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Friday, August 5, 2016

★ Some Doldrums │ More 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade Photos

I do believe that I may have surpassed midnight last night ere getting to bed, but I'm unquestionably foggy about that fact now late into the afternoon as it presently is.

I never seem to sleep well in the latter stages of my time abed.  I have no doubt that matters would be even worse if I did not have access to rubber earplugs, and a blindfold for use once the dawn has arrived.

I had hoped to do some local grocery shopping, but I simply did not feel up to it ─ the poor sleep, and bothersome eyes.

Besides, my youngest step-son Pote was up, and I am uncomfortable about readying for such forays when anyone may be privy to my doings.

And I became embroiled in the September 24, 2012, post I have been editing since Tuesday at my website Siam-Longings.  I had honestly thought that it would not be finished until tomorrow, but I fooled myself and got it done today, although I believe that the noon-hour arrived first.

But at least it has now been updated:  Flights Udon Thani Chiang Mai.

Pote was to eventually go to work, but he did not leave for his bus until well past 1:00 p.m.

And then this sordid soul, with "feet that be swift in running to mischief," became so engaged, and fully embraced the usual vile folly.

The day had become remarkably sunny, and I hated to waste it entirely, so just after mid-afternoon I set foot out into the backyard and sat in a chair on the lawn while facing into the Sun ─ my 40-minute session commenced at 3:17 p.m., and it as my first such session since Monday.

I wore but denim cut-offs.

My eldest step-son Tho arrived home from work just after I had begun the sunning.

My thoughts are preoccupied with considerable disappointment and hopelessness, so I am not feeling any facility today for blogging.

What purpose is there?

What purpose have I?

I believe that I will drop all further discussion of my day.


I received an E-mailed invitation yesterday to join the Target.com affiliate program, but I only got around to checking it out this afternoon.

I got past the first page or step of the application whereby I mainly gave details on me ─  i.e., location, website, and so forth.

Then I went to page two, and the first item there was a field to fill in under the heading "Description."

This was the only explanation of just what it is that they were expecting to be provided:
Please provide relevant information about your business or marketing capability to help us evaluate your application. 
It appears that the field has a 512-character limit.

What in blazes am I supposed to say to that?

Next up was the heading "Promotional Methods" with the following choices, each having a blank box preceding the option that the applicant is expected to check if it applies:
Search Engine Marketing
Sub Affiliates/Syndication
The 'helpful' explanation they gave was this: 
Select the top 1-2 promotional methods that you employ. Only select the most relevant options.
They obviously know that I have at least one website, or they would never have found my E-mail address and approached me.

Well, Conent/Blog would be all that could possibly apply.

But I am so put off by that first item ─ the field in which I am expected to supply some sort of selling self-promotion:  "relevant information about your business or marketing capability to help us evaluate your application."

My "marketing capability?"

All I intended to do was put up a banner or something of theirs ─ I have no intention of blogging about specific store products and trying to enact the role of a salesman.

So I am closing out of the application ─ that was page or step two of the application, and there were three more pages or steps.

Why all that bother when I likely wouldn't earn a darned cent anyway?

I checked my AdSense account just before starting this post, and it had nothing in it for today.  Why would I fare better with Target?


I have been posting photos that I took last Sunday when I was in Vancouver to watch the 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade.

Here are a further batch of those photos ─ I wish that I had been able to take far more of this luscious young lady rollerblading in her green bikini:

I tried to get some video of her as she was circling about in front of me, but that was precisely when she decided to head off down the street and got lost amongst the other paraders ─ all I got were six seconds of video as she headed off and permanently out of sight:

Anyway, here are other parade participants:

I'll add some more photos in tomorrow's post.


I'm set to close off now with this entry from my journal of 41 years ago when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house I was renting in was located on Ninth Street, just about at Third Avenue.
TUESDAY, August 5, 1975

I must have awakened shortly past 6:00 a.m., extremely weary; but further sleep did not come.

According to the news, I failed to win the Winnipeg toto derby; a Vernon woman won the $25,000.

Cashing my cheque was no problem, my girl rushing right over; she seems to have a good physique.

At the post office I bought two money orders; on my way to mom's these shall be mailed for an Olympic and a Western lottery ticket.

At Army & Navy I bought 2 Valdanti T-shirts for a total  of $3.55.

And finally, at Safeway I bought bread and oranges.

With my money orders I shall mail a $5 tithe.

There were great gobs of cloud in the sky.

At Scott-town I bought 2 more money orders, one for $4.93 and the other for $10, to order a "space blanket" and an Olympic ticket respectively.  At Econo-mart I bought a can of McColl's, a 3-pt carton of Foremost coffee ice-cream, and a Buddy Ebsen TV Guide

Threat of cloud helped sway me to glut at mom's; naturally, after I was stuffed, the sky cleared up.

For mail, aside from a Western ticket for Mark, I found an ad for "Books for Living," an ad for a book on cancer prevention, coupons for Western Lottery tickets from Canadian Big 4 Amateur Football Conference, a booklet Tithing from Ambassador College, and a F. and S.F. Book Co. catalog.

Mark, Cathy, & kids came over; yesterday they all went canoeing.  Darling Cathy was sporting a slight blackened right eye, blaming a doorknob.

Mom's detective-like suspicious mind made her consider Mark as the source, and I had to credit the possibility.

They invited me home with them, but I declined.  As it evolved, I stayed at mom's, exercising and rinsing while she was at work, and left at 10:00 p.m.

She wanted me to stay the night, but I pleaded my case of having to work tomorrow and desiring to do some running home.  I did eat enormously today.

Bed by 12:30 a.m.  
I only worked one day a week ─ Friday, as a rule.  However, on the past Friday, I arrived and was asked to come in on the upcoming Wednesday instead.

I had gotten a cheque in the mail the past Friday, but  my mail where I was living went first to my landlady via the mail slot in the front door of the house, and it would later be sorted.  Anything for me was put into a receptacle just outside the door of my room that led into the rest of the basement ─ I had another door that led outside.

Unfortunately, no one was home upstairs to sort the mail, and the cheque was not deposited into my mail-receptacle until after 6:00 p.m.  The bank was closed by then.  And since it was a long weekend, the bank would not be open until Tuesday. 

The cheques were made out from a Royal Bank account, so that is where I always went to cash them because I had no bank account anywhere.  I never had photo identification, either, so it could sometimes be almost a trial to get a cheque cashed.

But I had an angel working at the Royal Bank that I went to, a branch on Columbia Street in downtown New Westminster.  I actually think her name may have been "Mary," just like the attractive young woman in a Royal Bank commercial that had lots of play back in those years.

But whatever my angel's name was, she always came to my assistance if she saw me come into the bank.  More than once someone else tried to deal with me first, and of course the suspicious looks and questioning would begin.  But if my "Mary" saw me, she would hustle over and take charge of me from whomever I was struggling with.

She would simply tell the other bank employee that it was okay ─ that she knew me.

But she didn't know me; and I have no idea how it was that she trusted in me.  She came to mean a great deal to me, and I am sorry that I never got to know her personally.  

I spoke much about lotteries in my journal entries back then.  Lotteries had become all the rage now that the governments were involved in them.

And I truly believed that one day I was going to strike a big win, and it would turn my life right around.

Bu it never happened.

Anyway, I remember nothing of the "Winnipeg toto derby."  Obviously it involved some sort of sporting-related lottery or sweepstakes.  According to Wikipedia:
The name toto derives from totalisator machines which are used to process the parimutuel betting involved.
The Olympic Lottery and the Western Lottery are certainly familiar to me.  I often bought tickets as birthday presents ─ the tickets had to be mail-ordered back then, for there were no lottery booths, and stores everywhere did not carry them like they do today.

I remember nothing of any "Valdanti T-shirts" that I apparently bought at Army & Navy department store in New Westminster, but a little research shows that there is some kind of Australian clothing company by that name in the Surry Hills of New South Wales ─ I have no idea if it's the same company, though.

My main mailing address was my mother Irene Dorosh's home off in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey.  That house doesn't exist any longer, but its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.  To hike out to there from where I lived in New Westminster would take about 1½ hours of fast walking.

This was one of those days when I headed out to visit my mother and to check for my accumulated mail.

And to eat!

On the way there, I stopped in at Scott Town, the shopping plaza at 96th Avenue & Scott Road (120th Street).  The old name for 96th Avenue was Townline Road ─ thus, Scott Town.  There used to be a supermarket there called Econo-Mart ─ part of a supermarket chain that ceased operation as such many years since. 

The "McColl's" I bought would have been a big tin of peanut butter.

This would have been the TV Guide that I also bought:

Once at my mother's home, my excuse to overeat was the cloudy sky that meant I would not be overheated afterwards with a sunny walk back home.

Yes, it was to become sunny again, thwarting my rationalizing.  However, I was to visit very late that day, and not leave for home until quite late in the evening.

I would not normally stay as long as that ─ I always left before my mother's husband Alex got home from work.  However, he was away to Nashville on an emergency flight after he got word that a brother of his had died.

I had mentioned a $5 tithe that I was going to mail ─ I tithed to the Worldwide Church of God, even though I never attended it.  The booklet Tithing awaiting me in the mail at my mother's home was from that Church.

It would have been in the afternoon when my younger bother Mark dropped by to see our mother; and with him were his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther, and Jeanette's two beautiful little girls.

I cannot say that I remember Jeanette having that slightly darkened eye.

Mark and Jeanette were renting a home together located in Whalley, possibly 4¼ miles away.  It would have been a slightly shorter walk home from there for me, but I declined their invitation to come to their home with them.

I likely didn't want to become embroiled in a long evening, since I had to work the next day.  However, I did not realize that I was going to remain as long as I did at my mother's home.

She worked as an office janitress in the evenings during the week ─ her main gig was actually at Scott Paper in New Westminster, so I could well have ridden back to town with her.  

(Scott Paper in New Westminster is now Kruger Inc.

I was probably very determined to get in that hike back to New Westminster, and that's why I didn't ride in with my mother.

I have to halt this reminiscing and proofread this post ─ I am running out of time, and want a fast bath before my 8:00 p.m. supper, T.V. viewing, and evening drinks. 
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