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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Red Meat: A Healthy Choice │ Some Medications Can Trigger Glaucoma │ Iron Deficiency and Hearing Loss

It was looking as if I would finally be getting to bed at a decent time last evening, but then I got involved in making a post at the Udonmap.com forum.

I worked on the rather lengthy composition with considerable care, but I spent far too much time with it.

My bedtime?  I was not in bed until 2:22 a.m.

However, I did not exactly get a late start on the day, for I was up to stay perhaps six hours later.

My morning was spent putting further content into the post I began this past Wednesday at my Siam-Longings website.  I was to find that the Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin will still not recognize me as an Associate.

I won't yet again go into any details on the problem.  But crafting my latest troubles in a WordPress.org forum thread where I had previously been given instructions by an Amazon agent, took far, far too long.

By the time I was done, it was approaching 1:30 p.m. and I had done nothing with my day but sit on my ass in front of this computer.

So I went out to the backyard shed for a little exercising.

There was sunshine pouring through the open doorway once I unlocked and opened the place up.  So despite the cold temperatures keeping the ice and snow outside from melting, the Sun felt warmish.

My younger brother Mark was inside watching an NFL playoff game (Seahawks versus Falcons) ─ he had already taken a short nap.  I joined him watching the game after making myself something to eat.

Incidentally, just as I had come into the kitchen from the backyard, Mark had answered the door ─ two fabulously lovely Jehovah's Witnesses were there.  He said that they were the only reason he answered the door ─ he would not have done so had it been a couple of guys in suits.

Anyway, Mark finally left for the afternoon (and perhaps even the evening) just ahead of halftime.  So when the first half ended, I tuned out and came up here to commence today's post.

Seattle was losing 10 │ 19.

I have no idea if Mark will come back home this evening or not.  Perhaps he will spend the night at the residence of his girlfriend Bev ─ he typically does on Saturday nights, unless they get into a drunken squabble.

I might as well post a few more photos that were taken on (I believe) October 30 last Fall when my wife Jack and some of her family had the opportunity to visit Ayutthaya Historical Park.

My best guess is that these next shots were taken at the Wat Thammikarat area:

A selfie by Jack:

And here I will stop for today ─ there are still more.


Within the past few days, I posted about a review of studies on red meat ─ the review concluded that red meat in not an unhealthy dietary choice.

I shall again offer a couple of reports on the review:



In that previous post, I had observed that I thought the amount of meat being considered was...well, sparse.

Apparently Jack Harrison agreed:


I wonder if he is correct?  That is, were all of the reviewed studies designed around small amounts of meat, and thus they were not able to categorically state that eating more meat would then prove damaging?

Of course, if one's diet is exclusively the meat of mega-farm concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), then there are legitimate health concerns indeed.

However, the meat from organically-raised, pasture-based animals living as God intended may well be healthy in much larger quantities.


Ever since I was in my 20s back in the 1970s, I occasionally wonder on my chances of developing glaucoma.  I think that it all began to get my attention late in 1974 when I attended a full-time eight-week course in which an older chap was enrolled ─ he had glaucoma.

His obvious limited vision and the related troubles caused him by his deteriorating eyesight were disturbing to me.

Glaucoma is incurable, and most people who have it do not realize it until they have begun to lose their vision.



My vision has deteriorated severely since I last had my eyes checked out, back around 1997.  I hope to have them looked at no later than the coming Summer.


There is one nutritional supplement that I will not take, nor should most people ─ it is iron.

Yet research is learning that low blood iron is behind many cases of hearing loss.  Here are some reports on the research:



Iron supplementation is actually a dangerous undertaking ─ note this recent report at DrMicozzi.com:  Too much iron is killing you more quickly than you think — here’s how.

Your probable best option is offered at JacksDailyDose.com:  The TRUE cause of hearing loss… and how to fix it.

I still hear fairly well ─ I would love to be rid of my tinnitus, though.


It is now time for me to finish with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting that small space in a house located on Ninth Street, perhaps one or two houses up from Third Avenue.
WEDNESDAY, January 14, 1976

I didn't get up till about 6:40 a.m., and I still feel the weight of yesterday's eating.  I skipped breakfast entirely, and later occupied myself typing up Ron a letter.

I rested from about 11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., far longer than I either wished to or thought I had.  This place was warm when I arose this morn, but its frigidity was one factor in my long resting session ─ I never wanted to get up.

I mailed Ron's letter on my way to Bill's in a light rain.

He fed me half a medium-sized apple pie, a Suzy Q, and a tall glass  of milk.

I returned home in a drenching torrent.

I'll be in bed before 10:30 p.m.

I gave Bill a second $1 toward the turkey.
The letter was for Ron Bain, an American pen-pal I had at that time.

My old friend William Alan Gill was renting a bachelor suite, maybe four or so blocks from my room.  He was always very generous where food was concerned, probably because he loved to eat.  

The turkey was largely his purchase, but I had promised him $3 towards it ─ he paid over $13 for it in the States.  However, it was his idea to get it, so I wasn't feeling too stingy.

My younger brother Mark's girlfriend was going to cook it up at their home.  

As for this home today, I am here alone.  My youngest step-son Poté took off wordlessly around 5:30 p.m. afoot.  I think his older brother Tho left much earlier, probably to hook up with his girlfriend.  Perhaps he will spend the night there.

I am still wondering if Mark will show up this evening ─ maybe even with his girlfriend Bev.
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