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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

American Government Concealing the True Data Concerning Vaccine Victims │ Prostatitis: A Simple Cure that May Work

It seems to me that my bedtime last night was around 11:35 p.m.; and just ahead of 4:00 a.m., I had my first return to sufficient consciousness to care to venture to the bathroom to micturate and drink some water.

I had a Rogers bill to mail for the couples' cellphone plan my wife Jack and I have ─ the payment is due on Friday. 

I rose shortly ahead of 8:00 a.m., and dressed for the half-block or so walk to the mailbox ─ which proclaims that mail pick-up is 9:00 a.m.

If I did indeed get there before that pick-up, then there is a good likelihood that my payment will arrive at its destination on time.

What was remarkable about that short walk was was how unsteady I was and felt ─ I had trouble controlling my gait.  It felt like I was staggering.

And my vision was poor in the bright morning sunlight.

It disturbs me that it takes me so long to normalize after I rise for the day.  If I am like this at 65, how will I be faring if I am still alive at 75?

I neglected to mention yesterday a fairly interesting conversation I had with an immediate neighbour late Sunday evening when I was outside watering the garden plants in the front yard.

He had just come home with some of the female family members ─ they went inside their house, and he came across to talk with me.

On a previous occasion when we first spoke together, he had introduced himself as Aaron, although I may well have his name wrong ─ it may have only sounded like Aaron.

Although I do not know his ancestry, I would have supposed that he was Indo-Canadian.  However, it is possible that some or all of the household may have immigrated from Fiji.

At any rate, Aaron had clearly been enjoying a few drinks earlier ─ as had I, for I had consumed my three cans of beer (8% alcohol).  However, he seems to have somewhat excelled me in whatever he had been consuming.

One of the topics we struck upon was the heavily foot-trafficked alleyway that opens between our houses from our cul-de-sac, and leads out to a main avenue.

We do not appreciate some of the troublesome users of that alleyway short-cut ─ which is blocked to cars by cement barriers in two sections of the alleyway.

Aaron used to have a gorgeous strip of tall evergreen shrubbery lining the alleyway that ran alongside his property ─ the shrubbery had thick, leathery leaves, and were truly impressive.

Here is an example of them on display at the left:

My wife Jack is venturing down the alleyway in the afternoon of July 18, 2013 ─ as you can see, those shrubs were more than twice the height of a person.

Well, Aaron said that the City of Surrey forced him to have them removed and a fence placed there instead due to someone's complaint about the shrubs.

This is roughly the same view early in the afternoon of March 17, 2014, as my youngest step-son Pote and a couple of friends walk the alleyway:

This photo is a little later that same afternoon, and a wee bit further along the alleyway:

And here is what that section just above looked like on August 14, 2014, with the new fence in place:

Since then, the fence has 'benefited' from graffiti, and the damage inflicted by occasional toughs who like kicking out boards from such fences.

Of course, the City of Surrey does nothing at all to upkeep any of this ─ all they do is fine hapless homeowners who do not obey their dictates to maintain the decreed fencing.

Anyway, it was good to learn why those lovely shrubs were removed to make space for a fence ─ the act had very much bothered me.

My maternal cousin Wendy left a telephone message early last evening ─ everyone here are invited to her place for a barbecue on Saturday, June 27.  Unfortunately, she and her husband Barry live out fairly close to Chilliwack.

They have a huge backyard, so camping-out is no issue whatsoever ─ people often do it when visiting.

Mark seemed interested when he heard the message last evening.

I am less inclined ─ it has been grueling for me the last two occasions we overnighted there.

In fact, the last time I got so damned stoned that I ended up essentially paralyzed in the wee a.m. hours, and lost track of just what actually happened to me.  I could barely ambulate my way back to the house when I roused at some point after daybreak, having passed out without benefit of a sleeping bag.

And I am not kidding about feeling paralyzed.

I took a long while to finally find the muscle control to gain my balance on my feet when I first awoke.  And then when I began to walk, I had to fight for balance and control for many, many seconds after each and every step.

It still amazes me that I was so unsteady and lacking in muscle control.

My sleeping bag was a casualty ─ I never thought of it, and finally left empty-handed in the morning with Mark and Bev when they woke up and came to the house from Mark's van.

Too many of the male members of our family ─ and their hangers-on ─ smoke who-the-Hell-knows-what.  And once I am blitzed on drink, I lose my inhibitions about partaking ─ and pay the heavy penalty.

If Mark and I do go on June 27th, I hope to Blazes that I retain full recall of what happened that last time, and turn my hands up at any proffered 'wacky tobacky.'

Enough reflection for this post!

I spent a good part of the morning completing the post I began at my Lawless Spirit website yesterday, and got the post published late this morning:  Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center II.

For whatever reason, I never did quite feel hale today, and thus never dared the one-arm knee-curls I otherwise likely would have tackled with my 42½-pound dumbell.


So are you one of those who still feel that vaccines are generally safe for most people?

Then I dare you to carefully read this report from a week ago put out by the Health Sciences Institute (HSI), a member site of NewMarketHealth.com

Missing in action
Imagine getting a routine flu shot -- one that our government has spent billions trying to convince you is safe.

Before long, you start to lose feeling in your arms and legs. Within days you're left paralyzed and on a ventilator, unable to breathe on your own.

That's exactly what happened to dozens of people who have been handed millions over the past several months by the federal National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which pays settlements to vaccine victims.

There's a good chance you haven't heard a thing about it -- which is exactly what our government wants. Because the feds have quietly erased information from the VICP website about vaccine injury settlements over the past 15 months.

The fact that our government is censoring vital information about the health risks of vaccines is frightening enough -- but the reason why may be worse.

Because before the VICP website went dark, vaccine injury cases were skyrocketing. And it turns out our government may be concealing an outbreak of a dangerous condition linked to one of the most popular vaccines on the planet.

The feds may be trying to hide information. But when the data on the VICP website was erased a few months ago, they should have known that they can't hide the truth.

Over the last year and a half, the number of victims compensated for flu-shot injuries was more than twice the number paid during the previous eight years. And a shocking number of those cases involved patients who developed a devastating condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome, or GBS.

GBS attacks part of the peripheral nervous system, and leaves many of its victims paralyzed and unable to breathe independently.

We've been told by the National Institutes of Health that GBS is an extremely rare vaccine side effect. Supposedly, only around one person in 100,000 will ever develop GBS.

But the VICP data told a very different story. Compensation for a whopping 50 cases -- two of them fatal -- was paid out by the VICP between mid-November, 2014 and mid-February of 2015. One of those multi-million dollar settlements involved Sarah Behie, a 20-year-old nurse's aide who was left paralyzed and living in nursing homes after a flu shot gave her GBS.

Nearly 90 percent of GBS cases settled by the VICP program were linked to flu shots, and those claims were among 117 paid out for vaccine injuries or deaths during those three brief months.

And, of course, it was shortly after this uptick in claims that the VICP removed current data from its website and stopped updating it monthly, as it had in the past.

It's the kind of secrecy you'd expect out of the CIA, not a federal program that's supposed to protect our health. And the move seems more designed to protect Uncle Sam's pocketbook... and reputation... than your health.

You see, in 1986 Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. It shielded vaccine makers from lawsuits and set up the VICP to rule on claims for injuries and deaths resulting from vaccinations.

And since VICP started officially operating in 1989, it's paid roughly 4,000 claims to the tune of an estimated $3 billion.

What those payments mean is something that both health officials and drug companies have tried to downplay and even deny. That vaccinations have definite and often serious health risks.

In fact, federal health officials are so intent on hiding the health problems associated with vaccines (especially government darlings like the flu vaccine) that they make life hell for people who try to submit claims through VICP.

"The government bitterly contests these cases," said David Carney, Sarah Behie's attorney. The process takes years and many people give up, which is exactly what our government wants.

The feds don't want us to know about an increase in vaccine-linked illnesses like GBS, because awareness could lead to even more claims coming out of the woodwork. And there's little doubt that's the reason VICP is working so hard to avoid reporting information on recent vaccine victims and settlements.

Fortunately, for now, some vaccine claim numbers can still be found buried in reports issued by the Department of Justice. And I'm going to keep bringing you those numbers -- and the faces behind them -- for as long as I can.

Because with their own data showing a tremendous spike in a condition as supposedly rare as GBS, our government's assurances that these shots are perfectly safe sounds as phony as a lead nickel.
It's truly insidious.

About six days ago, Dr. William Campbell Douglass II reported on a study that ought to be of value to any men suffering prostatitis ─ i.e., inflammation of the prostate:

Study: Reverse swollen prostate symptoms with gleaming gums
Having a swollen prostate can be so frustrating you feel like breaking out into a big ugly man cry.

But I'm about to turn those sobs of frustration into tears of relief, because there's a quick and easy trick that can turn your prostate problems into a thing of the past.

All you have to do is go into your bathroom, reach behind the mirror and pull out one of those packs of floss the dentist keeps sending you home with.

You know... the ones you never even bother to open.

Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to do anything weird with it. Just use it the way you're supposed to. Spend a minute or two after meals flossing, because it turns out cleaning up your gums can improve your prostate problems.

I know that sounds like some kind of old wives' tale -- or I guess in this case an old husbands' tale -- but the latest research finds that clean gums can improve the symptoms of prostatitis nearly 80 percent of the time.

In the study, 21 of 27 men with prostatitis who were treated for gum disease improved.

Gum disease is inflammation of the gums. Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate. Yes, these are two parts of the body as different as can be -- but we know that inflammation in the gums doesn't stay there.

The germs that cause gum inflammation can hitch a ride in your bloodstream (especially if you have bleeding gums) and cause inflammation just about everywhere else. And your prostate might actually be the least of your worries -- because gum disease has also been linked to heart attack, stroke, arthritis, Alzheimer's and more.

That's a real line up of dastardly diseases right there, but you might be able to avoid them ALL just by taking better care of your mouth.

Along with flossing, use an oral irrigator such as a Waterpik. And don't forget to take care of your teeth the Douglass way: skip the store-bought toothpastes (especially the ones with fluoride) and make your own by mixing baking soda with three percent hydrogen peroxide.

Work the paste into your teeth and gums with your fingertips -- you don't even need a toothbrush -- and rinse with the peroxide.

You'll have the whitest, brighter and strongest smile in town.

Using floss like a boss,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
This is evidently the full published study:  Periodontal Treatment Improves Prostate Symptoms and Lowers Serum PSA in Men with High PSA and Chronic Periodontitis (doi: 10.4172/2161-1122.1000284).

But if you would prefer a couple of other reports on it, then try these:


I had a most frustrating time early this afternoon trying to reattach the connector head to the garden hose that I use to water the plants in the front yard.

By connector head, I mean the attachment that connects the hose to a faucet spout.

The connector had pulled free of the mouth of the hose at least a couple of times previously.

Believe me, it is a sheer bugger not being able to see clearly to do work like this.  I was nearly in tears from how useless the task was making me feel.

I do not appreciate physically ageing and degrading.

The main problem with the hose is that it is too small for the connector insert ─ this latter will not fit into the hose.

I know my brother Mark has worked at forcing a fit; and so have I previously.

Desiring to work with a fresh opening to the hose, I snipped off about a half-inch or so segment.  I will keep that piece for any future trip to a hardware store in a search for a proper-fitting connector head. 

For today, I inserted the 'nose' of a pair of pliers into the fresh hose opening, and just kept forcing the pliers until the mouth of the hose was stretched enough to take the connector insert.

It was not perfect ─ I likely only got the insert of the connector just over half-way into the hose.

But I think that this time I was able to tighten a small hose clamp securely-enough around the hose and the connector insert within it to hold the twain more firmly than Mark or I had been able to separately do over the course of this past month or so.   

However, the coming days will tell if that's a tale or not.
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