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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tyson Farms Still Torturing Chickens │ Lyrica May Well Cause Severe Birth Defects │ Proven Association Between Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cognitive Performance

Well, my wife Jack did show up late last evening ─ my younger brother Mark had already gone upstairs to his bedroom for the night.

As usual, she brought us some food she had prepared at Mango Thai Restaurant in Vancouver.

Earlier in the afternoon, her eldest son Tho had answered the door and accepted delivery of a package for his mother, so I mentioned to Jack that it was upstairs on our bed.

As I had surmised, it was a purse ─ she already has almost as many purses as she does shoes.

Both of her sons were in mock consternation when she opened it and revealed what appeared to be a Louis Vuitton  handbag that she said she had paid a mere $200 for.

Neither boy was convinced that it was genuine ─ especially the younger lad Pote.

Here are a couple of photos that I took of the package label:

Jack was only home for about half-an-hour, and took the purse with her.  Consequently, I have no photo of it.

But just check out this RipoffReport.com I came across for Wang Gang.

My suspicion is that Jack's purse is just plastic.

Time will of course tell how well it holds up insofar as its manufacturing is concerned.

Also, she will no doubt hear from friends who likely won't hold back on opinions once they see it.

Anyway, I got to bed considerably before midnight last night, and had my usual night's sleep ─ that is, not quite enough in total hours of unconsciousness.

It was 7:15 a.m. when I decided to rise for the day, a recent rather comfortable dream still fresh in my memory.

I worked for awhile on a new post I began on Monday at my Amatsu Okiya website, but I was determined that I would go shopping at the nearby No Frills store no more than about four blocks from here.

And when I knocked off work on the post, my two step-sons cooperated by remaining in their beds as I began readying myself for the outing.

There was some other disconcertion, however, when I checked my chequing account balance on-line ─ I was well under $150.

The debit earlier today for the monthly $1,600 mortgage was the tardiest I can remember ─ it is supposed to take place on the 21st, but it always seems to happen on the 22nd (if that day is a banking day).

It has been as late as the 23rd, but the 25th is definitely a first for length of delay.

I actually had to rethink whether I should go shopping or not ─ I may well not get my monthly pension deposited into my account until next Tuesday.

I still want to fortify my beer supply before then ─ before the weekend, in fact.

I decided to go for groceries.  It was 9:48 a.m. as I made my way to the store.

I was unable to get two of the items I went for.  Still, I managed to drop my bank balance o just over $104.

Pote must have gotten up in my absence, for he was not home ─ perhaps he caught a bus and went to work.

It's quite a nice day out there ─ a mix of Sun and cloud.

In fact, I even sat in a chair out in the backyard for just over an hour, facing directly into the Sun ─ my session began at 12:51 p.m.  I've been losing some colour with the cloudy weather we've been experiencing.

I was clothed in jeans and a short-sleeved fleece top, but my feet were bare.  Initially, there were some uncomfortable cloudy periods, but they were fairly short.  But it soon became very nice out there ─ a number of times, I found my mouth sagging open as I approached a state of sleep.


The following is from MercyforAnimals.org:


Tell Tyson to Stop 
Torturing Chickens
A brave Mercy For Animals investigator has shined a spotlight on the world’s largest and most notorious animal abusing company: Tyson Foods.

In this new undercover video, we are calling on Tyson to end its cruelest practices and for caring consumers to help chickens and other animals by leaving them off their plates.

The video shows thousands of baby birds living in overcrowded, filthy conditions and bred to grow so fast they often became crippled under their own weight. Many died from heart attacks or organ failure due to their unnaturally fast growth. Workers were caught on video spinning birds around by the neck to kill them and violently throwing animals into transport crates with no regard for their welfare.

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught Tyson on hidden camera abusing animals. MFA’s multiple Tyson investigations show countless birds crammed into filthy, windowless sheds and forced to live for weeks in their own waste and toxic ammonia fumes.

Stop Animal Abuse at World's Largest Chicken

We’ve caught Tyson workers violently clubbing animals to death, breaking their necks, and leaving severely sick and injured animals to die without food or water. At the slaughterhouse, Tyson workers were even caught ripping the heads off of live birds.

These abuses have been reported to Tyson executives over and over again. Unfortunately, at Tyson Foods, extreme animal cruelty is business as usual.

The good news is that together we have the power to stop this horrible cruelty.

Please, take a moment to sign our petition calling on Tyson Foods to stop torturing chickens and implement meaningful animal welfare standards. Then please share the hidden-camera video with friends and encourage them to take action too.
I signed the petition, but I just could not watch the video.

I believe that folks who enter into the field of animal-slaughter for a living do so because they are unimaginably desperate for employment...or else because they enjoy being brutal to helpless animals.

People could not do that for a living unless they were sacrificing themselves for a livelihood that they just could not otherwise have ─ maybe they have families to support, and no other prospects of doing so.

And then you have people who probably get a kick out of the brutality they are free to unleash.  They probably hate the job, too; but they take that hatred out on the animals in their charge. 

The latter group will always manage to get hired.  After all, people are not exactly clamouring to fill those positions.


Who wants to give birth to a baby with horrible defects?

No one, I would think.

Potential mothers need to know about this:

It's like a horror movie that the FDA and Big Pharma just can't stop watching.

Ever since Pfizer unleashed Lyrica, its blockbuster fibromyalgia and seizure med on America 12 years ago, I've been warning you about its risks.

It's been linked to vision problems, muscle pain, a serious heart condition, and even suicidal thoughts.

And that's the short list!

Now, a new study has found that Lyrica may be sending the risk of serious -- and life-threatening -- birth defects through the roof.

It's an urgent warning that all women who may become pregnant need to hear right now.

Because by the time they find out they're expecting, it may already be too late.

Lyrica is one of those "Teflon" drugs.

We already know that it does little to nothing to help those suffering from fibromyalgia -- or the other conditions it's prescribed for.

Yet despite its terrible track record -- plus its long list of absolutely horrible side effects -- it keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny.

And sadly, Big Pharma is doing everything it can to make sure this latest study doesn't put a dent in sales.

In a report just published in Neurology -- and supported by the American Academy of Neurology -- researchers analyzed data from seven different countries on pregnant women taking Lyrica.

And they found that birth defects were three times higher in those on the drug. And even worse, if that's possible, babies born to moms who used Lyrica were at six times the risk of having a major defect of the central nervous system (CNS).

I'm talking about spina bifida, anencephaly (where part of the skull and brain is missing at birth), and encephalocele, in which large parts of brain tissue bulge out from a gap in the skull.

Can you imagine? These were innocent women taking Lyrica under doctors' orders -- and they had no idea that the drug was doing long-term damage to their babies.

Considering that there are thousands of women of child-bearing age who are using this drug, you would think the FDA would be sounding an urgent alarm (like the one now being widely broadcast about the risk to pregnant women of the Zika virus).

Yeah, you would think.

But even the lead author of the study doesn't want anyone to hit the panic button. He told reporters, "We should not unduly alarm mothers-to-be about a definite risk."

Are you kidding me? The warning going out should be as loud as an
air-raid siren in the living room. But he sounds almost sorry to have discovered this in the first place.

Pfizer, of course, is trying to throw cold water on the Lyrica fire as well by saying that the study was small and besides, some of the women were smokers.

Now, we all know smoking and pregnancy don't mix. But you can bet there were smokers in the group that weren't taking Lyrica, too.

It would be nice if drug companies were as worried about the health of our unborn babies as they are about hitting their next quarterly sales figures.

And, unfortunately, it's not just pregnant women with fibromyalgia or seizures who are at risk. Lyrica is prescribed for plenty of other reasons. In fact, almost a quarter of the women in this study were taking it for anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.

So if a family member or friend is or may become pregnant, it's urgent that you forward them this warning.

Because the chances of our government or Big Pharma stepping up and doing what's right in this case are slim to none.
Here are a couple of other reports about this ─ all do a great job of playing down any risk.  However, none of the authors are going to be raising the baby of any mother who gives birth to a victim of the drug, are they?


Any dietary aid that is affordable and that can enhance the state of my brain always piques my interest!

Powering through life's everyday challenges can feel like trying to slog through mud -- especially if you're getting up there in years.

And it's not just your joints creaking or your muscles sagging. Hit a certain point, and you can practically feel the gears of your mind slowing down.

The latest research shows yet again how simple healthy fats can turbo charge the human brain -- because seniors who have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids stay whip-smart longer.

That's why they positively ACED two critical tests of brain function in the new study.

First, the omega-rich older folks passed the Trail Making Test with flying colors.

That's not a quiz on how to find your way out of the woods. If you ever took it yourself, you'd think it was a joke -- because it looks like a child's connect-the-dots puzzle.

You have to circle letters and numbers in the right order, and how fast you can pull it off shows how well your brain can make the link between what you see and what you need to do, how fast it can process information and how quickly you can whip out basic facts you have memorized.

Speeding through this test is sure sign you've got better executive function and stronger cognitive abilities -- and folks with higher omega-3 levels did it 7.1 seconds faster than everyone else.

They were also given a verbal fluency test. That's a series of quizzes where you have to fire off as many words in a specific category as you can think of in 60 seconds -- like name every "F" word that comes to mind (yes, they'll accept even that one).

You might also be asked other questions, like list as many fruit as you can or name a bunch of animals.

Again, the folks in the study with higher omega levels did much better, listing three extra words per minute than those with lower levels.

Since there's no blood test for dementia, docs use quizzes like these to figure out if you're on the road to cognitive decline or if you've got nothing to worry about.

And as the study shows, if you boost your omega-3 intake you might not have anything to worry about at all -- because you can expect to stay sharp well into your golden years.

But you won't get it from bunny chow. If you gnaw on carrots and leaves all day, you'll end up with a bunny brain!

They're omega-3 FATTY acids, after all, so you need FATS to keep those gears well-oiled, especially fatty fish and pasture-raised meats (grain-fed meats, however, will NOT contain high omega-3 levels).

Be sure to also take an omega-3 supplement daily. Along with boosting your brain, they can help protect your heart and ensure a long and healthy life.

Feeding my brain....
This is the study, but only the abstract is available for free to the general public:  Association between serum long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and cognitive performance in elderly men and women: The Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (doi: 10.1038/ejcn.2016.59). 

Even so, I did locate the full study as a six-page .pdf document over at Sci-Hub.ac.

I found another report about the study that includes some additional detail that the report I quoted had conveniently omitted.

Yes, the omega-3 fatty acid-rich participants in the study did well on the Trail Making Test and also a Verbal Fluency Test; but there apparently was no difference in performance on a Selective Reminding Test, a Visual Reproduction Test, and a Mini Mental State Exam.

But at least they were only average on those latter three tests ─ not worse.  The  main point is that they were superior on the first two tests ─ that's good enough for me!


I wholeheartedly agree with the following report, but it does have me a little uncertain ─ I'll explain afterwards:

If you want something done right... don't let the government near it!

What's healthy and what's not is just basic science. It's simple -- and it hasn't changed since the dawn of man.

Yet the feds just admitted they STILL can't figure it out!

They're rushing out yet another new set of guidelines after someone at the agency just now figured out that sugary cereals AREN'T healthy.

No, you didn't slip into an alternate dimension (although Washington is about as close to The Twilight Zone as you can get). Under current FDA rules, a sugary cereal can slap the word "HEALTHY" on its label if they sprinkle it with some vitamins and minerals.

Meanwhile, TRULY healthy foods -- including nutrition-packed superfoods -- AREN'T considered healthy by FDA standards. Salmon, avocados, and almonds all flunk the FDA's test for health because they contain too much fat.

You just can't make this stuff up!

The agency last revised its labeling guidelines some two decades ago, and they pretty much just target fat, cholesterol, and salt. If it has too much of any of those mainstream boogeymen, it's "unhealthy."

And if it's LOW in fat, cholesterol, and salt -- and has just a few vitamins in it -- it can be called "healthy," no matter how lousy it is otherwise.

Goodbye, salmon... hello, Froot Loops!

It doesn't take cutting-edge science to figure out the problem with that... yet the FDA claims the rules are being changed because of "evolving nutrition research."


On what planet was sugary cereal ever considered healthy? I'll tell you what planet: one ruled by corporate lobbyists from the food industry. That's who's REALLY writing your guidelines.

And that's why you can't trust them no matter what they cook up next... because those same lobbyists will have their fingerprints all over the NEXT set of guidelines, too.

Sure, they might make a big show of sugary cereals no longer getting a "HEALTHY!" label slapped on the package. But overall, they'll pass guidelines that favor corporate profits over your health -- and you can take that to the bank.

If you want the REAL deal on what's healthy and what's not, ignore anything coming out of the mouths of DC bureaucrats and get back to basics about what you eat.

ANYTHING with added sugars is unhealthy, no matter what the label says, along with nearly all the rest of the refined carbs. Even "whole grains" aren't healthy and should be avoided.

Instead, stick to the foods you know and love but avoid because they're considered "UNHEALTHY" -- and salmon, avocados, and nuts are just the beginning.

Focus on fresh and natural animal fats like beef, chicken, and pork, and -- I don't care what the feds say -- you're healthy.

With the REAL key to health....
And now I see my problem ─ I thought that the report was declaring that the Dietary Guidelines were supposedly to be revised again.  But instead, I now see that the report states that it is the "labeling guidelines" that are facing revision.

NBC did a good report published on January 7, 2016, about the shortcomings of the Dietary Guidelines:

Of all places, a law website talked about the planned revisions to the food labeling regulations:

The original report I quoted in full has it right ─ no matter what is done, the food industry will have the sway over it all.

And that's not how it should be.


I close now with an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was waiting for my old friend William Alan Gill to come by so that we could go to a laundromat together to do our laundry.  We had been partying the night before with my younger brother Mark till well into the a.m.
SUNDAY, May 25, 1975

It's a beautiful day out, but I am in lousy shape.  I did considerable lying.

Bill came 1:30 p.m. or so, and we did laundry.

I bought Defenders #26.

Next we visited his mother, then went to see mine; she was out, but we snacked.

Then I directed him to the Colebrook gravel pit and we spent time there.

We later tried mom again, but still she was out.  The day was ending, so we came back to town, and I bought some oranges.

I'll be in bed before 9:00 p.m.

Bill was gracious enough to buy me a Hires today.

About 9:00 p.m. I believe Art was at my door, but I was abed.
The "lying" I was doing was upon my bed ─ I was undoubtedly feeling the after-effects of the late night and the drinking.

I still hadn't weaned myself from buying comics such as The Defenders #26 ─ how I wish that I had been able to keep everything I owned back then in the way of various fanzines and comic-books!  I know that at that point, I had every issue of The Defenders.

Bill did a fair amount of driving that day ─ he loved it, though.  He just didn't like driving by himself because he never knew where he was.

His mother Anne Gregory was living in Maillardville; mine was out in Surrey.

The "Colebrook gravel pit" was located in the Panorama Ridge area of Surrey.  More specifically, one would have found it in what was probably Joe Brown Park in behind the Colebrook United Church.

I had known of the forest at Panorama Ridge since I was at least as young as 14.

As I got to be 16 and 17, I was quite troubled.  I remember in the Summer how I would walk the dark streets listening to a small old-fashioned transistor radio ─ I would do this through the night.

One time, I even went to Panorama Ridge just before daybreak ─ and I never lived any nearer than 72nd Avenue, if not even farther off than that.  So I would walk for miles.

I was a heck of a solitary walker back then.  That held firm for decades. 

Today, I have no idea if the gravel pit exists ─ I bet it was converted into park use.  

This map shows something of the Colebrook United Church and Joe Brown Park locations.  I am sure that the whole area is much developed ─ nothing like what I knew.

The "Hires" that Bill bought me at some point was a Hires Root Beer.

Art Smith was whom I suspected of knocking after I had gone to bed.  However, he would only have wanted to drag me off to drink with him.  I needed none of that.

I miss my old friend Bill.  

I just miss having friends.  Only two from my youth still live, but they are reasonably geographically distant now.  I do not anticipate ever seeing either of them again.

So I live socially barren, apart from the members of this household.
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