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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pain Relief Alternatives to Harmful Medication │ The Epidemic of Fatty Liver Disease (and Its Avoidance)

I logged into my AdSense account and was a little surprised to see that it had accumulated 4¢ today thus far.  I wasn't so much surprised by the figure, though.  Rather, it was the source that generated that figure:
  • siamlongings.blogspot.com.eg
That is the Egyptian domain for this blog.  I never even realized that it existed.

I ought to be getting out soon (it is 2:31 p.m. as I type these words) and mail an envelope for my wife Jack ─ she left it with me yesterday.  It contains her Employment Insurance Job Search Form.  I think that it's already a bit overdue.

I want to mail it at Pearl Photo / Canada Post over at Surrey Place (Central City), roughly a mile from here where I live.  My feeling is that by mailing it there, it will likely be collected today for sorting, and thereby has the potential to get delivered on Monday ─ its destination address is in Abbotsford.

But I'm a bit tired.

Thanks to having my younger brother Mark opting to sit up later than usual last night as we watched T.V. and drank, it was 1:11 a.m. before I was in bed.

I think I had a break in sleep just after 5:00 a.m. and used the bathroom, and then returned to bed until I next checked the time at 8:28 a.m.  I rose a few minutes thereafter.

I didn't feel as well-slept as one might have expected.  Maybe I had a beer too many last evening.

The day has been predominantly overcast, but dry.

I think that my eldest step-son Tho may have spent the night at his girlfriend's residence.  Or else he was up early and took his younger brother Pote to work shortly before I got up ─ I heard someone leave the house, and then the car drive off.

But Pote may just be using the car if his brother slept at his girlfriend's residence, for Tho is under a driving licence suspension.

Whatever the case, I have not had either of the boys here since I got up.  And Mark left ─ probably for the day, since he usually stays at his girlfriend Bev's residence on Saturday nights ─ whilst I have been working upon this post.

By the way, earlier this month I mentioned here in my blog that back in 1975, I finally received a book titled The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta that I had mail-ordered.  It had arrived on that same October day 41years earlier.

I had said that I would scan the front and back covers, but I kept forgetting.  So here they are now:

I have often thought that a few of his images would be absolutely fabulous imprinted on the back of traditional-styled denim jackets.  By 'traditional-styled,' I mean the denim jackets that only reach to the waist and are torso-enhancing ─ not the sloppy loose affairs, nor the ones that extend well below the waist.

Back in the mid-1980s, a young chap where I was then working had just such a jacket that he said he applied the image to by himself ─ it was an action scene featuring Conan, and it covered most of the back of the jacket.

I guess they call the process screen-printing.  I do have a jacket I bought soon after that which featured an extremely eye-catchingly colorful steer skull with possibly a pair of crossed feathered lances.

I had mail-ordered it from a Western clothing company called Cheyenne Outfitters that apparently went bankrupt in November 1998, if this reference is correct.

I received so much praise over that jacket that I rue I never bought others at the time.  I still have it, but the denim has separated in spots; and once I even had to have the collar replaced.  Unfortunately, the tailor only had brown corduroy to do it with.


Yesterday I mentioned a study that implicated NSAIDs in ─ among other ills ─ heart failure.

I included suggested alternatives to the medications, but I want to add this little extra as encouragement ─ these are a couple of reports on a study that has identified options for pain-relief of various conditions:

One other pain-relief alternative was reported on back in 2009 at ScientificAmerican.com Why the #$%! Do We Swear? For Pain Relief.

Unfortunately, if you are a frequent swearer as a matter of course, then this pain-relief method will likely fail you:
There is a catch, though: The more we swear, the less emotionally potent the words become, [psychologist Richard] Stephens cautions. And without emotion, all that is left of a swearword is the word itself, unlikely to soothe anyone's pain.

Have you ever heard of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)?  It is possible that you or a loved one may have it.  After all, anywhere from 2% to 5% of Americans have it, most have no idea that they do, and there is no treatment as yet.

None, that is, except a liver transplant.

NASH is the escalated end result of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) ─ and anywhere from 10% to 20% of Americans have that!

As the following article about it reports, pharmaceutical corporations are trying to cash in on this by devising a medication for it, but none have struck gold as yet:


The best course of action is to try and prevent it in the first place.  We can undoubtedly thank the food manufacturing industry for this epidemic.

Guess how researchers develop NASH in mice so that the researchers can run these treatment studies?

Mice were kept "...on a diet high in trans-fat (40%), fructose (22%) and cholesterol (2%)..."

That's from the abstract of a study titled Obese diet-induced mouse models of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis-tracking disease by liver biopsy (doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i16.673).

A report on another study ─ the one the STAT news.com article concerned itself with ─ is available here:

If you are eating lost of processed foods, then you are getting lots of trans-fats and fructose.  And your odds are excellent of developing NAFLD, and then NASH.

This is the advice from NewMarketHealth.com concerning avoidance of that specific liver-damaging diet:
It's the perfect recipe for fatty liver disease -- high fructose corn syrup, fructose and partially hydrogenated oils. Things you'll find in drinks like soda, tea and even fruit beverages -- as well as in everyday foods like bread, ketchup, cereals and salad dressings.

And trans fats are found in numerous bakery items and processed foods.

So here's what you need to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe:
  • HFCS isn't just in soda! All sorts of foods and drinks contain this laboratory sweetener. Read labels and put back anything that contains it.
  • Also ditch anything containing fructose, fruit sugar and crystalline fructose. These are typically just disguised names for very potent versions of HFCS.
  • Check labels for partially hydrogenated oils. The FDA has recently banned its use in food, but it will take years for that to fully go into effect.
The only kind of fructose you want is the natural kind found in apples, peaches and pears -- in other words, real fruit. The fiber slows its absorption and allows it to be digested in a different and healthy way.

I managed to get out and mail that letter for my wife Jack.  There was a fair amount of weak sunshine.

I left here at 4:37 p.m., and was back at the front door by 5:16 p.m.  I do not believe that I have walked that vigorously before in the entirety of this year ─ and it felt good!

I am going to close now with this 41-year-old entry from my journal, back when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house I was renting the little unit in was located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.
WEDNESDAY, October 22, 1975

I arose about 5:45 a.m., hoping I am able to adhere to my dietetic resolutions; however, it is evident to me I dare not yield up flour products, nor go hungry; I may consume a lot, but must never overeat again with currently one-meal regularity.  I shall fortify myself with supplements.

I typed up Jean a letter to be mailed on my way to dad's this largely clouded day; I heared upon me radio in the morn that there may have been some frost during the night.

Anyway, the posties are still striking, day two.

I leave for dad's ─ all exercises done ─ before 11:10 a.m.

I misjudged the cloud; my walking was mostly in sun, both ways.

I stopped at Woodward's, but they still haven't decent canned peanut butter.

Dad wasn't home; a note on his door explained this.

After draining in some brush, I came home.

I later went to Bill's for his idea of a chili supper; since my lunch, I have had indigestion, which possibly may be due to my vitamin pills and such.

Anyway, bed at 7:55 p.m.; cold out!
The letter I typed was for Jean M. Martin, an American pen-pal I had.

My father Hector and his girlfriend Maria Fadden lived in an apartment at (I believe) 5870 Sunset Street in Burnaby.

They had only been there around three months; I always walked both there, and back to my room again, whenever I visited.  

If a note had been left on their door, it must have been intended for me.  Perhaps they had some important appointment ─ my father hated missing my visits.

It seems that I required a little bathroom relief in the outdoors before undertaking the long walk back.

Woodward's used to be located where the Royal City Centre Mall is now on Sixth Avenue.  They had their own brand of peanut butter ─ a natural peanut butter that tasted unique to me.  So I always tried to acquire a 48-ounce tin of it.  If the link remains valid, you can see a tin of it here.     

My old friend William Alan Gill probably didn't live any more than about three blocks from me ─ he was renting a bachelor suite.

But so much for this day in 1975!

I shall proofread and then publish this post, have a bath, prepare a very quick light supper, and settle in for some Android TV Box T.V. programming while enjoying some drinks.  As said earlier, I do not expect my younger brother home this evening, so I will be alone in the living room.
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