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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Botox Injection as an Incontinence Treatment? A Stupid and Dangerous Choice!

The anxiety and depression I felt over much of yesterday eased once the evening had arrived and I began watching T.V. and doing some drinking.

Unfortunately, that all somehow translated into a resurgence of my problematic turpitude and I sat up here at my computer until around 2:30 a.m., immersed into that which merits no mentioning.

I retired in moral and spiritual turmoil at what nigh culminated, imploring God to free me from my present deleterious habitation by making it financially possible for me to leave this baleful isolation that is corrupting and distorting whatever might once have been deemed wholesome within me.

And so I soon slept.

Towards 6:30 a.m. I was awake and uncomfortable enough to opt to take a bathroom break.  I was overtired ─ too much so to rise for the day ─ but I knew I would be unable to be productive if I did not sleep further.

I suppose some further sleep did come, and just after 8:00 a.m. I finally did rise to confront the day.

My youngest step-son Pote and his girlfriend were in bed enjoying the first day of their 'weekend,' since they each have Tuesday and Wednesday off work.  He works in a sports shop at Guildford, and she works somewhere in a restaurant; and consequently, they have employment that does not recognize the true weekend.

Somehow, they managed to coordinate their two days off so that they could be together and bedevil me with their nigh unpalatable omnipresence. 

I spent most of the morning working on the new post I began yesterday at my Latin Impressions website, but it is far from complete ─ in fact, not quite 40%.  I may have it finished and published on Thursday, but that is not certain.

The day is gorgeously sunny, so sunbathing was on my agenda.  And at 12:14 p.m., I began well over an hour of lying out on the backyard sundeck, and wearing just a pair of brief shorts.

When finished, I collected a small batch of leftovers my wife Jack had brought home from her Sunday visit to the Thai Buddapnayanuntarama Buddhist Monastery (BBM) in Burnaby.

Very soon after finishing it, at around 2:00 p.m. my wife Jack showed up.  It appears that she will be home for some while, for she brought home material she clearly plans to cook up.

However, at present she is away with Pote and his girlfriend ─ all I know is that Jack said she was going off to price some sort of machine.

I bloody hope she isn't thinking of buying a washing machine or dishwasher or stove!  I am draining away my small RRSP account trying to pay the monthly $1,600 mortgage because I am getting no significant help meeting that payment.

We have functioning appliances ─ it is the mortgage that needs to be dealt with each and every month.  There is no money available to be squandered on some "machine."

No wonder I so often sink into such hopelessness and despair.


One of my favourite T.V. series back in the latter 1960s was The Wild, Wild West ─ I thought Robert Conrad as James West was magnificent.  

The actor's physique, athleticism, and good looks truly impressed me ─ in fact, I felt that if I ever got to be wealthy, I would acquire outfits like those he wore.  They were the best-looking suits I had ever seen because of how functional they were.

Soon after the T.V. series came out, Gold Key Comics started up a series by the same name.

Unfortunately, even though the series did start off with covers featuring images from the T.V. series, by about the eighth issue onwards, only artwork was exhibited.

I decided to buy those first seven issues back then just for the covers, and I kept the covers to this day.

I have previously posted scans of the first six issues' covers, so I want to post the final scan now ─ the description beneath it is from the Google album where I have the scans filed:

The final issue of Gold Key's The Wild, Wild West to feature actual T.V. series scenes on the front cover.

I believe that it was the seventh issue in the Gold Key series, and was apparently published in October 1969.

From this point on, the comics featured mere artwork inside and outside.

I loved the T.V. series, and was not in the least interested in 'cartoons' portraying it.

And that being so, I only kept the covers that featured images from the series.

That's rather unfortunate, for there is no value in a cover ripped away from the comic book that it had once graced.

It is a rare night when I do not rise and make use of the bathroom.

Even though I may pass very little fluid, that little which accumulates is irritating.  I expect that it is concentrated with the superfluous portions of the nutritional supplements that accompanied my supper, as well as by-products from that supper, and the alcohol I will have consumed over the evening.

So I rise to gain that bit of relief, and to also drink a quantity of water ─ I tend to dehydrate a little.

However, some people as they get on in years (I am 66) somehow need to rise numerous times during the night to avail themselves of the toilet.

I can't imagine being so desperate as to actually seek injections with Botox ─ and yes, as that Wikipedia link shows, 'Botox' stand for botulinum toxin.  But people are making that choice ─ more out of ignorance than out of desperation, I would hope.

As Wikipedia says, "botulinum is the most acutely lethal toxin known...".

I posted about this very recently, but it looks as if I shall be doing so again.

A recent study has revealed that the injected toxin can travel via neuron pathways to remote locations in the body.  It was known before that the toxin could travel these neuron  pathways, but it was not  known that it could travel as far as it apparently seems able to do.

Here are a few articles reporting on that study:


Science Alert

Physicians actually prescribe this poison!

Note this from a website promoting Botoxin for treatment of incontinence:

BOTOX® may cause serious side effects that can be life threatening. Get medical help right away if you have any of these problems any time (hours to weeks) after injection of BOTOX®:
  • Problems swallowing, speaking, or breathing, due to weakening of associated muscles, can be severe and result in loss of life. You are at the highest risk if these problems are pre-existing before injection. Swallowing problems may last for several months. 
  • Spread of toxin effects. The effect of botulinum toxin may affect areas away from the injection site and cause serious symptoms including: loss of strength and all-over muscle weakness, double vision, blurred vision and drooping eyelids, hoarseness or change or loss of voice, trouble saying words clearly, loss of bladder control, trouble breathing, trouble swallowing.
Did you notice buried away in that second bulleted warning that Botox can actually cause "loss of bladder control?"  

Imagine that!  A patient submits to being treated with this toxic material to help aid in controlling incontinence; but instead, he or she probably permanently suffers what I expect is total loss of bladder control!

Steer clear of this material for whatever purpose it may be promoted.

It would seem logical that improvement of the muscle tone of the bladder would assist with incontinence troubles.

I read that an Indian plant with the botanical name Crataeva nurvala can help with this. 

The following quote is from page 20 of a 182-page document titled EFFECTIVE NATUROPATHIC TREATMENTS IN POST VIRAL CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME:
Crataeva nurvala (Crataeva).  Increases smooth muscle tone in uterus and bladder and helps clear urinary tract infections.  
Crataeva nurvala stem bark decoction improves the tone of the smooth muscle and helps in the downward migration of stationary uretric calculi which encourage the spontaneous passage of calculi. Crataeva nurvala also improves the tone of the urinary bladder and increase the explusive force of urination so that the amount of residual urine is reduced in case of prostatic hypertrophy. Due to its anti inflammatory action the drug also reduces prostatic congestion.
Those are just examples ─ there are numerous similar statements out there.

Stay away from Botox!


I have no idea how long my wife Jack plans on being home.

She's back ─ and yes, she did buy a washing machine, even though we already have a spare to replace the one that's acting up.  And she charged the $800 on her VISA card.

The appliance is to be delivered this coming Tuesday.

Damn it, I wish she would discuss things first.

I am going to close now with an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement unit in New Westminster

My room was being rented in a house located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.
SATURDAY, August 23, 1975

I got up before 9:00 a.m. feeling short on sleep.

Bill came over while I was cooking hamburgers; he got off work slightly early.

He insisted I listen to a new Gene Pitney tape, so I rode down to and waited for him by Field's where he had to pick up a couple pairs of pants.

He was with me some while, so I refrained from eating longer than I cared.

We nearly talked ourselves into going to the Country Boy's.

I will be leaving for mom's about 1:45 p.m., hoping Art has the tomatoes and that mom will be interested enough in obtaining them to drive  me home.

There is a fair amount of sunshine.

I was most of the way over the bridge when a car behind me gave me a start with its horn; it was Mark, Cathy, & kids; they stopped before the Scott turn and took me to mom's; she was shopping but Alex was there.

Mark took off on an unsuccessful shoe hunt while Cathy & I picked blueberries.

Phyllis came over on her way to work while Mark was gone, hoping to get mom to babysit Sherry.  

But Cathy got the job.

When she & Mark were finally leaving, they asked if I cared to come along, but I said no, for I had to yet phone Art about the tomatoes.

When I eventually did this after a very heavy supper, I learned that all of the tomatoes had been given away.

I stayed at mom's till dark, then left with a quantity of apples.

Tomorrow Mark & Cathy plan to go canoeing with Cathy & Al; I wonder if Bill will discover this.

My right knee, and not the cap, is painfully seizing up on me as it used to do, so I am forced to lay off running for a spell.

I bought a Grey Cup Toto ticket from mom.

I hoped to leave Bill a note saying I might sunbathe tomorrow at Queen's Park, but as often is, his car was gone.

I'll be abed afore midnight.
I hadn't gotten to bed the night before until about 2:40 a.m.  I had been at the home of my older friend, Art Smith.  He had said that his younger brother Judd (Gerald) ─ who worked at the Salvation Army thrift store on Columbia Street in New Westminster ─ was going to come into a mess of tomatos, and I could have a crate of them (however many that was).

Evidently Art misspoke.

Anyway, it was my old friend William Alan Gill who came visiting while I was cooking my hamburgers.  I imagine that he had the Gene Pitney tape playing in his car, and that's why I rode with him to Fields department store on Columbia Street.

I now have no idea what "Country Boy's" might have been.  I'm  unsure if that apostrophe is supposed to be there, or if 'Boys' was supposed to be plural.

My mother Irene Dorosh lived out in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey.  And although the house is now demolished, its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.

It would take me about 1½ hours of fast walking to reach her home from my room in New Westminster.  

Alex was her husband.

I was nearly over the Pattullo Bridge when my younger bother Mark honked at me as he drove back into Surrey in his Vega.  With him were his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther and her two little girls.

Mark and Jeanette ("Cathy") were renting a home together located in Whalley.

They saved me the rest of my hike to my mother's home, and seemed keen on paying a visit themselves.

My mother and Alex had apples, blueberries, raspberries, and lots of other things growing in their backyard.

It was my older maternal half-sister Phyllis who next dropped in at my mother's home to find someone to babysit her daughter Sherry.  Sherry was somewhat older than Jeanette's older girl, so Jeanette was always happy to have Sherry as company for her girls and vice versa.   

I declined the offer to come back to their house with Mark and Jeanette because I still had to make arrangements about those tomatoes, but there were none on offer as it turned out.

And I got to walk back to New Westminster after dark.

I often left Bill a note on his car in New Westminster, but just as often it was not there for me to leave a note.

I must have been getting well-tanned ─ normally I would not have sunbathed in a public place like Queen's Park.  I was very timid about stripping down due to some complexion problems. 

Mark and Jeanette were friends with a couple I only now remember as "Cathy & Al" ─ memory blurs because there were two Cathys and two Als in their social circle, and now I cannot recollect which of them were the couple.
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