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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Study Finds Coffee Extends Lifespan │ Antidepressants Increase Risk of Life-Threatening Hip Fractures │ Is Curcumin a False Idol?

I saw off my wife Jack early last evening as she returned to Vancouver after having spent Sunday night here.

No token good-bye kiss.

And as too usual, I now forget just when it was that I made it to bed last night, but I do know that it was ahead of 11:30 p.m. There was of course a bathroom break overnight, and my morning commenced shortly after 7:30 a.m.

Poté and his girlfriend were still in bed when I went downstairs to make my morning's hot beverage. In fact, they were not to rise for the day until after 1:00 p.m., although she did in the forenoon come upstairs here to use the bathroom.

I have no bloody idea why. There is a toilet downstairs. She certainly did not shower ─ she did that up here after the pair had risen for the day.

And they finally left me with my solitude around 3:38 p.m., driving off in Poté's brand new car. I hope that they are away for the long haul ─ i.e., that one or both of them have to work.

It has been a gloriously sunny day, but somewhat cool. When I went out to the backyard shed during the noon-hour to engage some exercise, the shaded lawn was still somewhat stiff with some frost. Still, I was tempted to sit in the sunshine after I had exercised, but I concluded that it was better that I get back into the house before the young couple had risen and taken over the kitchen.

I have no desire to any social discourse with them. My resentment at their freeloading intrusion erects that barrier quite regularly.

I might have gone on a local shopping excursion today had I been home alone.

I spent much of my morning continuing to compile material into the post I began January 24th at my Lawless Spirit website. I still have another three days of content to add if the going remains constant.

That's a lot of time spent on one post!

When I had done the allotted effort for today, it was necessary to resort to an hour or so of further bed time to rest my eyes and ease the strains of being seated for so long, hunched over on this metal chair I have at my low, cheap computer desk.

It was shortly after that rest (that had included a bit of a nap) that I was to venture out for some exercise in the backyard shed.

I am going to leave this portion of today's post with a couple of selfie's that my wife Jack took ─ quite possibly on November 4, 2016 ─ when she was back in the Udon Thani area to visit her mother after more than 3½ years.

There is not enough visible for me to venture where it was that Jack was at this time:


There is yet another study extolling the benefits of caffeine, as well as its metabolites such as theophylline and theobromine. The caffeine is observed able to reduce the sorts of inflammation that paves the way to a variety of degenerative diseases and brings on a shorter lifespan in those of us who fall prey to them.

These reports tell of the study:



I must learn to enjoy drinking my instant coffee without sweetening, though. The problem has been that I mix the instant coffee powder with unsweetened cocoa powder, and that makes the drink too unpalatable without sweetening.

However, I do not need to be drinking the cocoa powder like that to get its benefits. I could simply mix the powder into just about anything else that I might be consuming that day ─ something I might be eating. I will have to experiment with that.

As it is, my hot beverage comprised of a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee powder and a slightly rounded teaspoon of cocoa powder gets sweetened with three items: demerara brown sugar, liquid honey, and blackstrap molasses.

I only have two such beverages a day, as a rule. But it would be nice to reduce even that much hit of sweetening, I think.


We all know that the elderly tend to be more susceptible to falls...so why are they often prescribed antidepressants ─ even those who have mental issues such as Alzheimer's disease?

A new study has found that antidepressants increase the risk of hip fractures among all of the elderly, but it is more so in those with Alzheimer's disease ─ which does stand to reason, since they are not as 'with it' to begin with.

But any senior taking an antidepressant for the first time has three times the risk of a hip fracture in the first four weeks of using the medication than does a senior who is not medicated.

These two report tells of the study:



These were listed as the key points of the study:
  • Antidepressant use was associated with an increased risk of hip fracture among older persons with and without Alzheimer’s disease. Increased risk remained even up to 4 years. 
  • An increased risk of hip fracture among antidepressant users remained even after adjusting for use of other psychotropic drugs, which increase fall risk, among older persons with and without Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Hip fracture event rate was higher among persons with Alzheimer’s disease during the antidepressant use.
Another study reports that after a hip fracture...well the prognosis is that any senior suffering one has three times the risk of dying during the first year as does another able-bodied senior:


Yes, ageing can really suck.


A supposedly massive review of studies has concluded that curcumin ─ found in the spice turmeric ─ has no provable health benefit. These reports tell of that study analysis:



I wonder how many of those various studies just used supplements, and were taken without a meal? It should be well known that turmeric from curcumin will not be absorbed without fat present in the meal ─ so a supplement will just pass on right through the alimentary canal.

Or could this next report on that massive analysis be getting to the truth of why curcumin is being besmirched?


But even if there is no conspiracy afoot to impugn curcumin's value or benefit, the spice turmeric may still produce those benefits. As the Nature.com report stated:
[Guido Pauli, a natural-product researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a co-author of the review ] thinks part of the problem is that researchers don’t always know what molecule they are studying. Turmeric extracts contain dozens of compounds besides curcumin, which is itself used as a shorthand for three closely related molecules. In some cases, researchers may observe promising biological effects but ascribe activity to the wrong molecule.
If curcumin is being wrongly identified as the miracle ingredient in turmeric, and something else is actually the catalyst, then so what? On with a liberal diet of the spice turmeric!

I've never considered buying curcumin supplements anyway.


It is now 6:25 p.m., and Poté has remained away after his departure earlier in the afernoon with his girlfriend. Perhaps he did have to work this evening.

I close now with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting my small affair in a house located on Ninth Street, and maybe a house or two up from Third Avenue.

My bedtime had been after 4:00 a.m. after considerable drinking, so I would not be rising especially early.
SATURDAY, January 31, 1976

I awoke, I guess, for good at 9:30 a.m. or thereabouts.

I typed up Jean a letter.

I napped from about 1:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m.

Last night I learned that my mysterious knocker last Sunday may have been Garry, not Norman.

Bill dropped by about 5:15 p.m. with the list of yesterday's winning Western Lottery numbers. I lost, but still have hope for February 11 in the finals to be televised; Bill had been talking to Bruce and received his invitation for us to come over; I declined to accompany him, but he was not going to visit there long, having a date to meet Earl Macalear, or however his name is spelled, in the Flamingo.

He might come by here later so I can use his phone to call Mark, and mom if necessary, to learn about tomorrow's appointment to aid Phyllis move.  

Well, he came.

We decided to eat chicken tonight, so went over to Albert's in Surrey and bought a bucket; I gave $3.

After watching some TV at his place, near 10:00 p.m. I phoned and spoke to Cathy; Mark will pick me up about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

I took my leave  of Bill, and coming home mailed Jean's letter.

It's been foggy ever since sunset, I guess, and was deep into the day as well.

I'll be abed just before 10:30 p.m.
Jean M. Martin (née Black) was one of my U.S. pen-pals.

The knocking I was referring to that occurred the previous Sunday was not responded to by me. I would not normally answer the door to someone I was not expecting or did not recognize, so folks closest to me had distinctive knocks ─ or else they would call out and identify themselves.

When the persistent attempted visitor that Sunday finally left, I peeked out and saw a car driving off ─ and thought that it was my old friend Norman Daring, who was living upcountry. But it may instead have been my younger brother Mark's old friend, Garry Porteous.

He was generally good company, and practically family.

My old friend William Alan Gill was living in a rented bachelor suite, maybe four or so blocks from my room. It was probably my maternal cousin Bruce Halverson who had invited us over.

Earl Macalear or MacLear or however else that last name might have been spelled was an older family friend of Bills from Vancouver Island ─ possibly Port Hardy.

If Bill did indeed meet up with him later that day, it was to have been at the Flamingo Hotel in Whalley. My guess now is that they were to rendezvous in the beer parlour.

It was my older maternal half-sister Phyllis who was to be getting moved the following day. I phoned my younger brother Mark, but it was his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther I spoke with. Apparently the job was still on schedule.

All in all, an easy end to the last day of January 1976.
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