the night ─ he just blathered on and on, seemingly inspired by practically every scene change.

My wife Jack had worked the day in Langley at her friend Fanta's Thai restaurant, and had come home around 10:20 p.m. to spend the night ─ at one point she wondered to me at the pronounced difference in Mark from his usual beer-induced behaviour. 

I would be surprised if he was today able to recall any of the shows we had watched, although it seems reasonable that he would remember much of the first programme ─ the premiere episode of The Mist. He still possessed sufficient wits to be drawn in by the intriguing drama, and maintained a grasp of everything that was unfolding.

I love my sober brother too much to try and humiliate him with the accounts of his evening alter ego, so I never said anything to him today.

I suppose that it was around 12:30 a.m. when he at last betook himself upstairs to his bedroom for the night. I was darned tired myself, so it was not too much longer before I turned over the T.V. remote control to my wife Jack who was engrossed in the screen of her cellphone at the dining table, and enjoying some red wine.

I now cannot recall if I was still awake or not when she finally came to bed.

When I eventually became aware enough to lift my blindfold this morning to check the time, it was around 5:13 a.m. (I think). I was still very tired, but I was gearing myself up to get out of bed when Jack rose to go and use the bathroom.

I took that opportunity to haul myself out of bed and start getting dressed. She was too tired to say anything when she came back into the bedroom to get herself back to bed.

This was to be the third morning since I got involved in setting up a new post at my website Amatsu Okiya, but as yet I had not added any curated content ─ the previous mornings were involved in laying the foundations of the post, so I wanted to start building onto it this morning.

However, I got seriously delayed. First, a couple of YouTube videos got in my way. I liked them sufficiently that I decided to  prepare both as drafts to eventually send out to the folks on my E-mail list.

And then I came across a message left me two days ago at my Siam-Longings website. It was an invitation from the Director of Affiliate Marketing at Involve Asia to become an affiliate.

I was unfamiliar with the advertising group, but they seem to have similar advertising tactics as do Skimlinks

I have been with Skimlinks for several years, but I have never earned enough affiliate income from them into my account balance to qualify for a payout yet.

Maybe it wouldn't be any different with Involve Asia, but how can I know unless I join them?

So I spent quite some time crafting a careful reply, using my regular E-mail account and not replying back through my Siam-Longings website.

I noticed that some of the companies under Involve Asia's client base are also with Skimlinks, so there would clearly be a conflict where the natural activation of links to those companies is concerned.

For any one of you who do not know what I mean, let's say that I include in one of my posts the text of a Domain or URL of a company Skimlinks advertises for. Since I am an affiliate of Skimlinks and have their special coding embedded into my website, that website URL would automatically be turned into a live link, and I would get the credit anytime one of my website visitors happened to click on that link.

But if Involve Asia advertises with the very same method, then any website text of a company that they have in common with Skimlinks and which I might list into a post, cannot possibly be turned into a live link by both of them.

So I am a little concerned.

However, I am not yet an Involve Asia affiliate ─ I may not get accepted. I noticed in their application that instead of asking for an affiliate's E-mail contact information, they want an instant messaging account ─ that is, something like Skype, or Google Chat, or even ( I believe) Facebook Instant Messaging.

As I explained in my response to that invitation to join, I do have accounts with all three of those services...but I always have the features dumbed right down.

I don't keep Skype on ─ I rarely activate it. And as for Google Chat or Facebook Instant Messaging, I have them in anonymous mode ─ in other words, none of my contacts ever knows when I am online. 

If they did, then I would be getting solicitations to chat that I absolutely have no time for ─ I struggle to get the work done that I do each morning on one of my six hosted websites, and here in this blog in the afternoons. I cannot be idly chatting with some bored contact who noticed that I was online and decided to kill an hour by wasting my time.

Thus, if Involve Asia exclusively uses instant messaging as their sole means of contact with their affiliates, and an E-mail address is insufficient, then I guess I am out of the running.

But I have no option other than to wait and see what the Director of Affiliate Marketing has to say about this ─ if he even bothers to reply back. Maybe he simply won't.

Anyway, it was well after 7:00 a.m. this morning before I got to work on the Amatsu Okiya post.

Meantime, my eldest stepson Tho had risen before 6:00 a.m., readied, and left for work. And then awhile later, his younger brother Poté got up and came upstairs to shower.

Once he was done and had gone back downstairs, back up the stairs came footsteps again ─ and then another shower was begun.

All I could conclude was that the kid had his girlfriend here overnight, and one of those showers begin enjoyed was by her.

If this is going to start happening, then I am fast going to become furious about the whole affair.

Poté has paid nothing towards the monthly mortgage nor the various utilities and related expenses since 2016. Most of my monthly pension get devoured by that mortgage.

Well, just this afternoon I realized that last year, his Gross income exceeded my own by over $1,000.

Yet he has too many expenses and claims to be presently unable to help out with any of the bills ─ and now he is practically moving in his girlfriend when he isn't even paying his own way?

His mother's working income helps me at least have some spending money, and meets the shortfalls that always arise because it is impossible for me to cover the mortgage entirely on my own by not touching any of my pension.

I must drop this topic without a further word ─ else I will spiral out of control.

Fortunately where concerns my work on the Amatsu Okiya post is concerned, my younger brother Mark never rose this morning until after 9:00 a.m.

I got the minimum amount of work done that had been my target, and then I went downstairs to seek a nap in the deep gloom that is a feature of the environs of my eldest stepson Tho's bed. 

I was too ill-slept to be capable of bearing my exercise session out in the backyard tool-shed, but at least the day was mostly overcast and would not become hot ─ there was hope for later.

I doubt that I spent 70 minutes using his bed, but at least I did nap and felt somewhat rested thereafter.

I rose in most timely fashion, I was to find ─ the bathroom light was on upstairs, which meant that my wife Jack was risen.

Mark was reading at the dining table, so I fixed up my day's second hot beverage.

And soon, we were watching an episode of American Idol.

Jack had to work later this afternoon in Vancouver at her friend Ui's Thai restaurant, so quite shortly after 1:00 p.m. I was to see her off; she will remain downtown until Monday when she has to work again in Langley, and then will spend that night here at home.

Mark soon afterward went upstairs to his bedroom to "rest." That cleared the way for me to get out to the backyard tool-shed for my eight or nine minutes of exercise there. It wasn't too much after 1:30 p.m.

I wasn't sure if I would tackle all three exercises or not ─ I based how capable I was for a full session by my performance in the first exercise: four sets of pull-ups.

I met expectation, so I forged on and dealt with the other two exercises.

I wanted to sit outside for the daylight, and benefit from some grounding or earthing; so at 1:53 p.m. I began just over 40 minutes of sitting in a deck- or lawn-chair with my bared feet on the ground.

I was initially shirtless for something over five minutes, but I steadily cooled off and finally decided to just be comfortable and put my shirt back on ─ I was wearing pants, after all.

There never was any sunshine, but I faced into the direction of the obscured Sun.

Mark at one point announced that he was heading away for the afternoon ─ it probably wasn't yet 2:10 p.m.

I served my time outside, and then came into the house for my first meal of the day ─ some of my wife Jack's delicious cooking.

I fixed up an instant coffee after eating, then got this blog post begun...and here I am at 5:43 p.m.

Right now I want to bring some attention to some despicable underhandedness concerning Monsanto's carcinogen glyphosate, and the U.S. government protectionism for that monster at the cost of not just the health of all Americans, but even the rest of the world:



Can you believe that the corn sample that had higher than allowed limits of glyphosate was ignored just because it was not an official sample?

If a similar unofficial sample of beef or chicken from a CAFO was found to be below acceptable quality standards for whatever reason, would the farm factory operation responsible for that product also be given a full pass because the sample was not official?

This is ludicrous! 

This topic got me doing some research on the demerara brown sugar that I keep supplied in our home ─ I have been wondering for quite some time if Rogers prepares it exclusively from natural sugar cane, or if there may even be GM (genetically modified) sugar beets involved.

The impression I have through some limited research is that demerara brown sugar is likely prepared from non-GM sugar cane; but other sugar products such as white sugar are very questionable.

I think henceforth I will peruse sugar options more carefully when I shop. Cane sugar had always been non-GM, but just last year Brazil approved what was supposedly the world's first 'commercial' GM sugar cane ─ see this June 8, 2017 article at Reuters.com: Brazil approves world's first commercial GM sugarcane: developer CTC.

The claim is made in the article that it would take at least three years for GM sugar to reach markets, but "Brazil exports sugar to about 150 countries and some 60 percent of them do not demand regulatory approval to import sugar made from genetically modified organisms."

And: "CTC has made applications to clear sale of sugar made from GM cane in the United States and Canada. It will seek regulatory approval in China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Indonesia."

So...probably coming very soon to a market near you ─ and you won't even know because it won't be mentioned on the label!

Incidentally, I never skimmed it ─ the darned thing is well over 900 pages long! ─ but I came across a USDA document from 2012 titled Glyphosate-Tolerant H7-1 Sugar Beet: Request for Nonregulated Status.

Think it was approved for nonregulated status? My guess is that it probably was, but you can feel free to read it for yourself to try and find out.

Okay, here are a few more photos that my wife Jack took ─ perhaps on January 27 earlier this year ─ when she was in Bali for a small family reunion (she was reuniting her two sons with five of their Thailand relatives).

I wasn't there, so I can offer no details about the photos:

Was this next photo intentional, or a slip-up?

Again, I have to wonder if that final shot was intentional or not.

By the way, I mentioned that my wife Jack worked in Langley yesterday. She also worked there on Monday ─ the same day that this apparently happened in Langley: B.C. woman squats, poops then hurls feces at Tim Hortons employee.

On the chance that the video may be pulled from that account, you can always see if it's still available at LiveLeak.com here ─ if you want to see it, that is!

Dang, that woman is fast, isn't she?!

Here to close today's post is an old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street [Google map], and two houses up from Third Avenue.

I had spent the night at the duplex unit that my younger brother Mark was renting in the Whalley area of Surrey.

He was living a short distance along Semiahmoo Road [Google map] from where it attaches to Old Yale Road.

Our mother lived less than three miles from his duplex ─ she and her husband Alex were in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey. 

Their little home was my main mailing address. And although the house no longer exists, its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue [Google map].

I had given my landlady my notice to move, so my days were running out. I had lived in New Westminster since at least 1969, and maybe even 1968. But after moving out and back to Surrey where I had previously lived, I was never to live in New Westminster again.
WEDNESDAY, May 18, 1977

I set off for mom's just before 7:00 a.m.

I've been clogged with food lately, trying to purge my fridge of its store, and not exercising. I didn't dare weigh myself.

Greta is still there.

[Greta was a Dutch friend of my mother's who had bused down from where she was living in Barriere in order to visit for a few days.]

Among the mail was my Provoker magazine, and a letter acknowledging my order from F. and S.F. Book Co., though 1 paperback and 3 hardcovers aren't yet available.

[Provoker was a natural living periodical produced by a dear fellow by the name of John Tobe.]

Mom went out, and Greta soon trailed along after her.

Mark phoned wanting me to contact Norman re our visiting him the coming (long) weekend. 

[Norman Richard Dearing was an old secondary school buddy of mine who had moved upcountry.] 

I spoke on the phone to his mother and learned his phone was disconnected, and that he might come down here or even have his hand in stock-car racing somewhere.

I left for Mark's again at 10:45 a.m.

I got in a very brief nap.

Just after Mark got home, Bill knocked.

[William Alan Gill was another old friend of mine.]

He had come to see if I wanted to go visit Bruce; Donna was waiting in the car.

[Bruce Halverson was my slightly younger maternal cousin who was in a Vancouver hospital following heart surgery as a result of rheumatic heart disease contracted years before. Donna was his new wife.]

I went, and so did Mark.

I got my Western Express Lottery ticket numbers while visiting, but it was some while before I could check them out.

Bruce might get home on Sunday.

After getting her home, Donna had us come in. Only Jock & Larry were there.

[Jock (John) Halverson was a younger brother of Bruce; and Larry Ernest Blue was like another Halverson brother.]

We remained till around 9:30 p.m., drinking 3 beers each and toking 2 or 3 of Mark's joints.

I checked out my numbers on the lottery; instead of 685 for $25, I had 885 and 995. That was my final $10 donation; hence, 5 tickets a draw will suffice.

Bill drove me home.

Then the guy from upstairs knocked, and he and his girlfriend looked over the place rather quickly. 

[An upstairs tenant had been curious about potentially taking over my room ─ or maybe his girlfriend was considering it.]

I gorged, and retired at 11:00 p.m.
It is nearly 7:30 p.m. now ─ I must proofread this post and then get it published to free myself up for the evening's television-viewing with Mark once he arrives home.

I hope he isn't blitzed. But if he is, I am so tired that I won't mind leaving him passed out in the living room and hying myself on to my bed early.