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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Consumer Reports Shameful Smear of Nutritional Supplements │ Still More 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade Photos

Well, I know that it was after midnight when I got to bed last night ─ not by too much, though.

My first break in sleep that found me conscious enough to realize it, was shortly before 5:00 a.m.

I took a bathroom break, and then struggled unusually hard to find sleep thereafter.  I had started to think about too many irritations in my life; and then a rather remote dog's barking became annoying perceptible.

I am unduly vulnerable where annoyance is concerned in relation to barking dogs, thanks to the damned brown hound living beyond our backyard fence for at least the past three years.

In fact, due to that animal, I have come to harbour a dislike of dogs, and I used to be a dog-lover.

Anyway,  I waited until well past 7:00 a.m. before getting up.

It may have lightly rained at some point overnight, or else there was heavy dew. 

I found that my youngest step-son Pote had preceded me in getting up for the day ─ he would have taken his girlfriend away earlier in his older brother Tho's car.  She had spent the night with Pote again.

My eyes were lightly burning with the irritation of inadequate rest, and my vision was suffering accordingly.

Still, I got to work on the new post I began yesterday at my Siam-Longings website, and put a fair bit of work into it before quitting near the finish of the morning.

Pote was to leave for work in the latter morning ─ but not before my younger brother Mark had gotten home after spending the night at his girlfriend Bev's home.

The day pretty much remained overcast.

I wanted to visit the government liquor store either today or tomorrow, and after considering it, I deemed that it would be best to have the task finished with today, thereby freeing me up to do some local grocery shopping tomorrow.

But I needed to rest my eyes.

So late in the morning, I just returned to bed, and undoubtedly exceeded an hour so ensconced.

Sleep again proved elusive, but there was some, I am sure.

My brother Mark was gone when I rose anew.  I thought that he was perhaps just out on some errand, but he was gone for the afternoon ─ he's going to be plastered when he gets home this evening if he's started drinking that extra-early.

My eldest step-son Tho was now up, and he soon sought a shower.  And thereafter, he was not long in taking off in his car.

And that freed me up to begin preparations for my two-mile hike to the government liquor store at 108th Avenue & King George Boulevard here in Whalley.

As I have often enough reported here, I hate going anywhere in the afternoon.  But there was something deeply lacking in me, and I was in no place to be doing the exercising that I would impose upon myself if I remained home.

And then there was the matter of having the ordeal postponed until tomorrow, thereby wiping out that day ─ the only one in which I have the house entirely to myself anymore.

It was 2:25 p.m. when I set off.  My route would first be taking me over to the Coast Capital Savings building over by the King George Skytrain Station so that I could deposit the monthly 'reckoning of expenses' cheque that Mark gave me a few days ago.

It was 4:00 p.m. by the time I walked back through the front door of the house, my foray over with.  I had bought two dozen cans of strong (8% alcohol) beer and a bottle of rum.

The two-mile trip home bearing that load was more arduous than I remember it generally being.  This is undoubtedly a testament to just how low my vitality has been today.

But it's done.  I hope for a haler day tomorrow.


A week ago, I ventured downtown and witnessed the 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade, so I am going to post some further photos of that day, just as I have in every post since last Sunday.

I have no descriptions.  This was the first time I have ever seen the entire parade, and I only once before saw even a partial bit of the parade.

Consequently, I am unfamiliar with the participants, and can offer nothing concerning them.

The Wonder Woman five photos above was the second one that I noticed in the parade.


Normally Consumer Reports does a valuable service, but they failed in their mandate late last month by slamming the nutritional supplement industry.

Heck, I'm not even going to link to their flawed report.

However, you can read a couple of reactions to that twisted piece of junk journalism, if you are of a mind to:

As the Alliance for Natural Health states:
As we’ve said before, the numbers show that supplements are overwhelmingly safe, especially when compared with pharmaceutical drugs. Cherry-picking a few ingredients that carry some risk to some people is hardly a convincing condemnation of the entire industry. Consumer Reports should be ashamed of this reporting.

I'm bushed, so I am going to close off now with this entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house I rented the room in was located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.
THURSDAY, August 7, 1975

I arose close after 9:00 a.m.; it is raining.

This morning I shall mail 3 letters:  an entry to Special K's "The Country Travellin' Life Sweepstakes"; a $9.10 money order for the book of Frazetta's artwork; and a $10 money order for an Olympic lottery ticket.

Last night Cathy gave me some dolls to donate to S.A.N.E.

On my way to dad's, I stopped to check out the pants situation at Woodward's, but being intent on getting some Star's and not finding any, I bought nothing.

I was pretty wet when I got to dad's, getting caught in a downpour.

As usual, I overate, a spaghetti dinner; I left 4 hours after finishing, shortly past 9:00 p.m. it was.

Dad & Marie were sober, but we equally shared the better part of a mickey of rum they had; they are very touchy toward each other.

When I left, the dusk sky was quite calm and clear.

From the freeway access, I ran all the way home, including the whole Canada Way hill, stopping only for lights.  It took me 40 minutes or so, I guess. 

There was a note from David giving me his address as #17 115-10th St; he stated he'd try to see me tomorrow at S.A.N.E., and mentioned wanting to camp even if Bill won't go sans Mark & Cathy.

I exercised fully.

I lied down a short while at dad's, and just may have had some slight sleep; anyway, I shall be in bed here before full 11:30 p.m.
I still own that Frank Frazetta book of his fantasy art.  I would love to be able to scan  pages from it, but some of the reproductions spanned two pages and it would be impossible to lie the book flat enough to capture the full scope of both pages ─ I would have to destroy the book.

There is actually a type of scanner that allows for such scans, however; but I could never afford such an excellent machine.  I'm not too familiar with these sorts of scanners, but they're upright and scan from overhead ─ an example is the Fujitsu Image Scanner ScanSnap SV600 (see here and here).

The dolls I mentioned were given to me by my younger brother Mark's girlfriend, Catherine Jeanette Gunther.  Mark and Jeanette were renting a home together located in Whalley.  My old friend William Alan Gill and I had been over there the evening before playing cards with Mark and Jeanette.

S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) was a New Westminster charitable organization I worked for ─ one day a week ─ as a truck swamper.  Today, they call themselves Fraserside Community Services Society.

I believe that this was the second month now in which my father Hector and his girlfriend Maria Fadden were living in an apartment located at 5870 Sunset Street in Burnaby.  I seemed to be visiting them about once a week back then, yet today I do not remember ever going there.

I would walk there, and then back home later ─ it would not have been a particularly light undertaking from where I lived in New Westminster.

I expect that the Woodward's outlet that I shopped at was the one located where the Royal City Centre Mall is now (see this brief Wikipedia description titled Uptown "6th and 6th").  It was a pair of Star jeans that I was after ─ this brand of jeans had a distinctive star stitched onto one or both of the back pockets.

It was likely that my father and Maria had been drinking the night before, and the usual course was that they would become quarrelsome with one another.  The hard feelings had probably carried over.

It was generous of my father to be sharing a mickey of rum if it was all that he and Maria had remaining for them to drink.

Man, I miss my father!

If I overate as I was able to do, then I would have needed to lie down for a time to recover before I could have made the trip back to my room.  Likely my father and Maria took a rest, as well.

I mentioned a freeway access as I travelled Canada Way for home ─ it was where I began my long run.  Might that have been at the Kensington Avenue intersection?

Canada Way today becomes Eighth Street in New Westminster once Tenth Avenue is crossed; and since I lived on Ninth Street, it was a convenient route to follow in getting back to my room.

It's hard to appreciate how much distance I would have run, unless a person is familiar with the whole area.

I arrived home to find a note on my door from my old friend Philip David Prince.  He also lived in New Westminster, and had just recently vacated what may have been Fraser Apartments ─ an apartment building that was soon to be demolished.

David had verbally mentioned his address to me, but I had failed to correctly memorize it and could not find his new abode.  Possibly I left my own note upon my door requesting that he leave his address when next he attempted to visit me.    

This is the first time I wrote anything of a possible upcoming camping trip.  But since David was never to camp with us, he either backed out or the trip just did not take place.

It boggles me now how I was able to exercise "fully" (whatever that entailed) after the long haul I had put myself through.  The hike I made today to the government liquor store ─ a round-trip of about four miles ─ entirely wipes me out and ensures that I will do nothing else of a physically exertive nature the remainder of the day.

I rather wish that I had recorded just what my exercise routine was back then.

However, I was 25...and today I am 66.
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