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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Duel with a Monkey │ The Value of a Prebiotic-Rich Diet

Thanks to getting caught up in a fairly length post I was making in the 'member's only' section of the forum ThaiMarried.com, I do believe that it may have been 1:00 a.m. before I got to bed last night.

I sure am good at disappointing myself sometimes ─ I hate getting to bed that late when it's due to my own silliness.

Yet before 7:00 a.m. this morning, I was no longer able to gain any worthwhile snatches of broken sleep, and so I got up.

This is the second day in the 'weekend' of my youngest step-son and his girlfriend Priyanka, so they've been here at home.  The pair have conspired to have coinciding days off work.

Last evening, he was the first person ever to take advantage and make a claim on my Sun Life extended health care coverage ─ I have been a member of the Public Service Health Care Plan for probably at least 19 years, but never made use of the plan.

My wife Jack has bought lots of prescriptions, and even gotten prescription glasses, without ever thinking to take advantage of the coverage.  I don't visit doctors unless my body has badly broken down (as in an accident), and I have never sought prescription glasses even though my vision is terrible and worsening by the year.

Pote and his mother Jack are both my dependants, and he will continue to remain so until he turns 21 years of age (he is presently 18).

He was fairly desperate to get some relief from the full cost of the prescription he wanted filled, for the full price was $200 for a gel and some pills or capsules ─ all designed to 'treat' his acne.

We didn't even have to send in a claim form.

I told him that as far as I understood it, he was to ask if the pharmacy had an account with Sun Life.  If they did, and if the medication was covered under the extended health care plan, then the pharmacy would be able to charge Sun Life directly right there with my membership information, and Pote would only have to pay the much smaller result.

I think that if he is the only person to make a claim within a calendar year, then there is a $60 deductible; but otherwise, prescription drugs are covered to the tune of 80%.

Apparently it all paid off.

I'm rather glad to finally have made a claim ─ since April of this year, my monthly contribution rate from my pension for the plan coverage is $79.86.

I bet that figure was not too far under what Sun Life paid the pharmacy last evening, so it's about time I (or at least one of my dependants) got some sort of value out of it!

The day started off quite sunny; and then in the latter morning everything clouded up for the midday.  However, into the afternoon it became fairly sunny again.

I could have sat out in the backyard and basked in the sunshine, but I never felt up to it.

I spent a fair amount of the morning setting up a new post at my website Amatsu Okiya.  But my eyes were badly bothered by the glaring white screen of the computer, and at 10:30 a.m. or so I returned to bed until the start of the noon-hour.

I dreamed, so I know that I napped a little.

However, I suffered further decline in the early afternoon and had to lie down with my eyes covered from about 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Believe me, I need an entirely different life than this.

I long to be living close to the natural world, and away from traffic, people, barking dogs, and endless buildings.

But I am trapped here in Surrey where I have lived for most of my unremarkable life.


I likely have posted the following video clip before, but I will risk that I may have not.

I sent out the link last night to folks on my E-mail list with the following description:
A few young Thai men somewhere in Chachoengsao province, Thailand, last December 1st noticed a wild monkey playing on the red motorbike belonging to one of the guys.

One of the guys started filming it as they all enjoyed its antics, laughing heartily; and then the monkey started to get destructive by peeing on the bike and chewing on the seat.

The young fellow who owned the bike became upset at this and finally resorted to throwing his shoe at the malicious little nuisance to scare it off.

Watch the wild aftermath ─ talk about a 'David & Goliath' fist fight brawl!

I love it!


I have a fairly old family photo that I would like now to post ─ the description beneath it is from the Google album where I have the scanned image stored:

That is my mother Irene Dorosh.

The film this photo was part of must have been developed in September 1969, so it had to have been taken at some point reasonably prior to then.

This appears to be a genuine living penguin, yet this almost looks like some alleyway and not a zoo or someplace like that.

I have no idea where this was.
That alleyway or lane looks like it could almost be right around me here in Surrey!


You undoubtedly are familiar with probiotics, but are you familiar with prebiotics?

Very simply explained, prebiotics are indigestible fibrous material from plants that ─ when eaten ─ provide the sort of environment that our gut bacteria absolutely love and proliferate in.

So instead of trying to consume the living organisms we want in out guts by taking probiotics, we can take prebiotics and allow the good bacteria already within us to vibrantly thrive.

I've begun to try and eat a fairly prebiotic-rich diet, and I'm pleased to see that ginger root is amongst the plants most notable as being prebiotic ─ I have for several weeks been trying to eat a goodly amount of raw ginger each day.

There is a good article on such foods that was published on July 14, 2015, at naturalnews.com:

A study undertaken at Nottingham Trent University recently revealed that these foods can actually reduce the severity of asthma in just three weeks.

The study involved inducing the onset of asthma through exercise; and the participants were taking prebiotic supplements as opposed to eating a prebiotic-rich diet.

But the benefit was all due to the increase in "the growth and activity of good bacteria in the gut."

They used a commercial prebitoic supplement called Bimuno-galactooligosaccharide (B-GOS).

I found that it's actually mentioned in a Wikipedia article on galactooligosaccharides, which are naturally-occurring prebiotics.
Clasado Ltd is offering a powder GOS product, Bimuno, with 52% galacto-oligosaccharide content on dry matter, as well as a syrup and pastille versions of that product.
As the first article I linked to claims, the three major types of prebiotics are inulin, oligosaccharides, and arabinogalactans.

It's always good to be learning about something healthy!


Time now to close out with an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The room I was renting was located in a house situated on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.

I see that I was to take a hike out to my mother Irene Dorosh's home in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey.  Her husband Alex had left ─ roughly a week earlier ─ for Nashville upon learning that one of his brother's had suddenly died.

I normally would not visit on the weekend, and tended to only do so during the week when Alex was at work.

Their home was my main mailing address.  And although the house no longer exists, its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.  The hike to get there from my room in New Westminster would take about 1½ hours at a pretty darned good pace.
SUNDAY, August 10, 1975

Up and feeling tired at 7:30 a.m.

I finally finished Men and Dinosaurs, returning it while doing my laundry well past 10 a.m.

Leaving for mom's about 11:00 a.m., I shall have a message to that effect here for Bill.

Arriving, Alex was there, as mom.

I had absolutely no mail.

I had lunch; during it, Mark phoned and got mom to babysit while he and Cathy tried some fishing.

Coming, Cathy invited me along.  By now there was quite a bit of sun.

We first tried the Nicomeckel River close to the King George, at an old bridge; there were nibbles, and Mark pulled in a 3 or so inch fish he thereafter released.

The fish soon became bored with his bacon bait.

We next tried a spot along the Fraser out downstream from the Barnston Island crossing; the water was swift, and we had no luck.

Returning to mom's, Bill was sitting on the front step with the kids.

We all had supper.

When Mark and company left, Bill with me trailed after them.

He and Mark expressed that I should  provide my wine.  Well, Bill drove me home for it, and all us guys proceeded to get quite drunk.

I got to bed about 2:40 a.m.
I have no memory of that library book, but at least it is apparent to me now that the laundromat had to have been very near to the library ─ I cannot actually recall just where it was.

My old friend William Alan Gill often hooked up with me on the weekend, so I left him a note upon my door to let him know my destination.

I did not expect to find Alex back from Phoenix.

My younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther were renting a home together located on Bentley Road in Whalley, approximately 4¼ miles from where my mother lived.

Jeanette ("Cathy") had two beautiful little girls whom my mother and Alex both loved dearly ─ as they did Jeanette.

I adored Jeanette, too, and was happy to go with her and Mark on that fishing experience.

I misspelled the Nicomekl River.  It wasn't one that's all that simple to remember.  I can only guess now, but I suppose that the "old bridge" was the Elgin Road crossing.

Failing to catch aught of note, we next headed to the Fraser River just downstream from the Barnston Island crossing.

By "the Barnston Island crossing," I must have meant the ferry service to the island from Surrey.

"Downriver" would have been to the right as shown on this map:

I expect that the current kept sweeping Mark's line directly to shore almost as soon as he cast it in, so we had to give up.

We returned to my mother's home to find that Bill had shown up and was amusing himself with the girls.  He was a big kid himself.

Since neither he nor I had anything better to do, we decided to drive along behind Mark and Jeanette as they returned home.  Bill and Mark both owned Vegas.

The previous day in Bill's company, I had bought a "jug" of Beau Sejour White Wine.  Might that have been as much as a gallon?  I now have no idea.

Anyway, Bill likely brought up the fact that I possessed such a precious commodity, for there were absolutely no liquor or beer sales by law hereabouts at that time on a Sunday.  The only way people could drink on a Sunday if they did not stock up ahead of time was to cross into Washington State.  

So off Bill and I went to fetch the vino, and we all proceeded to get drunk.  I am unsure if I was including Jeanette as one of the "guys" or not.  She enjoyed drinking, too, but she likely wouldn't have gone as far with it as we fellas might have that day. 

Obviously, it was a fairly late night if my bedtime was not to be until 2:40 a.m.
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