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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lasah the Elephant │ Acupuncture Proven Better Than Drugs in Treating Mild Cognitive Impairment

For once I have a clear memory of precisely when it was that I got myself to bed ─ last night it was midnight.

I had that break in sleep around 4:00 a.m. that led me to pay a visit to the bathroom, and fractured sleep held sway thereafter.

It was 7:01 a.m. when I checked the time this morning and opted to rise.

To my surprise, my youngest step-son Pote was both up and alone.  Did his girlfriend have to put in a shift today?

The pattern in recent weeks has been for the two of them to be spending the entirety of both Tuesday and Wednesday together.

This is fabulous if she is now having to work on Wednesdays!

Well, Summer seems to have ended around here.  We had lots of rain showers overnight, and periodic showers have kept resuming throughout the morning and the first part of the afternoon (it is 2:38 p.m. as I type these words).

With the early start that I got on my morning, I was able to persevere and finally finish and publish the new post I've been working on at my Lawless Spirit website: Holistic Therapy Center II.

Compounding a rather heavy breakfast/lunch with my wearied eyes, well into the noon-hour I opted to seek a nap ─ there was nothing else for me that I could do.

Pote must have the day off even if Priyanka did not, for he was still here at his computer when I rose again.

And that essentially catches me up on my day.

Two days ago I learned of a petition designed to have an unfortunate captive elephant turned over to a recognized elephant refuge.

These magnificent, intelligent animals do not deserve to be treated as cruelly as so many of them are; and their cause is one I always try to get behind.

In this case, the elephant is captive in Malaysia, so I honestly have no idea how effective a petition may be.

But here are the details as sent to me, if you feel concerned enough to climb aboard and add your name to the petition:

Free Lasah the Elephant!
Sign Now
36-year-old Lasah the elephant was born in the wild, but has spent the last two decades in various zoos, put to work in a logging camp, and forced to perform in commercials and movies. It is time to finally stop this abuse.

For the past 10 years, Langkawi Elephant Adventures in Malaysia has used Lasah as a tourist attraction. Visitors ride on his back for hours, often in extreme heat and humidity. And just recently, photos have surfaced showing that once the park is closed, all four of Lasah's legs are kept chained.

When Simon saw the picture of Lasah's misery, he was so angry that he started a Care2 petition demanding the elephant's release to the Kuala Gandah elephant sanctuary. Will you sign his petition?

Lasah's life has been marked by misery and exploitation, and one can only imagine what he has gone through in the last 10 years at Langkawi Elephant Adventures. He deserves to live out the rest of his life with dignity, surrounded by other elephants.

It is against the law in Malaysia to chain a wild animal by all four legs, which means that the government can intercede on Lasah's behalf. So if enough people speak out, we may be able to pressure the Prime Minister into forcing Langkawi Elephant Adventures to free poor Lasah.

Sign Simon's petition right now to secure a better life for Lasah tomorrow!
As I said, I did sign; but to be somewhat balanced about this, there is a July 16 article at nst.com.my in which Langkawi Elephant Adventures emphatically deny any abuse of Lasah ─ including the charge of keeping him chained:  Langkawi elephant ride operator denies jumbo abuse

However, two days prior to that article, freemalaysiatoday.com published this:  Horrific abuse of elephant in Langkawi exposed.

It is my understanding that Lasah is the sole elephant at Langkawi Elephant Adventures, and has been alone for over a decade now.

These animals are highly social.  Keeping Lasah in this 'solitary confinement' is without merit when there are elephant refuges that would gladly welcome Lasah into their elephant populations.

There is a follow-up article dated August 7 at freemalaysiatoday.comWhen will Lasah be sent to elephant sanctuary?


Earlier this week I linked to a checklist of questions that experts collated which was designed to help identify someone who might be entering into early dementia.

Obviously the sooner the onset of dementia is recognized, the more can be done to try and delay its development.

A study has revealed that acupuncture can help preserve memory and cognitive function of people who are still only mildly affected by dementia.

In fact, acupuncture was considerably more effective than a drug that is prescribed to preserve mental function.

But how many physicians are likely to prescribe acupuncture instead of pharmaceuticals?

And would health insurance cover any of the treatments?

Anyway, here's an article reporting on that study:

In addition, I have no doubt that any prescribed medications come with various side-effects, whereas acupuncture 'does no harm.'


Well, my peace here at home ended.

Pote's noisy girlfriend showed up again at 3:42 p.m., followed by her incessant babble, as well as shrieking and most immodest giggling.

I am going to close now ─ I got rooked into sitting in on a 4:00 p.m. (Pacific) webinar that was supposed to explain how to easily make $100,000 on Amazon in a year without selling a thing.

As I found out, the full megillah involved a software and membership offer of a mere $997 U.S., if I am remembering right; plus something like a $297 monthly membership. 

And that was only for those who acted during the webinar.

The price thereafter was to be an extra $2,000.

I am so bloody fed up with being conned into sitting for an hour or more listening to a webinar that turns out to be nothing but a damned commercial!

Here to close is an entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house itself was located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.

I was trying to establish super-early bedtimes, and of late had been getting to bed at 8:00 p.m.
SUNDAY, August 31, 1975

I got up before 4:30 a.m., but again, my night wasn't solid sleep.  

About 5:00 a.m. I left for 11 laps at the school track; my knee isn't perfect, but it did not worsen; maybe, if I am careful, I will be able to dispense with the long walks.

There was an old guy waiting for the laundromat to open when I got there, and we were soon joined by an old couple; by the time I left, 5 people were still there.

I plan now, about 9:20 a.m., to go over to Bill's place.

He answered, tho I got him out of bed.

I am tired right now, so my record hence will be concise.

He laundered at the Kwik-wash past Newton (David's folks have a plum ad there), and finally hit the Islanders in time for opening.

The array was Chinese food, and tho I gave Bill $2.50, he spent a ten (a drink apiece and a $1.10 tip).

Not too willingly, I accompanied him to Mark's; only he & Wendy were there.  We stood 'neath the plum tree outside, and at my mention, worked our way to the back investigating fruit availability.

The subject of wine arose, and Mark was bit by the Bacchus syndrome; so Bill drove us about, and we came home with booze recipes and a plastic trash can.  I owe a couple bucks share somewhere here.

Anyway, me peeling most, we sliced up a quantity of apples and now have the start of a brew at Mark's.

Cathy, quite unreasonably scurrilous of tongue, came home for a spell, and at dusk took off again, supposedly to go to the States with Cathy.  Mark doubts it.

Bill & I stayed till just past 10:00 p.m., then left.

At Ruby's Drive-in he bought me a cone plus a pint of soft ice-cream for home.  

I owe that dear guy a lot.

Home, I found myself too tired to exercise, or even shower.

Bedtime, 11:15 p.m.
My early morning run was at the New Westminster Secondary School track.

After that, it was time to do my laundry at a laundromat that I think must have been on Sixth Avenue near the public library.  I usually tried to get to it as soon after it opened as possible in order to avoid the crush of people using the facilities as the morning wore on.   

It's somewhat peculiar that I cannot remember just where my old friend William Alan Gill was living, but I don't believe he kept the bachelor suite for too many months.  It had to have been reasonably close to my room in New Westminster.

As for the Kwikwash laundromat that he was to visit out in Newton, there still is a Kwikwash Coin Laundry on the King George Boulevard (6764 King George), but I don't know if that is the precise location of the one Bill used.

It is interesting to me to read that my old friend Philip David Prince's parents had left an advertisement there, probably offering plums for sale.  They lived fairly nearby on Hyland Road. 

The Islanders where Bill and I attended a Chinese-style smorgasbord was likely in Whalley, but I no longer remember the business.

My younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther were renting a home together on Bentley Road in Whalley.  As the crow flies, the house was very near to 108th Avenue & King George Highway (now Boulevard).

I was undoubtedly reluctant to visit because I did not want to have a late evening.

Mark was home with our young maternal cousin Wendy Halverson. 

I don't remember there being any plum or apple trees at that house.  Evidently it did not take much at all to get Mark piqued to undertake wine-making.

Jeanette ("Cathy") arrived home in a testy mood, and supposedly soon left to go to Washington State with her friend Cathy.

However, Mark likely figured that they were just going to go to a local bar.

I made no mention of Jeanette's two little girls ─ were they at home with Mark and Wendy all of this time?

When finally Bill and I left, Bill stopped at Ruby's Drive-In ─ it may have been located on the King George Highway towards the top of the hill just a short distance outside of Whalley as we drove towards New Westminster.

Anyway, and so this day in 1975.

Before I close, I want to mention that a neighbour here in the cul-de-sac where I live is moving out today.  He and his wife are moving to Merritt.  

I hardly ever speak with any of my neighbours, but I likely have spent more time in conversation with him than with any of the others.

I don't even know his name.

And despite sometimes thinking that it would be nice to have some drinks with him, that has never happened.

I've never spoken to his wife.

Oddly, I am feeling a little wistful that he will be gone.

This should indicate just how isolated I am socially.
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