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Friday, October 21, 2016

Alcohol Reduces Depression │ NSAID Painkillers Raise Heart Failure Risk │ 'Personal Space'

My wife Jack just left (around 3:20 p.m.) to return to Vancouver.  She had utterly surprised me by showing up last evening after my younger brother Mark had gone upstairs to his bedroom for the night.

Incidentally, he was senseless company once more.

Anyway, Jack had come to stay the night.  She professed to be extremely tired, and was sagging in a doorway for proper effect.

Yet when I noticed her finally go to bed, and then I followed suit, it was 1:00 a.m.

I think my first major break in sleep was perhaps just after 5:00 a.m., but I didn't resort to the bathroom.  That became necessary about an hour later.

I resumed bed, and it was 8:45 a.m. when at last I checked the time with an eye to rising for the day.

I did not expect to be able to get much done on the post I am working upon at one of my hosted websites, but I surprised myself by adding as much content to it as I have done on each of the previous two days.

Even so, I do not expect to have it published any sooner than Sunday.

Both my youngest step-son Pote and his girlfriend had today off work, so they slept together last night and pretty much spent most of the morning in bed.

Pote's older brother had gone to work in Burnaby...driving his car there.  This is the third time this week he has driven.

And we're into the rain again.  It kicked in fairly early this afternoon.

I want to post the following photo ─ the description beneath is from the Google album where I have the photo filed:

Jack, Tukta, and Tumma ─ the photo was taken on a Koh Samet beach in Thailand by Tukta's sister back in either late January or very early February 2003.

It was my very first time in Thailand, and these three ladies did a grand job of keeping me safe and cared for.

I was to marry tall Jack in late May 2005 ─ my third and last time in Thailand.
I wish I could have remained in Thailand upon marrying Jack.  Bringing her here to Canada in 2006 ultimately proved to be detrimental for me.

She changed far too much.

Tumma was to get a visa to go and join her husband in the Netherlands ─ she and Tukta had married at the same time to two Dutch friends.

However, Tukta's husband was deemed unable to support a wife, and she never did get a visa.  His health has gone downhill in the interim, and now it is impossible for him to even work. 

In April 2015, Tukta was in a serious traffic accident.

On August 7 that year, Tukta E-mailed me the following ─ this is just a portion of her message, and I am presenting it in her unretouched words:
My rib broken 3, pelvic broken 2 , punctured lungs I still be alive .. Today 4 months already.. I used wood walked support and don't know when I can be normal again.. And this evening I try to walk without walker it hard but I try,,

I have son I send photo to you so long time Now he is 2.7 year ( I adopted child )... His mom pregnancy and not need she want to do out,, But that time 3 years already I have good job.. And I think I can take care him..I gave money to her and asked her to keep kid for me.. Now I think I will be alive for him.. I have big problem in life now.. I no job , no money ,debt pay house and car . and bad health now ..

You still remember I married with Natherland man.. But he good man and love me but he so poor .. I can not get visa to Natherland and he visit me a few time then not more... His healthy not good also..  That time I have job I don't care I can be and not looking for marry again...I'm not alone I have son to take care.. And I don't how to solve now..And don't know I can work like before or not.. I'm 43 years not easy to find job ..In Thailand they like young people becuase pay not much money..The reason it hard for me...
The "wood walked support" were crutches that she needed to use to get around with.

She had some sort of supervisory or even managerial position, but because of her accident and subsequent period of rehabilitation, she lost her job.  Job security is nothing like it is in the West.

I wish that I could help her out, but I cannot.  I just haven't the resources any longer.


When I was a young man, I would drink to lose my crippling social inhibitions.  It gave me a confidence that was not naturally there in social situations.

In later years, I found that when I was extremely depressed and anxious, drinking brought some calm.  It would even numb my sensitivities and erase the anxiety.

Of course, there were those 'mornings after' where I would find my nervous system nearly a wreck, and I would feel timid and insecure as hell.

I hated to leave the house ─ a very bad thing when it's Monday morning and it is necessary to go to work.

Nevertheless, researchers have found that alcohol seems able to lift depression ─ and its effect can last for up to 24 hours.

I guess the key is not to get plastered and end up with a nervous hangover the following day.

Here are a couple of reports on that study ─ done in mice, incidentally:



There were a couple of periods in my working life where my job brought me such intense stress that I even prayed to God to kill me in my commute ─ preferably on my way to work at the start of the week, and not Friday when I was coming home!

My working life was a brutal agony.

I would arrive home and soon get into some drinking, for it would numb the fears and pain.

I could go on and on about this, but I dare not.

I cannot see how medical researchers will be able to resolve just how someone who is depressed is going to be administered a reasonable quantity of alcohol.  If someone is profoundly depressed, a little is not sufficient.

But I think I will leave the topic at that.


A study has found evidence that NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) elevate a person's risk of heart failure.

That's on top of previous implications in things like heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.


Concerning alternatives to NAIDs, NewMarketHealth.com offers this:
...As the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health -- the federal agency that studies alternatives to mainstream drugs -- has reported, numerous risk-free treatments, such as acupuncture, yoga and tai chi, can be just has effective in dealing with chronic pain.

Also, arnica has been used as a pain reliever for hundreds of years. It's available as an ointment and cream, and is very effective for soothing sore muscles and aching joints. It also can be taken orally as a homeopathic remedy (those tiny pills that you put under your tongue).

Capsaicin, a key ingredient in chili peppers, also can be found in various topical pain-relieving products, where it helps to soften the body's pain signals.

Unfortunately, too many of us are still in the dark about these much safer pain-relieving options and continue to take drugs that more and more studies are revealing to be unbelievably hazardous to our health. 
It's tough for those who are strictly limited financially, who lack mobility, and who are socially isolated.  Those alternatives are not all feasible.


If you go to Wikipedia and seek out the topic 'personal space,' you are taken straight to an article titled Proxemics.

I am aware that there is such a thing, but I have never felt compelled to delve into it to the degree that the Wikipedia article does.

Still, I know that the topic is fascinating to some people.  In fact, there is a recently-published study about it:  The magnetic touch illusion: A perceptual correlate of visuo-tactile integration in peripersonal space (doi: 10.1016/j.cognition.2016.06.004).   

It's a tough read, and I just haven't the interest in the topic to struggle with the study.  However, I did find the following report on the study to be of considerable interest ─ maybe you will, too.

It is easy enough to understand ─ its target audience are laypeople like most of us. 


Here is where I close with a 41-year-old entry from my journal, back when I was 26 yars old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house I was renting the tiny unit in was located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.

On tab for the day was a long hike out to visit my mother Irene Dorosh in Surrey.  Her home was my main mailing address.  And although the house no longer exists, its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.

The hike directly to her home from my room was about 1½ hours of fast walking.

But of late, I had been extending the distance considerably.  

I would follow the King George Highway all the way to Newton.  And from there, I would turn right onto the railway tracks, and follow them to where I was able to access the Surrey terminus of 90th Avenue at Holt Road, very close to Scott Road (120th Avenue). 

Just a half-dozen or so homes down 90th Avenue ─ on the right-hand side of the street ─ was where my mother lived.

The evening prior to this entry, I had gone to bed at 7:00 p.m.
TUESDAY, October 21, 1975

I slept badly, finally arising short of ─ no, after ─ 1:40 a.m.; so badly in fact that last night about 10:30 p.m. I arose and mealed on 4 pancakes, chewing leisurely.

Anyway, I shall be leaving for mom's via Newton before 5:20 a.m.; Bill is to appear there today for our first venture at health food cooking.

Shortly after arriving, I began to glut to what must have approached record proportions.  In fact, I swore off this type of dieting until I at least drop down to 175 lbs.

I shall eat alternately eggs (1 doz)  one day, 1 lb. liver the next, milk the third, and porridge the last; each day as well will see me eating any fruit I come across, or raw vegetables, depending on conditions, as well as an allotment of wheat germ and food supplements; perhaps as well a slice of bread with spread until I exhaust my supply.

I am determined.

Yesterday's mail was my Olympic swimming 8¢ + 2¢ stamps, a Church of God letter, and Mark's gift of an Olympic Lottery ticket; the nation today is experiencing a postal strike.

Mark is still a-hunting.

Phyllis came over in the morning some while.

Bill in the late afternoon arrived after phoning; we went to a health food store at Kennedy Heights.

Before being dropped off at home, I went with him to his mother's.

I am to come over later to view some TV.

Bed at 9:20 p.m.
My old friend William Alan Gill did not live too far from me ─ he had a bachelor suite.

I remember nothing of this "first venture in health food cooking" that we were supposedly embarking upon.  But my mother was a superb baker, and could make incredibly large mounds of yeast-raised dough ─ she often experimented with mixes of whole-grain flours, as well as including other types of flours such as pea flour.

My normal weight at barely under five feet 11 inches was usually in the lower 180s, but I had a serious weakness for food when it was laid before me because I was unable to afford much of it myself.

I cannot say that I recall that plotted diet.

The stamps I mentioned that had come in the previous day's mail were the latest Canadian commemorative postage stamps.  And the Olympic Lottery ticket was a late birthday gift from my younger brother Mark.  Lottery tickets had to be mail-ordered back then.

Phyllis is my older maternal half-sister.  She dropped by for a visit in the morning.

Anyway, I was spared the walk home, thanks to Bill.

So much for my day 41 years ago.

When my wife Jack left this afternoon, she said that she would be back again sometime on Sunday.  I have no idea when her trip to Thailand is to begin, but she has already pretty much packed up.

She will be going home to her village in Nong Soong, near Udon Thani (city), to visit her mother.  Jack hasn't been back since fairly early in 2013.
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