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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Deciding Against Telus in Favour of Remaining with Shaw

True to her word, my wife Jack did show up last evening, and she was going to be here for the night.

Possibly it was just after 1:00 a.m. when I joined her in bed after I realized that she had retired.

I held off getting up for the day until just after 9:00 a.m., although I had been pondering rising since 8:30 a.m.  I just hate disturbing her.

However, I was not up long ere her youngest son Pote came knocking on the bedroom door to rouse her to drive him to work.

And so she was up for the day, too.

She was gone long enough that I was able to do an acceptable amount of work at the new post I have been working on at my Thai-Iceland website, but it's still going to take at least a couple of days more to have it finished and published.

Concerning my younger brother Mark, he had taken a bicycle with him when he went to work yesterday as a scheme to help him avoid the bottleneck of jammed traffic trying to leave Annacis Island to gain the Alex Fraser Bridge

The delay in evacuating the island at the end of his workday has been for as long as an hour and more.

He realized that there was a spot where he could park his van that would allow him to avoid that traffic choke-point, but it would require cycling to get to the warehouse that he works out of, driving a big cargo truck throughout the day making deliveries and pickups.

So he tried this scheme out on Friday.

He parked his van where he had planned, and then rode the very heavy bicycle.  Apparently the cycle trip took about 15 minutes.

At least he knew what he was in for.

Then came the end of his day.

He cycled back to his van, but in doing so saw that for whatever absolutely peculiar reason, there was no traffic congestion at the bridge access route that he normally would have driven.

It took him about five minutes to get the bike stashed into his van, along with the tire pump, bike lock, and helmet.

So between that and the bike trip itself, he had lost 20 minutes.  Had he just driven his van from the warehouse, he would have made it back here to Surrey 20 minutes earlier.

But he knows that the lack of a traffic bottleneck was a fluke, so he plans to take the bike again on Monday.

He left home for the day today exceptionally early because he and his girlfriend Bev have to attend some sort of 'Christmas in July' function over in (I think) Abbotsford.  I'm not entirely certain, but the occasuion may have something to do with her family.

Whatever the case, he will be sleeping there overnight in his van because he will have had lots to drink, and does not dare risk driving back home.

Now, back to my wife Jack.

When she returned from taking Pote to work and doing some shopping afterwards, she said that he had let her know that he and his girlfriend hope to get a place of their own next year.

That's sure going to be interesting!

It would be especially helpful if his older brother Tho decided to move out of here, too!

Anyway, Jack was pretty good company, and cooked up a couple of great dishes to leave for us before she finally left around 2:00 p.m. to return to Vancouver.

I felt a little bad having her go.

Yesterday I mentioned a visit from a Telus agent who gave a glowing account of why it would benefit us to switch from Shaw over to Telus's Optik TV and Internet service.

I was going to discuss it with Mark this weekend, but I have now decided against it.

There's already an account set up in which installation would go ahead on August 1st, but I am going to cancel it.  It's non-binding if the change of mind is within 10 days.

For one thing, even if it is cheaper, I don't want involvement with any two-year contract.  I'm fed up with telecommunication contracts.

Also, I have read that Telus is very strict about data overages for customers, but Shaw does not seem to enforce any such policy.

With my two step-sons, the three of us were often individually using Internet access for hours on end ─ they'd be doing things like streaming movies, and playing games while communicating with others, and I don't know whatever else.

Meantime, I would be working on my blog or my websites, and sometimes catching up on T.V. programmes like The Last Ship (which I never seem to find the time to watch on Space anymore). 

I remember a few years ago, there was some Internet connection problem, and I had phoned Shaw for help.  The agent I spoke with accessed our account...and expressed amazement at how much data we consumed here.

I wondered if he might flag us, but he evidently never did.

So although the Telus deal sounds much less expensive, it probably will not turn out to be ─ we would be exceeding our data on a monthly basis, I am quite confident.

That becomes costly.

And as I said, I don't want any two-year contract.

So I guess that's that!

Well, having my dear wife Jack home has kept me from doing anything by way of exercise. 

The morning was fairly cloudy, but by midday I could have been sitting outside in the backyard benefiting from some sunshine to restore my colouring.

However, quite apart from Jack being here, that damned hound beyond our backyard fence has been a bloody noisy aggravation now for two straight days.  Its owners should be fined, but the City of Surrey seems to be blind to that nuisance household.

I've suffered that animal's noise for at least three years now, and have no shred of kindliness in me for the creature ─ I wouldn't care if it burned alive.  The cumulative stress that thing has caused me in this time has obliterated all traces of merciful consideration that may have ever existed within my heart.

I have slain that vile stinking sucker so many times in my imagination via various grisly methods...well, it's a good thing that there are no thought police.

Tomorrow I may walk over and check some things out in downtown Whalley, such as the Fusion Festival


Here now is a photo from my very first trip to Thailand ─ the description beneath it is from the Google album where I have the photo stored:

Here I am getting a massage on a beach in the Pattaya area sometime in what is likely late January 2003.

It was not my idea.

Tukta ─ one of the three Thai ladies touring me around ─ had arranged everything.

I felt compelled to oblige all concerned.

I wasn't feeling all that well as I sat here typing out everything above, so I took a break and went out into the backyard to sit in a chair on the lawn while facing toward the Sun ─ despite the noisy, vile hound.

I was wearing just cut-offs.

The intention was to put in 40 minutes; but by the time 30 minutes had elapsed, some very dark cloud had crept up from the north.  It looked like a potential storm system.

I didn't bother wasting another 10 minutes sitting under dark cloud, even if it was still quite warm out ─ I was there to Sun, after all.

I am going to close today's post now with this entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house I was renting my room in was located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.

However, I was at this point well into my second week of sleeping overnight at my younger brother Mark's home that he was renting with his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther.  He and Jeanette had gone on a trip to the Edmonton area, and they needed me to tend to their German shepherd Daboda.

Their home was in Whalley ─ on Bentley Road, not too very far from the intersection of 108th Avenue & King George Highway.

Thus, I had been getting in considerable walking, traveling from my room in New Westminster to their home in Whalley.

However, this second week coincided with the departure of my mother Irene Dorosh and her husband Alex on a trip 'back East.'  I was expected to be keeping a check on their home in their absence ─ the house is gone now, but it was located in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey:  specifically, 12106 - 90th Avenue. 

So...even more walking.
WEDNESDAY, July 23, 1975

Again, getting up just after 8:00 a.m., I see we have a sunny day; I am really stiff, and my lower spine shows threats of giving out, as it suggested last night during my weight routines.

I shall leave here for home, leisurely, about 11:30 a.m.

I walked to town, then to mom's where I fed well.

I saw a few cuties today.

I got a mere 1 hour's torso sunning, then headed for Mark's, hoping to shop, for dog-food too.  But I did not.  Yet, they were home!

We killed time, then snacked.

Mark eventually bought wine & pop, and we killed this.

He took me home to mom's, as well for more booze which we drank and rapped over here.

About 3:40 a.m. Cathy phoned, and I lied saying Mark had nigh just left.  Poor lass.

Anyway, I shall to bed about 3:50 a.m., unwholesomeness and all.  

I am glad they returned.
All of the lines from the sentence stating that "I walked to town..." are written in very shaky handwriting ─ I was clearly drunk at the writing.

I apparently hiked to my room for whatever reason, and then I left and hiked all the way out to my mother's home.  Walking fast, that hike would take about 1½ hours from my room.

I guess I did a bit of sunning in the backyard, and then left to return directly to Mark's home ─ a distance of maybe 4¼ miles.

I arrived to find that Mark and Jeanette had finally gotten back ─ they likely had said that they would be gone a week.

I never mentioned how much wine Mark bought later, but undoubtedly it would have gotten us 'well on our way.'  To drunkenness, that is.

Since I felt that I might as well spend the night at our mother's unoccupied house, that is where Mark took me ─ after buying "more booze."  I wish that I had been more specific as to type and quantities.

If he was still with me over there at 3:40 a.m., then I confess to some mystification.  Jeanette was one hot young blonde as far as I was concerned ─ why would Mark kill so much time boozing it up with me when he could have been at home with her?

At least he promptly left after I lied for him, but he was likely in for some heavy criticism regardless.

Perhaps he had not been able to do much drinking on the trip; and now that they were back, he was kicking loose.  Back at the house with Jeanette, she would likely have wanted to get to bed at a very reasonable hour, whereas he was not so minded.

I would not have had time that day to have a bath or shower, so if it had indeed been a sunny, hot day, then I would have felt rather grimy ─ "unwholesomeness and all."  

At least I no longer had to hike to both houses and my room each day.  I would have been very glad of that. 
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