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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Corruption of Coke and Pepsi │ Heart and Lung Surgical Medical Device Warning │ Chiropractic and Massage Both Beneficial for Migraine Sufferers

I am unsure whether or not I was in bed before midnight last night.  I had sat up a little later than usual because my younger brother Mark seemed so inclined as we watched T.V. shows via the Android TV Box he recently acquired.

The time of my bathroom visit upon experiencing my first break in sleep also eludes me, but it was 7:02 a.m. when I checked the time in the dark this morning and opted to rise.

We're back into some rain today after probably the month's sunniest day yesterday.  It's still rain ─ that is, there isn't even a breeze out there.

I spent some of the morning on an old post edit at one of my hosted websites.  But by 11:00 a.m. I was considering a return to bed, and did so a minute or two past the hour.

I think I dreamed, and was in bed for over an hour.  It was so nice being under the covers in the gloom while the rain carried on outdoors.  Midway through the noon-hour as it is now, the rain is something of a downpour.

Mark is apparently having his own return to bed.

I have no idea if either of my step-sons were here overnight ─ it doesn't appear that either of them is still sleeping in, and eldest step-son Tho's car is gone.  With his driving suspension, he may have spent last night at his girlfriend's home, and his younger brother Pote may well be using the car.

Pote may even be at work.

I have yet to hear from my wife Jack, nor see any sign that she has made it to her family in Thailand ─ she left on a flight late Monday evening to go there.

There are no updates to her Facebook account, and one of her hometown friends hasn't posted anything about her.

I did find some photos that one of her sisters uploaded yesterday, but they appear to display their mother at some sort of ceremony.  I would post them here, but I am not entirely sure that they are actually her ─ I would prefer to have one of Jack's sons verify it.

And maybe the boys know what the ceremony is about.

If it is indeed her, then she is in a wheelchair now.

In lieu of posting those photos, I will post some from precisely five years ago.

I noticed a Google notification this morning announcing that it had created a collage from five photos that it randomly selected from an album containing a mass of photos taken at a Hallowe'en party that Jack and I had attended:

Unfortunately, Google selected photos that did not include me in costume, but I will post the five original photos beginning with the left column.

I can only identify Chu Chu in this first photo ─ she's in the middle of the five people lined up together, and is standing next to the 'ladyboy':

In this second photo, the three ladies are ─ from the left ─ Bee, Fanta, and my wife Jack as a vampirish zombie:

In this third photo, we have again Bee, my wife Jack, and Fanta; plus Fanta's convict husband Scott; and Chu Chu is crouching in lascivious fashion below Fanta.  Chu Chu's husband Trent is just beyond Scott:

Now at the top of the second column in that collage, we have Scott, Fanta, Bee, Trent, and a woman whose name I have forgotten:

Lastly, I have no idea who these two kids are:

Well, I don't want to miss out, so I am going to add three photos that included me posing with the two beauties, Fanta and Bee:

Finally, here are a couple of my wife Jack helping to serve while looking her vampire/zombie incarnation:

Chu Chu and Trent were the hosts.  They were going to have a party this year, but with the death of Thailand's king, Chu Chu decided to cancel.

Well, I was wrong about my youngest step-son Pote ─ I heard him and his girlfriend finally up and stirring about in the kitchen at 1:20 p.m.


I used to drink a heck of a lot of pop as a mixer for alcohol, but I gave it up when I realized that the rotten stuff was eroding my teeth ─ I tended to hold the swill in my mouth for a while sometimes before swallowing.

And after that, I came to understand that there are lots of reasons not to be drinking soda-pop because of how detrimental the so-called beverages are to our health.

Well, the soda-pop industry in the States does everything it can to hoodwink the public about the hazards of its product.

Recently, the New York Times published a report about an investigation into how the industry 'bribes' various health organizations to get them to back off from hurting the sales of pop:

The report found a number of instances in which influential health groups accepted beverage industry donations and then backed away from supporting soda taxes or remained noticeably silent about the initiatives.

In one instance cited in the study, the nonprofit group Save the Children, which had actively supported soda tax campaigns in several states, did an about face and withdrew its support in 2010. The group had accepted a $5 million grant from Pepsi and was seeking a major grant from Coke to help pay for its health and education programs for children.

Responding to the new research, Save the Children said, in a statement, that the group in 2010 had decided to focus on early childhood education, and that its decision to stop supporting soda taxes “was unrelated to any corporate support that Save the Children received.”
Yeah, right ─ the $5 million had nothing at all to do with their about-face.

The corruption of these various health organizations when offered these bribes is appalling.

The Times ran a similar report last year:

The beverage giant has teamed up with influential scientists who are advancing this message in medical journals, at conferences and through social media. To help the scientists get the word out, Coke has provided financial and logistical support to a new nonprofit organization called the Global Energy Balance Network, which promotes the argument that weight-conscious Americans are overly fixated on how much they eat and drink while not paying enough attention to exercise.

“Most of the focus in the popular media and in the scientific press is, ‘Oh they’re eating too much, eating too much, eating too much’ — blaming fast food, blaming sugary drinks and so on,” the group’s vice president, Steven N. Blair, an exercise scientist, says in a recent video announcing the new organization. “And there’s really virtually no compelling evidence that that, in fact, is the cause.”
No compelling evidence that obesity is the result of consuming too much fast food and sugary drinks?

What freaking planet does that idiot live on, then?

It's amazing what someone will say when lavished with enough cash.


There is bad news for heart surgery patients ─ present, as well as long past.

A device used during the surgery has been found to be capable of infecting patients with nontuberculous mycobacteria.

Apparently the device is also used in lung surgeries:


A far more condensed report is here.

I don't know if Consumer Reports is misspelling the name of the bacteria, or if non-tuberculosis mycobacteria is an acceptable variation. 

Anyway, the infection may not present any symptoms for as much as six years.  And even then, doctors so rarely test for it that it is simply not identified.

Cases are simply not getting diagnosed.

Few hospitals warn patients of any risks, nor are those hospitals contacting former patients to alert them about the possibility of infection.  To do so might bring on a lawsuit, obviously.
...Consumer Reports suggests that patients undergoing heart or lung surgery ask their physicians whether the device will be used for their own operations, and if so, whether it has been tested for contamination or implicated in any outbreaks. If you’ve already had heart surgery, you don’t necessarily need to get tested for NTM, but you should be on the lookout for signs of infection and your healthcare providers should be made aware of the potential risk for infection. 
Good advice ─ keep it in mind if you or any loved one is facing either surgery, or if the surgery has been undergone in recent years.


There is a recent study that supposedly found that migraine sufferers received as much benefit from chiropractic therapy as they did from a placebo sham therapy.

Note how reports on the study tended to perceive it ─ this is one example:

People with migraines sometimes seek a chiropractor for help, but a small study suggests that any pain relief they get might be a placebo effect.

When researchers pitted real chiropractic manipulation against a "sham" version, they found both were equally likely to ease patients' migraine pain.

Here is a description of the sham therapy ─ ask yourself what sort of therapy this conjures up as you read about it:
The placebo intervention consists of sham manipulation, that is, a broad non-specific contact, low-velocity, low-amplitude sham push manoeuvre in a non-intentional and non-therapeutic directional line. All the non-therapeutic contacts will be performed outside the spinal column with adequate joint slack and without soft tissue pretension so that no joint cavitations occur. In some sessions, the participant lay either prone on a Zenith 2010 HYLO bench with the investigator standing at the participant's right side with his left palm placed on the participant's right lateral scapular edge with the other hand reinforcing. In other sessions, the investigator will stand at the participant's left side and place his right palm over the participant's left scapular edge with the left hand reinforcing, delivering a non-intentional lateral push manoeuvre. Alternatively, the participant lay in the same side posture position as the active treatment group with the bottom leg straight and the top leg flexed with the top leg's ankle resting on the bottom leg's knee fold, in preparation for a side posture push move, which will be delivered as a non-intentional push in the gluteal region. The sham manipulation alternatives will be equally interchanged among the placebo participants according to protocol during the 12-week treatment period to strengthen the study validity. The active and the placebo groups will receive the same structural and motion assessment prior to and after each intervention. No additional cointerventions or advice will be given to participants during the trial period. The treatment period will include 12 consultations, that is, twice per week in the first 3 weeks followed by once a week in the next 2 weeks and once every second week until 12 weeks are reached. Fifteen minutes will be allocated per consultation for each participant. All interventions will be conducted at the Akershus University Hospital and administered by an experienced chiropractor (AC).
Did you think of a rather serious massage?

So just because that group received as much benefit as did the chiropractic group, the study is supposedly indicating that chiropractic relief is itself only a placebo effect?    

Well, guess what?  

Massage therapy has also been shown to relieve migraines ─ just check out Migraine.comMassage for migraines: an introduction.

It mentions this 2006 study:  A randomized, controlled trial of massage therapy as a treatment for migraine (DOI: 10.1207/s15324796abm3201_6).

You are only able to see the abstract without payment of a fee, but note the conclusion in that abstract: 
Conclusions: The findings provide preliminary support for the utility of massage therapy as a nonpharmacologic treatment for individuals suffering from migraines.
So really, the chiropractic treatment was not placebo and no better than a sham treatment, because the sham treatment or massage is already known to also be beneficial to migraine sufferers.

Don't study researchers check past studies?


Well, my younger brother Mark headed away for the day at about 2:15 p.m.

I managed to draw my youngest step-son Pote's attention, and got him to look at the photos of his grandmother ─ he confirmed that it was her, but never realized that she was in a wheelchair.  He did say that he heard something about her having fallen quite recently, so maybe it's just a temporary inconvenience.

I will post the images tomorrow.

By the way, the rain has suspended, and there are even blue patches up there in the sky in the latter half of the afternoon.

I have a powerful hankering for a pizza, but the franchise I want to get it from is about a mile away.  I don't quite feel like the hike.

Here to close today's post is this journal entry from 41 years ago, back when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was  planning on a hike out to visit my mother Irene Dorosh in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey.  That little house now no longer exists, but it was my main mailing address:  12106 - 90th Avenue.

Lately I had been vastly extending the distance I covered to get there.

To walk directly there normally took me about 1½ hours at a fast clip.  But I had started trying to at least double that distance by hiking the King George Highway all the way to Newton; and then turning right onto the railway tracks that cut through there, and following them until I came to the Surrey terminus of 90th Avenue at Holt Road, close by Scott Road (120th Street). 

I was wrestling with which route to take on this day.

Note that I had retired the evening before at 11:05 p.m.
WEDNESDAY, October 29, 1975

By alarm I shocked myself awake at 3:30 a.m.

I did most of my exercises in the morn, and left for mom's via, hopefully, Newton at 6:30 a.m.

Notice the word "left":  that was a bit of forestalling on my part that went awry, for I did neither leave at that time in the rain, or go via Newton.

I'm really disgusted with myself over last night's lustful, perverse release.

Anyway, my departure time for mom's, directly, must be recorded as 7:15 a.m.   

She mixed and baked my bread for me; I arrived earlier than planned, for an oldish fellow in a van picked me up as I started along Scott and took me as far as the golf course. 

It rained all day.

I took 2 of the 6 small loaves that mom baked, and on my way home, aroused Bill to give him one and borrow a number of his fantasy comics; tomorrow I'll take them and the other loaf with me over to dad's.

As I approached, I saw a car coming along Queens Ave. crunch into the back side of a car coming up 4th St.

I will retire (and soon be asleep) short beyond 7:00 p.m.
I was disgusted with myself over a sordid dalliance the night before with a pornographic magazine.

I had forgotten that there was a golf course along Scott Road.  

I must have just finished crossing the Pattullo Bridge when the older chap stopped to give me a ride.  

I think the golf course was just before the steep climb of the Scott Road hill, but I can no longer recall if it was on the left or right side of the road. 

As I said recently in a post, I just about always accepted rides even though I was out for the exercise.  I knew that it was a selfless act for someone to take the trouble to stop and offer a lift to me, so I didn't want the Good Samaritan to feel unfulfilled.  

My old friend William Alan Gill lived in a bachelor suite three or four blocks from me, so it was no problem for me to stop by his residence to give him a loaf of my mother's bread.
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