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Friday, January 13, 2017

☠ 💀 Magnesium Reduces Risk of All-Cause Mortality │ Grandchildren Can Bestow Health and Longevity to Grandparents │ Dangerous Lead in Lipstick and Other Cosmetics

Here I be, confined yet another day to this house primarily because dissolute behaviour kept me up late last night in a corrupt expenditure of morale and self-regard.  Whether or not it is true, I have 1:41 a.m. in mind as my bedtime.

I did sleep rather well, though, not being aware enough of any breaks in sleep that had me check the time until it was after 6:00 a.m.

That was my cue to use the bathroom and drink some water.

I sought further sleep, and may not have checked the time again until after 8:00 a.m. ─ time to rise.

Prior to that bathroom break I had experienced a rather interesting dream that ended prematurely, but in the dream I had been potentially drawing close to a female protagonist who may well have been the Catherine Jeanette Gunther I have so often been mentioning in my journal entries of 1975 and 1976.

Clearly, I crave human intimacy.  I know that its absence figures in my frequent late nights.  And I think that this realization has tempered my self-criticism today over last night ─ mostly, I feel sorry that this is my lot.  I also would have liked to have slept longer.

After the bathroom break that attended the end of my first block of sleep overnight, I kept fixating upon the dream scenario, and had to struggle to get my mind off it in order to relax and try for more sleep.  Yet, I dreamed an entirely different dream, and again she seemed involved in it, and with me angling to win her affections and regard.

This second dream even involved some of my maternal relatives from that same period in the 1970s ─ people she was involved with back then to a degree that at least matched my own involvement.

Anyway, upon rising for the day, when I went downstairs to make my morning's hot beverage, I found the kitchen light on, but no one was home ─ and the front door was properly locked.

I spent the morning continuing work on the new post I began on Wednesday at my website Siam-Longings.  I was not yet entirely convinced that I would not get out for some shopping, so I dispensed with any morning exercising.

I had seen an E-mail notifying me of a WordPress.org forum post giving me instruction from someone at Amazon on how to set up a secondary E-mail account at the U,K Amazon website as a measure to get the Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin to finally work.

I have been fruitlessly trying to use the plugin since first downloading it around mid-December.

However, this morning I worked on putting content into the post without trying to follow the instructions given to add a secondary E-mail account, so I will not know until tomorrow if this was indeed the trick to getting the plugin to recognize me as having an Amazon Associates account.

I sure hope it proves the ticket to success.

This cold day began with some sunshine, but things have rather clouded over.  It is too cold yet for any of the ice and snow to melt.

My youngest step-son Poté walked in the door at 2:23 p.m., so my solitude in the house came to an end.

Here is a nice photo of my wife Jack, posed at the rear left corner of our home on a very warm and sunny September 8 (2016) afternoon:

I also want to present a Google slideshow ─ Google created the 23-second video from photos taken at Ayutthaya Historical Park last October 30, I believe.

I have posted all of the photos from the video in prior posts, so I might as well include the video, too.

As I have also explained in previous posts, she had gone back to Thailand last Fall to visit her mother, whom she had not seen in person in over 3½ years.

The family was able to obtain free passage on a train from Udon Thani to Bangkok, so they also decided to visit the Ayutthaya ruins ─ Jack had never before seen them.

This is Google's video slideshow:


A specific nutritional supplement is able to greatly reduce anyone's risk of developing heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes ─ and this is among many other of its benefits.

I wrote about this in a very recent post, but it is important to know about.

The supplement is magnesium ─ these reports tell of the study that brought this information on its disease prevention benefits to light:





I was sufficiently impressed that I increased my daily supplemental intake (of magnesium citrate) from 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams.  As the Wikipedia article I linked to says of it:
Although less common, as a magnesium supplement the citrate form is sometimes used because it is believed to be more bioavailable than other common pill forms, such as magnesium oxide. However, according to one study, magnesium gluconate is marginally more bioavailable than magnesium citrate.
I am happy enough with the citrate form.


I never had any children, so obviously I will never have any grandchildren.

But if you have grandchildren, then ─ provided that you are not their primary caregiver and substituting full-time as their parent ─ they are probably enhancing and extending your lifespan.

These reports tell of the study:





I located another report with a similar theme, but from an entirely different slant:


The study that the first four reports referenced found that caregiving for others was also beneficial.

However, the key was that the interaction had to be limited and not burdensome.  Once it becomes an endless chore, the charm effect on health and longevity seems to get...lost.


From time-to-time, we hear something about impurities in cosmetics that are potentially harmful, but it never seems to scare off enough consumers to force the cosmetic companies to do much.

Well, now America's FDA has issued a suggestion to these companies to try to reduce the amount of lead in lipsticks and other products.

It is so easy for users of cosmetics to absorb lead and other dangerous ingredients, and this becomes even more dire when the consumer happens to be a child.

Here are a couple of reports on this awful situation:



As abundantly stressed, no amount of lead is safe ─ and that is certainly so for a child whose systems are still developing and can be even more adversely affected than might be an adult's.

I know make-up can make a woman look astounding, but there is going to be a penalty to pay for using too much of the wrong product as the decades add up.


Pote's girlfriend showed up early in the mid-afternoon.

He had been getting considerable use of his older brother Tho's car, but it hasn't been around for the past two or three days.  I learned from Tho last evening that Tho 's girlfriend may be using it.

Tho has a year-long driving suspension.

The girlfriend having the car sure suits me ─ it was too bloody convenient for Poté to be driving off at all hours to collect his own girlfriend and bring here here to sleep with.  Now, the two have to put some effort into uniting.

I shall close now with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting the small affair in a house located on Ninth Street, and perhaps one or two houses up from Third Avenue.

My big plan for the day was to be a hike out to Surrey to visit my mother Irene Dorosh in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey.  

She and her husband Alex had a little home ─ long gone now ─ that used to be located at 12106 - 90th Avenue.  It was my main mailing address.

To hike there from my room usually took about 1½ hours of fast-paced walking.

The evening prior to this particular entry, I had gotten to bed around 8:30 p.m.
TUESDAY, January 13, 1976

I arose just past 3:30 a.m.

I wrote dad a note to mail today; I said not to be expecting me over.

I had a cold walk to mom's, and a dark start, having left at 7:00 a.m.

I overate today; I gave her 51¢ toward the goat yogurt, as I indulged heavily.

Mom was raging over Phyllis' thoughtlessness where Sherry is concerned, and was fed up with the kid's antics as well.

Cathy phoned her.  She gave mom the impression that the turkey is to be a dinner for all, this come Sunday.  And mom also felt Cathy was surprised to learn, on Monday morn I guess, that Bill had a turkey he expected her to cook at all.

Bill led me to believe it was her idea, and to be a meal for just us 4 and the kids.

I'm not reacting selfishly; it's just that I'm sick of being duped by his ─ Bill's ─ inability to understand anything, or to reason rationally.

Cathy also mentioned she would like to get a janitor job of 8 hrs. duration and have me share with her; I would be willing.

Bill was right that she's getting fed up with Garry's constant presence.

All I had for mail was a Church of God letter that arrived yesterday; they are pressed for means, and reckon the end to come from a period of months to a time of 3 yrs.  Rather alarming.

I left mom's with some carrots; it was snowing, then this turned to mostly rain, then back again to snow when I was in town.

Bill arrived here as I was writing this; he says Cathy denied knowledge of the turkey scheme to mom so as to be spared embarrassment.  This was supposedly told him last night.

I went with him to watch TV, and was fed some peanuts and at least a full $1 worth of health store yogurt.  'Twas undeniably sweet of him.  He's difficult to stay mad with.

I came home in nonprecipitating weather;  most all the snow's been washed away.

Bed 10:15 p.m.

I gave him $1 of the $3 I promised him toward the gobbler.
I had found a letter from my father Hector the evening before; he requested that I come and visit him again, and hopefully no later than Sunday ─ he would be watching for me.  

I had a thunderous falling-out with his live-in girlfriend, Maria Fadden, in the week or so before Christmas, and declared that I would never come back there to their apartment again.

Apparently I intended to hold firm.  But it hurt me to read this.  I really miss my father.

My mother was upset about my older maternal half-sister Phyllis, who practically had her young daughter Sherry staying with my mother and Alex.  Sure, Phyllis sometimes had to work; but she also loved to have a good time, and Sherry was an impediment in that context.

The telephone call my mother got was from the same girl I might have dreamed about twice this morning ─ Catherine Jeanette Gunther.  She was my younger brother Mark's beautiful girlfriend ─ they were sharing a rented home together that was located on Bentley Road in Whalley.

Two days earlier, my old friend William Alan Gill and I picked up my mother, and the three of us drove off to Mount Vernon in Washington State to buy a turkey.  My mother actually drove the car, because Bill had no sense of direction whatsoever, and I did not drive.

We had gone for the turkey because Bill had proclaimed that Jeanette had told him that if we bought a turkey, she would be happy to cook it up for us.

And now from my mother's conversation with Jeanette, it sounded like that claim was utterly bogus.

As I wrote, Bill later declared that Jeanette had told my mother that the turkey was entirely a surprise to her ─ this fable or fib by Jeanette because of some perceived embarrassment; but I cannot even imagine what the embarrassment would have been about.

Bill could be remarkably dense.

I wholly forgot that Jeanette had ever suggested that the two of us get a job together doing janitorial work ─ Lord, I would have loved that!  I adored the young woman.

And such a partnership might have been life-changing for the both of us.

It was Mark's old friend Garry Porteous that Jeanette was growing tired of having visiting each and every day for hours on end.

Bill was renting a bachelor suite maybe four or so blocks from my room.  He had a nice big colour T.V., so it was a pleasure to watch some shows on it ─ I only had a smaller black & white model.

I am still finding it curious to have possibly dreamt of Jeanette twice this morning, and she was essentially the young woman she was back in the mid 1970s.  These journal entries must be keeping her fresh in my mind.
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