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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ludicrous Waiting Times to Reach Someone at Telus │ My Long, Long Night on this Date in 1975

My wife Jack had texted me yesterday that she would be coming home from Vancouver that evening after Mango Thai Restaurant closed at 10:00 p.m., and the clean-up of the restaurant had been finished.

So I prepared myself to expect a later night than I might otherwise have had.

Well, when she finally did come home, she was not here for even as long as 10 minutes ─ possibly five at most.

She had brought home a pasta dish that she had earlier prepared.

And if that was her sole reason for making the drive, I am perplexed.

Apparently she has to be back here on Thursday so that her youngest son Pote can have a ride to some medical appointment.

I have no idea what it's about, but maybe if he would eat far less processed and junk food, he mightn't have an ailment.  Some exercise wouldn't hurt, either.

He and his girlfriend were in bed by about 7:00 p.m. last evening, and only rose today to cook something for their breakfast or lunch ─ it was late in the morning.

Then they went back to bed to lie there in the dark watching something on her laptop.  They'll be finishing with that, and just sleeping again until his older brother Tho gets home from work and they can make use of his car.

Somehow Pote and his girlfriend have coincided Tuesdays and Wednesdays as their days off work, so I get the useless pair here all bloody day long on both of those days.

He works in the retail field in a sports shop over at Guildford, and she works somewhere as a server or similar role in some restaurant ─ maybe in Vancouver.

Adding to my day's annoyance has been that infernal noise-making brown hound beyond the backyard fence, barking and whining and baying.

But probably the most irritating thing thus far about my day relates to Telus.

I reported back on July 25 how I had managed to get through to "James" ─ one of their agents.  I called to cancel a service agreement I had signed on July 22 that would see a technician arrive early in August to instal Telus Internet and Telus Optik TV.

July 22 had been a Friday, so I had the entire weekend to reconsider and do a little research, uncovering a great many complaints about those services, and Telus itself.

So on the Monday (July 25), I made the cancellation call.

I think there is something key about canceling within 10 days of creating that service agreement.

Well, yesterday I received an E-mail saying that an installation technician would be arriving tomorrow (August 3) between 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. to proceed with the installation.

It is impossible to just E-mail Telus.

They have a 'chat' service, but it is specified that a customer must call by phone if the concern relates to moving or cancelling services.

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and sit through the wait to speak to another agent, and so I made a call once again.

The warning was that the wait times were in excess of 45 minutes.

No kidding.

Well after the 45 minutes I finally lied down with the receiver near my ear.  I began to relax deeply, but didn't drift off.

Finally I heard a woman's voice interrupt the looped pop music I have so little taste for, and in my haste and clumsiness to access the reciver from where it was lying near my ear, I managed to pull the telephone's cord out of the wall jack.

The cord's locking mechanism where it inserts into the jack was broken off long ago, so the end of the cord just rests inside the jack, and it's quite easy to disconnect.

Thus, an hour entriely down the drain.

I did call awhile later, but when I heard that the wait warning was the same, I was just not ready to go through that again so very soon.

It is 2:22 p.m. as I type these words, but I will have to make the call before business hours finish.

This experience is ensuring that I will absolutely NEVER willingly be a Telus customer.

And I cannot help but wonder if I am being scammed by Telus, and will be told that I failed to cancel the service agreement within the specified 10 days.

And now owe them some wretched fee if I want to cancel.

We'll see.

I will have to break off from this post to try and weather the long wait of a second call while there is still time.

By the way, it has been a heavily overcast day with occasional light rain showers, but I did see a little blue sky in the later afternoon.


Yesterday I posted some of the photos that I took on Sunday at the 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade ─ I will post a few more now.

I'm not going to describe any of them ─ I haven't enough knowledge of the particpants to be able to identify who it is that was parading by:

Concerning that last photo, see the chap walking the yellow line and pushing a baby stroller? ─ the man is wearing a bluish top and almost white pants.

It's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I didn't realize that he was coming along until he was about to pass me by, so this was the only photo I managed to get of him.


I have a long entry to post and close with from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster

My room was being rented in a house located on Ninth Street, just about at Third Avenue.

I was making regular ─ pretty much daily ─ hikes out to my mother Irene Dorosh's home in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey because she and her husband Alex had taken a trip 'back East' of possibly two weeks' duration, and I was expected to keep a check on their home.

It also happened to be my main mailing address; and although the house is now gone, its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.

The hike from my room to get there was about 1½ hours at a goodly pace.

The opening bit in my journal entry concerning a note I wrote and left on my room's door the night prior obviously requires some explanation. 

The note was for my old friend Philip David Prince.

He had asked another of my old friends, William Alan Gill ─ who then owned a car ─ to help David move from his room at (I suspect) Fraser Apartments in New Westminster.

Everyone in the building had been given notices to vacate.

Well, Bill is directionally challenged, so he was not able to find where David lived.

By the time Bill came and explained the situation to me, it was 45 minutes after the time David was expecting Bill to show up.

David had gone ─ even though he had little money, he had to hire a taxi to move him.  

It would only have required the one load, for he possessed very little.

Unfortunately, I could not remember the exact new address David had told me of, so Bill and I could not find him to apologize.
SATURDAY, August 2, 1975
I got up 8 hours after retiring; no, make that 7 hours. 

Last night I left a note by my door explaining Bill's attempt to move him, and again requesting his new address.

On my way to mom's this gloomy morning, I am going to leave on Bill's car a note explaining my lack of funds and subsequent inability to attend the smorgasbord, as well as my destination; the dame upstairs is out, so she shall have to wait at my convenience the payment of my rent. 

I wasn't too long at mom's when she and Alex came driving in.

They made a meal, and I fed.

Then Alex got a call; his brother died.

He was shaken; talking from the porch as he left on a fruitless trip to the closed IWA for cash, his voice was breaking up.

When he came back later, Bill phoned, around 2:00 p.m.

He wished me to smorgasbord with him anyway, and arrived later after mom & Alex had taken off to arrange a flight for Alex to Nashville.

Bill, learning if I ate, that he would be visitng Mark alone later, decided we'd do something else.

We tried a number of liquor stores, Bill finding beer at Kennedy; he bought a case for later, plus a jug of a strawberry wine.

We then bought (he did) a 3 pt carton of butterscotch ripple at Woodward's in Guildford, and went to his crabby mother's.

After eating, he paid his rent, but I couldn't raise the upstairs tenant to pay mine.

Then to Mark's; but no one was home.

We tried mom's, but they knew nothing; Alex's flight was to be 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.

So we headed to Nell's, finding them, Mark & Cathy, there.  Too, so were Larry's parents and 2 younger brothers, Ricky, and Jock.  

Of course, drinking was on.  

And so it went.

Eventually Gary arrived.

At night, everyone wanted to go to the Newton Inn; Cathy was quite a problem here.

In Bill's car were he, me, Mark & Cathy, and Jock.

We got seated at the Inn just in time for the show.

Cathy went mad, and she & Mark went outside to fight, taking Bill's car keys.

They came in later, and she was caustic.

When the show began again, she was daring anyone to pay her $2 to see her remove her top; this rather lengthy scene attracted the attention of many surrounding drinkers.

A weird evening.

We left at closing, with Bruce, I believe, added to the carload.

Cathy found the wine on the way.

We all broke into it at our arrival, horse-playing outside.  

Charlie and I were wrestling with Cathy for it, her mood being good, though she soon just refused to get up from the ground, claiming illness.  All the guys seemed to be lending a hand trying to raise her.

At some point I injured the fleshy part of my left hand, and scraped the surface of my right shoulder.

I believe I gave her a quick kiss on the lips at one point, I think; Mark was right there, to my surprise, but didn't seem to notice.

She did get sick a bit finally.

Inside, drinking continued.

At some point I went outside for some reason, perhaps feeling ill.

I sat in Mark's Vega, and Cathy soon joined me, saying to Mark she & I were going to Denny's to eat.

We went, rapping.

There, we had a couple coffees each and a hamburger with fries and a salad.  I think the bill was five something; she treated.

By now it was daylight, and we headed back to Nell's; Bill's Vega was gone, and there was no life.  Going there, I kissed her on the cheek to show I honestly liked her.  We really got dear to each other.

Going to her place, Bill was bedded on the couch, and Mark asleep in the bedroom.

She and I sat up talking, and sobering some.  She couldn't recollect many of her antics during the night, including some things she said.

Bill got up eventually.  

He and Mark went to Denny's, but did not come in and join us.  I feel some concern Mark may feel I am trying to encroach on his relationship with Cathy.  I love her dearly, but am not trying to  mess around behind his back.  I won't.

I wish, though, I could win a fortune, and be in a position for Cathy to fall back on if anything ever does happen to their union, but I hope this never becomes a necessity for some time.  I love my brother too.  I hope he trusts me; he can.

Anyway, Bill went for the kids later, and he & I thereafter left.

We decided to smorgasbord, so to kill time till it opened, we laundered.

When we finally did eat, I paid my way with the last of my saved cash.  $3.99.

I borrowed a depraved pocketbook (Mouth Love) and his August Penthouse, and finally bedded about 1:30 p.m.  
I only worked a day per week, and I had gotten my cheque the previous day.  However, my landlady seems to have been away, and an upstairs tenant was reponsible for sorting any mail for me that was dropped through the mail-slot in the door ─ I had some sort of receptable just outside my room's door.  This door led into the rest of the basement.

I also had a door to the world outside.

But that tenant never got home until after 6:00 p.m., so I was unable to cash my cheque.

And it seems that banks didn't open on Saturdays ─ I don't remember that.

But I had enough cash saved up and on hand to cover the rent. 

My mother's husband Alex was to learn that the International Woodworkers of America (IWA) also was not doing business on Saturday.  I don't know if they had a credit union in operation, or if he as a labour union member had hoped to get some sort of advance from the union for the emergency flight to the Nashville area where his recently-departed brother was living.

When my friend Bill showed up at my mother's home to try and persuade me to go to the smorgasbord, I let him know that if I did go, I would be unable to resist eating overmuch and would thus become incapacitated and unable to accompany him afterwards to visit my younger brother Mark and Mark's lovely girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther.

So Bill forwent the smorgasbord.

This part of B.C. seemed to be having a beer strike at this time, and whenever the government liquor stores managed to get a shipment of any kind of beer, it quickly sold out.

Bill lucked out and managed to buy a case at the Kennedy Heights government liquor store near where my mother was living.  Bill also bought whatever size of strawberry wine a jug would have been.

Then for whatever reason we went to the Woodward's department store that used to exist in Guildford where he bought the ice-cream.

Bill's "crabby" mother Anne Gregory may have been living in Maillardville.

From there, we would have gone to New Westminster so that each of us could try and pay our rents.

Following that, it was off to Whalley to visit Mark and Jeanette, but they were not home.

A revisit to my mother's home proved fruitless, but we were to at last locate Mark and Jeanette at my maternal Aunt Nell Halverson's home.  She was probably still living on 64th Avenue in Surrey, not too far from Newton Junior High School.

She always had a large household; and on weekends, there was just about always a weekend-long binge going on.  We loved it!

Larry Ernest Blue lived with Nell's family, and apparently his parents ─ and  his two younger brothers ─ were visiting from the Carmangay area of Alberta.  Also there were my cousins Ricky Hyatt from Calgary, and Jock Halverson (one of Nell's sons).    

I'm unsure just who "Gary" might have been ─ possibly Mark's best friend of the time, Garry Porteous?

Back then, practically all hotel beer parlours (or pubs) had stripper entertainment.  This was why going to the Newton Inn was problematic where Jeanette ("Cathy") was concerned.

I don't remember that incident of Jeanette being so angry that she tried to get back at Mark by soiliciting $2 bids for her to remove her top ─ of course neighbouring tables of guys would have perked right up!

I had seen Jeanette in a bikini for the first time just the previous weekend, and she was stunning!   

However things went, we all stayed until the Newton Inn closed, and then we headed back to Nell's house ─ my cousin Bruce Halverson (another of Nell's sons) was the addition in Bill's car on that jaunt back.

Jeanette discovered Bill's jug of strawberry wine on that drive back to Nell's.

Once we arrived back, it was Charlie Little I was wrestling ─ along with Jeanette ─ for swigs of the jug of wine.  Charlie was another who was staying at Nell's.

I must have taken a tumble or two to incur the bit of damage I described.  

Once the horsing around ended (and I had taken my stolen kiss of Jeanette), we all went into Nell's house to continue the drinking there.

I read that bit with interest about Jeanette finding me later on, sitting by myself out in her and Mark's Vega.  She soon decided that we should go and get something to eat at a Denny's.  

Incidentally, Bill owned a Vega, too, because he wanted a car like theirs.

Anyway, Jeanette got the car keys from Mark and announced where she and I were going, but we never realized that Mark and Bill later stopped outside and were surveying us.  This could have been when the two were heading from Nell's over to where Mark and Jeanette were living in Whalley.

Jeanette and I had likely been there quite some time, and Mark would have wondered on why we had not returned to Nell's.

Well, when we finally did, we saw that Bill's car was gone, and Nell's house seemed quiet.  There seemed naught to do but go back to Whalley.

Her two little girls were evidently left at Nell's, sleeping.

When we got to her home, there was Bill asleep on the couch; and Mark alseep in the bedroom.

For whatever reason, Jeanette must have been finding my companionship to be exceptional, for she remained up talking with me until Bill finally got up and spilled the beans about Mark spying on us at Denny's.

It was Bill who later that morning went back to Nell's and collected Jeanette's two little girls, bringing them home.

And then he and I left for New Westminster where we both lived.

But we never called it a night yet ─ we laundered together at a laundromat, and then we finally visited the smorgasbord that used to be located at the shopping plaza at Eighth Avenue & McBride Boulevard in New Westminster.

I have no memory of any paperback called Mouth Love, but Penthouse magazine was certainly popular with the guys.  I borrowed both 'works of literature' from Bill.

And at roughly 1:30 p.m. that Sunday afternoon, I finally got to bed.

And yes...I was very much in love with Jeanette.

Addendum:  I made that second call to Telus, and it probably took an hour to get someone to take the call.  But this time, I was lying on my brother Mark's bed ─ the telephone (landline) in his bedroom has a secure jack connection, unlike in my own bedroom.

The guy I spoke with verified that somehow the installation technician was indeed scheduled to come over tomorrow morning to set me up with Internet and Telus Optik TV, despite my service agreement having been cancelled.

So he said that he had amended that loose end, and no one should be showing up.

I am sorry for how poorly-constructed my commentary to my journal entry must have been, but I am very rushed for time and thus cannot compose with much care. 
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