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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

☠ 💀 Fluoridated Water Behind Underactive Thyroids? │ Vitamin K Helps Keep Arteries Flexible │ Winter Depression

It looked good that I might be able to get to bed by 11:00 p.m. or so last night, but a conspiracy of little things derailed me ─ disastrously. I remember that one unsettling matter was having my youngest step-son Poté here with his girlfriend yet again.

This weighs me down, even when I am not much conscious about it.

But there is no mistake that the root of my ills is my own inherent weakness, and how swiftly I corrupt myself. So to that end, I sat up here helplessly at my computer, and was not finally in bed until 2:13 a.m.,knowing full well that I would be unlikely to do aught the next day except shelter myself away from the world here at home.

It was somewhere around 7:30 a.m. when I rose and began my sorry morning.

It was to be a markedly sunny day again, with a rather stiff breeze making things uncomfortable outside. The lawn was again stiff from frost.

But I found myself alone in the house. My younger brother Mark reliably goes to work each workday, but so too had both of my step-sons this day. That was some relief, of course.

I had more time than usual to work upon the post I set up on January 24 at my Lawless Spirit website. If I could get such an early start tomorrow, I could conceivably finish the post and have it published.

Despite my wounded spirit, I have maintained my daily exercising, including a chilly session out in the backyard shed.

So what else is there to say of today?

Poté finally showed up ─ alone ─ just ahead of 2:30 p.m. And toward 2:40 p.m., my wife Jack texted me that she had finally passed her road test and is no longer a novice (N) driver. She qualifies now for her full licence.

But this was her third try in about six weeks, so it has cost us $150. However, at least there will be no further cash outlays for any more failed attempts ─ she had others prior to those last three.

Incidentally, she took the test in Vancouver for the first time ─ all of her many past failed attempts were out here in Surrey.

Last Fall she charged the cost of a round-trip flight to Thailand so that she could see her mother for the first time in well over 3½ years. The family home is in the very large village of Nong Soong, perhaps a 15-minute drive from Udon Thani.

In the following two photos taken on (I think) November 4, 2016, Jack is at the left and wearing the denim top. The other gal is one of her two sisters, Lumpoon ─ who appears likely to have been getting fitted for some spectacles:


I was unaware that January is Thyroid Awareness Month (American Thyroid Association). Well, the month is done, but I read an interesting article today reporting on a known probable cause of low thyroid activity (hypothyroidism):


That is extremely curious that overactive thyroids were formerly treated ─ over the course of several months ─ with approximately the same amount of fluoride that people are probably drinking who have fluoridated water.

Of course the stuff would affect normal thyroids!

I suggest that if you have an underactive thyroid gland and are living in an area where your water is fluoridated, then you likely have the reason for your condition.


I would purchase vitamin K supplements if they were available in the supermarket or pharmacy that I normally buy my nutritional supplements at, but neither place stocks any.

Check out this enthusiastic report concerning a recently published study of the vitamin:


I found the very technical study, but I have been unable to locate any other reports about it: Vitamin K–Dependent Carboxylation of Matrix Gla Protein Influences the Risk of Calciphylaxis (doi: 10.1681/ASN.2016060651). This is only the abstract, for only subscribers can access the full study (although I did locate it elsewhere).

If you are curious to learn more about vitamin K and matrix GLA-protein, I think the following short article at PLThealth.com may be from as far back as 2009 or even 2008: Vitamin K is required to inhibit calcium accumulation in the arteries: New Paper in Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

I could well be wrong about that assessment of when that article was published ─ I am merely going by the fact that it stated that the study Matrix Gla-protein: The calcification inhibitor in need of vitamin K that was published in 2008 was new.

One other study ─ this time from February 2016 ─ you might try wrestling with is Matrix Gla-Protein (MGP) Not Only Inhibits Calcification in Large Arteries But Also May Be Renoprotective: Connecting the Dots (10.1016/j.ebiom.2016.01.026).

I'll leave you with it!


Dr. Marc S. Micozzi has a somewhat interesting essay on depression that you may appreciate if you struggle with any at this time of year:


He early mentions "moral therapy" ─ Wikipedia has a rather interesting article on it under the title moral treatment.

I just wish that I was not shackled to this computer for the hours a day that I am (and since late 2008), still futilely trying to derive a second income to augment my insufficient pension. Had I the time, I would explore meditation.


And here is where I close with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

The house I was renting it in was located on Ninth Street, and one or two houses up from Third Avenue.

On this day, my younger brother Mark was supposed to come over and pick me up to help our older maternal half-sister Phyllis move.
SUNDAY, February 1, 1976

I got up at 7:00 a.m.; earlier I had a conscious WD. I was in the back of a pick-up with a girl who was attractive enough, though heavier than I cared for. Anyway, I was caressing her pudendum through her clothing, which eventually got soaked, and she was rubbing her leg or something against me.

Okay, I'm going to rush this. Mark came for me something after 9:00 a.m.

We went to Nell's where we found Phyllis, and visited awhile, finally leaving with Mark behind the wheel of Duck's truck.

It took 2 loads to move her; after, we socialized some with her and Penny; I had 2 beers. Then we 3 went back to Nell's, meeting Bill just arriving. 

He said there was a plan afoot to go to the States, so I resisted Phyllis' offer to have my lunch bought.

Mark went home, and she left.

When States' time finally came, the caravan consisted of driver Cathy in Bill's car, me, Bill, Bruce, and Larry; in Mark's car was him, Eric, and Jock.

Anyway, the short of it is we went to Bellingham and got blasted. I think I spent no more than $2.

We broke up back at Nell's, but it developed that Bill was too drunk to drive, even falling down the outside stairs.

Billy drove us and Eric home, taking Bill's car home and promising to bring it over tomorrow. 

I visited smashed, staggering, slurring Bill a while after, unsuccessfully trying to find a pizza joint open, then hiked home.
I wish that I had managed more time to recount that wet dream! Mark must have shown up, so I had to stop writing. 

Phyllis was evidently over at our maternal Aunt Nell Halverson's home ─ her household moved fairly often, so i am now unsure just where they may have been in residence. The last time I identified their location, it was on 64th Avenue in Surrey, fairly near to Newton Junior High School (apparently demolished in August 2003).

We got to use Don Fraser's truck ─ Don was nicknamed 'Duck' for some reason.

I no longer recall the move, but this may have been when Phyllis moved into an apartment building located just about right beside the Kennedy Pub (11906 - 88th Avenue, Delta). Her friend Penny had an apartment in that building.

When we returned to Nell's, it was my old friend William Alan Gill who arrived at roughly the same time. Bill was renting a bachelor suite that was maybe four or so blocks from my room in New Westminster.

When those of us interested in the jaunt to the States set off, Mark's girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther was driving Bill's car because Bill never had any idea where he was, nor was he all that observant. So along with Bill and I, there were my cousin Bruce Halverson, and the Halverson's family friend Larry Ernest Blue ─ he was like a son to Nell.

Mark was driving his own car, with an older fellow named Eric, and our cousin John (Jock) Halverson, as passengers. 

We all successfully got drunk on American tavern beer.

Once back at Nell's, Bill was a lost cause. It's fortunate he never got hurt if he fell on the stairs leading to Nell's front door, for Bill was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, but weighed well over 300 pounds.

It was William Little who had to use Bill's car to get us back to New Westminster ─ I don't know where Eric lived.

Because of Bill's size, Nell's group nicknamed him 'Big Bill,' and William Little ─ Billy ─ was 'Little Bill.' As well, my Bill was never familiarly referred to as Billy, so Billy was still distinctive enough to identify Billy Little from Bill Gill (Nell and the rest just liked nicknaming people).

I don't mention when it was that I finally got back to my room, but it would have been fairly late if the pizza joints were closed.
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