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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday, June 26, Barbecue at Cousin Wendy's Property Near Chilliwack

My younger brother Mark and I arrived at the property of Wendy and her husband Barry around mid-afternoon yesterday.  The happy couple live out near Chilliwack, and were hosting a barbecue.

It was most certainly a scorching day, and I was entirely sensible about it.  Only once did I take some Sun, and I did that soon after arriving ─ I betook myself to a portion of the property where no one espied me, and I stood there with my top doffed for about 15 minutes.

It was a frontal sunning ─ I never bothered exposing my back.

I never did change into short-pants, either; but remained in my 'grandpa' jeans.

Note that my relatives are all maternal ─ I have not seen a paternal relative in perhaps 30 years.

In this first photo apparently taken just after 6:00 p.m., my cousin Roxanne is drinking from the bottle of water, while Shane is standing and looking at the people seated.  Shane is the youngest of three sons of my cousin Randy ─ and Randy happens to be a cousin to Roxanne, too.

Seated in that photo above are my cousin Rick and my cousin Colleen.  Rick is also a cousin of Roxanne and Shane's father Randy.  Colleen is  one Randy's three sisters, as is my cousin Wendy.

This is my brother Mark hugging with our cousin Colleen, while her sister Wendy's son Grant is standing just beyond, without a shirt:

At the left and holding two cans of beer is my cousin Randy's oldest son Brady, while at the right is my brother Mark; I am unable to name the young woman, but she is a granddaughter of Leo, the man holding the tot ─ Leo is married to my cousin Chris, a sister to Colleen and Wendy:

At the left is my brother Mark, and our cousin Colleen is at the right; the young woman beyond them might be a granddaughter of Colleen's:

This is my brother Mark talking with Leo; Leo's daughter Sherry is the blonde talking with her cousin Brady (who is still holding two cans of beer):

Sherry, of course, is the daughter of my cousin Chris, Leo's wife.  This is a clearer photo of Brady and Sherry (and my brother Mark, standing at the right and still talking with Sherry's father Leo):

My brother Mark and Leo, with Leo's daughter Sherry just visible at the left and beyond Mark, while my cousin Colleen is at the right of ─ and beyond ─ Mark:

Mark is seated, and perhaps using his phone to find out who won the FIFA women's soccer game that apparently saw Canada lose to England; Graham ─ husband of my cousin Roxanne ─ is standing before Mark; and I see my cousin Randy's oldest son Brady standing well beyond and holding a can of beer:

This is the same distant view as above, but with some zoom ─ Mark is in the foreground and holding his phone to his ear, while I can see Leo seated to the left of the group of standing conversationalists:

Apart from beer-holding Brady standing in the group above, Leo's wife ─ my cousin Chris ─ is standing at the left, while my cousin Roxanne is leaning against a car at the right.  Roxanne and Chris are cousins; Chris is a sister of Brady's father, Randy.

Also in that photo above, the young woman holding the baby may be Chris & Leo's granddaughter; and that is Sherry in the distance beyond, with the dye-streaked hair (she is the daughter of Chris & Leo, and possibly the mother of the young woman holding the baby).

In this next photo, my seated brother Mark is speaking with Leo, and Brady is still in the distance:

And now with some zoom to the view above, I can see Leo's daughter Sherry well to the left, and bent over to either look at a plant or to speak with someone. I don't know who the young fellow is that is standing by Brady ─ possibly the husband of the young woman in the pink top (a granddaughter of Chris & Leo, I believe):

In the photo below, it is approaching 10:00 p.m., and this group are in the museum-like garage of Wendy & Barry's. At the left is Wendy's son Grant; then Shane, Brady's youngest brother; then Wendy perhaps taking a drag; and finally my cousin Roxanne's husband Graham:

In this final photo from last evening, it was around 10:21 p.m., and my hand was getting too shaky for good photography.  At the left is my cousin Tim (Wendy's youngest brother); my cousin Roxanne and her husband Graham beyond Tim; and my bother Mark is at the right:

Tim and Roxanne are cousins of one another.

There was one other photo that never turned out, so I deleted it.

I have no sure idea when it was that I retired, but it was after Mark had given up and gone to bed in the back of his van.  I crashed for a few hours in an old sleeping bag I had brought ─ I bedded down in front of Mark's van.

At that point, I had consumed perhaps 16 cans of beer over the course of the day.

After a few hours of sleep, I decided to try the front seat of Mark's van and spent a few further rough hours there, waiting for Mark to get a start to his day.

When he decided to rise, we went into the house and had a few coffees with our cousin Wendy and her husband Barry.

And then it was time to go and fetch Mark's cooler that had been home to our beer.  Wendy and Barry proceeded to start collecting together the various empties lying about; and in the process of doing so, three cans of beer identified as belonging to Mark were found in various locations, all barely touched.

He must have opened each of them and then forgotten about them, going and fetching himself another. 

I took this photo of my sheepish brother around 9:30 a.m. this morning:

And then I took this photo of cousin Wendy & Barry:

I believe that the young fellow seated to the right and beyond Barry is Wendy's son-in-law

Finally, about 9:33 a.m., I took this photo of Brady, Wendy's nephew:

And then Mark and I left on the fairly long drive back to Surrey.  I drank two cans of beer along the way.

Upon getting home ─ possibly before noon ─ it was not too very long before Mark had freshened up and then gone off to find his working girlfriend Bev and his drinking cronies ─ Bev works as a waitress in a small bar.

I fast deteriorated, and soon took a fairly long nap in the early afternoon.

I rose from that, and then had a small meal, and followed that with a mug of coffee.

By the time I had finished it, another decline set in, and I had to seek yet another nap.

I have no idea how my brother Mark can propel himself along as he does.

While I have been working upon this post, my wife Jack phoned me from where she is working in Vancouver. 

She wanted me to take out a package of chicken drumsticks from the freezer located in a small room adjacent to the area that serves as her two sons' den.  The den is also where her youngest son, 17-year-old Pote, sleeps.

I explained to her that I was unable to do that small chore ─ Pote happens to be in bed...with his girlfriend.

Jack was a little taken aback by that revelation, but she acceded to that realistic barrier, and said that she would bring something home from the restaurant late this evening.

It is now 6:37 p.m.  I am going to proofread this post, then publish it, and have myself a needed bath.  It ought to help me feel better than I presently do.

And so will some further beers when I commence watching T.V. at 8:00 p.m.

I strongly hope that I feel back to normal by tomorrow.
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