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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Exposés of Blood-Thinner Brilinta and Weight-Loss Medication Contrave

My younger brother Mark got himself home last evening around 8:40 p.m., and was soon in his chair watching T.V. with me.

I think he cashed out before 10:00 p.m., though.  I left the 10:00 p.m. CBC Evening News on to keep him company, went outside and watered some plants, and then came upstairs here to my computer to wind up a few things.

I was in bed just ahead of 11:00 p.m. ─ Mark was still grogged out in his chair, as far as I know.

I'm unsure when my first break in sleep occurred, and now I cannot even remember with any certainty when it was that I rose for the day.

I wanted to finish and publish the post at my Lawless Spirit website that I had half-completed yesterday, so that's what I set myself to do.  The post is now online:  Holistic Breast Cancer Prevention II.

As I had said yesterday, I rather enjoyed putting that compilation together.  I hope it proves of benefit to any concerned visitors.

Our local heat-wave continues.

Mark was out on the backyard sundeck sunning himself during the noon-hour, so I wondered if I might possibly be able to ready and sneak myself away to do some shopping at Save-On-Foods about 1¼ miles distant ─ I hate having to explain myself to anyone when I am leaving on any such errand.

Neither of my step-sons were home any longer at that point.

I had mostly gotten prepared when I heard him coming back into the house, so I just lied upon my bed and rested as I bided time to see what he next decided to do ─ I hoped he would himself take a rest, or possibly even head out somewhere.

I preferred he not choose to sit in the living room and wach some T.V.

He chose to drive away to somewhere, leaving me a clear coast.

I had done little more than lock the front door after venturing outside, when my eldest step-son Tho pulled slowly into the drive-way.

I gave him a bit of a wave as I headed for the mouth of the alley beside our house, but he was curious and enquired of my destination.

Suffice to say he ended up not only taking me all the way to Save-On-Foods in Whalley, but the genial young man even went inside with me to tote around the shopping basket.

So I bought a little more than I otherwise would have, and got a ride back home.

As it turned out, he did not have a house key with him.  Had he not made his offer of giving me that ride, he would have had to sit in his car or outside the house until someone else showed up.

And since I likely would have been back home in about 1½ hours, that would have been me ─ neither his brother, nor my own, have been home since we left to shop.  Thus, it sometimes can pay off by showing some generosity. 

In his case, I likely bought a few things that he will eat; he did not have to sit wasting time outside whilst awaiting entry to the house; and he even has my kindly regard for a change, instead of the general censure he receives in this blog.

I was denied the exercise of walking and the bearing home of a load of purchases, as well as the exposure to the glorious sunshine; but I will be benefiting from the latter in the backyard anon.  I merely decided to have my day's second mug of instant coffee/cocoa powder blend whilst I opened up and commenced this post.

Also, I learned from Tho that my wife Jack would not be coming home from Vancouver today ─ in a cellphone conversation they had together, she told him that she would be coming by tomorrow.


I have a couple of reports illustrating the greed and public-welfare heedlessness of the pharmaceutical industry.

My lead report is one from about four days ago that the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) published concerning a specific blood-thinner:

Thinning out the herd
There are two things Big Pharma will never run out of -- money and gall.

And right now, they're using both to try to try to turn a potentially deadly blood thinner into the next billion-dollar blockbuster.

Drug giant AstraZeneca has quietly asked the FDA to dramatically expand the market for its controversial blood thinner Brilinta.

Brilinta has been called one of the worst drugs ever submitted to the FDA. It may be more likely to kill you than prevent a heart attack.

And in five short weeks, the FDA may start asking us to take three times as much of it.

Back in September I told you the appalling story of how Brilinta got to market. AstraZeneca sought the FDA's approval based on a study called PLATO that compared Brilinta to another blood thinner, Plavix.

AstraZeneca claimed that PLATO proved Brilinta patients had fewer coronary events. But Dr. Thomas Marciniak, who led the review team for the FDA, called PLATO the "worst submission" he'd ever encountered for collecting data on serious side effects and even deaths.

According to the PLATO results, 12 people even called in their own deaths by phone -- apparently that's how desperate they were to get out of the trial.

And with good reason. When Dr. Victor Serebruany from Johns Hopkins took a second look at the PLATO data, he found that patients on Brilinta had a 27 percent higher rate of heart attacks and strokes.

This pill wasn't thinning blood -- it was thinning out the herd.

Dr. Serebruany was so outraged by how AstraZeneca had allegedly misrepresented the PLATO data that he even filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice. But the company was able to make the DOJ investigation disappear and force through Brilinta's approval.

Now, less than a year later, AstraZeneca is back with more shady Brilinta science. They're asking the FDA to triple the amount of time heart patients can spend on the drug, from one year to three -- and they've even wrangled a "priority review" that would force the FDA to act as early as July 1.

AstraZeneca is pinning its latest request on a new study called PEGASUS. But just like the winged horse for which the study was named, the science behind Brilinta is a myth.

Nearly 8 percent of patients taking Brilinta during the PEGASUS trial suffered a heart attack, stroke, or cardiovascular death -- compared to 9 percent of people on placebo.

That's hardly a difference at all -- but the patients on Brilinta were a whopping two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer serious and life-threatening bleeding.

Brilinta may be more likely to cause a potentially fatal bleed than save your life. Or, at best, it's what the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine called "close to an even proposition."

But close shouldn't be good enough. Not when our lives are at stake.
The Health Sciences Institute (HSI) are a member site of NewMarketHealth.com.

The second report I have is by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II from about three days ago, and is concerned with a dangerous diet medication:

Hot new diet drug's safety study halted in shocking ethics scandal
I've worked in medicine, science, the military, business and even politics -- and there's one thing I've learned that holds true across the board: When the higher-ups are trying hide information, there's ALWAYS a reason.

Ten times out of ten, it's the kind of information that ends careers and kills companies, and you can take that to the bank.

So when I hear that the company that makes the hot new diet drug on the block, Contrave, appears to have deliberately sabotaged long-term safety studies TWICE, I don't have to wonder what's going on.

Both times, company meddling reportedly killed the studies midway through, and that tells me there's something sinister hiding at the end of the data.

And I bet it's ugly enough that once it gets out, no one would touch this drug with a 10-foot pole.

Early reports on Contrave raised questions about heart risk, but the spineless lackeys at the FDA approved it anyway on the condition the company conduct a long-term study to clear them up.

Instead, the company appears to have done everything it can to undermine that research.

The most recent study found the drug can actually cut the risk of heart problems by 41 percent. At least, that's what they want you to think -- but the truth is that study was just 25 percent of the way through.

By leaking that one rosy preliminary number, the makers of Contrave not only broke every ethical rule in the book, they undermined their own research team and forced the study to come to a screeching halt.

The researchers were so ticked they did to the company what the company did to us -- they exposed the NEXT 25 percent of the study.

And this one paints a completely different picture of the drug, because in that portion of the study the drug caused MORE heart problems, MORE chest pain and was linked to MORE deaths from all other causes.

In fact, things got so bad that even many of the people who lost weight STOPPED taking it!

The feds have requested a new study to spell out the true long-term risks, but that can't be completed until 2022 -- so if the FDA had any backbone at all they'd snatch this drug from the market NOW, and not allow it back until after ALL the data's in.

But we both know that's not going to happen -- and that means it's up to you to protect your friends, family and loved ones. Tell them all that no matter how much they need to lose weight -- no matter how badly they want to lose it -- that they're going to have to do it without this drug.

Exposing the truth,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
I found an article that was backing him up ─ it was published over at fiercepharma.comContrave controversy puts Orexigen, Takeda in unwelcome spotlight

How many people will do what it takes to lose weight on their own before it's too late?  Too many people look to surgery and/or those 'diet drugs.'

Hardly anyone can voluntarily starve themselves thin.

If I found myself in the predicament of needing to drop a dramatic amount of adipose poundage ─ and I could afford the food ─ I would give the diet a try that is high in animal protein and fat, and extremely low in carbohydrates.

No starvation required.


Well, I got in some backyard sunning ─ over 20 minutes facing the Sun while wearing just a pair of shorts; and just about 20 minutes with my back to the Sun.

I came across a photo-shoot video today of Miley Cyrus posing in some Golden Lady pantyhose that she was advertising for them.

I like the young lady ─ she's exceptionally good at what she does.

But I know that not everybody is impressed by her antics ─ even many men.

However, I do not wish to get into that right now.


I have a somewhat involved entry from my journal  of 41 years ago to close with, so I want to get into it.

Back in 1974, I was 24 years old; and for the month of May, I was renting a cheap housekeeping room in New Westminster because my friend William Alan Gill and I had been given notices to vacate the old rented house we had been living in ─ the house was located a block or two uphill of City Hall on Sixth Street.

I think my housekeeping room was in an old rooming house at 333 Pine Street.

Bill had found himself a rather nice place...but he was working full-time and could afford it.  I was only scheduled to work a day per week at a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) which today is known as Fraserside Community Services Society.  

Despite my skimpy accommodations, early in May I had bought myself a set of weights that I was keeping at the rented Whalley home of my younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther.  They had said that I could come over anytime I liked to work-out. 

All references to "Cathy" are to Jeanette, as Mark's girlfriend preferred to be called. 
THURSDAY, May 30, 1974

About noon, June's Alicia Justin proved too much.

It rained heavily, but the weather returned to clouds and Sun.  I walked to Whalley for my work-out, but did first nearly fall asleep in cool Queen's Park while killing time so I could arrive just about after Cathy was gone for work.  But as I found  out some while after locking the doors to keep out Wendy, Cathy didn't go to work because of car troubles, and the kids weren't at Nell's.

After my exercises and a rinse bath, I phoned S.A.N.E. to see if the 8:00 p.m. meeting was tonight; it was, according to Verna.  

About 6:30 p.m., desiring to possibly charge up his dead Pontiac battery, Mark and Cathy took me home.  We pulled up here just in time to find Norman coming up behind.  Mark's car died, and Norman's juiced it back.  Mark and family took off.

I got Norman to walk me to the locked building of S.A.N.E.; but first, we had a rye & 7-up in the Towers.  When we found the door locked, we hit the Dunsmuir, but 'twasn't for a while that a fellow employee showed up:  Lesly.  She joined us.

Anyway, Norman went home after my meeting began; I was to phone him when it finished, and he'd come back with weed.

When it ended, I had just talked Art out of taking me home, and was heading home after an unanswered phoning, when he hailed me.  He drove to my place, and we toked in his car and listened to "American Graffiti."

Then we went walking; he bought a $6.10 (?) bucket of Kentucky chicken, and we wiped it in Moody Park.  Then back here, and we split up.  He goes to Quesnel Saturday.  

In all, I spent 50¢. 
"June's Alicia Justin proved too much" was my guarded way of recording that I relieved some sexual tension thanks to a 'girlie magazine.'

Jeanette must have had the 3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. shift, so I wanted to arrive at the house after she had left for work ─ that was why I was idling in Queen's Park before hiking over the Pattullo Bridge.

It sounds as if I got to the house, thinking I had it to myself, and locked myself in to keep out my young maternal cousin Wendy Halverson ─ she had taken to hanging around Mark and Jeanette's home.

Jeanette had two beautiful little girls who I had thought were being babysat by my maternal Aunt Nell ─ Wendy's mother.  But Jeanette must have arrived home with the tots soon after I got there.

Nonetheless, I still had my work-out somehow.  I no longer recall just where in the house I would have had the privacy.

Evidently there was an 8:00 p.m. staff meeting at S.A.N.E. I was expected to attend.  Back then, S.A.N.E. was located on Carnarvon Street, probably right around where the New Westminster Skytrain Station is.    

Verna Williams (if I am remembering her last name correctly) was more-or-less the manager of S.A.N.E.

My old friend Norman Richard Dearing certainly timed his visit to me in New Westminster opportunely.  He not only was able to hook up with me, but he bailed out my poor brother Mark.

The Royal Towers Hotel is likely no longer a hotel, but the building still stands at Sixth Street & Royal Avenue.  Norman and I had our rye & 7-Up in its bar.

Then when we continued on to S.A.N.E. and found the place locked up, we hit the very nearby Dunsmuir Hotel.  Lesley or Leslie Roy also worked part-time at S.A.N.E., and must have found S.A.N.E.'s door locked, too.

She was a 'little person' ─ and a very dear lady.

Norman lived far out in Surrey ─ I don't recall the exact street, but it was a ways beyond 64th Avenue & 128th Street.  It just strikes me that he must have been somewhat desperate for my company if he was going to drive all that way home, and then return later on to New Westminster when I was free.

But as it turns out, he must have just hung about.

Art Smith ─ another part-time S.A.N.E. employee, and who happened to be in his early 40s ─ had done his best to talk me into going back to his home for drinks once the S.A.N.E. meeting was done.  Art was married, and had three young kids.

It is odd to me, but I do not ever recall any of these S.A.N.E. staff meetings.

Norman was likely still driving his Malibu.  It had an 8-track stereo, and undoubtedly we were listening to the soundtrack of the American Graffiti movie while we smoked his pot.

We certainly did seem to engage ourselves in a considerable amount of walking that evening.

Norman had his eyes set upon 'the Sticks' ─ places like Quesnel and 100 Mile House.

But enough reminiscing ─ it is 7:13 p.m. right this moment.  I must do a proofread ere publishing this post; and then have a bath, make a small supper, and get into some beer whilst watching some T.V.
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