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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Longevity and a Sound Brain │ Foolish Choice: Bariatric Surgery to Manage Diabetes

It really is just about too hot to do anything!

I was in a rather foul mood last evening, and it certainly never helped matters when my eldest step-son ─ 20-year-old Tho ─ snuck his girlfriend upstairs so they could have a shower together in the latter afternoon.

This is the fourth such incident that I know of.

Yet my younger brother Mark and I are essentially shunned ─ she does not attempt to integrate with anyone in the household except Tho and his younger brother Pote.

My wife Jack is rarely home when Tiffany is sharing Tho's bedroom, but I doubt that there would be much social interaction if Jack was here full-time, either ─ except when Jack initiated it, which she would certainly do.

So the girl is like a stranger to my brother and I, yet she uses the shower with Tho?

It just rankled me, and added to the building bad mood I found myself in.

I got to bed comfortably ahead of midnight, but I had to wear earplugs because an immediate neighbour was hosting a celebration ─ probably in recognition of Eid al-Fitr.

Over the course of the evening, there had to have been over a hundred people coming and going, and he had an enormous white tent set up in his backyard ─ he still does.  There have been a number of people coming and going over the day today, too, but no one is wailing over a microphone and pounding on bongo drums.

I rose this morning well ahead of 8:00 a.m.

My 17-year-old step-son Pote probably headed off shortly after 9:30 a.m. for whatever shift he will be getting at the Nike shop in Metrotown.

He started employment there last Sunday, but has thus far only been given Sunday and Thursday as his working days.

That's got to improve fast!

I remained home all day, although I nearly left in the early afternoon to go and buy some beer, even though my bank account is in the illest health.

I had gotten all dressed to my satisfaction for the journey...but then Tho came slowly driving into the driveway.

That took right out of me the spirit of adventure I had been trying to evolve.

So I changed into just a pair of shorts, and I sat in a chair on the sundeck for a half-hour facing into the Sun.

Yes, it's brutal weather, all right.

I might have gone for the beer in the morning, but I wanted to finish putting together and publish a post that I had started yesterday at my Latin Impressions website.  I spent quite a number of hours working on County Arkansas II, but I doubt that it's going to be worth the while to anyone.

I want now to present three reports from Dr. William Campbell Douglass II.

The first involves fish oil ─ I take some each day, but probably not enough.  He released this two days ago:

The one ridiculously simple change that could add YEARS to your life
They say you can't buy, beg, borrow or steal more time in this world -- that when your number's up, it's up and there's nothing you can do about it.

I beg to differ.

You can add years -- even decades -- to your life if you tune out all the nonsense you hear from mainstream medicine and swap a handful of pills at every meal for some common sense back-to-basics good nutrition.

Ax the aspirin... stick it to the statins... and boot those BP meds, because there's a simple, safe and effective natural substance that can do alone what all those others combined can't.

It can add YEARS to your life.

It's the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil -- the very same healthy fats I've been urging you to get plenty of. And if you've been taking my advice, it's time to make some long-term plans no matter how old you are.

You've got plenty of time left!

New research on some 4,000 older folks finds that boosting your intake of fish oil will help you live longer. You'll be less likely to die of heart disease, and 20 percent less likely to die of ANY CAUSE at all over 15 years.

But you don't have to wait 15 years before you see the results yourself.

A second new study finds you'll see some of the biggest benefits a whole lot sooner: Four capsules of fish oil per day can restore flexibility to arteries that are stiffening up in just 12 weeks.

Start today, and you could have better artery health by Halloween!

It's the miracle pill the drug industry only WISHES it invented... and has even pretended it did, now that they're selling overpriced patented synthetic versions of fish oil.

Stick to the real deal. It's better, cheaper and backed by more studies. The newest one suggests levels of up to 4,000 grams per day. This is not a "mega" dose but it's more than what most people take -- so speak to your doctor before you get started.

With a wish for fish,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
I didn't spend too much time trying to track down the two studies, and then gave up.  There are just too many studies out there on these fatty acids, and Dr. Douglass was too damned skimpy on details concerning the studies he was referring to.

Besides, I believe he already reported on the second study less than two weeks ago, and I was able to locate the study then when I profiled Dr. Douglass' report here in this blog.

I wanted to get outside and do my sunning ─ not spend a half-hour or more wading through Web search results.

Actually, Dr. Douglass seems to be in a bit of a loop ─ the report he put out yesterday concerning bariatric surgery as a means of coping with diabetes was another he commented upon less than two weeks ago:

Weight-loss surgery is a long-term recipe for failure
There are plenty of things a skilled surgeon can do with a scalpel.

A top cancer doc can cut out a tumor to save your life. An orthopedist can slice into your knee and fix a damaged ligament so you can walk again. A good plastic surgeon can even rearrange your face so your own mother wouldn't recognize you.

But there's one thing no surgeon in the world can't cut out of you no matter how good he is, and that's a bad habit.

He can cut you open, shrink your stomach, sew you back and up and you'll lose weight almost by magic. But he can't get you to change your ways -- or anyone else's ways for that matter -- so I'm not buying the new study that claims stomach-shrinking surgery is better for diabetics than diet.

Sure, the folks in the study who had surgery lost more weight, needed fewer meds and were far more likely to go into remission. But it was just a three-year study -- and diabetes is a patient disease that plays the long game.

Trust me, the vast majority of people who have surgery soon revert back to their old bad habits. It may take a little while, especially since early on they're limited to thimblefuls of food or they'll puke their guts up.

But they try -- do they ever try.

Many regain the weight. And even those who don't go back to eating junk, just in smaller portions. Eating that garbage will still eventually screw with your blood sugar so much that the diabetes will be back with a vengeance.

The other reason the surgery looks so good in the study is that they compared it to the typical diet recommended to diabetics: a low-cal, high-carb diet of doom.

It's not only unsustainable over the long run, since anyone who tries it is so hungry they just give up, but it's so high in carbs that even if you manage to stick to it, your blood sugar will ride the roller coaster and your diabetes will never truly be under control.

Drug companies just LOVE that kind of diet advice, because it guarantees that patients will remain dependent on medication to the day they die.

If you're overweight and diabetic, it's time to get back to basics -- because you can rapidly lose weight and bring the disease under control at the same time without drugs, without surgery and without hunger pangs.

The answer can be found in three simple words: go low-carb.

Cutting to the chase,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

I think that anyone idiot enough to undergo that sort of surgery probably can't be expected to find reason not to do it.

Another report on the study is at ctvnews.caBariatric surgery an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes: study.

Dr. Douglass' final report that I have is one that came out today, and ─ once more ─ may well be concerning a study he has already commented upon before quite rcently.  This time, the topic is about successfully staving off dementia with ample amounts of the fatty acids found in fish oil, and also the B complex of vitamins:

Beat back dementia with this powerful two-nutrient combo
It used to be that a "blockbuster" drug was one that crossed the billion-dollar mark.

Today, that's chump change. Not to you and me, of course, but the top Big Pharma companies are worth more than $200 billion EACH -- so if they really want to add to the bottom line, a measly billion bucks won't cut it anymore.

That's why they're in a race to cook up an Alzheimer drug.

Whether or not it's safe and effective is beside the point. All that really matters is that it's the FIRST on the block to make it all the way through the approvals process, because that's where the real money's at. When you consider that the newest cholesterol med costs $1,000 a month, you can only imagine what they'll squeeze out of desperate Alzheimer's patients and their families.

Here's a hint: Market analysts are estimating that the first new dementia drug to market is almost guaranteed a jackpot of $10 billion a year in sales.


But I'm going to let you in on a little secret the drug companies hoped you'd never find out. You don't have to wait around until tomorrow for an effective Alzheimer's remedy. And you certainly don't have to shell out big bucks for a questionable dementia drug, because new research has revealed how the most effective treatments ever are here right now, and they cost just pennies a day.

And they're two of the very same natural remedies I've recommended for brain health for years: omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins.

Don't waste any time choosing one or the other. The new study shows you need BOTH.

While B vitamins are proving so promising in dementia research that one company is even trying to cook up a patented blend to sell as a "drug," the new study shows the Bs can't do much on their own.

They need omega-3 fatty acids to do the job right.

Having both sets of nutrients in your system can slow brain shrink by an average of 40 percent, according to the new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

"Brain shrink" is just what it sounds like. It's your brain, slowly transforming from a grape into a raisin.

As you get older, a little shrinkage is normal. What's NOT normal is when that shrink starts to accelerate. That's a sure sign of cognitive decline and everything that follows -- and if you can slow the shrink, you could stop the disease in its tracks.

So if you're not already taking omega-3 supplements and B vitamins, it's time to get started. Start taking them today... and you may never need whatever dementia drug Big Pharma cooks up tomorrow.

With B for your brain,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
The study is likely this one ─ but only the abstract or summary is available to the general public without payment of a fee:  Brain atrophy in cognitively impaired elderly: the importance of long-chain ω-3 fatty acids and B vitamin status in a randomized controlled trial (doi: 10.3945/​ajcn.114.103283).

Another report on the study is at digitaljournal.comStudy: Alzheimer's brain shrinkage slowed by Omega 3s, Vitamin B.

Twice now in previous posts, I presented some photos of me at my wife Jack's Nong Soong home in Thailand that were probably taken in very early June 2005.

Nong Soong is very near Udon Thani City ─ a 15-minute or so drive.

The occasion involved a group of older women tying string around my wrists, the purpose of which was to basically bless my union with Jack ─ we had just gotten married in Udon Thani on May 30.

The string-tying was far too early in the morning ─ Jack and I had been out partying late into the night, and had gotten very little sleep by the time Jack's mother routed us from where we were trying to recover.

Jack was taking the photos involving me; and then I took some when it was her turn to receive the strings of blessing around her wrists ─ Jack's mother is the woman in the light-colored dress at the left, and who is looking at me the photographer:

Google animated those five photos into a bit of a mini-movie:

And now to close today's post, an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 24 years old, and living in a cheap housekeeping room in New Westminster.

At the time, I worked just a day per week ─ Friday ─ at S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends), a charitable organization in New Westminster that now calls itself Fraserside Community Services Society

I usually worked as a truck swamper on S.A.N.E.'s blue pick-up truck; and of late, fellow part-time worker Art Smith and I often worked together ─ he drove.

Art was in his early 40s, and had a wife and three great kids.

Art rather enjoyed drinking, and loved my company while doing so.
FRIDAY, July 19, 1974

I arose at 5:30 a.m.

After completing the morning duty and drinking rum at Art's, we started a move at an east 8th Street address; the truck died.

At Fogg's where it was towed, we were told it might be ready Monday noon.  

So we took the day off.  And got drunk on rum and beer.

In all, I was in the liquor store 4 times.  During my third trip, plain clothes cops checked me out for drugs.

When I finally left Art's, I believe he may have seen me kissing Angelina; the memory of my familiarity revolts me.

I came home (after talking to two young kids with vodka), got a dime, and phoned Bill.

We shared on a large beef and onion Venus pizza, and ate it at Queen's Park.

Then home, and out for the night.  

I have $13.
Money was very tight for me.

Art and I had an extra-early pick-up to make that day; it was thereafter that we had some rum back at his home.

It's unfortunate about that moving job ─ I wonder what the folks finally had to do?

"Fogg's" was undoubtedly Fogg Motors.  According to here, it close in the early 1990s.

S.A.N.E. would sometimes move a needy household if the job was not going to be too unreasonable. 

Although I no longer have much of an idea just where Art lived, I know that it was a fairly short walk to the government liquor store's location back then.

I very much enjoyed visiting with Art, but his wife Angelina (Angie) was interested in me, and kept trying to get something happening between the two of us.  I believe that she was only 33 at the time.

I had no intention of doing anything with her behind Art's back, but she could get uncomfortably ─ riskily ─ aggressive.  This was evidently one of those times.

Anyway, after I got myself home to my room at 333 Pine Street, I went out to a pay phone and called my old friend William Alan Gill.  He had a bachelor suite in New Westminster or Burnaby.

We hooked up and shared a pizza at Queen's Park in the night.  Venus Pizza was one of the two best pizza sources that I then knew of. 

When I say that I had $13, that was it!  There was no bank account.
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