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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

★ HPV and Alzheimer's Disease Vaccines │ Remembering Camping at the Chilliwack River 41 Years Ago

I seem to be insane.

It was 2:47 a.m. before I was in bed last night.  For whatever reason, I could not turn away from that damnable dance until I was so vitally exhausted that it was clear there was no possible worthwhile outcome.

I expected to feel more tired this morning than I was ─ it was around 7:05 when I checked the time and pondered whether I should rise.  I finally did after a few minutes ─ 7:12 a.m., maybe?

Such a sunny day!

I spent much of the morning editing an old post at my website My Retirement Dream ─ that work will keep me occupied at least another couple of days.

My youngest step-son Pote never had to work today, and neither did his girlfriend, apparently ─ she spent the night with him, and they delayed getting up until late into the morning.

I think he sneaked her into the bathroom upstairs to let her shower, but I don't believe that he dared to join her ─ we had previously forbade that.

The shower walls take a serious beating because no one dries them off.  I bet there is extensive damage behind the tile.

So there were those two showers.  Pote's older brother Tho has since come home from work and had a shower, and he'll have a second one before he goes to bed later this evening.

But back to me.

Once I completed the work I felt like doing for today on that old post, I turned back to the mad dance.

And this time, I had no deliverance.

My cellphone had rung ─ I recognized the number as being from Telus:  (604) 310-2255.

As I reported yesterday, I had called them and spoke with an agent named "James."  I wanted to cancel an installation/service agreement for their Telus Optik TV and Internet that I had been persuaded to sign up for this past Friday.

Over the weekend, I had a very serious change of heart.

So "James" canceled it.  The installation was to have taken place August 1st.

Well, after my cellphone rang, I soon heard the house-line ringing, and then the answering machine took over.

When I finally was freed up from my nonsense here at my computer, I went downstairs to play the message.

The guy speaking was practically incomprehensible.

I was able to understand that I was being addressed by my first name; and I recognized the work "Telus."

Whoever it was, he sounded like he was just gargling, and not talking at all.  But there was the occasional word I could recognize.

I heard a series of numbers that might have been those identifying the service agreement I had activated on Friday; and he may have also mumbled a telephone number, but I could not be sure.

I recognized the word "prorated" ─ but what was that about?  I supposedly had 10 days to cancel the service agreement, and I did so on the third day ─ if that's what this guy was talking about.

I played the message about four times, and then decided to record it with my camera.

I supposedly did that, and then I deleted the message on the answering machine.

And then I discovered that I had failed to press the record button on my camera ─ I now had no trace of the garbled message.

I was going to phone the number I had called yesterday when I sought to have the service agreement cancelled, and have someone listen to the message to see if anything made sense to him or her.

But now I have nothing, and I have no idea what the talk of proration was about.

Feeling unhappy with myself, my step-son Pote and his girlfriend, and of course Telus, I went out into the backyard and sat in the sunshine for 40 minutes ─ I was shirtless, and decked out only in a pair of cut-offs.

That session commenced around 2:45 p.m.

I felt fairly good about getting in that sunning session, but I'm still disgusted with self.


Earlier this month, I had included some material about a Merck HPV vaccination commercial that is making a lot of people angry ─ I even linked to a petition calling for the FTC to demand that Merck remove it from further broadcasting.

I had never seen the commercial here on Canadian T.V., so I had to locate a copy of it online ─ if you have never seen it either, then try here.

I wish that I remembered which petition it was that I had signed, for a Dr. (PhD) James Lyons-Weiler has one that I would sign if I knew for certain that I had not already done so.

If you have viewed the commercial and find the tactics Merck is using to be highly offensive, then  perhaps add your name to Dr. Lyons-Weiler's petition: 

I see that is has 4,041 signatures, and he's shooting for 10,000.

And speaking of harmful vaccines, have you heard that the mad scientists are trying to create one for Alzheimer's disease ─ not just a a possible cure, but even as a preventative?

It's been tried before, but the trial had to be stopped in 2002 because of life-threatening consequences.

You can read about the latest effort, as well as that earlier fiasco, here:


Forget that!

Let's instead try these tips from NewMarketHealth.com
  • B vitamins -- such as folic acid, B6 and B12 -- improved the mental abilities for those in the early stages of dementia.
  • The traditional "Mediterranean diet," one consisting of lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and fish (along with other healthy fats), can significantly help those with Alzheimer's and can lower your risk of developing the disease in the first place.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, like the kind you'll find in a daily fish oil supplement, can slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer's.

I have a 6:00 p.m. webinar of sorts to attend, so I must wrap up.

Here to close is an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

My younger brother Mark's girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther had phoned me the evening before from Chilliwack to ask that I try and get my friend William Alan Gill to drive me out to where she and Mark were camping ─ she wanted me to bring her birth control pills.

A kiss was promised ─ and that girl was sheer gold as far as I was concerned!

She had phoned me at my mother Irene Dorosh's home ─ my mother and her husband Alex had gone on a trip 'back East,' and I was sort of caretaking their home in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey. 

The house is now gone, but its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.

Mark and Jeanette were renting a home together located on Bentley Road ─ not far at all from 108th Avenue & King George Highway in Whalley.

That's where I would have to go to locate the birth control pills ─ and also find Jeanette's signed unemployment insurance declaration card that she wanted me to mail.
SATURDAY, July 26, 1975

I took my baggage and shortly after midnight on Saturday morn I arrived at a deserted Mark's.  Perhaps it was earlier than this.

Anyway, following a bath, I phoned Bill and explained Cathy's desires.  He was obligingly situated in that he did not have to work on the week-end after this night's shift.

He was so eager, in actuality, that he said he didn't feel at all like working; and even phoned me back twice.

I guess I retired about 2:00 a.m., perhaps arising about 7:30 a.m. feeling very sleepy.

It was agreed I wait for Bill; he phoned later from his mother's, promising to show after bathing and changing at home.

Writing this now 2 days later, I am uncertain as to when he appeared, but after 1:00 p.m. doesn't seem too wild.  

By then I was quite hungry, and though we last night agreed not to, we decided to eat measuredly at the smorgasbord after tending to our various chores.  For example, we went to Bill's place so he could obtain a blanket, but his newly cut keys wouldn't let him past his door; his mother had the old ones.

So I promised him a blanket, and after picking up a change of clothes, discharged this promise, meanwhile forgetting my sleeping bag.

We went to Woodward's where I mailed Cathy's unemployment card and bought 2 each packages of wieners and bread apiece.

Then, at the Royal Square liquor store, I bought a small jug of Slinger's Grape Wine and Bill bought a dozen bottles of Duet; no beer was available.

Then we ate, and finally began our trip.

In Aldergrove we stopped for 2 beers apiece, courtesy Bill, at the Alder Hotel, due to the heat, then continued.

I got us confused in Chilliwack, but finally located Veddar Road.  Along here we bought a quart of milk for some 60 odd cents each.

We continued, I feeling rather nauseous after drinking my milk.

We travelled along the correct road until I was certain we had gone an excessive distance.  So Bill pulled into a side road to turn around, only to say someone else pulled in behind us.

He progressed hoping to be able to pull off and allow the car to pass; but it started to honk.  

'Twas Mark.

He claimed to have chased us about 10 miles, unable to pass a car between us.

We followed him back to the correct spot, located nowhere near where they had originally planned to camp.

3 signs had been placed there to hopefully signal Bill & I to stop in.  

It was fortunate the site by the Chilliwack River commanded a view of the road Bill & I were following, allowing Mark to give pursuit.

Anyway, we had arrived, and Cathy was glad to have her pills.

Only the kids & Daboda were with them.

Later on, Mark & Bill took off to try to get beer, not returning for some hours; they had no beer, but some steaks; by then it was dark.

And in the interim, Cathy & I drank Bill's bubbly wine.  She got high and affectionate, and I took great advantage of her approachability.

She was upset with Mark, and eventually that night after he & Bill returned, and after revealing her displeasure, she even went beery and shed tears.

I got the kiss, surreptitious and quick, she promised, on the cheek.

When we finally retired, I slept in a doubled sleeping bag with Mark (Cathy crawled in on his other side toward morning); we sweated, while Bill spent a cold, mostly sleepless night at our feet in my woollen blanket.     
I wish that I had time to do my usual commentary, but it just is not available to me.  I will only make the observation that there seems to have been a beer strike in progress.
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