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Saturday, November 26, 2016

💀 ☠ New Cardiac Medical Devices Being Approved Too Hastily │ Sommeliers' Brains Thicker in Key Areas │ Low-Normal Blood Zinc Levels Increase Risk of Heart Attack

We have had a day of drizzling rain, and the same conditions prevailed overnight.

This would have been a good day to get out and do any shopping, but not for me ─ it was yet another lost day.  Like the abysmal fool that I am, I sat up last night until well after 2:00 a.m. here at my computer doing naught of merit.

I honestly cannot approximate what time it was when I finished off the nonsense and went to bed, sparing my poor eyes further degradation.

Sleep was troubled in the latter hours of my time in bed, some of it attributable to a clogged nasal passageway.  The house environment is probably physically toxic; and the gas and electric metres are on the other side of the wall from the head of the bed ─ albeit my bedroom is upstairs, and thus above them. 

But being shackled within this debtor's prison is also toxic spiritually, and I cannot rise above the vile mutations that spring up in mind and soul when I have my guard down ─ which is too very often.  I am weak.

It was late when finally I got up this morning ─ maybe around 9:45 a.m.  That left me little time to work on the new post I have been putting together since Wednesday at one of my six hosted websites.  I only managed half the work I would have put into it if I had been sensible last night and gone to bed on the proper side of midnight.

It is 3:45 p.m. as I type these words, and I find myself alone in the house after rising from an early-afternoon nap.  My youngest step-son Pote had to go to work, and got a ride from his older brother Tho during the late morning.  My younger brother Mark had been napping before I sought my own related experience, and he was gone when I finally rose.  Tho was also gone.

It is good.

I am not expecting Mark back this evening ─ he usually spends Saturday night at his girlfriend Bev's home.  Thus, I should be having the living room, the T.V., and the associated drinking all to myself.  

But am I never to be financially freed from this debilitating cycle of utter nothingness?

On a related note, thus far today, my Google AdSense account has amassed 5¢ after the most unusual build-up yesterday of $1.25.  Until that figure had appeared, I was only averaging a penny a day in the account this month of November, so seeing such a big escalation in revenue was a dear surprise.

Since yesterday afternoon, I have been slowly uploading photos of my wife Jack's recent four-week trip to visit her family back in Nong Soong (very near Udon Thani), Thailand.

Her flight had left Canada the evening of October 24; and she returned this past Monday.

I am gradually uploading them to a second Google account that I have in order to make no impact upon the free gigabyte space-allowance that I have on my primary Google account. 

Thus far, Google has taken it upon itself to produce at least eight of its 'mini-movies' from the photos ─ slideshows of anywhere from 19 to about 48 seconds, with snappy musical accompaniment. 

I enjoy seeing these things accumulating.

Instead of any of those, I will just post this old photo whose description is from the Google album where I have the image filed:

This appears to be a flopped attempt to capture a photo of one of the beautiful ladboys who performed at the Alcazar Cabaret back in late January or early February 2003.

My self-appointed tour guide, Tukta, had driven me (along with Jack and Tumma) to the parking lot as darkness approached.

It was common practice for the performers to come out into the parking lot at the end of the night so that patrons could pose with them, and perhaps buy photos taken by Alcazar staff who would serve as photographers.

I expect that this woman intruded into the view and obscured the ladyboy in the gown just beyond her.

I only had a 35-millimetre film camera, and it would take a few seconds for the camera to react and take a photo when a photograph was attempted.  During those few seconds, this woman must have barged into the camera 'field of vision' and thus made herself the centre of the camera's attention.

I recently included some information concerning the FDA too easily approving new medical devices for heart patients, but I am going to touch upon the topic once more ─ first, this was a report that anyone facing possible heart surgery such as a stent should pay heed to:


According to JacksDailyDose.com, a big reason for these rushed and unnecessary approvals is because Robert Califf is running the FDA as Deputy Commissioner:
This guy isn't on the side of patients. He's a Big Pharma hack who's made a career of helping the industry get its stuff crammed through approvals as quickly as possible.

Now that he has the keys to the store, he's marching them through faster than ever -- evidence be damned -- and American patients could be about to pay the price in a big way.

So, if you're a heart patient and your doc is pushing some fancy new device, DEMAND to see the evidence -- then, go home, get on the computer and do your own research before you decide.

And for your best shot at beating heart problems without surgery, work closely with a skilled naturopathic medical doctor.
He links to one website where a person can search out such a physician, but I have no idea how exclusive the roster may or may not be.


I have known for years that my sense of smell seems poorer than some people's, so a study on 'wine smellers' (sommeliers) being referenced in the following article rather interested me:


As you might imagine, knowing that my sense of smell may be diminished from that of others leave me feeling somewhat disadvantaged ─ I would love to have thicker brain mass in key functional areas!

Alas, I could never be a sommelier ─ all wine pretty much smells the same to me.


A study review has come up with the conclusion that even though one's blood levels of zinc are within the recognized normal range, the risk of heart attack and even death increases at the lower levels of that normal range ─ the former by as much as 37%.

It was especially so for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

In fact, as the following report on the study states, increasing those blood zinc levels brought "improvements in intermediate markers of the progression of type 2 diabetes like glycaemic control and high concentrations of lipids in the blood."  


Zinc supplementation is something that must be performed judiciously, for it is easy to exceed safe levels.

I was pleased to see that the Wikipedia article on the mineral had a pretty darned good section on dietary intake, describing excellent sources, and advice on supplements. 

I presently take 10-mgs per day of zinc gluconate, but I am not shy about consuming animal products.  I perhaps should take less by way of supplementation.


I wish to call it a day insofar as blogging is concerned, so I am going to lead out with this journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house I was renting the small unit in was located on Ninth Street at Third Avenue.

On the day's agenda was a visit to my mother Irene Dorosh's home in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey ─ a goodly hike. 

The home she and her husband Alex shared no longer exists, but its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.  The hike to get there from my room was roughly 1½ hours of fast walking.
WEDNESDAY, November 26, 1975

Up at 6:00 a.m., and very underslept; fortunately this morning's ab-work was done last night.

Day 37 of the postal strike.

I am leaving for mom's about 8:35 a.m., planning to shop in Kennedy Heights for bread ingredients.

It developed that I shopped at O'Farrell's, or whatever Econo-mart is called now, buying wheat flour (20 lbs for $3.65) and raisins (2 lbs. for $1.33).

Mom was out when I arrived, but soon showed up.

I hugely overate today; but I am sure that once the white bread is gone, and if mom keeps her promise to thence bake solely whole wheat bread, I shall consume on a lesser scale.

On Tuesday a.m., Cathy mentioned to me that the possibility existed that for $100 I could rent a basement suite of a $375 or some such house they might rent in Burnaby; I never put much credit on this idea, and, mentioning this house to mom, she came out with the filler that, yes, she heard of it too, and Jeanette had said perhaps Phyllis could rent the basement suite.

Because of my eating, I didn't leave mom's till about 4:30 p.m.; likely I won't see mom again till after her Reno jaunt (they are going about half-price on a tour special); I do hope Phyllis doesn't move in while they are away.

My bedtime is roughly 7:00 p.m.
Instead of shopping at Kennedy Heights, I stopped in at a supermarket that used to exist in the Townline shopping centre located at Scott Road (120th Street) & 96th Avenue.  Econo-Mart as a chain no longer is extant.

My mother was an awesome baker of yeast-raised breads ─ I have no idea how she consistently worked up a massive mound of bread dough that was never even remotely sticky.  I sure couldn't do it.     

I had been at the home of my younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther long into the a.m. hours of Tuesday morning.  They had been away on a trip to Calgary for several days, and I was tending to their German shepherd Daboda.

I had been expected to spend the night when they surprised me by getting home perhaps after midnight Tuesday, but even though I did bed down after we had caught up and had a couple of Mark's yeasty home-made beers, I woke up early that Tuesday before dawn and hiked back to my room.

Janette ("Cathy") must have brought up the subject of that house.  However, my mother said that she had heard that they were considering letting my older half-sister Phyllis rent the suite ─ Phyllis was in between residences just then.

Whatever might have happened never did, for Mark and Jeanette never did live in Burnaby.

I think that whenever I visited my mother, I usually headed back to my room around 3:00 p.m.  But I suppose that because of how overfull I was, I opted to let things settle awhile longer before undergoing the long hike.

But back to the present.  Just a short time ago my youngest step-son Pote and his girlfriend arrived home, and he popped by here where I sit at my computer upstairs.  

He said that they had ordered pizza for supper, so apparently I am invitd to help myself when it arrives.  Also, he has contributed $145 to the monthly mortgage ─ it is quite uncommon to get a contribution.

In fact, his older brother Tho has never contributed, and he has been working for about three years while living here scotfree.
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