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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Influenza Vaccine Lie │ Colonoscopies: Yes or No? │ The Origin of America's Opioid Crisis

Last evening m younger brother Mark and I watched a couple of the latest episodes of T.V. series we follow ─ but we watched them via his Android TV Box.

Our T.V.'s remote control ─ one given us by Shaw ─ needs to be reset to affect the T.V. and the Shaw digital box, but so many of the numbers on the remote no longer function due to overuse; it's essentially impossible to use it to punch in the four-digit code that initiates the reset.

So we had no choice but to watch T.V. using the Android TV Box.

Having no commercials is an exceptional way of becoming more fully engrossed in an episode ─ there is not that periodic interruption that pulls one's involvement away from the production.

Also, the Android TV Box uses the full screen of the T.V.  There is not that large dark area across the top and bottom of the screen as shown here:

The display via the Android TV Box fills up the entire screen ─ and that further helps with becoming fully involved in the production one is watching.

Anyway, I'm liking the device so far.

It was exactly midnight when I made it to bed last night.  I was half-expecting my wife Jack to show up, but she did not.

It was still raining, but rather lightly, and not with the earlier hard winds.

I was disappointed to have my first break in sleep arrive somewhere between 3:00 a.m. - 4:00 a.m.  I used the bathroom, and returned to bed.

I managed some further sleep, but another break became serious enough shortly after 5:00 a.m. that I rose again to stroan and drink some water.

Again I returned to bed, and managed to eke out a bit more sleep.  It was 8:11 a.m. when I checked the time and decided to rise.

As usual, I worked on a post at one of my hosted websites, but only accomplished half of what I can normally get done over a morning.  I had spent too long being diverted by one E-mail after another in my Inbox.

It is certainly a dank day out there, but it is not storming.

I sought refuge late in bed in the morning to recover from all of the time spent here at my computer, and I probably derived well over an hour in 'the sack.' 

My greatest bother is that my youngest step-son Pote and his girlfriend ─ who spent the night here with him ─ both have the day off and have shown no inclination to go anywhere.

It is an imposition I have no liking for.

Mark and my eldest step-son Tho (whose car still must be impounded by the police after he was discovered driving it last weekend following a licence suspension) have both left for the day, and well before 3:00 p.m.  Tho said that he was busing to his girlfriend's residence.

Mark probably will spend tonight with his girlfriend Bev; so it will likely be just me, the T.V. & the Android TV Box, and some drinks this evening.


The Associated Press (AP) has aired a fairly brief (less than two minutes) video of the CDC's Director Tom Frieden urging Americans to get out there and get the flu vaccination ─ you can check out the shameless sham here:

He sounds perfectly reasonable and personable, doesn't he?

Well, spanning all of the years from 2006 to 2014, the so-called Vaccine Court has awarded financial compensation to a total of 2,277 cases wherein victims of various types of vaccines have laid claim for damages as a result of serious harm or even death.

Again, that's for all kinds of different vaccines.  But guess how many of those claims were for harm done by the influenza vaccine?

Payouts went to 1,371 claimants. 

That's 60.21% of the total claims.

Now granted, more vaccinations are made for influenza than for any of the other types of vaccinations, but is that really the point?  The real point is that the flu vaccine is demonstrably dangerous.

Please also keep in mind that proving harm is a daunting task ─ it's a wonder there are as many successful cases as there are.  And of course, many people would never even realize that some adverse effect brought on by the vaccine was a result of that shot.

Incidentally, I got those statistics from this .pdf document produced by the Health Resources and Services AdministrationData & Statistics.

A doctor that Wikipedia loves to villainize, and who worked at the National Institutes of Health in one capacity or another for a decade or more, is Mark Geier.  That's the troubling Wikipedia biography that I linked to.

Anyone who challenges vaccine safety is of course officially vilified.

Nevertheless, there is a good article featuring him that was published back in February:


I will never willingly submit to an influenza vaccination.


I am 67 years of age, and have never had a colonoscopy.

Of course, I haven't had a family physician since I was in my 30s. 

Apparently there is a study that concluded that anyone aged 75 and older may not derive "much cancer prevention benefit" from the procedure:

That certainly got one chap editorializing rather strongly:

And then we have others still who believe that there are safer alternatives for this sort of cancer detection than colonoscopy:


I have to admit that I'm not at all interested in having some endoscope inserted into my colon, only to have it  cause a perforation of some manner.    

But how is it that "Americans are getting way too many colonoscopies?"  Is the procedure somehow delightful in a fashion I just cannot imagine?


Is it possibly true that the opioid drug crisis may have begun with the FDA approval of OxyContin in December 1995?

Wikipedia says that approval came in 1996:  "In 1996, Purdue Pharma introduced OxyContin, a controlled release formulation of oxycodone." 

The following is from the FDA website:

December:  OxyContin (oxycodone controlled-release) approved; first formulation of oxycodone that allowed dosing every 12 hours instead of every 4 to 6 hours.  OxyContin would soon become a focal point of opioid abuse issues that would continue to escalate into the late 2000s and beyond.
  • At the time of approval, FDA believed the controlled-release formulation of OxyContin would result in less abuse potential, since the drug would be absorbed slowly and there would not be an immediate “rush” or high that would promote abuse.  In part, FDA based its judgment on the prior marketing history of a similar product, MS Contin, a controlled-release formulation of morphine approved by FDA and used in the medical community since 1987 without significant reports of abuse and misuse.
  • Also at the time of OxyContin’s approval, FDA product labeling warned of the danger of abuse of the drug and that crushing a controlled-release tablet followed by intravenous injection could result in a lethal overdose.  There was no evidence to suggest at the time that crushing the controlled-release capsule followed by oral ingestion or snorting would become widespread and lead to a high level of abuse.

Purdue Pharma may have developed OcyContin, but it was apparently Abbott Laboratories that successfully pushed the drug into the marketplace.

You can read how that all started in this article that claims that opioids kill "an estimated 78 Americans a day:"


I'll stick with booze to alter my mood.

As for pain, I haven't had enough to have been prescribed anything beyond Tylenol ─ that was following my release from hospital following surgery to reattach my quadriceps tendon to my knee cap (patella) November 5, 2010.

I think matters were excruciating enough that first night or two that I may have taken a tablet or capsule or however Tylenol presents itself, but I soldiered on thereafter and only resorted to beer and sometimes rum to keep myself somewhat numbed.

But that's me.


I was wrong about my eldest step-son Tho going out ─ he had just gone back to his sleeping area.  Maybe he had just gotten back from his girlfriend's residence.

Anyway, the younger pair at least left just after mid-afternoon and went off somewhere.  So, some peace from that!

Also in the latter afternoon, a little wind kicked up; and late in the afternoon, rain.

I wish to close now with a 41-year-old entry from my journal, back when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster

I was renting the little unit in a house located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.
WEDNESDAY, October 15, 1975

I got up just after 6:30 a.m., having been dreaming of belonging to a group in which some members believed everyone should die with fire-bombs, and setting about realizing this.  They were chasing us through a town or city hurling the things at us.

I sure hate this getting up in the morning feeling like I have been stuffed; I wish Bill would take it upon himself to finish his turkey; I would if it were mine.

My S.A.N.E. cheque didn't arrive, so I checked the welfare; only later would they know whether or not they would be mailing them out (the postal folks threaten national strike).

I next cashed the $50 birthday cheque, and blew a total of $25.15 on Panther boots and $7.73 at Safeway.

Coming up 10th St Art's oldest and Steve saw me, she trying to get me to call later.

Next I went to Woodward's but could locate no decent pants or peanut butter; so I blew a total of $16.78 on Star jeans at Kelly's.

I shall now go to Bill's and try to persuade him to drive over to dad's; this way I may yet get my S.A.N.E. cheque today; I discovered him to be out somewhere enjoying this partially sunny day.

I made a poor try at gaining some sleep; I'm  unsure if I exceeded the semi-conscious state during the 1½ or so hours.

I am leaving for Bill's and supper about 5:40 p.m.

After gorging, finally discharging my dietary obligation, we watched a very interesting natural cooking show on channel 10 at 7:00 p.m.

Then Moose came over and stayed till we all broke up.

Bed at 9:30 p.m.

My weight!  

I could not sleep so arose at 10:30 p.m. for Bronk.

After foul release, bed 12:15 a.m. 
My 26th birthday had been on Saturday.  On Sunday I had a Thanksgiving dinner at the home of my younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther.  Then on Monday, I had a Thanksgiving dinner that my old friend William Alan Gill's mother Anne Gregory had prepared.

She cooked so much, that they insisted that I return the following day for another huge stuffing.

But even that did not finish off the spread, so I was expected back this third day.

I worked just a day a week at a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends).  They were involved in an employment initiatives or incentives programme in place with New Westminster social services, and thus it was that the latter were paying me whatever the single rate for social assistance was, plus a stipend for my work at S.A.N.E. 

Mark and Jeanette had given me the $50 cheque for my birthday ─ this was a fair sum at the time.

It was Samantha Smith and her little brother Steven Smith that I encountered while on my way back to my room from Safeway.  Their father Art was always trying to get me to drink with him.  I usually hated wasting evenings like that, for it would keep me up late into the night and generally make my next day a write-off.

Art must have told his kids to get me to visit or call anytime they might ever see me. 

I well remember Woodward's up on Sixth Avenue, but I no longer have any memory of a clothing store called Kelly's.  Star jeans were quite a popular brand, with a big star embroidered on one or both back pockets.

Bill had a bachelor suite fairly close to where I lived, but I think the meal had been prepared at his mother's rented home in Maillardville.  Or so I am supposing was the meal situation.

"Moose" was a co-worker of Bill's at Royal City Foods, a cannery that no longer exists.

I was always trying to keep my bodyweight poundage in the low 180s, and tried to be as active as I could.  However, gorging myself for four consecutive days was no helping.

I had forgotten all about a T.V. series called Bronk.  I watched it after failing to find sleep that late evening, and then came "foul release" ─ my guarded way of disguising having become too involved with a porn magazine.

Well, time now for a fast bath, and then my evening of T.V. and drinks commences!
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