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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Get 20/20 Vision in 7 Days? Don't Be an Idiot │ Statins Proving Ineffective as Well as Harmful │ Nicotine ─ a Proven Appetite Suppressant (in Rats)

My younger brother Mark remained with his girlfriend Bev last night, so I was home alone last evening to watch T.V. and have my drinks.

I discount the presence of my step-sons ─ there is no society between us, and I would just prefer they were not here.  They are generally an aggravating nuisance.

I suppose that midnight was approaching by the time I made it to bed, and the usual insufficient sleep followed thereafter. 

It was in the neighbourhood of 7:15 a.m. when I rose, a weight upon my soul.

I worked for awhile on the new post that I have going at my Lawless Spirit website, but the heart was not within me to do overmuch.

Everything seems futile.

The day was a mix of cloud and Sun.  I could have sat outside in the backyard, but I wanted to get out and do a little shopping.

However, I would need to obtain a nap in order to bring some restoration to my eyes and spirit.  First, though, I had a fairly light breakfast/lunch.

My youngest step-son Pote must have left well past 10:00 a.m. to catch his bus for work; his older brother Tho was still in bed. 

Mark came home around 10:30 a.m.  And it was while he was having his morning shower that I sought that nap.

I was in bed for over 1½ hours ─ the noon-hour was well underway when I rose.

Mark seemed to be having a nap ─ his bedroom door was closed.

And Tho was still not up.

So I quickly readied, and by 12:38 p.m. I was away on my hike.

My ultimate destination was Canadian Tire in Whalley ─ the store is at least 1¼ miles distant from where I live.

My heart wasn't much into the excursion, for I still felt below par.  I even initially toyed with the idea of rewarding myself by buying some booze to enjoy on the return trip.

Alas, though, I knew that drinking would eat up time I could little spare, for I wanted to make a post here today.  It would also affect the quality of my post.

There was something I wanted to buy in Surrey Place (Central City) before I proceeded on to Canadian Tire, and it required a stop in at the Carlton Cards shop.

Tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of my marriage to my wife Jack.

I never quite expected to have so much difficulty settling on a card ─ they all said far too much that just did not apply any longer in our marriage.

The sentiments were too extreme.

The sorry reality is that my wife and I will likely have to separate in the latter half of 2017 if my brother Mark is determined that we sell the house.

And I am losing my will to fight to keep it.

Each year, I wind up withdrawing money from my RRSP account to make it through.  Jack's two sons pretty much live here scotfree.  And even she is funneling the bulk of her restaurant wages to debts of her own that have nothing to do with us or the upkeep of the house.

I am also sick of the girlfriends of the two boys ─ even the youngest boy (18 years old) freely beds his girlfriend because my wife allows the boys almost full liberty.

The older boy (21 years of age) has been doing the same for at least a couple of years ─ maybe more like three years.

I finally got fed up some months back and declared that there were to be no more co-ed showers ─ the straw that broke my back was when the youngest boy showered with his girlfriend twice in one evening!

The gall of him brazenly leading his girlfriend by the hand upstairs to the shower was far more than I could stomach any longer.

So if we do end up selling the house during the latter part of next year, then it seems to me that I will be moving to a cheap room somewhere, and parting with just about everything that is mine.

I know Jack won't want to live somewhere without her sons, and I sure as hell have no intention of getting an apartment or something and continuing this sickening occupation of putting up with them and their free-loving escapades with their girlfriends.

Besides, they're all slobs.

And I am fed up with my loss of privacy.

This has been reinforced now that the 21-year-old has become unemployed after quitting his job.  I'm sick of having him around every bloody day without a break.

Especially since he never contributed anything towards the mortgage or any other expense in over 2½ years of his employment.

Unfortunately, my wife cannot control her credit use.

If things are coming to an end insofar as life in this house are concerned, then the separation might as well extend to anything involving joint accounts.

I don't really know what is going to happen ─ this is all my wildest speculation.

God certainly does not seem interested in the preservation of this marriage or anything else.  I feel like I'm a bug in some boy's jar ─ he just watches while the bug helplessly flounders about and tries to understand what is happening.

But nothing can be accomplished without the help of the watching boy ─ the bug will eventually die in the jar.

I am 66 years old.  I will turn 67 in October.

If I am to be living on my own at the age of 68 next year ─ alone in some cheap room somewhere ─ then there will not be a 69th birthday.  I'll be done with this lousy life.

So I nearly did not buy an anniversary card ─ they all said too much that did not apply to my marriage any longer.

I love my wife, but we have not been physically intimate in over three years.  Much of that has to do with dysfunction on my part ─ I accept that.

Anyway, this is the face of the card I finally settled upon ─ a constellation of fake diamonds that form a heart in some imagined night sky:

All that is expressed inside the card is supposed to be this (the card is still encased in a plastic wrap):

You are the stars in my sky, you are my everything
Happy Anniversary with all my love

With that bought, I ventured on to Canadian Tire and bought three items, and then hiked back home.

No one was home by then...but my eldest step-son Tho had apparently not felt like locking the front door.  

Doing so probably takes up too much of his precious time and effort as he hustles off to his car to probably hook up with his girlfriend.

Yes, I'm discouraged.

Friendless and alone, too.  And I can't even afford to get drunk.

That's why I feel that I might as well accept my solitary confinement and go off on my own late next year.

Separated from Jack and her sons ─ and my too-often-drunkenly-miserable brother Mark ─ I can probably finally be able to afford to do some serious drinking as I settle on how to bring it all to a permanent close for me.


My vision is very bad ─ my eyes have deteriorated dramatically just in the past five years.

I received the following hype in an E-mail from what is generally a fairly reliable source...but there was a huge disclaimer from that source beneath this advertisement that distanced the sender from anything being claimed:

How to get 20/20 Vision in 7 Days
Do you wear glasses?

It can be annoying always having to find your contacts, glasses or readers before doing anything.

Also it has been shown that over time, glasses actually weaken your vision and can make it worse!

What nobody's telling you is that it doesn't have to be this way!

In fact... What if there was 1 trick you could use to get 20/20 vision in just 7 days?

There is!

= The ONE Trick To Get 20/20 Vision In 7 Days
Don't fall for it.

Check out these two websites ─ be sure to refer to the comments from readers at the first website:
There's a YouTube review by a chap who is clearly agitated with the product ─ he looks and sounds like he is stoned or drunk, but he's spot on about everything.

The video will open up into a new browser if YouTube doesn't pull it and thus make the link invalid ─ just be aware that the language being used in the video is every bit as strong as the video title: Quantum Vision System - SCAM - HOAX - FAKE -BULLSHIT.


I cannot recall ever reading anything positive about statin medications ─ that is, praise or recommendation that never came from a pharmaceutical organization or some physician vested in the promotion of the drugs.

So why are so many people so damned gullible?

Here's yet another report criticizing statin medications:

Ladies, I know how it is sometimes.

You don't want to rock the boat -- so when your doc pushes you on statins, you don't push back.

Sure, you've read all about the risks right here in the Daily Dose... and you KNOW the supposed benefits are wild exaggerations... but this is your doctor talking.

And he swears up and down that you need the pills.

But if you keep taking them, YOU'LL be the one swearing -- at him -- because new research shows how these drugs FAIL women just when they need them the most.

The whole promise of a statin isn't just lower cholesterol. It's heart protection.

When you gobble that pill day after day and battle side effects such as crippling muscle pain and frustrating memory loss, you do it because you think it's going to prevent a heart attack and save your life.

And at no point do you need that protection more than when you have diabetes, which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease by 40 percent.

But if you gobble that drug and put up with its side effects, your risk of cardiovascular disease when you have diabetes will only rise by... drum roll please... 40 percent.

That's right. It's the SAME!

Actually it's 42 percent versus 39 percent, but the researchers say that's not a significant difference.

OK, so now you're thinking, "Maybe I'll get heart disease either way, but at least my statins will prevent a heart attack or stroke, right?"


The study finds no differences at all in the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death.

Yes, all those pills -- and all those side effects -- add up to a whole lot of nothing for older women with diabetes. And believe it or not, the muscle pain and brain fog aren't even the worst of it.

In fact, the only reason you have diabetes now might be the drugs.

Statins are so notorious for increasing the risk of diabetes that the FDA has issued a warning over it. The New York Times even did the math on that risk and found that some 100,000 Americans taking statins right now will get diabetes BECAUSE of the drugs.

That's enough people to populate a city the size of Green Bay.

Here's the real deal on statins, and this applies to men and women alike: You don't need them.

I can't think of a single legitimate use for the drugs.

If your cholesterol is on the high side by mainstream standards-- between 200 and 300 total -- and you're on a healthy diet of animal fats and minimal carbs, you've got nothing to worry about.

Any higher than that, and it's not a drug you need.

It's a doc to figure out what's going on -- because sky-high cholesterol is a SYMPTOM, not a disease.

I recommend working closely with an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

Statin' the facts....
This is the initial study referred to ─ but only the abstract is available for free to the general public:  Impact of incident diabetes on atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease according to statin use history among postmenopausal women (DOI: 10.1007/s10654-016-0153-7). 

Still, I did manage to access the full article as a 15-page .pdf document over at Sci-Hub.ac.

And here's another report on that study:

This is probably the FDA.gov warning:  FDA Expands Advice on Statin Risks.

The New York Times reference was to a 2012 article they had published:


Here is wonderful news for overweight rats looking to drop a bit of flab:

Here's another one from the "forbidden science" files -- because researchers have identified a substance that can help you lose weight so fast that it'll look like you're practically melting away.

This stuff is so effective, in fact, that it puts all those phony baloney diet drugs to shame.

But I'll bet you won't hear a thing about it... and not just because it's all-natural and can't be patented and sold at a 1,000 percent markup.

It's because it's nicotine!

Yes, friend, you've heard smokers say how they light up to keep slim... and you've no doubt heard it dismissed by mainstream-know-it-alls, too.

But the latest research on rats shows how it practically blasts calories away so you can lose weight even if you don't make a single change to your diet.

Amazingly, the study finds that any amount of nicotine at all -- even very low levels -- will help block weight gain. Higher levels have more of an effect, but cutting back from higher levels will also lead to weight gain.

This was a study on rats, not humans. But the researchers on this one aren't just blowing smoke... because we see the same thing in people.

Ever see those super-slim supermodels on break? They smoke like very slender chimneys!

They smoke because they know smoking helps them keep thin... and they keep at it because they know the pounds will come right back if they quit.

Heck, when people try to quit and fail it's not always because they can't resist the nicotine cravings.

It's because they start putting on weight!

I'm not saying anyone should take up smoking who doesn't already have the habit just in the hopes of losing some weight. At the end of the day, a low-carb diet is still your best bet for dropping pounds and keeping them off.

But I will say that smoking isn't nearly the "always bad" habit it's been made out to be.

The nicotine itself is clearly beneficial: Along with helping you to keep trim, it's proven repeatedly to protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Smoking after meals can even help with your digestion.

If there's any harm in smoking, it's likely not from the nicotine but all the chemicals Big Tobacco dumps into its cigarettes, which include a laundry list of toxins and other damaging compounds.

So if you're going to smoke, stick a quality all-natural cigar. Hold the smoke in your mouth but don't inhale -- cigar smokers never inhale -- and your cheeks will absorb the beneficial compounds from the nicotine so they can go to work inside your body.

With the skinny on smoking....
Once more, I located the study, but only the abstract is available to the general public without payment of a fee:  Self-Administered Nicotine Suppresses Body Weight Gain Independent of Food Intake in Male Rats (doi: 10.1093/ntr/ntw113). 

The full study in 8-page .pdf format is available at Sci-Hub.ac, however.

It truly is a huge shame that commercial tobacco products are so polluted with deadly toxins because of how the tobacco plants were raised and then later processed.

I love the scent of good cigar and pipe smoke.

Anyway, here is one further and very brief report about that study:


I now close with an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.
THURSDAY, May 29, 1975

I had an awful time falling asleep last night, but was up afore 6:00 a.m.

It appears all my aquatic fauna have died; I probably shall take the entire jug with me to the lake today and dump it.

I dreamed Bill, Norman, and I were in a city somewhere filling up on a smorgasbord-like meal.

This sunny day witnessed me haul away my corrupted jar of pond habitat and ditch it in the shaded waters of one of Burnaby Park's creeks.  Then I set off and circuited the lake, and returned home nearly 1:30 p.m., having set out shortly after 10:00 a.m.

My left knee is extremely intolerant of weight when bent, causing great agony to the patella.

Now at home, and having eaten fruit, I feel quite good.

I typed up a letter to mail Terri tomorrow.

I sure in blazes hope S.A.N.E. hasn't a trip to Mount Currie scheduled, for I am bound to assist dad move.

It's working now towards 8:30 p.m., my bedtime.

My face is very red from the few hours of sun I had today; I would the rest of me were as nicely complected.
I had a big jar in which I had managed to house some salamander tadpoles for something over 10 days, but the pond water had become increasingly foul.

I had intended to release the contents of the jar somewhere in Surrey on Saturday, but the aquatic environment was unable to remain viable until then.

This now reminds me of what I said earlier about feeling like a bug in some boy's jar ─ my assessment of how I am faring under God's watchful eye.

My environment has become increasingly foul, yet He will not do aught to free me while there is still time so that I can truly live what is left to me of life.

I think that I must have taken the jarred catastrophe all the way to Robert Burnaby Park.  I was living on Ninth Street at the time, just about right at Third Avenue.

If this Google map link works, you should be able to see the small park just above the centre of the map.   

From that park, I would have gotten across the freeway (Trans-Canada Highway) ─ or maybe even under it, for I believe that there was a large enough creek culvert affording passage, but memory is faulty about that.

And then I would have turned left, I expect, and walked entirely around Burnaby Lake, finally returning to my room more than three hours after leaving it.  This hike was never anything minor.

I probably did not return via the same route.  Rather, I expect that I would have taken to Cariboo Road which you may be able to see to the right of the lake in this enlarged version of the Google map.

From Cariboo Road, I would have worked my way to my room again.

The letter I typed up was to Terri Kay Martin, a young lady in the U.S. I had just begun an exchange of correspondence with ─ I had originally written to her after reading a fan letter of hers in a Marvel comic-book.

I only worked one day a week ─ Friday ─ at a charitable organization in New Westminster called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends).  Today, it is known as Fraserside Community Services Society.

But my father Hector had requested ─ via my younger brother Mark ─ that I help him move from the apartment he and his girlfriend Marie Fadden shared in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver to Burnaby

I was a truck swamper at S.A.N.E.  If they were to schedule a run out to Mount Currie and back, then it would become a very late day indeed ─ maybe too late for me to help my father.

And now I wish that I had made that extra trip today ─ I might have splurged on a bottle of rum.  I'm sure in the mood for something strong to dispel my low spirits.
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