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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

☠ 💀 Are You Unknowingly Taking Medications Unnecessarily? │ Frankincense Health Benefits │ Blue Light's Remarkable Ability to Activate T Cells

It is of course an excuse, but I honestly believe that living with my youngest step-son Poté and his omnipresent girlfriend is spiritually debilitating, resulting in the most negative mindset.

Instead of heading off to bed at a sensible hour last night, I remained here at my computer in a corrupt waste of time and resources.

It was after 2:30 a.m. before I finally put myself to bed.

I slept; and it was something after 6:00 a.m. before I became conscious enough to care to check the time and then use the bathroom.

As I returned to bed, I could hear my eldest step-son Tho's car returning home ─ Pote had probably been required to drive Tho to the SkyTrain so that Tho could get to work out in Burnaby.

Tho is under a driving suspension, and yesterday he had to attend court.  His mother Jack had spent Sunday night here from Vancouver so that she could be present to drive him.

I was unable to clearly hear how much he was fined, but it was at least $500.  We already knew he was under a year-long suspension from driving, but I am unsure just when it started and ends.

Jack had slept badly Sunday night.  She was to tell me that ─ just as when she slept overnight a couple of nights before ─ she did not get to sleep until around 4:00 a.m.

I asked her if she sat with Tho in the courtroom, but she said that she did not ─ she waited out in the car and tried to get further sleep.

Anyway, back to this morning.

I finally rose well after 9:00 a.m.  Might it have been 9:32 a.m.?

When I went downstairs to make my hot morning beverage, I saw that Poté was in bed ─ with his girlfriend.  Neither of them evidently had to start work early.

Under better circumstances I would have engaged in some exercise out in the backyard shed at some point this morning, but that was not going to happen the way I felt.  Also, having Poté and his girlfriend home is also a deterrent ─ I find her presence so very undesirable that I do my utmost to avoid all society with the pair.

And finally, that damned brown hound beyond the backyard fence has been shut outside all day, and has never been silent as it barks, whines, and bays its displeasure.

Just one more thing to drag me down this brilliantly sunny, but cold, Winter's day that will see no snow and ice melt.  It is good that I finally was able to majorly clear the ice off the sidewalk fronting our property in the latter afternoon yesterday when Jack was still here.

I spent this morning finishing the edit of an old (September 25, 2012) post at my Siam-Longings website:  Udonthani Real Estate Thailand.

That's my wife Jack at the far right.

I first commenced that edit on January 2nd, so it has taken me awhile.

I normally work in Firefox, and I had ensured that the many small images in the post were all displaying correctly.  Yet after I published the edit, I checked Explorer and saw that it may have had a couple that were failing to display; but when I checked Chrome, quite a large number were not displaying, and were only showing some text where the image should be.

Why the heck is that, I wonder?

Someone will visit the post while using their Chrome browser, and those failed image displays will be attributed to sloppy work on my part.  Yet it is Chrome's fault that the images are not present.

I so feel like forsaking blogging.

Yesterday I had lamented that upon checking my AdSense account before starting that day's post, my balance for the day had nothing.  I had already failed to earn even as much as 1¢ on both of the previous two days.

The notion of having a third consecutive day of failing to generate even a bloody cent in all of the many, many hours I had worked blogging over those three days was crushing.

But I saw in checking my account ahead of commencing today's post that one cent did end up in yesterday's balance ─ and I have apparently already generated a penny thus far today.

Nevertheless, why bother doing this?  I am wasting my life and my health in a futile bid to earn a second income somehow via the Web.

And that damned hound barks on.  But at least Poté and his girlfriend drove off somewhere just ahead of 2:00 p.m. ─ maybe one or both of them had an afternoon start at work.

Still...I too often feel as if I am doing nothing more here than composing a long, long suicide note.

By the way, in telling of that image issue my Siam-Longings' post had with Chrome,  it was the first time that I realized that I did not have Opera.  I have always just been taking for granted that the Chrome browser on my computer was Opera.


This is a lovely woman:

She is Milta Little, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

Many older people on medications tend to keep taking them ─ often for the remainder of their lives without ever questioning that some of the medications may not be required any longer.

And that's sheerest folly.  People should take as few medications as possible.
“As a geriatrician who quarterbacks the health care of my patients, I think six medicines usually is too many, and studies have shown mortality is higher among patients who are taking 10 medicines. I love to analyze medicines my patients are taking because reducing the number of drugs often makes them feel so much better. Many times, less is more.”
That quote is from here:


If you are at least 65 years old and taking over four medications for absolutely any reason, then this article is for you.  As she points out, our bodies change over time.  Some people will unquestioningly take a medication for years and years, simply because they have fallen into that habit.

It might be that there is no longer a reason to be taking something; or maybe a reduced dosage is in order.

To quote her again:
“As a geriatrician who quarterbacks the health care of my patients, I think six medicines usually is too many, and studies have shown mortality is higher among patients who are taking 10 medicines. I love to analyze medicines my patients are taking because reducing the number of drugs often makes them feel so much better. Many times, less is more.”
Read the article.


I don't think I was aware that frankincense is actually a herb that people can take in supplemental form.  To me, it has always just been a Biblical name used in terms of the birth of Jesus, and the coming of the so-called Three Wise Men bearing their precious gifts.

According to Dr. Marc S. Micozzi, frankincense is very beneficial to one's health, and he recommends taking it throughout the year:


Perhaps in my working life when I had a salary, I might have added it to my regimen.  But even though it's not terribly expensive, I cannot now afford it on my limited pension.

I never would have imagined that ─ as part of a dental paste or rub ─ it could help prevent cavities.


You likely know that the commercial 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide kills germs ─ this product is fairly common in peoples' homes.

But were you aware that our T cells ─ special blood cells that aid in keeping our immunity strong ─ also produce hydrogen peroxide when they are confronted with an infection?  They use it to try and overcome whatever is invading us.

And of course, it definitely helps if our T cells can get quickly to wherever the sites of infections are.

Well, researchers have discovered that blue light in the Sun's rays are not only able to stimulate movement of our T cells, but to also increase their ability to produce hydrogen peroxide.

These reports tell of this wonderful study's findings:





The implication is that anyone who is ill or with sagging immunity defences ought to benefit from blue-light therapy, but even though such 'light boxes' are available, one has to be very cautious not to end up with a fake.  A mere blue light bulb will not do anything of value.

But I am left wondering if this is the same blue light that damages our eyes?  I am sitting here at my computer wearing Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear to protect my eyes from the blue light that the monitor throws out.

I think that if I ever acquired a blue light box for T cell activation, I would just let the light strike my skin and keep my eyes protected ─ maybe even shut.  After all, this isn't like the light therapy boxes used for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) treatment where it is essential that the eyes see and benefit from the light ─ albeit not looking directly at the light source.

The blue light only needs to strike our skin surfaces to initiate its magic.


Here it is 5:21 p.m., and I am still happily home alone.

I will close now, for I have consumed naught all day but my two daily hot beverages.

Here to finish with is a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster

I was renting the small affair in a house located on Ninth Street, perhaps one or two houses up from Third Avenue.
SATURDAY, January 10, 1975

I arose at 9:15 a.m. approximately, tired but long-slept.

I typed up a rather disjointed letter to Jean.

Bill came by toward 3:30 p.m.  He was all hot to go to the States and buy a turkey; apparently Cathy offered to prepare everything if we bought one.

I tried to damper his enthusiasm; the deal soon struck me as being an unequal deal for us.

But he remained unconvinced.

Anyway we are to go across tomorrow, and take mom if she's interested, perhaps storing the turkey, if we got one, at her place.

He left; I am to be t his place at 7:00 p.m. for TV watching; he paid back the $10 I lent him.

I finished reading Jack Vance's 'The Last Castle.'  

I mailed Jean's letter on my way to Bill's.

I phoned mom from there; she's willing to go with us across the line.  I said we'd pick her up about 11:00 a.m.

I fed on most of a bag of peanuts.

Bed 9:45 p.m.
Jean M. Martin (née Black) was an American pen-pal I had.

My old friend William Alan Gill rented a bachelor suite, maybe four or so blocks from my room.

"Cathy" was Catherine Jeanette Gunther, my younger brother Mark's girlfriend.  I don't remember the turkey incident, so I hope that it did happen ─ I am sorry that I never got to spend more happy times with Jeanette than I did.

Bill had a nice-sized colour T.V.  I only had a smaller black & white T.V.

I expect that he gave me the peanuts to enjoy while I was watching T.V. with him.

All in all, it was a rather quiet Saturday.
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