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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Gut Microbiome and Blood Sugar Control │ Constipation's Link to Kidney Disease │ PPI Heartburn Medication and Increased Stroke Risk

Good for me!  I made it to bed at 11:10 p.m. last evening.  Some of the motivation was just to shut my youngest step-son Pote and his girlfriend out of my life ─ I had my fill of their ongoing intrusive presence for the day.

But I also rather expected that maybe my wife Jack might show up from Vancouver.  If she was going to come home that late, I did not want to be caught still sitting up and then have to endure the long wait until she finally felt like going to bed.

She never made an appearance, though.

I think I paid a visit to the bathroom around 3:00 a.m. once I experienced a break ending that first block of deep sleep.  The remainder of my night's sleep may have been of the intermittent variety, but I was comfortable in bed and kept managing to return to unconsciousness.

It was 7:27 a.m. when finally I checked the time and rose for the day.

Pote and his girlfriend were still in bed, and were not to rise until nearly noon ─ utterly crimping my day.  It is now 3:07 p.m. and they have gone nowhere.  Because of their presence, I have been unable to cook or even engage in exercise because I just bloody have no heart for it.

I need privacy.  Desperately.

At least I did get out to do some local grocery shopping at No Frills about four blocks away ─ I set forth at 1:42 p.m., far later than I like.  I nearly did not go because of Pote and his girlfriend being here.  It all makes me feel so dispirited and resentful.

I am supposed to have peace and solitude during the workweek ─ it is my only chance.  But this is the second consecutive day that Pote has not gone anywhere when it is of use to me.  Sure, he and his girlfriend did finally go out in the latter afternoon yesterday for some hours, but I have no bloody day left by then ─ I need the day to myself starting early in the morning.

I feel as trapped as some hopeless rodent in a research cage knowing that it's probably where it's going to die.

But let's speak of the weather for a bit.  As I stated yesterday, I had heard on the radio that there were only two days in October without any rain hereabouts; and as of yesterday in November, there have only been two such dry days this month, too.

I haven't seen it rain today, but everything was soaking wet when I went out to shop this afternoon ─ even the streets looked freshly wet.

So if we have a wet day tomorrow, too, then both of these months will have probably been record-setting for the least number of rain-free days.

Also, it appears that I'm back on track for poor AdSense performance,  When I checked my account before commencing this post, nothing had as yet accumulated today ─ not even the token penny that so often has to serve as an appeasement for the day not being a total flop.

Before I leave this discussion of my day, two days ago I posted a few picture of a gang of young kids that my wife Jack photographed in her Nong Soong village, which is very near to Udon Thani ─ the kids were the very first subjects of her camera on her recent visit to see her mother and other family members.

Here are three more photos of those same kids that were taken that same day ─ her camera  indicates that it was October 27 (2016), but I don't know if the camera had been properly adjusted for daylight saving time/standard time changes this year.

Also, Thailand is 13 or 14 hours ahead of us here in this part of Canada; so even if the camera was set correctly for our local time and date, it is more than likely that any photograph that was taken would have been taken ─ technically ─ the following day over in Thailand.

Anyway, here are that gang of 'monkeys' aloft in the branches of a tree: 


There is good news for folks with blood sugar issues ─ diabetics, and so-called prediabetics (I read an estimate today that at least a third of Americans are prediabetic). 

Actually, there is no one who would not benefit from this assist in handling blood sugar.

The headlines in the following three reports ought to tell you what you need to know.  If you have cause to be concerned about your blood sugar levels, then please check out these reports:




A consistently thriving healthy population of gut biota throughout life seems to protect us against just about anything!


That same healthy gut micobiome may also protect against kidney disease, and even failure.  And it all has to do with how those bacteria can defray the onset of constipation.

Taking laxatives for constipation-relief is not the healthy answer, for as one of the following reports states, "it turns out that the dehydration that laxatives can cause is a significant link between constipation and kidney disease.




We've got to learn to prize those healthy and desirable microbes living within us ─ we simply cannot do without them.


Do you or does anyone you know suffer so badly from indigestion or heartburn that proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are commonly taken for relief?

There are my kinds of PPIs on the market ─ three examples are Prilosec, Prevacid, and Nexium.

Research keeps discovering that their use can result in more and more problems ─ the latest discovery is that they can raise the chances of suffering from a stroke:





As that final reference warns, anyone who regularly needs to take PPIs has that person in a very bad place:
If you're ready to ditch these meds once and for all, here's the most important thing you need to know: Don't stop cold turkey.

That can cause something called "rebound acid hypersecretion." In other words, the most awful case of acid you've ever had. That's why it's vital to taper down your dose slowly.

Well, just ahead of 4:00 p.m., I heard my wife Jack walk into the house.

She declared that she was exceptionally tired and going to have a nap, but she wanted us all to later go out to a restaurant over by Guildford.  It it's the same one that she has taken us to before a few times, I believe that it's Korean.

I let her have her nap, and then told her that I wasn't hungry enough to be going out to eat.  Granted, all I have eaten today has been a hunk of old cheddar cheese with some supplements, plus my day's two hot beverages.

But I really am not all that hungry.  Besides, it's too near to my evening of television and drinks.

Anyway, as said earlier, I have had enough today of Pote and his girlfriend ─ both of whom are going.  I am not at all interested in spending time with them away from home.

I caught up on some exercise while Jack was napping.  I might do some more when everyone is gone.

And then I will have a bath and shave my stubbly scalp.

For now, I am going to close with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

My old friend William Alan Gill and I were to try our hands at bread-making at my mother Irene Dorosh's home off in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey ─ he would be driving there, but I was going to do the 1½-hour hike.

My mother and her husband Alex had left for the week on a bus charter to Reno.

Their little home no longer exists, but its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue. 

Normally when they went away like that, I would come by the house throughout the week ─ maybe even sleep there some nights.  But my older maternal half-sister Phyllis ─ who was between residences at that time ─ was going to be staying there beginning on Sunday.

Thus, since this was Saturday, it was my sole chance for Bill and I to do the baking in privacy.  We were doing it there because my mother had all of the necessities.

Incidentally, Bill was renting a bachelor suite that was probably no more than three or four blocks from my room.

I had gone to bed the evening before at 9:00 p.m. 
SATURDAY, November 29, 1975

I remained abed till several minutes short of 4:00 a.m., and by 4:25 a.m. had left for my dozen laps.

There was no wind, and a clear sky; by the time I'd done, the whiskers about my mouth were well frosted.

The ankle and supra-ankle region on the inside of my right leg are becoming a bad casualty of the pavement-pounding, for I have a mounting aching there.

I leave for mom's, hoping powerfully that Phyllis ain't there, about 9:30 a.m..; I'll leave a note, and some literature if able, in Bill's car as I pass by. 

I was able to do this.

I, however, had the day entirely to myself.

And how I ate; one of the worst calorie amassings for a long while, and I weighed in at 185 before starting, too.

My first batch of dough (about 6 cups flour) resulted in one great loaf; with my second, I purposefully ignored appearances and got a better yield

Bill phoned about 4:45 p.m. saying he had had car trouble, and wondered if we could postpone baking another week; rather late, what?

His mother was in the background.

About ¾-hour later I was trekking back home.

It seemed so much later in the dark; the day was very cold, but never a bother.

I got no response to a buzz when I reached Bill's.

Just beyond Scott-town the same squashed white woolly little dog I first saw Wednesday is still on the road edge.

The phone at mom's rang quite a lot; I answered once; seems tonight mom & Alex were to have worked at the Kennedy Hall, or so came the retort when I explained Alex' whereabouts to some male caller.

Some perverse impulse compelled me to sit up watching T.V. till 9:30 p.m.  I'm fagged!
Those very early laps were run at the New Westminster Secondary School track.

I wonder just how much bread I baked, and how much of it I ate?

I expect that the "squashed white woolly little dog" was dead ─ reportedly, it was on the roadside past the Scott Town shopping centre (96th Avenue & Scott Road) as I headed home.  Its owners must not have realized where its little body was if it had been there at least three days.

The Kennedy Community Hall had lots of dances that my mother and Alex volunteered to help out at as members of the community.  Sometimes Alex even played in a band there ─ he had a Ukrainian background, and was adept with a dulcimer.

Perhaps it was even a tsymbaly ─ I cannot quite envision it any longer. 

Okay, returning to the present, it is now 6:30 p.m.  The diners left here a half-hour or so ago.  My eldest step-son Tho was the last to exit the house, so we spoke a little.  He was only reluctantly going because he didn't have the heart to turn down his mother.

He had actually been sleeping when she emerged from her nap and went downstairs to round everyone up.
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