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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Zecuity Migraine Patch Warning Issued │ Study Demonstrates Cellphone Radiation at Common Levels Resulted in Cancers in Rats │ Therapeutic Massage Proven Effective for Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

The day has been grey, with some light rain ─ it is all welcome, even if I must put my sunning on hold.

I even napped late in the morning, rising again early in the noon-hour.

I made it to bed last night around 11:45 p.m., but my younger brother Mark was still passed out in his chair downstairs ─ his consciousness fled him just over an hour earlier.

I wonder how his day has gone?

He sets his clock-radio for 4:20 a.m. to begin readying for work, and it was probably at least midnight last night when he dragged himself upstairs to his bedroom.

Normally, he spends time brushing his teeth and shaving before actually getting into bed.

If he drinks to excess like this almost daily now, what will he be like after retirement when he turns 65 in July next year ─ if he gets that far?

I actually went into my bedroom last night feeling sharply hurt for him.  It stung. He looked so pathetic sprawled in his chair, with his head turned to the right and his face upraised in deep sleep.

After all, he truly was my little brother for many years, as I well remember; and he was such a promising young man in his late teens and into his 20s.  I very much enjoyed his company when we were young men.

But other matters are preying upon my ease today.

I see that is is unlikely that I can avoid a redemption of some of my RRSP fund.  In fact, I should probably enquire about it today.

I just need to determine how much to make application for ─ I hope $3,000 will be sufficient, since $300 of that will immediately be taken for federal income tax.

The painful truth is that I cannot afford to be a 'home owner' who has to pay a huge monthly mortgage when I only have a retirement pension to pay it with.

That mortgage ─ even if I could afford it ─ would never be paid off in my lifetime.

But I had better get off this topic right now, or I am just going to weigh myself down with despair.

Whilst typing some of the above, my wife Jack texted me; it appears that she will be making one of her home appearances from Vancouver this evening.

But whether she spends the night here or not will be something I will have to wait and discover tonight.


I was speaking about my younger brother Mark earlier.

The description that follows this old photo is from the Google album where I have the photo stored:

A scan of a photo that is glued into an old photo album.

I can only place the dating as somewhere between 1973 - 1975.

The subject is my younger brother Mark ─ possibly engrossed in something on T.V., perhaps?

Just for perspective's sake in estimating his age in the photo, if the year was indeed 1974, then he would have been 21 years old up until his July birthday when he would have turned 22.

I keep saying it, and seeing it proven:  nothing worthwhile seems to come out of a pharamceutical company laboratory.

I have had some horrendous headaches in my life, but those were mostly the aftermath of unrestrained youthful binge-drunks ─ not 'natural' migraines.    

When the Zecuity pain patch first hit the market, we were promised that it would melt away even the worst migraine pain.

But now it looks like it could end up melting away your skin instead.

Reports have surfaced from around the country of people suffering serious -- and maybe permanent -- burns after using Zecuity for migraine relief.

It's an urgent warning that every migraine sufferer needs to hear -- and one that our government sat on for years.

The idea behind Zecuity was supposed to be simple.

Just attach it to your arm or leg, and it uses an electric current to deliver a steady supply of migraine meds.

But lots of people with migraines just ended up trading in one severe pain for another.

The FDA recently sent out an alert that it was receiving reports of people who'd been seriously burned -- and perhaps scarred forever -- by their Zecuity devices.

We still don't know how many people have been injured, but even the FDA is acknowledging that the number is "large."

And you know the problem has to be pretty bad for them to admit that.

Now, I know what you're thinking -- this is another one of those cases where the FDA approved a new drug or medical device without understanding the risks.

That's what I was thinking, too. But it looks like we were both wrong.

You see, in January 2013 the FDA reviewed the trial and safety data on Zecuity. And buried on page 5 of the FDA's report is a note highlighting "serious concerns about the potential of the product to cause severe burns and permanent skin lesions."

That's right -- people were getting burned during the clinical trials! And the FDA approved Zecuity anyway!

If that doesn't destroy whatever faith you had left in the FDA, I don't know what will.

Unfortunately, too many people with migraines will continue rolling the dice with Zecuity and other risky meds because they're so desperate for relief.

And, believe me, I get it. But the good news is that you don't have to rely on dangerous pills or patches to ease your migraine pain. In fact, here are five proven things you can try right now:
  1. Limit your caffeine: The more you load up on caffeine, the more your body starts to crave and depend on it. And when you go through caffeine withdrawal, it can trigger migraines. Your best bet is to keep your caffeine consumption to a minimum. 
  2. Get an adjustment: Studies have shown that regular visits to a chiropractor can reduce both the frequency and severity of migraines. 
  3. Use this "Greek secret" to melt away pain: The herbal cure feverfew has been used since the times of Ancient Greece as a natural pain reliever. One study out of England found it was about 70 percent effective for helping ease migraine symptoms. 
  4. Find a good acupuncturist: Research has shown that acupuncture can provide as much long-term migraine relief as prescription drugs, but without the risks. 
  5. Load up on B vitamins: One study found that people who took 400 mg. of riboflavin (vitamin B2) a day had significantly fewer migraines after just three months.
And of course, there are those lenses for eye-glasses that are tinted with a very specific rosy colour that is technically called FL-41.


A new study has come out linking cellphone exposure to two specific types of cancer.

I don't know about you, but I'm just sick to death of the cellphone zombies.

You can't even walk down the sidewalk without having to duck these dummies because they're not looking at where they're going.

And forget about driving -- the zombies are too busy talking and even texting to pay attention to the road.

I'll bet there are drunks who drive better than these knuckleheads!

But the biggest risk of too much cellphone use isn't walking into someone, and it's not even wrecking your car. The latest research shows how just using the thing at all -- even keeping it on your body -- could hurt you, or it might even KILL you!

The cellphone industry has long claimed there's no evidence at all that the radio frequency (RF) radiation used in cellphones causes cancer of any kind.

Now, that claim just came crashing down -- because a damning new government study finds that exposure to RF radiation can cause two types of tumors in male rats: brain tumors known as glioma, and a rare tumor in the heart known as a schwannoma.

The study didn't find any risk in female rats, just the guys. But the more they were exposed, the higher the risk... including at levels similar to what humans are typically slammed with every single day.

The industry is already trying to downplay the study, claiming that it somehow doesn't count because it was on rats.


Rats are studied for a reason: What's toxic to them is almost always toxic to us. And because they have much shorter lives, the effects of cancer-causing radiation kick in much faster.

Instead of a canary in a coalmine, we've got rats with cellphones, and you'd better not hang up on this one -- because the few human studies out there show remarkably similar risks.

One study out of Sweden published five years back found that folks who start using cellphones as a teen and keep at it for at least a decade are 4.9 times more likely to develop a tumor than folks who don't use them at all.

These days, people don't start using them as teens... they practically pop out of the womb with a smartphone in their hands, so a decade of use is practically nothing.

Listen, I'm not saying it's time to your toss your cellphone. But it IS time to at least turn it off -- and KEEP it off as much as you can.

You don't need to be available for a call at every moment of every day, and you don't need to check in on Facebook every five minutes either. (Admit it, it's not just the kids wasting hours on Facebook these days.)

So use it when you need it... turn it off when you don't... and you shouldn't have much to worry about it.

Hanging up....
Reports like this always make cellphone-users a tad uncomfortable to hear about, so of course it's much easier to just tune out and not pay attention.

And as the report I quoted above allows, there are all kinds of authorities and industry spokespeople speaking out against the study.

A video in the following New York Times article below is an example ─ the video features Gina Kolata assuring that there is absolutely no proven documentation illustrating that cellphone usage can cause cancers, and she has no intention of putting her cellphone away because of this study.

Well, gosh ─ if Gina says it's okay, then what have I to worry about?

Yeah, right.  That's all of the assurance that I could ever want.


A far better analysis of the report (than that trite disregard that it was given by Gina Kolata) is offered by Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., here:


Wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to enjoy a therapeutic massage on a daily basis?  I'd love that!

I don't really need to have a study tell me that such massages are beneficial. 

But...they're far out of my budget!

Who doesn't like a good massage?

If you're feeling good, a massage will make you feel even better. If you're feeling crummy, a massage is just the thing to lift your spirits.

And if you're in pain, massage can do more to ease your aches and get you back in action than some of the most commonly used painkillers on the planet.

Now, the latest research confirms what anyone who's had an honest-to-goodness therapeutic massage for pain relief can already tell you: It works!

The review of 67 studies finds that massage therapy can tame the monster of raging musculoskeletal pain when compared to no treatment at all.

Yet despite their own results, the researchers don't seem THAT impressed.

They claim that while massage is definitely better than doing nothing, there's no proof it's actually better than anything else, including meds.

They're flat-out wrong.

Meds don't always work as advertised, and the one study that compared massage directly to painkillers was a BIG win for massage.

Painkillers fail -- and they fail so often that another new study finds half of all patients who try opioids for low back pain actually quit taking them.

In some cases, it's because of the side effects. But in others, it's because the drugs don't work -- with up to three-quarters of patients in some studies quitting their meds.

I've never known anyone to quit massage for any reason other than they feel better and don't need it anymore, and even then plenty of people keep going in for those sessions long after the pain is gone.

Other studies show why: Massage can cause changes in your hormone levels, causing levels of stress hormones like cortisol to plunge and levels of calming oxytocin -- aka the "love" hormone -- to jump off the charts.

Less stress, more calm. It's a recipe for a better mood and a better day, as well as other very real benefits, including a boost in immune system function and a dip in blood pressure.

So massage can deliver REAL and LASTING relief... and it can do it without any side effects except the pure euphoria of having a pair of skilled hands work you over when you need it most.

Just don't get any old massage if you're hoping for pain relief. Everyone thinks they know how to give one... but not everyone does, and a massage from a well-meaning friend or spouse could do more harm than good if you've got ongoing pain issues or an injury.

You need the real deal -- a therapeutic massage from someone trained to do it right.

And of course, stay away from those "massage parlors" in certain parts of town.

With healing hands....
You can find a link to the study at the bottom of this report at Reuters.com that discusses the study:


I must close off now ─ to do so, here is an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I had been partying all night with my friend William Alan Gill at the home of my maternal Aunt Nell Halverson and her family off in Surrey, and had only gotten to bed at 7:00 a.m. after Bill had dropped me off at my room on his way to his own quarters.
SUNDAY, June 8, 1975

Up at 12:45 p.m.

I neglected yesterday to mention that Bill's car sometime during the past week was crashed into while he and Moose were workbound.  

Bill came over so we could do laundry together; he bought me a Mountain Dew, but I gave him 25¢.

Afterwards we went to his place so I could watch the Olympic lottery draw; a ticket (6757028) mom & I shared on qualified us for a $100 win, half of this being mine.  Bill told his mother, and she offered to treat us to a Kentucky chicken barrel.

I couldn't reach mom; no answer.

We stopped at Uptown's where I bought oranges.  At another store he bought me a Dr. Pepper.

When he got the cash from his mother, the two of us bought the chicken and came to my place to eat it.  'Twas beautiful.

He left after.

Bill is moving out at the end of the month, and would like us to share on a two bedroom place; likely they'll all be beyond my reach, and his.

I plan to apply where he works; Earl, Bruce, and Larry have.

The rumour is that the S.A.N.E. incentive program is to be dropped.

Yesterday Cathy committed me into agreeing to join her, Mark, and Charlie for a long week-end camping/fishing vacation at the end of the month at a place they know of.  She really got coy and rather bold trying to cement our friendship and attract me.  Sweet kid.

I finally completed a full system  of exercise, my first since my sunburn.

I mailed Jean's letter.
"Moose" was (I believe) a co-worker of Bill's at the Royal City Foods cannery that used to exist just barely downstream from the Pattullo Bridge in New Westminster.  The cannery had some sort of affiliation with Delnor Frozen Foods..  

Quite often on Sunday, Bill would drive over to my room so that we could go to a laundromat and do our laundry together ─ neither of us had laundry facilities where we lived.

Memory of winning $100 on that Olympic Lottery draw seems to have fled.  The tickets may have been priced at $10, so my mother Irene Dorosh and I had split on one.  Consequently, she was entitled to half of the winnings.

It was darned nice of Bill's mother Anne Gregory to spring for a barrel of Kentucky Fried Chicken for Bill and I in celebration of that win!  Just remember that a barrel was far cheaper than what we have to pay today.

I don't remember just where "Uptown's" market was in New Westminster, but I suspect that it was on Sixth Street not more than a couple or so blocks uphill from City Hall.

I had my misgivings that Bill and I would be able to afford a two-bedroom apartment.  Whatever the case, no such sharing of accommodation was to take place.

Dear Bill was always buying me treats ─ he was working full-time and loved to eat.  I only worked a day a week at a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) that today calls itself Fraserside Community Services Society.

My employment there was through an employment initiatives or incentive programme that was in place between them and New Westminster social services, if I am remembering correctly.  Thus, the latter actually paid me.

If the programme was to be dropped by S.A.N.E., I would be unemployed.

Earl Primrose ─ my Aunt Nell's common-law husband; Bruce Halverson ─ one of Nell's adult sons, and thus my cousin; and Larry Ernest Blue ─ a dear friend of the Halversons'.  All three had apparently already applied at the cannery where Bill worked.

When I said "yesterday" in relation to "Cathy" committing me to a long weekend outing, the conversation most likely had occurred in the a.m. at the all-night party that had gone on at my Aunt Nell's home.   

Catherine Jeanette Gunther was my younger brother Mark's beautiful girlfriend.  She and I had been somewhat reserved since a falling out back in ─ I believe ─ December.

Anyway, she and Mark had shown up at Nell's home around 3:00 a.m. that morning, undoubtedly going there after whatever bar they may have been at closed down for the night.

Charlie Little was also supposed to go on that outing ─ he was a regular at Nell's home.

Jeanette, Mark, Charlie, and I did indeed go on a mountain hike ─ I have an unclear photo taken at an encampment we had made in snow up on some mountain, with a crater-like lake nearby.

Mark's German shepherd Daboda also went, of course.  

I mention a sunburn at the end of that journal entry ─ I had gotten badly burned on June 1st.

Finally, the letter I mailed was to Jean Michelle Martin (née Black), an American pen-pal I had back then.

And so my day 41 years ago when I seemed to have more of a life than I do today.
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