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Friday, July 1, 2016

Monsanto's Senators Bringing on the DARK Act? │Ongoing Stress Linked to Diabetes │ LED Blue Light Is Damaging Our Vision

With my wife Jack home again last night, I think I hied to bed at 12:05 a.m.  I'm not too sure just when she followed suit.

Today ─ Canada Day ─ commenced for me around 8:15 a.m.

My youngest step-son Pote was up, and would be rushing off well before 9:00 a.m. for his bus to take him to work.

When I went downstairs to make my day's first hot beverage, I noticed a skunk quickly waddling from the fence by the alleyway over to duck under our backyard sundeck.

I've often wondered if raccoons or skunks ever use that cover as a home-base.  But if a skunk ever did, wouldn't there be some odour involved?

Anyway, I spent most of the morning working on the new post I began yesterday at my Amatsu Okiya website.  Jack never got up until into the noon-hour.

She finally left to drive herself into Vancouver and Mango Thai Restaurant around 2:45 p.m., and indicated that she would be back this evening.

Well, I have now lost two days due to her overnighting, unable to get out in the morning to do planned shopping expeditions.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to be prepared and just head away ─ odds are that I would be home again before she had gotten up anyway.

I want to go to the government liquor store two miles distant ─ I cannot kiss off yet another day as I sit idly home, a virtual prisoner.

This is frankly becoming annoying.

Today has been entirely overcast, so sunning was impossible.  However, that four-mile round-trip hike would at least give my face and shaven head some exposure to the daylight if tomorrow's weather conditions match today's.

I just don't understand why it is that Jack is spending so much time home.  I'm certainly not accomplishing much.


I want here to post a fairly old photo from my younger brother Mark's collection ─ the description beneath it is from the Google album where I have the scanned image stored.  I had to scan the photo within the photo-album where the photo was originally glued roughly four decades ago.

The photo probably was snapped in 1974 or 1975.

At the time, my younger brother Mark was sharing a home here in the Whalley area of Surrey with his girlfriend, Catherine Jeanette Gunther.

My impression is that this couple came to visit them, for the young woman is Jeanette's sister Clare, and that is Clare's husband Steven behind the 'wheel.'

I expect that the child looming in back of them is their son Todd.

I have been posting information from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) concerning the huge threat going on in the U.S. ─ the Senate may overturn the GMO-labeling law that was enacted in Vermont today, and prevent any other state from enacting anything similar.

You can read for yourself OCA's latest warning released just today:  Monsanto Wins 1st Senate Vote on Roberts-Stabenow DARK Act!

How many Americans are committed enough about having GMO-labeling that they would actually telephone their Senator?

This is why vile organizations like Monsanto ─ and the movements it is part of ─ have a very real chance of having their greedy way at the expense of both the consumers' health and of the environment.

I'm not American, but I am guilty of that ─ I am generally too backward to make a call about anything to my political representative.

I just feel too marginalized and peripheral ─ I have done such an effective job of socially isolating myself.

I just hope that the 'Good Guys' down in the States win this, and that the corrupt Senators meet the justice they well deserve. 


Good luck doing much about the following!

You could think of it as a domino effect -- one motion sets the whole group falling.

Only in this case, it's your health that starts to tumble out of control.

Researchers have found that constant stress can do a lot more harm to your body than you could ever imagine. In fact, it could be giving you diabetes.

That's right, diabetes.

So if your anxiety or stress are off the charts, it's time to take some simple steps to get them under control -- before it's too late.

Certainly it's not news that stress is bad for us.

But what some new research out of Rice University found shows a strong link between feeling emotionally stressed out and developing diabetes.

Here's how they connected the dots in what they dubbed the "stress-induced pathway."

Anxiety, or stressful thoughts that you can't get out of your head, actually trigger inflammation throughout your body.

And that's a big problem. Because, over time, all this inflammation can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

The current Rice research was done crunching the data for over 1,200 middle-aged Americans, but it wasn't the first time the stress/diabetes link has been found.

A few years ago Swedish researchers at the University of Gothenburg followed 7,500 men for over three decades. And they found without a shadow of a doubt that ongoing stress sends your diabetes risk skyrocketing.

The researchers commented at the time that stress was not being "recognized as a preventable cause of diabetes." Well, maybe it's time to fix that!

After all, we know that chronic inflammation can attack every part of your body, leading to heart disease, and autoimmune diseases such as RA and inflammatory bowel disease.

And now more evidence has been found as to how it can also trigger diabetes.

Of course, just telling you about how bad stress is certainly isn't going to magically fix things. After all, your better half has probably been telling you the same thing for years now!

But there are some proven methods you can use to reduce both stress and inflammation.

For example:
  • Yoga has been found to be a real stress buster. And you don't have to stand on your head or twist into a pretzel, either. There are even types of yoga that can be done from a chair for people with limited mobility. 
  • Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and relieve stress. Plus that, it can also lessen pain, help you sleep better and even aid digestion. 
  • Supplements such as Lemon balm, and especially L-Theanine have been found in numerous studies to reduce anxiety. L-Theanine, in fact, was tested head to head with Xanax and found to be far superior to that risky pharmaceutical. Another good herb to sooth raw nerves is Holy Basil, also called tulsi. You can get it both as a supplement or tea. 
  • Aromatherapy is another very simple way to help get anxiety under control. Both lavender and chamomile are good stress-busters.
Whatever you can do to nip anxiety and stress in the bud is going to benefit your health in a very powerful way.

So there's every reason in the world to start doing something about it right now!
All of my stress is attributable to something over which I have no control ─ namely, inadequate income.

Lack of adequate means is the factor for everything that I suffer over.  And none of those suggested aids can do a thing about that.

I'm not sure why ScienceDaily.com was given as the source reference for that report ─ the website is actually just copycatting from the original source:


The following advice to American pet-owners is geared towards helping the critters survive a riotous Fourth of July ─ the advice comes from NewMarketHealth.com:
We're just a weekend away from the most dangerous time of the year for our pets -- that's right, the Fourth of July.

And while your typical cat will usually just hide under a bed when the fireworks start, dogs can, and do, make a beeline out the door. In fact, more runaway pups are taken in by animal shelters on the 5th of July than any other day!

While you can't stop the noise, you can take some steps to make things a bit more comfortable for Fido -- and yourself -- if your dog is also one who tends to become destructive during times like these.

Veterinarians describe canines in this category as suffering from "a true panic disorder." And just like people panic disorders, Big Pharma has a nice selection of drugs for them to take!

But there are some ways to help your best friend without resorting to pharmaceuticals, which can have the same risky side effects for dogs as they can for people.

For example:
  • This one is the simplest solution of all -- take Buddy to another location, be it a friend's house, or even a kennel or doggie day care, where it will be quieter.
  • Try a ThunderShirt, or similar types of "calming" clothing. Many dog owners have reported great success with these. The thought is that by using a shirt to applying [sic] gentle pressure, dogs will have less anxiety during loud events such as thunderstorms and fireworks.
  • Make sure your pup has had some exercise during the day, which might make him calmer at night.
  • If your dog is comfortable in a travel kennel, that's another thing to consider during the booms. Of course, not all dogs take to being confined -- it can even make certain ones more nervous.
Also, be sure to shut windows and pull down the blinds. But, for good measure, don't forget to make sure your dog is wearing his collar with up-to-date ID.


I was unaware of the following claims ─ there may be more to my computer screen's glare and my deteriorating vision than I ever understood:

Save the world... kill all the humans!

The greenies are trying to shove all kinds of solutions for problems that don't exist down our collective throats.

In most cases, we're being forced to pay a whole lot more to get a whole lot less.

And now, a new warning from a major medical organization reveals how one of the biggest recent victories of the leftist movement is RUINING your health!

The energy-efficient LED lights everyone is being practically forced to use -- the ones where you pay five times more for a bulb half as dim -- can wreck your eyeballs and disrupt your sleep.

The American Medical Association says the LED bulbs used in streetlamps contain WAY too much blue light.

You don't SEE the blue, but it's there. It's what gives everything that cold, harsh glare these days -- so much so that it can screw up your vision, cut clarity, and increase the risk of an accident.

Blue light also bounces around in the retina like a ping-pong ball, and the levels used in streetlights can damage your eyesight.

The big problem is what's known as "color temperature."

The higher the temp, the bluer the light -- and while the old incandescent bulbs' color temperature was 2400K (that's "K" for "Kelvin"), the new LEDs being installed in streets across the nation are somewhere between 4000K and 5000K.

That means they contain TWICE as much blue -- and assuming you don't smash your car on the way home because of the visual problems they cause, you could end up facing other issues long after you've parked the car and gone inside.

These new streetlights are FIVE TIMES more effective at suppressing the "sleep hormone" melatonin when compared to the old sodium streetlights, according to CNN.

If you've been tossing and turning more often these days, don't blame something you ate or drank.

Blame the streetlights!

The AMA warning focuses on the vision problems and melatonin, but those aren't the only risks of these hippy-dippy bulbs.

As you read right here in the Daily Dose a few years back, LED lights can damage pigment epithelial cells in the eye -- and that kind of damage can trigger macular degeneration.

Unfortunately, LED light isn't just becoming hard to avoid. It's practically impossible, because they're absolutely everywhere -- like in your cellphone, computer, and TV screens.

Do your best to avoid them as much as you can. You can even buy reading glasses that filter out blue for when you use the computer or phone. And remember: the best bulbs for your home and your health are natural, full-spectrum lights.

Shining my light....
This is the CNN article referred to:

And here are two further reports about this:


The afternoon became quite sunny, but I was obligated to putting together this post and thus had no time at all to be outside in the backyard benefiting from any of it.

Now the time has arrived for a closing entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.
TUESDAY, July 1, 1975
I arose at 6:30 a.m.

I don't know if the bank will be open this morning.

It is a sunny day, but I am so weary I just can't seem to get going.  I even lied down, and possibly slept, till 11:00 a.m., dreaming of books of scientific knowledge reasonably available in stores.

My dalliance, mostly due to the state of my complexion, was such that I had to have another small meal to give me energy to cope with what's ahead.

And away I go at 1:30 p.m.

I passed my bank, but it was closed.  I continued via the long route in my T-shirt to Whalley, then back.

I arrived home at 4:00 p.m., but would have been longer, except that on Royal just before 3rd St. Mark stopped on his way to work and gave me a ride home.

Nobody has heard from Bill; Nell's bunch is having a party at Queen's Park ─ make that Bear Creek Park.

I supped, unfortunately, rather heavily on pancakes composed of a mug each of wheat and rye flours.  I used nearly 12 ozs of apricot jam and a third or more of a lb of margarine.

Oh, the calories!

I hence shall use only 1 mug of mixed flours, and maybe keep some ice-cream on hand.

The jam is very successful.

But I cannot eat in this manner if I am to trim my midsection, which seems to have considerably benefited from my mountain camp.

The landlady has had company ─ perhaps all week-end ─ and so hasn't sought my rent.

I'll be in bed about 7:40 p.m.; actually it was nearer 8:00 p.m.

Around 40 minutes later Bill came knocking, but I feared he was involved with Nell's gang or had some other outside activity in mind, so I ignored him.

I slept.  

At midnight I arose and went to the washroom after sometime having had a nocturnal release, my first realized in many weeks.  Was it due to my meal and its nutritiousness combined with the many calories of energy?

I recall having a disturbing dream toward morn of Art knocking with Steve, then trying the door and walking right in on me.
I had spent the previous two nights in the mountains with my younger brother Mark, his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther, a nice fellow named Charlie Little, and Mark's German shepherd Daboda.

We had hoped to fish at what may have been Eaton Lake (see here and here), but we found ourselves above the snowline, and the lake had snow-covered ice all around its shores stretching well out into the lake, making accessing the water (and thus fishing) unsafe and impossible.   

So after we all got back, I was at Mark's home in Whalley until 11:00 p.m. when he gave me a ride back to my room.

All of that was why I was so tired.

Yet in the afternoon, I still managed to get out and hiked around for 2½ hours.  My brother Mark came across me as I was walking Royal Avenue in New Westminster, so I was nearly home ─ I lived on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.    

He would have told me that our maternal Aunt Nell and her huge household and hangers-on were going to have a party ─ maybe a barbecue or something ─ at Bear Creek Park in Surrey.  Nell would have mentioned that my old friend William Alan Gill had been scarce the entire time that we were away ─ he often visited her.

With the diet I had, it is no wonder I had complexion flare-ups.

Have you any idea how big a load of pancakes two mugs (coffee cups) of flour produces? 

I am more appalled to read that I was consuming that much margarine, however ─ butter would have been safer and healthier.

Anyway, I decided to have an early night.  It was after I had settled in that Bill tried to visit ─ he had an identifying knock, for I was very disinclined to answer the door, since there were really very few people I cared to have calling. 

But I was leery that he had gotten involved with Nell and her household, and was coming to try and take me out to her place to party.  Or maybe he might have had another activity in mind that I had no heart for.  

So I never answered the door.

As for the nocturnal emission later in my night ─ that would have been fine, but I far preferred having a wet dream! 

The other dream involved one of those callers I preferred not to have ─ my older friend Art Smith.  He was forever trying to usurp me as his drinking companion, and was practically impossible for me to deny.  

Thus, he was someone I usually did my best to avoid opening my door to.  

Steve was the youngest of his three kids. 

I often wonder what became of Art, for I quite liked him.  

He was in his early 40s back then, so he would be into his 80s now ─ if he's still alive.
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