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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Internet Marketer's Shameful Webinar │ Mammographies and Colonoscopies ─ Skip Both!

Yesterday's post ended with me stating that I had to leave off because I had a sort of webinar to tune in at 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).

It was being presented by an Internet marketer named George Brown, and for about a week he had been sending E-mails heralding this thing.

He was making it sound like he was going to freely let everyone know ─ step-by-step ─ how he was able to make the bulk of his wealth, and that this was his parting gift to his subscribers as he officially bowed out of the marketing game.

Or that was my impression.

Well, the webinar was a bust.  It never started until at least 15 minutes after it was supposed to.

And then the sound quickly died right out while George blabbed silently on and on with his presentation, completely ignoring the calls of alarm that sprang up in a chat stream.

There were people in other parts of the world who were tuning in at 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., and others who had stayed up when they needed to get to bed because they had to work the following day.

The sound was off for at least 20 minutes, and maybe longer.

When it finally came back on, it was only for several minutes ─ sometimes the sound was doubled as if it was being echoed.

And then it went right out again, but was replaced by a dreadful noise that forced us all to turn own volumes 'way down or even off.

Meantime, dumb George blabbed on and on and on without anyone hearing a word.

I think at one point he might have had over 600 people tuned in, but I saw the numbers rise and fall ─ usually in the 300 - 500 range; but there was a time when the numbers dropped well under a hundred ─ somewhere between 21 - 29 attendees.

It climbed again, though, but never did I see at many as 700 people tuned in.  (As you can see in an E-mail I copied out below, George claimed that the telecast crashed because a couple of thousand people were trying to tune in ─ that's a crap claim!)

Meanwhile, disgruntled attendees had a field day posting chat commentary to one another, or just venting their frustration.

A few times the presentation went entirely offline.

I just kept tuned in, but went about other affairs such as having a bath.

After an hour, the sound did come back.  But from what I saw of the spiel, George seemed to be building up to marketing something.

Early into his presentation, he did what most idiot marketers think impresses people ─ he displayed screen-shots of things like his Clickbank account.

I can't even begin to explain how annoying that is because the information or details can be falsified and the whole practice is utterly meaningless.

As I said, when ─ after much more than an hour ─ it became clear that George was leading up to some sales pitch, I shut the damned thing off.

So who is George Brown?

I found a fabulous explanation to that question, as well as a brilliant discussion of last night's fiasco, here:

George sent out an E-mail this morning at 7:05 a.m. as follows:
I almost can't believe it.

Last night... Went very, very wrong.

And despite my BEST efforts to get
my servers ready, they still crashed.

A CRAZY 2,000 of you tried to
join the LIVE event in just 30 minutes...

I counted 380 emails from the question box
just now about the audio issue ALONE.


To those of you who took time off work,
woke up early or stayed up...

Please, accept my sincerest apology.

All wanting to see EXACTLY how to
go from zero to $100,000 online hands off.

... And of course, wanting to see how my
Profit Master method.

Passionately - This is the BEST content
I have ever given (or was trying to give!).

It sucks. I spent months preparing, and I
DIDN'T EVEN KNOW there were problems
until I was about half way though.

It seems such a cliche all from a stupid technical
problem with our streaming software 'Wirecast'.

And once again, I APOLOGIZE - I know
many of you put the time aside.


Of course, I am going to put up a live re-stream
tonight, (27th July) at 7pm EST.

This is EXACTLY the same as yesterday.

And I will still be going from scratch to making
money, right there, LIVE on camera.

Hopefully- the BRIEF stuff you did see showed
you the level content I was trying to bring you.

So, 7pm EST (a little earlier than yesterday :-)

TONIGHT. Link will be the same. I will send a
reminder at around 6:30pm too.


You need to be fast here. Or you'll miss it.

I need to prevent what happened last night...

We've been FORCED (by my tech man Antony)
to  put in a sort of 'queue' system...

Because not *everyone* can view the stream
together, or the server will crash again.

THIS IS ONE TIME. Not a video. A re-stream.

So you MUST watch it before then.



1). Watch your email inbox TONIGHT for
another email from me with a link to join.

2). When you do get in (and everyone will)
do NOT leave/refresh or you may miss out.

... That is *your* chance to view the live re-stream.
And otherwise you may end up back in the queue.

This is still only one time. Never again.

Look out for my email tonight,

P.S. I want to apologize for these measures,
I'm doing my best to make sure everyone has
an opportunity to see the re-stream...

This event is still going to be incredible,
I promise the workshop IS worth it.

If you do click the link, and you get in
to the event - DO NOT LEAVE.

That may be your only opportunity to view it.

Same link as last night. I will send out a reminder later too.
I have received the second E-mail at 2:09 p.m., but I'm not going to be wasting any of my time thinking that this guy is altruistically going to be spilling any beans ─ gratis ─ about how he manages to generate his income.  I saw enough last night to understand that his Profit Master is simply going to be another marketing gimmick

If he was just going to GIVE us pure detail and information, then why would he be calling the webinar the Profit Master system?

If you visit that website that I linked to that explains George Brown, you can see well into the post that the author was forwarded details about the Profit Master system by someone who actually was present as an attendee at the end of last night's webinar.

It's going for a mere one-time payment of $1,497; or for those who would prefer, two payments of $797.

The damned 1½-or-more-hours webinar is nothing more that a freaking long commercial designed to make George even richer than the young prick already is.

Remember, poor saps were up in the a.m. hours to watch this supposed revelatory webinar.

We were all conned of our time, but there are those fools who will pay the money.

Not many, I hope.  People should first research. 

Many people are convinced that the entire webinar was a prerecorded presentation, and that's why George was clueless about all of the comments flying at him concerning the audio troubles.

It's clear that George is only concerned with helping himself ─ not struggling affiliate marketers.

I will leave this topic by copying the final comment I found from a reader that was left at that post about George Brown that I linked to well above:
well considering you say that you have made over $21 million ?? and you are helping the poor and the needy (well done) you could have gained much more by selling your product to everyone for a generous $49 so that they may also follow you and help others world wide who are needy.still this just smacks of personal greed. enjoy living in the poverty of the world and showing off your wealth, not advisable i speak from experience, cos what goes up will definately come down with a biblical crash. i am sure that 3000 times $49 would go a very long way in costa rica/& the third world countries.
Amen, whoever you are, "Jo."


I sat up last night until just after midnight, for I strongly felt that my wife Jack might show up from Vancouver ─ after all, she was last here on Saturday.

But she did not.

I suppose that I slept fairly well.  In fact, I think that it was just after 6:00 a.m. this morning before I first peeked at the time and decided to take a bathroom break.

I returned to bed and managed some further ─ albeit broken ─ sleep, and finally rose shortly after 8:00 a.m.

I did some further work on the old post edit I started working on yesterday at my website My Retirement Dream, but I only did half of what I had hoped to accomplish today.  I won't have the edit finished until at least Friday.

I had to cut it short late this morning because I wanted to hike over to the No Frills supermarket in Cedar Hills (96th Avenue & 128th Street) here in Surrey ─  it's a walk of maybe four blocks at most for me to get there.

I checked my chequing account online first, and was pleased to see that my monthly pension income had been direct-deposited today.

It was well after 11:00 a.m. when I set off, but I got the shopping done.

It's another flawlessly sunny day.

However, it is also the second consecutive day in which my youngest step-son Pote and his girlfriend have not had to work, so she again spent the night and the pair in fact never got up until sometime after I was away shopping.

They did the usual mess-making in the kitchen as they fixed up a lunch that they returned to bed to eat while watching something on her laptop.

And then it was lights out and the buggers were once more sleeping!

This is how they spend their days off together.

I am so sick of it.

They loll around here all day until they have access to my older step-son Tho's car after he gets home from work.

I went outside in the early afternoon and at 1:30 p.m. began a 40-minute sunning session as I sat in a chair in the backyard and faced into the Sun, wearing just a pair of cut-offs.

I would love to have a full life, living somewhere in which I would be able to enjoy the natural world around me with nary a human, building, nor car around.

But my websites and blogging sure are not the ticket to any financial success.  My AdSense account displayed an accumulated 2¢ for today in the balance ─ and that was exactly what I accumulated yesterday.


I was reading an article defending against mammography ─ i.e., it was stating that mammography does not save lives, despite what all the mammogram-pushers say.

Instead, mammograms often result in false positives for tumours, and lives are put into turmoil because of this with things like unnecessary biopsies and treatments, and of course those follow-up tests.

And what of surgeries to remove one or both breasts when there was never even a cancer? 

All for nothing.  Nothing serious was ever there.

And then there is the question and status of so-called dense breasts ─ a condition that cannot be identified without a mammogram.  The breasts are simply called "dense" because the mammogram has trouble seeing through them due to less fatty tissue than less dense breasts have. 

It is not something that can be felt and diagnosed ─ there is no perceptible difference to human touch.

It is estimated that 40% of women between the ages of 40 - 74 have dense breasts, but the actual density of such breasts can vary widely.

And even a specialist can identify a woman as having dense breasts, yet another specialist might not make the same assessment.

Here's an interesting article about that quandary:

The point is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having dense breasts ─ it is perfectly normal, and doesn't mean that there is an increased risk of breast cancer.

All it means is that the mammogram ─ useless tool that it may be ─ will have trouble "seeing" deeply into the breast.

If you are interested, there is a pretty good article about dense breasts that was published on January 19, 2016:

And now let's move from mammography to a discussion of colonoscopy.

I've not experienced either, incidentally.

But there is a Dr. Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D, who has set up a petition calling for the U.S. government to put an end to colonoscopies, and to promote safer colon screenings:


As he suggests:
Colonoscopies could cause more deaths annually than “missed” colon cancer itself.
And check out this statement from the World Journal of Gastroenterology, speaking of worldwide colonoscopies:
As many as 70,000 people are believed to be seriously injured or even killed each year because something goes wrong with the exam. 
And from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute:
There are as many as 27,000 intestinal perforations per year.
And those numbers leave out the indirect harms…such as risks associated with anesthesia, including aspiration pneumonia…

…and risks from the bowel prep—including nausea, vomiting, dehydration, kidney damage, and loss of blood supply to the colon.

On top of that… although it sounds revolting…

There’s a meaningful chance of being infected with a deadly superbug from “bio-dirt” left behind on a contaminated endoscope.

A recent Senate investigation found that at least 250 patients worldwide were sickened with life-threatening antibiotic-resistant infections.
I can tell you, I'll never submit to one of these infernal examinations!

But no physician has a finger long enough to do a thorough digital rectal examination, so just what alternatives are there that are perfectly safe?

Anyway, I signed the petition to the U.S. Congress, even though I am Canadian.  However, all it asked for was my first name and E-mail address ─ how is that going to be an effective signature of a petition?


And now here is where I close with an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

In my journal entry for yesterday, I had detailed how my old friend William Alan Gill drove us out to the Chilliwack River in the Chilliwack area to hook up with my younger brother Mark, Mark's girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther, Jeanette's two little girls, and the family's lovable German shepherd Daboda. 

We had now finished spending our first night with them where they were camped.

Note:  we seemed to have been experiencing a beer strike, so we had only been able to buy wines and liquor.
SUNDAY, July 27, 1975

Another sunny day.

Bill was quite fortunate; Cathy donned her bathing suit, and I and he took several shots ─ with his camera.  Mom has mine back East.

Cathy looks excellent in a bikini, I must say.  Her breasts appear most firmly, and her thighs seem fleshier than I remembered.  Too, her pelvic region is delightfully broad for her actual size.

A very interesting sight, Cathy in a bathing suit.  I plan to develop negatives of any especially good reproductions of this lass.

It was decided today Mark, Bill, & I would procure some Sumas beer and try to smuggle it back over the border.

Getting there, we first drank 3 jugs, and played pin ball.  Then, at IGA, we each bought a dozen.  We were using Bill's car.

We went out into the country, and Mark there hid the beer all over Bill's car:  under the hood, the seats, and in the "trunk."  Then we returned to Sumas, and had another jug in the Maple Leaf Too Tavern.   

At the border, Mark driving, the officer requested he open up the "back."

Mark got out, and obliged, while Bill faked reading a book.

Then the officer asked how to open up the roof of the "trunk."

Stalling, Mark pleaded ignorance, saying the car belonged to the "big fella," and then summoned Bill.

The "trunk" was opened, and we all felt doomed.  But lo! the officer was satisfied, and didn't look under the spare tire where beer had been hidden.

We proceeded in elation.

In Chilliwack, it was decided to get some chicken; at Kentucky's, the barrel, fries, and cole slaw came to $11.45, to which I contributed my last $2 bill.

We got back to camp to find Cathy truculent; she and the kids had eaten.

So we guys ate the chicken and stuff, granting Michelle some fries.

Cathy was so upsetting I grew depressed, and for some while kept to myself.

But at dusk, while I chopped up a log, she set me at ease with praise. 

Then I sat on and fell backwards off a fallen tree, and she gave me a hand in getting up.

It is a sorrow she is so touchy, for she could be one of the greatest uplifters to any dispirited crowd of males.

Our night wasn't quite as late as the night before, and we even had 4 or 5 bottles of beer remaining for morning.

Bill & I slept with blankets together.  I was uncomfortable due to the lack of freedom of movement, but he was cold again.

We got up once in the night to urinate.

It rained all night.
I remember that incident of Bill sitting in the car at the border crossing, acting totally engrossed in a book while the customs officer did the grilling routine on Mark.

Nobody reads a book when a customs officer is checking out everyone!  It was so blatantly unlikely.

But we got away with it, somehow.

I remember, too, how Mark spread the three dozen beers all over the car in as many hiding spots as he could think of.

I just did not remember that it was at Sumas, Washington.  I had always thought that the incident occurred at the Peace Arch Border Crossing, or maybe even the Blaine

I also remember how fabulous Jeanette looked in her bikini ─ I had never dreamed she was so beautiful and exciting.

Sadly, if I ever got Bill's negatives from him, I never went ahead and got photos developed.  

She truly was magnificent to behold.

Mark, Bill, and I must have been gone for hours ─ it was no wonder that she was crabby, stuck all alone at the campsite with just her two little girls and Daboda for company.

It was her oldest girl, Michelle Lee Gunther, who wanted to have some fries.

We could sure drink!

We three guys drank four jugs in the States, and then back at camp we only left four or five bottles of the three dozen that we brought back.  

Jeanette would of course have had a few of the beers we'd brought back from the States.

Who knows?  There might even have been wine consumed, in addition ─ if we still had some remaining from the day before.

Anyway, neither Bill nor I had a sleeping bag ─ just a couple of blankets.

I miss good times and dear people like that!!!
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