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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Solution to Problematic Kidney Stones?

It is getting complicated for me as I try to maintain my old schedule with my wife Jack home as much as she is now that Mango Thai Restaurant has been sold and will not exist as a Thai restaurant.

Last evening she went to bed early.  When I finally joined her either shortly before midnight or shortly after that hour, she had already gotten back up.

I learned from her today that she may not have returned to bed until as late as 2:30 a.m.

It might have been around 6:00 a.m. when I took a bathroom break, and then I tried for further sleep.

Some did come, but when I checked the time possibly as late as 8:40 a.m., I decided to get up.  I wanted to get some work done while I could on the new post I started this past Monday at my Latin Impressions website.

Jack accommodated me by not getting up until maybe noon.

Pote had been out earlier in her car, and had taken his girlfriend ─ who had spent the night here with him ─ someplace, for he returned without her.  Is Jack's presence the reason?

After all, the two have typically been spending all of their Tuesdays and Wednesdays together for quite a number of recent weeks.  Why else would the two-day sleep-in fest get curbed?

Anyway, it's been a beautiful sunny day, but I was not able to do any sunbathing.  Jack never went anywhere until the early afternoon, and was back home again in an hour or so.

I'm having difficulty squeezing in my various small exercise breaks that I try to put in over the course of any one day.

I do very much regret not having had the alone-time to do any sunbathing.  This kind of weather will all-too-soon be history for the year.

During the noon-hour Jack was outside cleaning and vacuuming the car she uses, and she mentioned that the big green compost container needs cleaning because it "has worms."

I suspect that she meant that it needed to get dumped, and it was in fact out at the curb and had already been emptied earlier by one of the trucks.

I went out to get it, and noted that a little of its rotting content had spilled during the dumping process, and the container itself smelt absolutely putrid.

I hauled it back into the open carport and lifted the lid to peek into it.  A maggot fell onto the cement floor.

I contemplated scooping it up with a leaf or something and dropping it back into the container; but before I ever made that move, I observed two more just drop out from under the closed lid entirely on their own.

The heck with that!

I left them for whatever might become their fate.

Late in the noon-hour I noticed a fly in the house.  The full details are below this photo ─ the description is from the Google album where I have the photo now housed: 

I noticed a fly had gotten into the house early this afternoon (Wednesday, August 24, 2016); and even though it was at a window in an out-of-the-way area, I decided that I would go and get a plastic container to entrap it and release it outdoors.

When I located what I wanted and had returned, the fly was ascending an edge of the window frame, and was thus somewhat inaccessible.

It moved itself higher and higher; and then I noticed one of those jumping spiders nestled almost out of sight as the fly approached.

The fly stupidly walked headlong into the spider, and was evidently grabbed at the head.

It's feeble wing-beatings did nothing, and they did not last for long.

And soon the fly had stopped moving at all.

I've not clearly seen the spider ─ it is somewhat into a recess of the window frame.  However, I think that it is actually smaller than the fly.
Around mid-afternoon I realized that Jack might be planning on going out again.  She had changed out of her casual wear.

And then at about 3:50 p.m., after I had escorted her out to the car while helping carry some food she was taking along with her, Pote joined her.

I suspect that he was just getting as lift to somewhere, and that they were not going to the same destination ─ wherever that would be for Jack.

So she left, and my impression is that she will not be back this evening.  But I just don't know.

And now this evening I have to deal with my younger brother Mark when he gets home ─ the new washing machine that Jack bought is to be delivered sometime tomorrow morning, and we have to clear away the defective machine.

As I reported yesterday, the defective machine may well be fixable ─ Mark just never had time to check it over on the weekend because he was away camping.

Besides, the machine it had replaced is sitting there in the laundry area, and it has been repaired by Mark ─ we didn't need another machine.

He's going to be right bummed when he learns of all of this ─ especially since he'll be drunk.

So where the heck to put the defective machine?  If it truly is fixable, hauling it out into the open carport may well result in its disappearance.

I can but wait and see what the evening brings....


Have you ever heard of a fruit called ─ among other names ─ garcinia cambogia?

Just a little research will reveal that it has been proposed by many as a weight-loss aid.

However, researchers have now found that it just may have the solution to the kidney stones that so many people suffer from.

The active ingredient in this case is hydroycitrate, or hydroycitric acid (HCA).

HCA can not only inhibit the development of these infernal calcium oxylate crystals, but it will even dissolve those that have already formed.

I am starved for time, so that's all I will speak of ─ if you are interested in learning more, here are two reports on a latest study about this:

I am just happy that I do not suffer from kidney stone development.


Since I am not expecting to have time to do a comprehensive post today, I am going to at least include this entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.
SUNDAY, August 24, 1975

I got up about 6:10 a.m., but was very tired.  About 3:15 a.m. I got up and changed due to a NE.

I left about 9:30 a.m. to do my laundry; the place was so crowded I did not bother drying there, and came home with a Columbian television guide.

It looks like I am to fall into Bill's hands today; the sun forecasted for today is not valid.

He came about 1:30 p.m.; he said Mark & Cathy were going to the States with mom, and he wished to know if I cared to babysit with him.

I declined.

He then asked what time I would care to be picked-up after his duty was discharged, since he had a bottle of vodka; but I said I would likely retire early, having to work tomorrow.

So it appears my dream of yesterday is concreting, and I may be able to start my days very early in the morning again.

I soon after performed 400 easy leg-raises, and only quit from my fear of maybe wearing the tissue off my lowermost spine; I could otherwise have comfortably doubled the attainment.

This morning I created my final soup, eating about half for lunch; the other half is scheduled for supper after my full exercising and shower.

I plan to retire at 6:00 p.m.
Reportedly during the night, I realized that I had experienced a nocturnal emission ("NE"), and so I opted to get up to change my undershorts.

I usually went to a laundromat on the weekend, but tried to do so as soon after it opened as possible in order to avoid a crush of other launderers.

I likely found that copy of The Columbian discarded at the laundromat.

My old friend William Alan Gill and I generally hooked up on the weekend.  When he came by that afternoon, he had the news that my younger brother Mark ─ and Mark's girlfriend, Catherine Jeanette Gunther ─ were apparently going to take my mother Irene Dorosh on a drive into the States to probably do a little shopping.

Jeanette ("Cathy") had two little girls, and it would seem that Bill got enlisted to babysit them.  It was a chore I wasn't fussy about.

From what I understand of my younger self, I was intending to return to a fitness schedule that included getting to bed ─ and rising ─ very early.

I was only working one day a week ─ usually on Friday.  But when I reported in for work the past Friday, there was nothing for me to do.

And so I was coming in on Monday to make up for the lost day.
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