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Friday, September 16, 2016

Two Cardiovascular Disease Treatments That Are Healthy and Transcend What Statins Can Do

That late-evening E-mail involvement kept me up late yet another night ─ it was 12:25 a.m. before I got to bed last night.

And of course, there came a finish to that first good stretch of sleep at which time ─ shortly after 4:00 a.m. ─ I sought use of the bathroom.

Thereafter, intermittent sleep ruled until 7:45 a.m. or so when I decided to rise for the day.

Youngest step-son Pote was up; his girlfriend who had overnighted had already gone.

He was to head off around 10:30 a.m. to catch his bus to work.

I spent some of the morning putting content into an old post at my website Siam-Longings ─ I mentioned yesterday that the post had never contained any content.  I had opened the post up for the first time yesterday since it had first published back in 2012, and realized immediately that I had edit work to do.

The original posts in that website had been created with an automation software, and I have slowly been working through them to perform such edits, for often there has been very little in them.  But it is rare that a post does not at least have an image or YouTube video.

Apparently the automation software could find nothing of relevance for this specific post's title ─ which may not be too surprising in light of just what that post title is.

But I don't want to spoil the surprise.  I'll provide the link to the post when the edit is complete, although I doubt that's going to happen until probably Monday.

My eyes are especially troublesome today.  I wanted to get away and do some shopping at Save-On Foods ─ a round-trip of about 2½ miles.  But when I knocked off work on that old post, I needed to lie down with my eyes covered.

I even positioned myself for a nap, but eventually I recognized that although I could relax rather deeply, sleep was not going to soon come.

And thus the rest that I did get had to serve.

The morning had been a blend of light stretches of haze-like cloud and expanses of blue sky.

By the time I had readied myself for the hike and set off, it was about 11:48 a.m.

I was back home by 1:06 p.m. at latest.

By then, the cloud was dominating the sky.  I have since heard on the radio that rain will likely arrived before the afternoon is done.

And it is expected to rain all of tomorrow.

Eldest step-son Tho had left here Wednesday morning to go somewhere like Harrison Hot Springs with his girlfriend and some friends, and I was expecting him to be away until maybe Sunday.  But the nuisance has shown up this afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

He and his younger brother just do their damnedest to ensure I have little time here at home to myself.

And why didn't he and his crew just go away for the weekend instead of unnecessarily losing three days work?  He could have booked off just Friday or Monday and been gone for the same amount of time.

It's irksome.


When I shopped at Save-On-Foods, I finally remembered to buy some flax-seeds ─ I posted about the little marvels yesterday.

I didn't buy a huge mess of them ─ I just wanted to find out if they could be easily ground in a coffee grinder.

Whole flax-seed ─ even when cooked ─ just pass through us and are not digested.

Well, I found that they can be ground in a small coffee grinder, and they don't gum it up like I feared they might.

I used four tablespoonfuls.

I have the ground seed poured over a still-hot concoction that I had slow-cooked in a covered frying pan on a stove element:  ground beef, chopped onion, chopped broccoli, a chopped fairly small potato, and the whole cloves of almost a whole bulb of garlic.

For seasoning I had used Himalayan salt, black pepper, turmeric, paprika, and dried rosemary leaves.

I'm probably forgetting some ingredient or other.

And just ahead of covering the cooked dish with the ground flax-seeds, I had spread around a chopped hunk of raw ginger root.

I plan to eat the dish while also munching on a stalk of raw kale.

My gut microbiota ought to be absolutely thrilled with what's to come! 


I wish to post the following photo ─ the description beneath it is from the Google album where I have the scanned image stored:

That is my mother Irene Dorosh at the right; over at the left is (I believe) her friend Kay Kris or Krys.

I have no details whatsoever to offer concerning the photo ─ neither the location, nor the date.

However, judging by my mother's apparent age in the photo, I would hazard that the shot may have been taken during the decade or so spanning 1985 - 1995.

Towards the end of August, the results of a study featuring cardiovascular patients who followed a Mediterranean diet found that the diet by far excelled so-called statin medication in improving health and reducing the risk of death.

Here are a couple reports on the findings:


And unlike statins with their dangerous and multitudinous side-effects, the Mediterranean diet has no ills associated with it ─ by far the contrary!

What throws me is understanding what the heck "a median follow up of 7.3 years" is.

Sometimes I think that Wikipedia deliberately tries to complicate its explanations just to confound laymen.

Regardless, if folks with cardiovascular disease rigorously followed a Mediterranean diet and also immersed themselves into the type of yoga that the following report is based upon, then how could anyone not find his or her way back to good health?

The natural way is always the best.


I am set to close off today's post now with this 41-year-old journal entry from back when I was 25 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting the room in a house located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.
TUESDAY, September 16, 1975

I got up at 5:20 a.m.; my left shoulder seems entirely as bad as it has been.

On my way to cash my cheque this overcast day, I am sure I saw a trimmed (poorly) David working his way seemingly to the bank; I delayed and looked for him, but lost him.

The girl at the bank tended me, we briefly discussing the weather; as before, she looked for my farewell wave.

From here I went to Woodward's where I bought Breeze (using a 40¢ coupon), butter, Safflo, a boiling chicken, and a Barbara Walters TV Guide; also, first, I bought a $4 money order for MuscleMag Annual 76.

Back at home, I fed on pancakes.

I lied down about 1:10 p.m., got some extra sleep, and stirred at 3:20 p.m.

Not too long after I moved to get my exercises and then my shower out of the way with an eye to forestalling a late arisal's (à la Monday) complications did I sit up till 11:00 p.m. watching TV as I planned

I stayed up, as it developed, till 10:00 p.m.
I mentioned in the previous journal entry that my shoulder had begun bothering me while I was walking home from visiting my mother, but I never got into any details of why it might have been hurting, nor if it was a problem prior to then.

It must have been my old friend Philip David Prince that I thought I had seen.  He had a room not too very far from mine.  He usually had quite long hair.

The $50 cheque I wanted to cash was made out from an account at the Royal Bank, so I always went to the branch on Columbia Street to cash such cheques ─ they were monthly payments for working one day each week.

I had no bank account anywhere, nor did I have photo identification.  Had I taken a Royal Bank cheque to some other bank, I would have had even worse trouble getting the darn thing cashed.

As it was, even at the Royal Bank, I was met with suspicion anytime I sought to have a cheque cashed because of my lack of picture identification, and because I had no account at the bank.

But there was one employee there ─ a lovely young woman whose name may have been Mary, just like a fictional helpful bank teller in the bank's commercials of the time.

Anytime Mary saw me come in, she would do her best to intercede and serve me, rather that let someone else make things difficult for me.

I never understood why ─ she didn't know me, but she always vetted me by saying to other bank employees that she did know me, and that my name was what I had indicated it was.

From reading the journal entry above, I must have made a practice of waving good-bye to her just as I was exiting the bank.  I don't remember that, but I'm glad to read of it.  

I wish I could know whatever became of this dear young woman.

Woodward's was in quite the opposite direction of my room as was the bank.  The department store used to be located on Sixth Avenue where the Royal City Centre Mall is now.

I already had a subscription to the new bodybuilding magazine MuscleMag International, but evidently the annual was something extra that required paying for.

I located a scan of its cover here.

This is someone's scan of the TV Guide I bought:

"Safflo" was Safflo Sunflower Oil as pictured here.

As for Breeze laundry detergent, I tended to buy the products that included a free towel ─ as long as the product was equitable in price to the other brands.

That explanation of why I exercised and then showered early might be a little difficult for a reader to untangle.  What had happened on Monday morning was that I slept in until 4:45 a.m.

Now, 4:45 a.m. is certainly early; but I had a very long hike planned for that morning that I wanted to commence as early as possible, so I had to forego a morning shower.  

Quite apart from the time the shower would have added to my start time, I would also have needed to dry my rather long hair ─ a most tedious process, for I do not believe that I used a hair-dryer.
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