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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Deadly Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) │ Trans Fats Possibly Here to Stay, Despite What We May Have Heard?

I may have made it to bed ahead of midnight last night; but if so, it was not by much.

I no longer recall with certainty just when I rose for the hot day in full force around here, but it may have been before 7:15 a.m.

I did some work on a new post at my Siam-Longings website, and then I saved the draft; I'll finish and publish the post tomorrow.

Despite the building heat of the day, I ventured off around 12:20 p.m. to hike the 1¼ miles to the Save-On-Foods store in Whalley.  I had to walk very leisurely ─ although I had on a sleeveless pull-over, I wore a black sleeveless denim jacket over that.

It's my style.

And I had my 'grandpa' jeans on ─ a far too loose and baggy pair of denims that I cinch tight with a belt.

I had an interesting encounter with an elderly woman who appeared of East Indian origin.

I was cutting through Surrey Place (Central City) on my way to do the shopping, and was approaching the doors that lead off towards the Surrey Central Skytrain Station.

Just before I reached them, the woman ─ who had just come into the building ─ addressed me, saying something I could not clearly hear.  I bent towards her and asked her to repeat herself, and then I recognized the words "Passport Office."

It had once been right around there ─ and a Citizenship & Immigration Canada office still is.  But the new location, I quickly realized, was far too difficult to explain to the old dear who seemed unfamiliar with Surrey Place.   

She needed to go to the lower storey, and work her way to a far side of the complex ─ it was impossible to clearly explain its location to her if she had no familiarity with the layout of the complex.

So I walked her to it, chatting now and then.

She was a slow and somewhat unsure pedestrian, but I learned from her that she enjoyed walking; and she even claimed that she daily ensured that she got whatever it was that she considered 'lots of walking' to be.

When I got her to her destination, and she realized that despite various direction indicators identifying the Passport Office that she did notice betimes, she would have likely gotten somewhat lost without my escort. 

Or at least, it would have taken her much longer to arrive there than it did. 

She was openly grateful, and even took my hand in a show of it.

Anyway, I did my shopping, and had to take off my sleeveless denim jacket roughly a third of the way home.

I arrived home to find that my 17-year-old step-son Pote and a girl were in bed together ─ and they still are, well over an hour later (it is 3:08 p.m. as I type these words).

My wife Jack is not going to be able to claim that they are only watching movies together on my laptop that Pote and his older brother use, for I could see it on a couch ─ it was closed tight.

If the little prick ruins his life, Jack can thank herself ─ she blindly defends the kid.

Perhaps it's all innocence and 'puppy-dog' cosying, but he is 17 ─ not seven.

I want to sit out in the backyard and derive some further Sun-exposure ─ this time with my shirt off, for I want to look as good as I can for that Saturday barbecue my younger brother Mark and I will be going to at our cousin Wendy's home out near Chilliwack on Saturday, but I want to post a photo that I took this morning of the wasp or hornet nest we have in our backyard shed:

I used the extreme zoom on my Canon PowerShot SG880 IS; and the shed was somewhat gloomy ─ it has no electricity.

Thus the blurriness.

The nest might be the size of a fairly large orange.

Compare the change in the nest to its appearance back on June 4 in these two photos:

The base has since opened right up ─ perhaps for ventilation?

The several hornets or whatever they are don't seem concerned about me when I'm in the shed.  In fact, a couple of times I have had a wasp take advantage of the open door (which is normally locked) to fly in or out.

Once, when one was coming in, I was standing in the doorway, and had to blow on the wasp because it was buzzing towards my face.  We have such wasps that occasionally cruise about on the lawn, and sometimes one will get curious and slowly approach part of a person, as if to alight.

One has to wave them away.

So when in the doorway, I blew upon the rather slowly ─ almost lazily ─ advancing hornet or whatever it is, it just backed up a wee bit, and then unconcernedly advanced again, but slightly circling around me to get into the shed, and then up to its nest.

I was clearly not deemed a threat to the insect.

Consequently, thus far, I am content to 'live and let live.'

However, neither my brother Mark nor my two stepsons have likely noticed the nest yet ─ I don't know if they'll have the same philosophy.

But if this nest is just the start of what is going to become a huge globe of wasps as the Summer advances, then the risk of being ignored by the colonists seems less likely, doesn't it? 


Not long ago at all, I mentioned a study that revealed  how dangerous it was to use proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to deal with something like indigestion and acid reflux, but I will cite the study once more:  Proton Pump Inhibitor Usage and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction in the General Population (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124653).

Here is a report about the problem ─ a report from Dr. William Campbell Douglass II that he released about five days ago:

Your acid reflux drug could be killing you
When you wake up in the ICU after a heart attack, you've got a lot to be happy about: Happy your loved ones got you the help you needed ... happy the ambulance made it to the hospital in time... and most of all, just plain happy to be alive.

Yes, friend, there's nothing like a brush with death to make you appreciate life.

But I can almost guarantee what you WON'T waste a moment feeling "happy" about is the fact that you didn't have a bout of heartburn right before your heart attack -- and when I tell you how the two are connected, you're going to be downright ticked off.

Because the very drugs you rely on to tame the raging fires of acid reflux could have actually CAUSED your heart attack!

Prevent heartburn... but suffer a heart attack. No sane person would knowingly make that trade.

But millions may be doing so UNKNOWINGLY, because the dirty secret about proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) is that they can raise your risk of heart attack by as much as 21 percent, according to new research.

These are drugs everyone knows by name -- drugs it seems like everyone is taking, such as Prevacid, Prilosec and Nexium. So naturally, Big Pharma is in full-blown panic mode. They're trying to protect sales by sending out industry hacks in a weak attempt to discredit this damaging new study.

The most ridiculous line of reasoning they've tried to sell us so far is that maybe the risk was caused by the heartburn and not the drug.

PUH-leaze, if you buy that one I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd love to sell you too!

Despite the name we ALL know that heartburn has nothing to do with the heart. And if you need more proof, the study also included heartburn patients who took no drugs at all, as well as patients on OTHER types of meds besides PPIs, and NONE of them had a higher heart risk.

What's more, you couldn't design a better drug for raising the risk of a heart attack if you tried -- because PPIs can suck the magnesium right out of your body.

That's the mineral that actually puts the tick into your ticker and keeps your heart beating. In fact PPIs block it so effectively that taking a supplement while on the drug might not help.

Even the FDA itself admitted this was a risk way back in 2011. But naturally that warning was delivered as little more than a whisper.

After all, we wouldn't want to hurt sales, would we?

Lucky for you there's a safe and ridiculously easy way to get control of your stomach acid problems: fresh-squeezed cabbage juice. Run the stuff through a juicer or a blender and drink about 8 ounces at a time, as needed, until the reflux passes.

Dousing the flames of reflux,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. 
In my younger decades as a young man, I often suffered heartburn and took different things for it like Tums and Rolaids, Pepto-Bismol, and even ENO ─ which I quite liked.

But I do not consistently binge-eat like I did back then, and it is rare if I have a stomach issue of that order.  The only time I seem to approach it is if I am extensively drinking hard liquor ─ I suspect that prolonged drinking of spirits wreaks havoc on the stomach lining.

Anyway, another report on that study is available a upi.comHeartburn drugs may increase risk of heart attack.

Dr. Douglass had another report that same day on the sissifying of children's playgrounds ─ I am very much acquainted with a similar issue here in Surrey that I have rued for the past decade or so.

But first, Dr. Douglass' report:

Over the top effort to "protect" kids harms their development
I was walking through the local park the other day and noticed the playground was fenced off for construction. Actually, it was more like DEstruction, because they were ripping out the swings.

A worker there told me it was for "safety reasons" and then showed me a picture of what they were replacing it with: A two-level monstrosity with more bars than a prison, and more padding than an insane asylum.

The entire second level looked like a jail cell with slides coming out of it. There were bars on the top level to stop kids from jumping off, and the slides were enclosed in tunnels to keep kids from jumping off those, too.

And if any kid DID manage to break free, the entire surface surrounding the "play structure" would be soft as a sponge thanks to some weird rubbery material.

This isn't just happening at my park. It's happening at parks, playgrounds and schools all around the country. Kids are being coddled and bubble-wrapped to the point where none of them will ever face danger or risk injury and it's downright maddening -- because bumps, bruises, scratches, scrapes, stitches, chipped teeth and the occasional broken bone are part of a NORMAL and HEALTHY childhood.

But don't just take my word for it: New research finds that these modern playgrounds are actually TOO safe!

Kids who have some reasonable risk in their play have better physical health, behavior and social development, according to the study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

What's more, children who can climb, jump and even FALL are more creative and more resilient.

A little risk gives children a chance to test their own limits and figure out what happens if they push it a little too far. It's the old School of Hard Knocks and while not every kid graduates with flying colors, most of them make it through just fine.

So if you've got kids or grandkids or great grandkids, of course I want you to do your best to keep them safe... but sometimes, that means letting them be a little UNsafe, too.

Never playing it safe,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
This is the study he referenced:  What is the Relationship between Risky Outdoor Play and Health in Children? A Systematic Review (doi: 10.3390/ijerph120606423).  The full study is there, but you have to access it in a left column as a Full-Text PDF.

Another report on the study is at news.ubc.caRisky outdoor play positively impacts children’s health: UBC study.

My related experience with this ludicrous phenomenon occurred at least a decade ago when the City of Surrey went and removed all of the outdoor fitness circuits from the five areas that I knew of where they had existed for decades.

I relied on these circuits for the development of my ability to do chin-ups and  parallel-bar dips ─ those were really the only two stations I much bothered with at these circuits.

I had been using such equipment since the late 1960s when I found the fitness circuit at Queen's Park in New Westminster back when I was in my late teens.   

To find that Surrey had eradicated the circuits that I knew of here made me feel absolutely robbed ─ how dare those bastards take away my means of outdoor fitness that I had avidly availed myself of for decades of my life?

And I see that had best get off the topic ─ I still utterly despise all who were involved in that feeble-brained decision.

The final report I want to post here today involves the eradication of trans fats from our foods ─ something you may have heard that is being initiated by government order.

Well, that just may not be so, if the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) is correct in this essay from about three days ago:

The proof was in the arteries
Fred Kummerow is a scientist on a mission. And media outlets everywhere have been running with the same story.

Mission accomplished.

The University of Illinois professor, who turned 100 last fall, has been locked in a heroic six-decade battle with the FDA over deadly trans fats. A battle that many declared over last week when the agency finally ordered trans fats removed from processed foods.

But there are some big problems ahead for those who don't want their arteries clogged any longer by this unnecessary and dangerous food additive.

Major food companies have wrangled three more years to keep packing trans fats into our food. And a lobbying group looks like it's on the prowl for loophole that could keep Americans eating this poison for generations to come.

Trans fats are causing 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths in America every year, and you'll find them in everything from fast food to seemingly harmless cookies and sandwich bread.

But you don't need to tell that to researchers like Professor Kummerow. It was 58 years ago when he first looked at the arteries of people who had died of heart disease and found they were jam-packed with trans fats, an artificial fat that was becoming widely used.

And when Kummerow fed rats a diet heavy on artificial trans fats, he noticed that their arteries began to harden.

Kummerow discovered one of the greatest preventable causes of heart disease in America -- and he spent decades sounding the alarm. He published research, gave talks around the world, and even sued the FDA in 2013, claiming the additive had "contributed to a national epidemic of coronary heart disease."

So when the FDA announced last week that trans fats would be removed from food, you can forgive Kummerow for celebrating a little.

"Science won out," he told the Washington Post. "It's very important that we don't have this in our diet."

But the battle isn't over -- and in some ways, it may be just beginning.

Because Big Food is proving it isn't going away without a fight. Lost in the FDA announcement -- and much of the reporting on it -- was that the major food companies have wrangled three more years to remove trans fats from foods. That's three years to lobby and lean on the FDA to soften, or even scrap, the ban.

If you're wondering why food manufacturers can't simply ditch this killer additive, just think of the two things that are most important to industry: money and money. Trans fats like partially hydrogenated oil are far cheaper than using a natural fat in a product and they make foods last practically forever.

Even the Grocery Manufacturers Association, a major industry lobbying group, doesn't seem to be losing any sleep over the FDA's directive to remove trans fats from food. In a recent letter to members, a senior GMA executive wrote that "It's a mistake to say that FDA has banned trans fats... It's not a ban."

And the GMA added that food companies can submit a petition to the FDA asking for special permission to use trans fats in food -- and that the agency "encouraged the industry to do just that." There's even a trans-fats loophole enacted by the FDA that says amounts of up to 0.5 grams per serving can be labeled "0 trans fat."

The only way to reliably get trans fats out of our diets is to do it ourselves -- and to do that, you need to go right to the ingredients list on everything you buy. If you see any mention of partially hydrogenated oil of any kind, you know that product contains trans fats and should go right back where you found it.

And it looks like Professor Kummerow is living proof that you can get to be 100 on a diet free from trans fats. He even recalled to a reporter how someone came to his 100th birthday party with a store-bought cake containing partially hydrogenated oil.

One that got tossed in the trash, uneaten.

That's something we all should be doing with any foods we find in our kitchen that contain any amount, no matter how small, of this killer additive.
Can you believe that the major food manufacturers are resisting strenuously this move to remove a killer substance from our food ─ a substance that has been proven deadly, but which the food industry considers too expensive to do business without?

Our health be damned, they say ─ their ease of profit should be what is really important!

They've got the dollars ─ and the FDA seems to have people enough who are more than willing to be lavishly greased with those dollars.

I want so badly to spill out more, but I had best hold my tongue for today.

Before I close out for the day, I want to reproduce an E-mail I received yesterday ─ even though I know that it is utterly bogus:
Core Oil & Gas Ltd
19 Golden Square, Aberdeen, AB10 1RH
Tel: +44-7017045993
Email: coreoilandgas@onet.eu
Web:  http://www.coreoilandgas.com

This is a great opportune moment for an exotic candidates (outside United Kingdom) who wish to work here in the United Kingdom in different skills under the management of our company. Our company is eagerly looking for successful candidates to occupy the vacant position in the Core Oil and Gas Company.

                   LOGISTICS COORDINATOR
•    Construction Lead: Refrigeration Project
•    Lead IT Planning Coordinator
•    Electrical Technician
•    Process Engineering Assistant
•    Project Manager
•    Operational Safety Leader
•    NDT Inspector
•    Contracts Technician
•    Senior Contracts Specialist
•    Mechanical Rotating Equipment Engineer (Operator)
•    Instrument/Mechanical/Production Technicians
•    Interface Coordinator (Operator exp)
•    Senior Reservoir Engineer
•    Mechanical Engineer
•    Clastic Sedimentologist
•    Senior Pipeline Estimator
•    Quantity surveyor
•    Process Engineer
•    Project Manager/Engineer (Area Lead)
•    Planning Manager
•    Expression of Interest - Telecoms Project/Ops Engs
•    Drilling Safety & Health Rig Site Advisor
•    Execution Engineer
•    Project Cost Estimator
•    Regulatory Advisor (Compliance and Permitting)
•    Reservoir Geophysicist
•    Reservoir Geologist
•    Incident & Injury Free Coordinator
•    Senior Contracts Advisor
•    Document Controller
•    Strategic Sourcing Specialist
•    Project Engineer
•    Site Quality Manager
•    Materials Analyst
•    Category Specialist
•    Category Analyst
•    Expeditor/Customs Reps
[1] Your age must be 18 years and upward.
[2] Generally your education must be MINIMUM OF secondary education. 
[3] Must be reliable and trustworthy. 
[4] Must be law-abiding and adhere strictly to the Rules and regulations guiding the operations of the Company.
{5} must have international passport

those seeking for higher position such as Human Resource Manager, Assistant Manager e.t.c. must have obtained qualification And working experiences which could be relevant to the position being Sort for, Fresher’s can also apply.

(1) Our Management will care for your air ticket from your country to, United Kingdom.
(2) Our Management will care for your accommodations and feeding
(3) Our Management will help you in getting U K visa and all documents in your country with the assistant of our visa agent, who is working in the Embassy. You will only care for your visa fees, If you are interested, send your CV/Resume to:  Email: coreoilandgas@onet.eu
Recruitment Manager
Mr. David Moore 
Tel: +44-7017045993
You can do a search and find lots of websites declaring that job-offers from this very real company are only scams ─ as examples see 419advancefeefraud.blogspot.com here and here

And if anyone bothered to even go to that company's website, this would be found on their recruitment page:

Please beware of scam email campaigns offering positions of employment or contracts for work from anyone other than Core. We do not email job adverts out to candidates and also do not request application or administration fees for any positions we offer.
Are people truly stupid enough to think that a big company is going to scrounge throughout the Web and blindly send out job offers to absolutely anyone?

Incidentally, the message had been sent out to "undisclosed-recipients@null, null@null."

That's a sure indicator that the E-mail was mass-mailed to a host of destinations, and not to just me.
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