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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Natural Treatment for Migraine Found? │ BMI/Waist Circumferance Associated with Aggressive Prostate Cancer │ Coming: Viagra Patch

It seems ineluctable that not only is my eyesight failing, but so is my memory.  I rarely seem able to remember the precise time that I retired the previous evening; nor can I very often recall in the afternoon the exact time that I rose that very morning.

I always check the time, too ─ why doesn't the clock reading remain with me?

All I know is that I got to bed before midnight last night; and I could easily have gotten up before 7:00 a.m. this morning, but I held off until maybe a couple of minutes past that hour.

I wish I wasn't such a slave to trying to generate an extra income via the Web ─ it truly is killing my vision.

I wanted to finish the post today that I began on Sunday at my Thai-Iceland website, so I held fast at it this morning until the deed was finally done, and the post published ─ even though it was nearly noon by then:  Iceland Plates.

A very light breakfast/lunch ensued, and then I had to resort to bed to rest my cramped, aching body and my wasted eyes ─ it was 12:28 p.m., and I remained in bed for just over an hour.

In the meanwhile, my youngest step-son Pote ─ who had gotten up just prior to me lying down ─ evidently left for work.

And although it is 2:04 p.m. at this precise moment, his shiftless, unemployed older brother Tho is still in bed.

The day is very overcast, although I have noticed a few weak sunny breaks.  And everything was wet out there when I first rose this morning, so there had been some rain at some point.

It remains generally cool ─ too unpleasant to be sitting outdoors for any length of time.

And now I think I may have heard Tho downstairs.  Perhaps he is finally up from bed.


I know that my younger brother Mark drinks far to excess, but I don't feel I have that problem ─ my problem is that I simply cannot afford to drink as much as I would like to be able to do.

Regardless, I recently received two E-mails from a chap who has his focus on different aspects of alcoholism.

I'll reproduce the gist of both messages here, just in case the topic matters to you.

Received June 13, 2016:
My name is John and I am a blogger at rehab-recovery.co.uk. We mainly cover drug and alcohol addiction topics. Over the last year we’ve published a number of guides that are useful and designed to help people suffering from an addiction.

I’ve just completed a new guide titled “Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Induced Heart Damage”.

For an extended look at alcohol-induced heart damage, read the Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Induced Heart Damage by John at Rehab Recovery.
And received June 9, 2016:
My name is John and I am a blogger specializing in the healthcare and addiction topics.

I’ve just finish[ed] writing an article titled: “The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol and Diabetes".

This guide explains the risks of drinking alcohol and diabetes, and steps diabetics can take to reduce these risks.

ADT Healthcare's Ultimate Guide to Alcohol and Diabetes written by John Aldridge. 

I believe that at least twice within the past week, I have included reports concerning migraine treatment ─ and specifically, how the Zecuity patch is too dangerous to risk as a treatment.

Well, perhaps there is something more sufferers can do than just wear glasses with FL-41 tinted lenses:
If there's one place where mainstream medicine has dropped the ball, it's in treating migraines.

Most of the time, they have you popping a pill after you're already locked in a dark room, blinded by pain. Thanks for nothing, right?

But what if you could stop even the worst migraines before they ever hit?

It all may be possible, thanks to some new, life-changing research out of Cincinnati.

Researchers say they've discovered three critical nutrient and vitamin deficiencies that may be causing your migraine misery.

And fixing the problem -- with supplements you can start taking today -- may be the key to living the pain-free life you deserve.

Most of the time when you're dealing with migraines, the mainstream will hand you a bottle of pills and wish you luck.

But it looks like they should have been giving you a blood test instead.

Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital looked at nearly 8,000 children and young adults with migraines. And over and over again, people with migraines were deficient in riboflavin (vitamin B2), CoQ10, and vitamin D.

If you have chronic migraines, they found, you're especially likely to be low on riboflavin and CoQ10.

The scientists behind the research think that being deficient in riboflavin, CoQ10, and vitamin D may be what's causing a lot of migraines in the first place. And that makes sense -- we know how important riboflavin and vitamin D are to muscle and nerve function, and CoQ10 is a fuel all our cells need for energy and to work right.

Now, it seems like every time good news on vitamins and supplements comes along, researchers try to throw cold water on it. They give that same song and dance about how we need more studies before we can say anything for sure.

And that's exactly what they did here, too. But what on Earth are they waiting for?

Just last week I told you about a study that found that people who took 400 mg of riboflavin for three months slashed the number of migraines they had.

And guess what? A study more than a decade ago on CoQ10 found the exact same thing.

We don't need more studies or to be playing games here. We need to start getting the word out.

If you suffer from migraines, there's no reason to wait another day to start putting riboflavin, CoQ10, and vitamin D to work for you. You might be able to get all you need from a quality multivitamin.

And if there's someone in your life who is dealing with migraines, please take a minute to forward this...to them.

Because the time to beat migraines is before they strike -- not after you're writhing in pain.
It would appear that only young people were involved as subjects in the research, but I cannot imagine why older adults would not be experiencing the same deficiencies.

Here is one other short report about this:


I expect that the prospect of developing prostate cancer does cross the minds of most men with some regularity.

A new study reveals an association with aggressive prostate cancer that men need to be aware of:

Let’s face it, guys: None of us are as slim and trim as we used to be -- and if you are, congratulations.

You can skip ahead to the next story.

But before you do... before you say "not me -- I’m in perfect shape" and click the "archive" button on this message... take a good, hard look at your waistline.

You don’t have to be shaped like a panda to be the wrong shape.

Even if you’ve just got a little extra air in the tire, it’s time to pay attention -- and not just because of the heart disease and diabetes risk your doc blabs on and on about.

They’re real risks... but after hearing so much about them, the warnings start to lose their punch.

So here comes a new punch -- a low blow that hits right below the belt, because the latest research finds even a little extra belly fat could lead to prostate cancer!

We’re not talking any ol’ tumors here -- like the ones that are usually harmless.

We’re talking about the rare aggressive tumors... and that means you DO need to worry about your belly blubber, because as your waistline grows, your risk of a deadly cancer shoots up.

Every five-point jump in your BMI will increase your risk of fatal prostate cancer by 10 percent... and every 4 extra inches in your waistline will boost the odds of dying from prostate cancer by 18 percent.

There’s no word on why that risks jumps so quickly, but extra belly fat is known to screw with your hormone factory and immune system at the same time, a one-two punch that could give a cancer just what it needs to grow and thrive.

Of course, not every risk is within your control. The study finds taller guys also have a higher risk of cancer... but there’s not a whole lot you can do about your height.

So focus on your weight. Losing even a few of those extra pounds won’t just protect your prostate, it’ll also help you to avoid all of today’s leading killers of seniors: heart disease, diabetes and even dementia.

It’ll even make you better in the bedroom!

No one expects you to be pencil thin. Heck, it’s probably better if you’re NOT a stick figure.

The study finds that lowest risk is at a 33-inch waistline, and the higher risk starts 4 inches later -- at 37 inches. So if you can keep your waistline to 36 inches or less, you’re golden.

Making haste when it comes to the waist....
The study has yet to be published ─ the findings were presented on June 1st at the European Obesity Summit (EOS) held from June 1 - 4 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Here are a few further reports on those findings:



Here's another report for the men ─ this time, it concerns erectile dysfunction, and the mainstream medication to overcome ED that most commonly comes to mind:

Watch out, guys.

There's a new form of Viagra expected to hit the market within a couple of years -- and when it does, you can bet you'll see a relentless new barrage of annoying and downright embarrassing ads.

This up-and-coming version of the med being tested right now isn't a little blue pill.

It's a sticky little patch that allows the drug to push through the skin so it can bypass the stomach and make a beeline for the bloodstream.

That means the drug could kick in almost immediately, instead of taking an hour or more to take effect.

But don't put yourself on the waiting list for this med just yet, guys -- because even if it delivers an immediate erection you can hammer nails with, it can also bring along side effects just as fast.

And they're the exact opposite of sexy.

Supposedly, getting the drug straight into your bloodstream will cut down on some of the nastier digestive side effects of the oral pill, like blasting out both ends (aka nausea and vomiting).

Some of the reports claim the new version would limit its other side effects, too -- like vision problems... dizziness... back pain... and a headache that will have YOU saying, "Not now, sweetie..."

But that remains to be seen -- and if they do strike, no amount of scented candles and Barry White music will help you overcome them.

Let's not forget the infamous erection that lasts more than four hours, which is a rare but painful side effect. It's a severe medical emergency that requires a trip to the hospital... possibly a needle or a scalpel into your shaft to drain the blood and ease the pressure... and could cause permanent damage.

If those risks don't scare you away, maybe the price will: A single patch is expected to cost as much as $15.

Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!

Why risk any of that -- and pay through the nose to boot -- when you don't have to?

There's a much simpler and far safer way to beat the bedroom blues and become a bedroom superstar -- and that's to go right after one of the most common causes of sex problems in older guys.

It's low testosterone.

Boost your hormone levels, and you find yourself more than just getting "in the mood" again, with some "side effects" to enhance the experience instead of hurting it. A testosterone boost can also give you more energy so you'll be ready for some all-night action.

Natural therapies such as the extract of the ram's horn clover can help boost free testosterone levels by 96 percent.

If that alone doesn't do the trick, then you'll need time-tested hormone therapy from an experienced naturopathic physician. I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

Pulling off the patches....
Here's the study the above report was concerned with:  Optimized nano-transfersomal films for enhanced sildenafil citrate transdermal delivery: ex vivo and in vivo evaluation (doi: 10.2147/DDDT.S103122).  

How I wish that these ED medications were safe!  But they're not, and I am not taking that risk.

Here is one other report on that study:


I was wrong earlier about my eldest step-son Tho ─ it is 4:16 p.m. at this moment, and the lout is still uselessly in his bedroom.

I am going to close now with an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

Often on Sundays, my old friend William Alan Gill would drive over and we would go to a laundromat together to do our laundry ─ neither of us had facilities to do so where we lived.
SUNDAY, June 15, 1975

I got up at 7:50 a.m.

It seems my chicken pie is to become a stew, for the damn oven won't light for me, and I do not intend to blow myself up fooling around with it!

The result was good, but if not for the 3 cups of flour, it would have been superb.

When Bill came over, he sampled a hearty helping, with favourable comments.

Then we did our laundry, and I blew $1 on Savage Sword of Conan for its Frazetta poster offer within.

My back began itching; when he dropped me off at home, I nigh went mad before restraining vigorous scratching long enough to approach a tolerable level.

I finished my stew.

At the laundromat I greeted the motorcyclist that lived above Art; and last night at the Surrey Inn I saw the stocky fellow who helped move dad.

Bill dropped by around 5:00 p.m. and showed me his latest photos; I gave him my tempting Mayfair, and he signatured my welfare form.

I wonder if my back constantly itches due to sunburn-induced nerve damage at the surface of my tissues?
I had badly sunburned myself on June 1st.

I must have had the chicken pie all set up for baking; and when that became impossible, I stewed up the whole affair, including the crust consisting of three cups of flour.

I can't recall if I ever ordered that Frank Frazetta poster that I bought a copy of The Savage Sword of Conan for.

I also cannot recall any "motorcyclist" who had lived upstairs in the same rented home that my older friend Art Smith had.

The previous evening, Bill and I had been drinking at the Surrey Inn with my younger brother Mark, Mark's girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther, and their friends "Al & Cathy."  That was where I saw one of the two chaps who had just recently helped my father and his girlfriend Maria Fadden move from the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver out to Burnaby.

The Surrey Inn now no longer exists, but it was located over beside the King George SkyTrain Station.

When Bill came over later that Sunday afternoon, I gave him a copy of Mayfair magazine that I had.  The welfare form that he signed was a monthly declaration I had to submit in order to keep getting paid for working each Friday at S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends), a New Westminster charitable organization that now calls itself Fraserside Community Services Society.

S.A.N.E. and New Westminster social services had some sort of employment incentive programme going on ─ the latter would pay me a stipend for working at the former.  It was the only employment I had, and I had darned little to live on.

The monthly declaration stating that I still needed to remain in the programme needed a witness.  The crazy thing is that just anyone could sign as that witness, if I remember correctly.

And so my day 41 years ago exactly.

By the way, my eldest step-son Tho finally started making noises in the kitchen just ahead of 5:00 p.m.
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