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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Aortic Stenosis Surgeries: Two of Five Are Unnecessary │ Intense Exercise Lowers Men's Libido │ Osteoporosis Drugs (Bisphonates) Can Actually Weaken Bones

If I am remembering anywhere near correctly, my wife Jack left us last evening around 7:40 p.m. to return to Vancouver. Bedtime was especially early for me ─ possibly 10:38 p.m.

I rose once during the night to use the bathroom and to drink some water, but I seemed to be sleeping rather well. It was 7:02 a.m. this morning when I checked the time with an eye to rising for the day. It was raining, I realized, when I removed my earplugs. For all I know, it had done so most of the night; it certainly seemed to do so for the entirety of the morning.

I found myself alone in the house when I went downstairs to make my morning's hot mug of instant coffee/coca powder blend, although the kitchen light was on.

My body felt most odd. I had performed no exercise yesterday, yet my body felt a sort of tingling, much as one experiences when enjoying the aftermath of an exquisitely fulfilling stretch.

But the sensation was more debilitating than anything else. It made me want to lie down and luxuriate in the bliss of such total indolence.

Normally I try to get to work as soon as possible at one of my websites ─ I am presently working upon a new post begun a few days ago at my website Lawless Spirit. But my E-mail Inbox took control of me, and especially one response I made to a personal message.

And so I lost two hours of my earliest morning.

When I finally got to work, I managed to stick with it and put in an average day's effort on that post, but it exhausted the remainder of my morning. Of course, I did break for some exercise ─ all was not time spent sitting on my hard metal swivel chair, and hunched over a low computer keyboard.

Nevertheless, I will have to perform better this week ─ I want to get out on a couple of shopping expeditions. I cannot waste time like I did very early this morning.

Right now, though, I am going to present some photos that were taken last Fall when my wife Jack charged to credit the fare for a flight back to Thailand so that she could visit her mother for the first time since she last saw her in March 2013.

The photos in this set seem to have been taken on November 8, 2016, and my best guess is that the setting is a market somewhere in the city of Udon Thani.

Although I am not fully certain, I think that the woman in the first two photos is someone that Jack has always referred to me as being her "sister-cousin."

And now it's Jack's turn to be photographed:

And now more of the fare on sale:

More of my wife Jack and her beautiful smile:

Back to the produce:

And flowers, I think:

I bet Jack bought this sour treat:

If memory serves, this fish is encased in lots of salt when it is cooked:

And that's enough for today.


Are you at all familiar with a heart condition called aortic stenosis (AS)? If not, the condition is not at all uncommon; but too many of the surgeries performed for it are apparently unnecessary.

Surgeons like that payout, of course.

The estimate made in a study of these surgeries is that two out of five of the surgeries did not need to be performed. And it's not as if there isn't all that much risk ─ after all, one out of every hundred patients getting the surgery will die.

So...you most certainly do not want to be one of the two people who really did not require the surgery in that group of five getting it.

No ─ not even if your surgeon rather anxiously needs the cash for whatever reason.

Here are some reports on that study:






I pray I never have any cardiovascular afflictions.


Even though I am 67 years old, if I was out of debt and finally very well off somehow, I would take up a very exercise-full lifestyle. In fact, I long for that lifestyle. But it requires equipment, workout privacy, optimal diet, and lots of nutritional supplements that I cannot now afford.

Heck, I would even seek medical attention for a few issues I presently have if my life had become worth the while.

But a gym is not in the cards ─ I would never join one. I have never in my life had a workout in one. The only use a gym might ever be to me was if I was somewhere on vacation and needed to maintain fitness I had already achieved on my own.

Nevertheless. I realize that there are ridiculous extremes to exercising. And a very recent study declares one that men ought to pay attention to.

Here are some reports about the study:





Alas, I doubt that I am ever going to be under threat of becoming involved in extreme exercising.


Studies keep revealing that osteoporosis medications not only fail to bestow healthy bones, but they actually are responsible for bone fracturing.

So why do people keep taking them?

Note these reports on a latest such study:




The final few lines of the study are as follows:
For patients on long-term therapy, if this microcrack accumulation critical time-point could be predicted, bisphosphonate treatment duration could be optimised. Bisphosphonates could be prescribed for long enough to increase bone volume and reduce perforations, whilst stopping the medication before a critical accumulation of microcracks. Whilst it may be premature to rethink current fracture prevention strategy, caution should be exercised when prescribing bisphosphonates to all patients deemed at risk of fracture and the duration of treatment should be carefully considered.
Or why not just try the advice given at the end of the last report, and forget the damned drugs?

Yet according to the BBC report, despite what the researchers found, their position is this:
In the meantime the researchers say people should continue to take medications prescribed by their doctor. 
In other words, take the drugs and just don't worry about the consequences of what they'll be doing to your bones in the long run.


It is time now for me to close off with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster. It wasn't too much to speak of, but I was renting it in a house located on Ninth Street, and one or two houses up from Third Avenue.

My old friend William Alan Gill ─ who was renting a bachelor suite maybe four or so blocks from my room ─ had dropped by around midnight the night before, and we arranged that he would come by this day so that we could go shopping. Bill owned a nice new car, whereas I only had my feet to get me around.
SUNDAY, March 14, 1976

I got up about 7:30 a.m.

Bill said if he hadn't come before, I was to arouse him at 1:00 p.m.; so I'll leave here at 12:50 p.m.

I thought.

He came just as I finished writing the time.

We picked up his mother and took her to his place. Then we shopped at O'Farrell's where I bought meat & vegetables.

We dropped in and visited mom, having some cake and a muffin.

Then to Whalley in search of a butcher shop; we ended up at El Rancho. Then to London Drugs in Whalley.

Then back to Bill's to collect his mother for a ride to Crescent Beach and some ice cream.

Then back to Bill's for supper after dropping off my groceries.

I ate 7 slices of bread, 6½ meat patties, 8 cheese slices, and lots of mushrooms. I bought the cheese ($1.70) and 16 oz loaf of bread.

We watched TV, then at 9:00 p.m. took Bill's mother home. He bought me a Mr. Pibbs.

I borrowed his Penthouse (April) and Game for my Knave.

My short hair cut has been favourably commented on all around.

Bed just past 10:30 p.m.
Bill's mother Anne Gregory was renting a house ─ or part of one ─ out in Maillardville. However, she was quite a common fixture at his apartment, cleaning and doing other chores for him.

It seems to me that "O'Farrell's" was a supermarket located in the Scott Town or Scottown shopping plaza (Scott Road & 96th Avenue) in Surrey. That specific building has been numerous different supermarkets over the years, for none ever seem to endure.

My mother Irene Dorosh did not live too far from there ─ just over six blocks, on 90th Avenue. She was a fabulous baker!

I have no memory of "El Rancho" ─ the meat market Bill and I ended up at in Whalley. It is undoubtedly long gone. However, London Drugs is probably still at the same location.

Bill sure did a lost of driving about that day.

But back to the present ─ Jack interrupted this portion of my post with a call. She wanted me to transfer some money for her to the Siam Commercial Bank in Thailand for her family. It was money from her own account, so I did as she asked.

However, a Canadian dollar is only worth .7253 U.S. ─ and the money can only be transferred as American currency. Thus, it will have to undergo a further conversion into Thai baht thereafter.

I am sure we lose some value with each of those currency conversions.

And the transfer itself cost $13.50.

Will I ever see an end to debt?
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