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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Pharmaceutic Industry's Profitable and Hazardous Drive to Put Almost Everyone on Blood-Pressure Medication │ ADHD Medications = Arrhythmias, High Blood-Pressure, Heart-Attacks, Stroke, and Heart-Failure

As a result of sitting up last night and detailing a rather involved response to an E-mail I had received that day from a maternal cousin concerning the health of another mutual maternal cousin who has been found to have tumours in at least one lung, his colon, and his esophagus ─ and who will be getting some sort of scan to see if the condition has spread to his brain ─ it was 12:08 a.m. before I was in bed.

Between the late hour and a fairly poor sleep that might have partially been due to the heat, I wasn't feeling prime when I got up this morning.

Both of my step-sons were still in bed.

I wanted to ensure that I got out to shop at the local No Frills store at Cedar Hills (96th Avenue & 128th Street) here in Surrey, so I focused on not getting caught up in work I have been doing on a new post I began yesterday at my Latin Impressions website. 

I hope that I can finish and publish the post on Thursday.

The store has a 9:00 a.m. opening, as I understand it.  So I didn't work too long past that point before I began readying myself for the hot walk of perhaps four blocks to do my shopping.

I wanted to get away before one of my step-sons had arisen; it was probably no later than 9:40 a.m. when I set off.

I was unable to obtain one of the items I went for ─ it would have been the heaviest single item, too; but the load I bore back home was chore enough.

I found my youngest step-son Pote was now risen.

I got back to doing some further work on that post.  And anon, a friend of Pote's showed up, and the two soon left in the friend's car.

It seems Pote does not have to work today.

That shopping trip was important enough that I forsook the exercises I would usually have undertaken prior to noon.  Of course, the heat has made it unlikely that I will be fitting anything else in.

My eldest step-son Tho arose a little after noon. 

I still wanted to do some sunning, so at 12:43 p.m. I commenced just over an hour of lying out on the backyard sundeck.  There seemed to be a very light haze throughout, but it was still plenty warm.

I'm not feeling motivated to try and engage in any exercise at all now as the mid-afternoon approaches.  Mayhaps I will just take a day off....


It is family-photo time.

The description I offer beneath the photo is from the Google album where I have the photo housed.

Note that I had E-mailed my older maternal half-sister Phyllis at least three weeks ago to see if she could offer any help identifying the unknown woman in the photo, but Phyllis can be pretty oblivious ─ she's probably deleted the enquiry without even opening it.

That is my mother Irene Dorosh at the left, and her husband Alex in the centre.  I am unable to identify the woman at the right.

If the three were on a bus ─ whether a charter or otherwise ─ it is impossible to say where the photo was taken.

Nor can I identify just when this happened.  I will only conjecture that maybe it was sometime in the decade of the 1980s, if not even the 1990s.

I do not have any faith in the pharmaceutical industry, nor in the physicians who dish out and heavily promote the myriad medications that industry has concocted.

The following report illustrates how profit-minded to the utter exclusion of anything else this industry is:

It's a power play by the Feds that could end up stealing your memories -- even your life.

Last year I warned you about how the National Institutes of Health was making a major new blood pressure push.

They have a plan to drive your systolic (top) blood pressure number down to 120 or lower -- even though reams of evidence show that could put you on the fast track to Alzheimer's.

Now the mainstream is claiming that a new study shows that millions of seniors should follow the NIH's advice and start up on blood pressure meds right away.

But this research has Big Pharma's grubby fingerprints all over it.

And it's being led by scientists with drug company connections you were never supposed to know about.

It's as if nobody at NIH has ever read a drug warning label before.

They're claiming that it could take three or more meds to hit that magic 120 blood pressure target -- even though past research has found that can literally destroy your brain.

You see, back in 2014 it looked like there was still some common sense around. After years of research, a committee made up of some of the top heart docs you can find, said that if you're 60 or over, a blood-pressure reading up to 150/90 is just fine. No drugs required.

For people under 60, the numbers got bumped up to 140/90.

But pharma-connected researchers have been trying to get those recommendations deep sixed ever since. And they're hoping that SPRINT, a trial held at five universities around the U.S., will do just that.

First, the lineup of SPRINT researchers pushing this pill agenda are no strangers to Big Pharma's bucks. They work with the likes of Merck, Novartis, Takeda and Abbvie.

Dr. Suzanne Oparil, for example, who was in charge of the University of Alabama SPRINT trial, listed eight drugmakers that she's associated with. Her disclosures read like a who's who in the pharma world.

And although these pharma-friendly docs tried to get some excitement going on this 120 target last year, I guess that wasn't enough. Because now they're trying even harder.

One group just released a study saying that seniors over 75, even those considered "frail" and in poor health should be using "intensive BP control" to get those numbers down below 120.

Are you kidding me? What about loads of research finding that can be a one-way ticket to dementia and Alzheimer's? How did they deal with that?

They didn't.

Dr. Alfred Cheung, of the SPRINT research group in Salt Lake City (who has taken consulting, travel and speaking fees from Merck and Amgen) said that they don't know how these super low blood pressure levels will affect a senior's thinking and memory.

Those studies will be done sometime in the future -- as in after you and everyone you know is taking blood pressure meds.

Can you believe it?

I'm sorry Dr. Cheung, but scores of research is already out on that topic. And it's telling us that what you and your fellow SPRINTers are calling for is the dirtiest trick yet to be played on seniors.

But don't think you're home free if you're under 75. Because SPRINT has a little something for everyone up its sleeve.

Another just-released study using the SPRINT data is trying to convince doctors that their patients who are 35 to 74 should use that same "intensive" drug therapy to get to 120 or below. Why, that should give millions of younger people a good head start on dementia!

It's obvious that this entire SPRINT fiasco was planned and executed for one reason:

To just about guarantee that everyone and their uncle will be popping blood pressure drugs like popcorn.
However, if you have no qualms about blindly swallowing 'medicine' just because your doctor prescribes it, then have at it.

In fact, here's one further report couched in all of the caring, solicitous language that one would expect or hope for from a beaming pill-pusher:


The situation is not looking particularly bright for children diagnosed with ADHD ─ the pharmaceutical industry and its mainstream backers who love writing prescriptions can't seem to dream up and flaunt enough dangerous medications in the name of treating the condition:

Arrhythmias, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, and heart failure.

They're the kind of problems you'd expect to hear about at a cardiologist's office.

But they're showing up at pediatricians' offices instead.

A team of international researchers has found that ADHD meds like Ritalin -- the same drugs being handed out to kids who aren't even potty trained yet -- could cause serious heart problems.

It's a frightening and shocking new investigation that you need to hear about before a child you love is put in serious danger.

How many more horror stories are we going to have to hear about ADHD drugs before doctors wake up and smell the coffee?

Over the past few years I've told you how they're linked to weak and brittle bones, heart disease, depression, seizures and "sudden death."

Now, this new study fills in some of the missing puzzle pieces as to exactly why they're so dangerous for our kids.

Researchers from Australia, Canada and South Korea decided to take a serious look at these drugs -- specifically Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant XR, QuilliChew ER and Metadate CD -- all meds in the class called methylphenidates.

They crunched the records for thousands of children taking them in South Korea (yes, these drugs are now being handed out like candy all over the world) looking for unusual heart problems.

And here's what they found.
  1. The risk of a child having an arrhythmia increased by 61 percent during the first two months of taking one of these drugs.
  2. The risk of having a heart attack also increased after the first week on these meds and remained elevated for several months.
  3. Any child with a congenital heart condition (something that can be totally unknown to parents) has a much "more pronounced" risk of suffering heart problems on drugs such as Ritalin.
And suffering a heart attack isn't the only danger from these meds.

Last year I told you how government officials were getting ready to put "stronger" warnings on ADHD drugs about the increased risk of suicide they carry.

Only those officials weren't from the FDA, but from Canada. Our good old FDA is still hemming and hawing over that idea. In fact, 10 years ago an agency advisory panel stated it didn't think additional warnings about suicides were necessary!

As I've been telling you, the FDA is going full-steam ahead in approving even more ADHD drugs -- including a candy-flavored one that I warned you about just last week.

Of course I could go on all day long about how risky these meds are. But the truth is, many well-meaning parents feel pressured into giving them to their children by pediatricians and school officials.

One mom told me that she thought her child wouldn't be allowed in the classroom if he didn't take Ritalin every day!

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

No doctor, school nurse or principal has the right to force a parent to give ADHD drugs to their child. And it's certainly not a requirement to attend school!

If you've been told that your child or grandchild has ADHD, before you set foot in a doctor's office to even discuss one of these meds, you should read this eAlert about Dr. Allan Spreen's protocol for treating these kinds of problems.

And treating them without drugs.
Here are a couple of further reports about that study ─ the tone of each plays down considerably the threat of harm from the medications, and should make it much easier for unconcerned parents to keep their children amply drugged:


I am going to give my bad eyes a rest ─ I close now with this entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

Philip David Prince ─ an old friend I had known since Grade VIII at Newton Junior High School out in Surrey during the 1962/1963 school term ─ had expressed interest in going to what may have been called the Family Smorgasbord with myself and another old friend of mine, William Alan Gill. 

Bill and I had made plans to visit the eatery on Saturday.  So when David learned of it several days earlier, he said to me that he would come with us, and thus would be at my room accordingly on Saturday.

David had his own room elsewhere in New Westminster.

I mention my skin peeling ─ I had suffered a severe sunburn on June 1st.
SATURDAY, June 7, 1975

Instead of 6 hours abed as the preceding two nights, last night was five.

I typed Jean a letter.

David showed up slightly after 11:45 a.m.

I guess Bill didn't come till around 3:00 p.m.

We then went and picked up Moose and took him to the Burnaby Hotel.  Then we collected Bill's mother.

David lost interest in eating, so Bill let him off 6th St. at Queen's.

He next drove his mother to his place.

Then we got to the smorgasbord, about 4:10 p.m.; I was ready for my second helping before the half hour.

Thereafter I was dropped off here so I could brush my teeth; he and his mother will soon be over to take me with them to Nell's.

The peeling layer of my skin was in many places prematurely removed; now the new skin is drying up and on my back creating unease.

We each bough a case of beer to take to Nell's, not intending to stay long though.

All but Larry and bedded Charlie were boozing or sleeping in the tent.

Besides Nell's bunch, and Randy & Sandy, additions (later) included Allan & wife and, at 3:00 a.m. or so when we were planning to escape, tipsy Mark & Cathy (who was in a super mood); Cathy claims she and her namesake are going to try and start a janitor business.

Later still came a tall fellow whose name I thought was Dave and his friend Jerry.

I don't know when we left the riot, but it was daylit and sunny.

Earlier Bill had bought me a cone, and after taking his mother home, he got me two sausages in a batter crust from 7-Eleven.

After finishing the last of Art's givings, I retired 7:00 a.m.
My gosh!  So much to try and remember!

The letter I mentioned typing up was to an American pen-pal I had, Jean Michelle Martin (née Black).

Apparently I had David's company for some while before Bill finally showed up...but he wasn't ready quite yet to go to the smorgasbord that was then located in a shopping plaza at Eighth Avenue & McBride Boulevard in New Westminster. 

"Moose" was a co-worker of Bill's, I believe.  Bill drove me and David over to Moose's place, and then we rode along as Bill took the guy to the Burnaby Hotel ─ no doubt so he could drink beer in the beer parlour or pub.

I vaguely remember being there a few times, I think.  It originally had the address 1385 Kingsway, but later this was changed to 7610 Kingsway in Burnaby.

It may have finally been demolished in 2004.

Anyway, after dropping off Moose, Bill then went to pick up his mother, Anne or Annie Gregory ─ she was living off in Maillardville.  I think Bill was bringing her back to his apartment so that she could clean for him.

At any rate, David had by now gotten his fill of all of this ancillary running about, and no longer wanted to be part of it ─ he was not at all the social sort.  And so he found himself deposited at Sixth Street & Queens Avenue in New Westminster. 

With Anne safely dropped off at Bill's apartment, Bill was finally ready for the smorgasbord.

Apparently I wolfed down that first plateful of food.  I used to be able to pile a plate as high with a mass of grub as it was possible to do, and then clean it right up ─ even picking the bones clean.

And then I would get a second plateful and do the same.

I have even been known to go for a third plateful, but that generally resulted in me incapacitating myself for the remainder of the day ─ I would need to lie down and suffer the huge discomfort of so much food in my system, unable to do anything else at all. 

My maternal Aunt Nell Halverson's home was apparently the scene of a party ─ this may well have been the first time that Bill ever took his mother over to meet Nell and the gang. 

They were living in a large rented house located on 64th Avenue in Surrey, not too far from Newton Junior High School.

And there we ultimately were to go!

Parties at Nell's home would stretch from Friday late afternoon, on until the drink was all gone on Sunday ─ it was not possible to buy beer or alcohol in these parts on a Sunday back then.

When Bill, Anne, and I first arrived there that late afternoon or early evening, I make it sound like Larry Ernest Blue was in the house sober, and Charlie Little was in bed sleeping.  Everyone else were in the backyard drinking or sleeping in a tent ─ they had quite an expanse of property in their rental.

Eventually, Nell's oldest son Randy and his wife Sandy were to show up.

I mention "Allan & wife" ─ I wonder if I was referring to Al and Marie Varga?

Whatever the case, all intentions of us not staying too long flew out the window.  It was my younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther who showed up around 3:00 a.m.

Mark was already drunk.  And when Jeanette was in one of her best moods, there was no one more exciting and attractive to me.

I remember nothing of her plans to start a janitorial business with her friend Cathy or Kathy, so I reckon nothing was to develop.

As for the "tall fellow whose name I thought was Dave and his friend Jerry" ─ again I am drawing a blank.  The only tall fellows who became at all regular at Nell's home were Al Stewart and a Gary or Garry Iverson. 

Great times, I must say ─ partying all night!

When Bill finally got me home in the early new Sunday morning, I must have finished up some meatloaf and "potato halves" that Art Smith ─ an older friend and co-worker ─ had given me on Friday evening. 

N.b.:  At the start of my post today, I mentioned a cousin who has been discovered to have various cancers ─ this is Jock (John) Halverson, one of Nell's sons.  He would have been partying with us all back then in 1975.
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