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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adult-Dose Vaccinations Commonly Given to Premature Babies

Last night was another that found me up until after midnight ─ I think it was something like 12:21 a.m.

And the main reason was similar as the night before ─ I was busily working on my Lawless Spirit website.

My morning arrived just after 8:00 a.m. ─ or at least, that's when I opted to get out of bed for the day.

The morning thus far is quite a mix of Sun and cloud ─ and it's rather cool.

At this moment, it is 10:49 a.m., and my youngest step-son Pote is still in bed.  As far as I know, today should be his second involving paid employment at a Nike outlet.  However, I have no idea what time he is supposed to commence his shift.

His first day was last Sunday, and his start time was 11:00 a.m.

I sure hope he gets assigned better frequency than this!

Within the past week, two people in my E-mail address book had coincidentally been affected by a hack that arrived in the form of a fake WhatsApp Wèb message that somewhat resembles this:

Neither person knows the other, and nor do they have any common contacts. This leads me to suspect that this specific hacking job is enjoying a flurry of resurgence.

A couple of warnings about it are here (TrendMicro.com in 2013) and here.

I had actually received the message from one of these two people ─ a cousin of mine; but I knew that he would never send me anything without providing some personalization in the message.

Besides, the message supposedly came directly from him, and not WhatsApp ─ so why was the content of the message looking as if WhatsApp was making the contact, and alerting me about a waiting message?

I had the sense to recognize the likely trap, and I E-mailed him to tell him what he had supposedly sent.

He admitted that it most certainly was not from him, but his E-mail account had been infected because he had 'played' just such a message; and now everyone in his address book was getting sent this fake invitation to 'Play' a message.

And he said that he had E-mail addresses of some senators and MPs (Members of Parliament), as well as other official personages.

So he has a lot of 'living down' and apologizing to do over his lapse in foolishly engaging the malicious application.

If you get anything at all saying that it's from WhatsApp, it most likely is not. 

It is even less likely if you do not use WhatsApp ─ and no one you know (insofar as you are aware) uses it, either.

Did you know that tiny premature babies are given adult-dose vaccine shots?

I don't know if this goes on here in Canada, but apparently it's the norm in the States.

This report about it came from the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) yesterday:

Too young, too soon
You could call injecting a four-pound baby with the same vaccine dose you'd give a 200-pound man a lot of things.

You could call it irresponsible... or dangerous... or even malpractice. But in hundreds of hospitals across America, it's being called something else.

Standard procedure.

For years I've been warning you about the mainstream's obsession with pumping children full of every vaccine under the sun. And how California just passed a law that permanently removed parents' freedom to decide which vaccines are right for their kids.

Now it looks like our youngest children are becoming the latest victims of vaccine mania. Because a new study proves that fragile premature babies are being given massive doses of dangerous vaccines -- and it's leaving many of them fighting for their lives.

The mainstream did everything it could to label Michelle Rowton an anti-vaccine nut.

Rowton is a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse who's been sounding the alarm about a dangerous and relentless drive to vaccinate premature, underweight babies on time.

Even when doctors know the shots could put these infants' lives at risk.

In one recent radio interview with Infowars, Rowton shared how preemies weighing just three or four pounds are often being given the same vaccine doses as full-grown men. All so the babies' medical charts could say they were vaccinated on schedule.

And, of course, the same doctors injecting these tiny babies with vaccines know how dangerous the practice is. Rowton said she and her fellow nurses were routinely told to have beds ready to treat the babies for common side effects like digestive problems, slowed breathing and even apnea.

In fact, premature babies are regularly being put on ventilators to keep them alive after being given these vaccines. Some even developed high fevers that required catheters, painful spinal taps, and massive doses of antibiotics.

But instead of taking Rowton's revelations seriously -- or asking why on earth it was so important to vaccinate these babies before their expected birth dates -- the mainstream dismissed her as just another anti-vaccine activist.

But now a heartbreaking new study published in JAMA Pediatrics proves the problem is every bit as bad as Rowton described.

Researchers looked at the medical records for nearly 14,000 premature, underweight newborns. More than 90 percent of them were given at least three vaccines. Some of these babies were born after just 23 weeks and were barely large enough to hold in your hand!

And these innocent babies all paid the price. According to researchers, all of them... literally every single one... had to be evaluated for deadly sepsis and needed some respiratory support, including breathing tubes.

When the results of this research are coupled with very similar results from a 2007 study and the testimony of an insider like Rowton, you would think that common sense would lead any rational doctor or nurse to avoid vaccinating preemies so early in their young lives.

But even the researchers behind the JAMA Pediatrics study are still refusing to demand that doctors stop vaccinating premature babies.

Can you believe it? Makes you wonder if they even read their own study!

But common sense is chronically AWOL when it comes to vaccines. For fear of being branded as "anti-vax" and treated like a pariah, medical professionals can't risk questioning any level of vaccine use -- even when the results are such an obvious health disaster for babies.

That's why it's important to remember that if your child or grandchild is born prematurely, you have a right to decide when -- or if -- vaccinations are given. And it's up to you to use the good sense that too many docs seem to be lacking.
I see that only the abstract or summary of the study is available for free to the general public in that last link.

We really are in the throes of vaccination madness.

The Health Sciences Institute (HSI) are a member site of NewMarketHealth.com.

Dr. William Campbell Douglass II came out with a report yesterday that has me a wee bit perplexed ─ here's his report:

WARNING: Your cholesterol med could cause "Statin Rage"
If you're angry and you don't know why... if you've been snapping at your friends and loved ones for no reason... if little nuisances make you so mad you want to kick a puppy... the problem might not be your mood.

It could be your meds!

Popular drugs can cause the most mild-mannered man and woman to snap, and new research finds that one of the most commonly used meds in the country can practically turn you into the Incredible Hulk.

Get ready for.... STATIN RAGE!

The risk is highest in women, according to the study. But when men fly into a fit of STATIN RAGE, you'd better stand back.

They don't just get angry. They can go positively ballistic, according to the study, and the scary part is that while this is the first time most people are hearing of STATIN RAGE, the connection has been made before.

A small 2004 case study linked the drugs to severe aggression, including "homicidal impulses, threats to others, road rage, generation of fear in family members, and damage to property."

Sounds to me like statins don't just make you angry. They can practically turn you into a psychopath -- and the risks STILL don't end there.

Men who don't turn into raging lunatics can actually suffer the exact opposite effect and become LESS aggressive while on the drugs.

That might not seem like a bad side effect, especially if you need to take it down a notch. But in most level-headed men, aggression is a survival skill -- we NEED a certain amount of it.

A drug that cuts those levels could transform you from a man's man ready to protect your home and family when necessary to a namby-pamby sissyboy who'll back down when it's all on the line.

There's a little bit of good news here and that's the fact that these anger and aggression problems vanish when you stop taking the drugs. If you're on them right now, I urge you to march right into your doctor's office (calmly, of course) and demand that he work with you on a plan to get off of them.

Keeping calm and carrying on,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. 
Here's the full study:  Statin Effects on Aggression: Results from the UCSD Statin Study, a Randomized Control Trial (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124451).

Now, make no mistake ─ I am utterly against the use of statins.  However, Dr. Douglass seems to be delivering his analysis of the study in the most absolute fashion.

He is in effect saying that statin users can either become ragers ─ even to a psychopathic degree; or else they can become helplessly apathetic.

Undoubtedly those extremes have been achieved, but he is making it sound as if they are commonplace.

Natheless, statins are bad news.

But here are a couple of other reports on the same study:
Dr. Douglass came out with a second report yesterday that I was happier about:

Don't be duped into seeing this feature film length drug ad
Lights... camera... deception!!!

Big Pharma is getting into the film business in a big way, hiring Oscar-winning filmmaker Cynthia Wade to make a full-blown propaganda movie designed to have people lining up for an expensive new cholesterol drug the way they do for popcorn and jujubes.

The movie "Heart Felt" has all the usual Hollywood tricks and gimmicks -- from music designed to prey on your emotions to "real people" who are supposed to serve as your inspiration to seek help.

What it DOESN'T have, of course, is a truly honest take on cholesterol or cholesterol drugs.

That would be like expecting a Hillary campaign doc to mention Benghazi... the missing Clinton Foundation money... or even Monica.

I don't normally do movie reviews, but I don't want you to waste nearly 80 minutes of your life on this rotten tomato. I've watched it, so you don't have to -- but many others will, and what makes this feature-length drug ad so deceptive is that it never once even mentions the drug.

Not even the industry's pals at the FDA would let the drug company execs at Sanofi and Regeneron who bankrolled this publicity campaign get away with that, I bet. So they've pulled off something far more sinister, concluding the film with the message that people need to "have a conversation" with a doctor about cholesterol.

Sound familiar? It should. It's the kind of line you'll find in practically any drug ad.

And when you visit him after seeing the film, what he says next will be as scripted as anything in Hollywood.

He'll tell you that you not only need a drug, but you need the newly approved PCSK9 inhibitors I've been warning you about that cost $1,000 a month. (Hey, someone's got to pay that Oscar winner.)

Don't fall for this setup.

You don't need this pricey new drug even if your insurance company is willing to pony up the cash. You don't need ANY cholesterol drug, whether it's this expensive new one or the cheap old statins.

What you need is a healthy diet rich in animal fats and total cholesterol of between 200 and 300.

Any higher, and you STILL don't need a med. You need a doc who can figure out the cause.

And if it's lower, fire up the grill -- you've got some catching up to do.

Giving this flick two thumbs down,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
I am reluctant to link to the movie-long commercial (so I will not), for I know that it is only that ─ a commercial. 

Pharmaceutical companies need people to buy their products, and they will use whatever means they can to skew the truth about their drugs.

We need cholesterol ─ not further medications.

I failed to get out into the backyard for any sunning this day.

Of course, my Lawless Spirit website kept me occupied; but I was also feeling below par.

A session of 42½-pound dumbbell knee-curls seemed important, yet I never essayed them until just after 3:30 p.m.  It took that long for me to generate the attitude needed for the workout, for I just did not feel well.

Also, I was somewhat biding time, wondering when my youngest step-son Pote would be leaving for work today.

We never spoke a word to one another.  After he finally got up, he puttered about in the bathroom and such.  And then early in the afternoon ─ possibly around 1:30 p.m. ─ he just left.

I didn't know if it was only to go to a nearby store, or if he was gone for the day.

It proved the latter.

Here to close today's post is an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 24 years old, and living in a cheap housekeeping room in New Westminster.
TUESDAY, July 16, 1974

Another overcast day, with rain.

I hiked over to mom's; my Biology:  A Full Spectrum was there.  She gave me some chicken to take home with me, and $7.75 with which to buy and mail a money order for 3 B.C. Lotterie tickets.

Mark came over later, saving me any walking.  I went home with him.

Just after 8:30 p.m. (Cathy came home from work earlier due to overpopulation there) I was ready to walk home ─ mainly cause Mark was watching a rerun Police Story while I had wanted to see a Stella Stevens movie ─ but Mark was adamant I stay.

I got a ride home later when they came into town for some drinking; Wendy babysat.

I met the caretaker at the door.  He managed to come home before I finished my bath; some other old guy here made a comment about the midnight bather to him.

I was feeling guilty about sneaking off at the end of the month to room with David, but not now!

I'll be abed 11:15 p.m.  I hope for once I am able to sleep right off.
My mother Irene Dorosh lived with her husband Alex in a small house in Surrey's Kennedy Heights area.  Specifically, the address was 12106 - 90th Avenue ─ the house no longer exists, so the address is irrelevant in that sense.   

Her address was my mailing address.

I can't say that I remember anything of the book.  I tried to read widely, and would even buy a book like this sometimes. 

I've just done some research into the text, and it sounds like it would have been very instructive:

By GAIRDNER B. MOMENT, PH.D., Professor of Biological Sciences, Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland, and Guest Scientist, National Institutes of Health; and HELEN M. HABERMANN, PH.D., Professor of Biological Sciences, Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland

This is an introductory text for all college students who may take a course in biology. The authors have chosen to present the scope of biology, rather than a single point of view.  In so doing, they begin with the molecular and cellular bases and proceed to the most complex forms of life and their relations to each other.  The interdependence of all living things and their environment is an important theme.  This inclusive approach stresses the dynamic, continuous growth in biology and the promise of new discoveries.

1973 / 750 pages / 500 illustrations / $12.95

My mother always fed me well ─ and I needed it.  I had little income.

I wonder if I misspelled the word "Lottery" as "Lotterie?"  I suppose that it's not impossible there might have been such a thing as the "B.C. Lotterie" back then.  

Whatever the case, I am guessing that we may have been entering into this venture as partners ─ after all, she was perfectly capable of buying her own money orders.

My younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther lived in a home they were renting together on Bentley Road in Whalley.  

Jeanette ("Cathy") must have been working an afternoon/evening shift, and had come home early because there was not enough work for everyone.

I had forgotten Stella Stevens ─ she was a beautiful actress.  It sounds like I was so annoyed at Mark and his interest in an episode of Police Story that I had already seen, that I was all set to leave for my walk back to New Westminster.

But he must have successfully coaxed me to stay, soothing my ruffled feathers somewhat.  

And I was later to get a ride home when Mark and Jeanette probably went to the Russell Hotel in New Westminster ─ a very popular drinking venue back then with young drinkers.

Jeanette's two young daughters were being looked after by my maternal cousin, young Wendy Halverson ─ she was probably 15 at very most.

My caretaker at the rooming house was someone I had some clashes with ─ usually about the frequency of my baths.  If I remember right, the communal bathtub was of course in the bathroom...where the rooming house's only toilet likely was, too. 

While a bather had the bathroom occupied, no one would have been able to access the toilet.

But I was young and active ─ I needed to bath.

It surprises me that I had apparently decided to throw in with my old friend Philip David Prince and share a place somewhere with him.  I very often avoided his visits, for I usually could not put up with him for too long, even though I had known him since we were in Grade VIII during the 1962/1963 school term at Newton Junior High School out in Surrey.

He also had a housekeeping room in New Westminster.

How did I think that I was going to be able to bear him full-time each and every day?

It never happened, though ─ I remember nothing of ever living with David, even for a day.

I miss my old friend today, though.  He died over 31 years ago.
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