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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Emotionally Distressed Men Opt for Prostate Cancer Treatment Instead of Surveillance │ Toxic Gluten-Free Foods │ Toxicity Effects of Food-Additive Nanomaterial Titanium Dioxide

It wasn't too very long after 11:00 p.m. when I made it to bed last night.

I find that I still seem to be perspiring considerably overnight, but anytime I am awake there are no trickles of sweat on my torso. Yet I keep the bedding damp, as well as my undershorts, and the sleeveless hooded top that I wear just so I can keep the bandaging over my left cheek nicely wrapped up and held in place.

Can the infection within the cavity of the wound on my left cheek still be such a force that my immune system battling it makes me feverish as I sleep?

Today is the final day that I will be taking antibiotics in pill form. I will have been taking them for exactly seven days. However, prior to that, I had been getting antibiotic IV drips every day since February 10 ─ that was the day that I finally sought medical attention for the large-orange-sized swelling within my left cheek that was the result of a blocked parotid gland duct.

I had mistaken its early symptoms around the first of February as being attributable to temporomandibular joint dysfunction pain.

When the swelling had grown so large, and the pain so great, that I started having to take Advil on February 9, I knew I needed more help than I could provide for myself. And so the next day, I sought medical attention.

And here we are today. I still have some infection within the wound cavity, even though most of the swelling has gone.

I had a 2:30 p.m. appointment scheduled for this afternoon to have the ribbon dressing that was yesterday stuffed into the cavity removed, the cavity irrigated, and new ribbon dressing packed into the cavity.

Anyway, at most, it was 6:17 a.m. when I decided to get up for the day this morning, and get to work at the edit I am performing of an old post at my Siam-Longings website. I was home alone ─ my younger brother Mark and both of my two step-sons had all gone to work for the day.

I am still seeking to recover the muscle and strength that I lost after not exercising for well over two weeks. At the age of 67, physical decline is rapid when exercise is not maintained.

I was able to match yesterday's pull-ups out in the backyard shed around the mid-morning: an opening set of three repetitions, then a set of two, and finally two sets of one pull-up apiece. I believe that it was just this past Saturday when I found myself unable to pull myself up more than 'half-mast,' so I am improving.

Yesterday's appointment to have my wound tended was at 3:30 p.m. I am hating these afternoon sessions, for I have to walk almost two miles to get to Home Health over in the high-rise building attached to the Gateway SkyTrain Station here in Whalley.

For whatever reason, this afternoon I have found myself lacking in vitality.

Yesterday I had gone grocery shopping after my appointment, and I had considered stocking up on beer today. But instead, I decided that I required some produce more, so I hoped to be able to shop at a market in Surrey Place (Central City) that I thought was still Kin's Farm Market.

The grey day had pretty much been lightly drizzling rain throughout.

I didn't want to leave for my appointment without lying down for awhile, and not before having a fast bath. But neither did I want to have to hustle to make the appointment on time.

It was 1:46 p.m. when I set off ─ definitely later than I wanted to be faced with.

Yesterday I felt to be a strong walker, but today was different. It was almost as if the heels of my boots had recessed, or somehow become negative heels. My whole gait was impaired ─ I was unable to strike a strong stride.

Also, I seemed to lack the boldness that made me determined to go grocery shopping after that day's appointment. I was never sure today if I would go through with it, or back out.

When I arrived at Home Health, I was to find that for the third consecutive day, I was going to be tended by nurse Grace. She's definitely efficient, and I doubt that it took her much more than five minutes to do her work and have my wound bandaged over again.

When it was all over with and I was on my way back home, I had time to ponder the shopping, for Surrey Place (Central City) is roughly halfway.

I had also brought a lottery scratch ticket that I received as a Christmas gift ─ it was worth $20 ─ so I felt the need to brave the mall and cash it in.

I did that. and Farm Fresh Produce (not Kin 's Farm Market anymore) was within sight and in my path towards where I would be exiting the mall. So I shopped.

The market only sells produce ─ no bread, meat, eggs, milk, or anything else. Thus, I would never normally shop there ─ I always want other things besides just produce. I would never walk the mile all the way over there just to buy some fruit and/or vegetables.

However, I have long rued that the supermarkets I shop at hardly carry any Canadian produce. My concern about U.S.-grown produce is that country's liberal use of toxic chemicals like glyphosate. I understand that Mexico uses a lot of that toxin, too.

But I was mistaken about Farm Fresh Produce. Their green produce such as kale and green onions are all imported. In truth, I never saw anything being sold that was grown here in Canada, although I did not do a thorough investigation.

Consequently, this will have been a one-time visit. I will not bother to shop there again. I can buy all the U.S. or Mexican produce my heart could ever desire in regular supermarkets where I can also buy other items I might need.

I was back home by 3:30 p.m., or soon thereafter. Tomorrow, I will do my best to buy beer after my medical appointment that is scheduled for 3:30 p.m.


Recently published research hammers home the fact that when men get diagnosed with localized prostate cancer, the guys most likely to opt for immediate treatment are...well, those with weak knees.

The fruits of such treatment are all too often sexual dysfunction and incontinence.

Apparently a Distress Thermometer was used to assess the degree of anxiety among the men involved ─ the thermometer or scale had 11 levels, with '0" signifying no stress whatsoever, and '10' indicating extreme anxiety over the diagnosis.

If you are a guy, where would you place your own reaction at such a diagnosis?

Here are a couple of reports about the study and its findings:



The lead author of the study is Heather Orom, PhD:

I have to say it ─ Wow! 


I tend to eat quite a lot of rice, even though I have nothing against gluten ─ I am not trying to follow a gluten-free diet.

The reason for the rice is that my wife Jack and her two sons are Thai, so there is just about always some cooked white rice sitting in the fairly big electric rice steamer.

But for those folks who are pursuing a gluten-free diet and instead eating lots and lots of different rice products...beware!

Just refer to these reports to see why:





Is gluten deserving of its vilification, though? For some while, I toyed with the idea of eradicating wheat from my diet.

And then I read an intriguing article in the latter part of January at Mercola.com ─ Joseph Mercola had long been advocating the avoidance of gluten until he had his viewpoint expanded by information he received from a chap named John Douillard: How to Safely Bring Wheat Back Into Your Diet.

Most of the breads in the marketplace are filled with so many unnecessary non-food chemicals, it's ridiculous. And no one should be eating processed grains such as breakfast cereals.

I long for the bread my dear mother used to bake. She would only use whole wheat flour, yeast, maybe some salt, and a sweetening like molasses ─ nothing else, unless she tossed in various seeds and other additional nutritious extras.

Try to find a loaf of bread in a store that has an ingredients list that does NOT contain chemicals and other substances that you may not recognize ─ why is that stuff there? Well, it certainly is not there for your benefit ─ be assured of that.

If we could have wholesome, basic bread again ─ made with organic and non-GMO grains ─ maybe we would have far less problems relating to it.


Speaking of additives in processed foods ─ additives that we never asked for, and certainly do not want to be consuming ─ you need to be aware of this one:





The Food Manufacturing Industry has your health as a much lower priority than are things like shelf life, cosmetic appearance, and everything else that are actually bad news if you care about what you are putting into your body and exposing your family to.


Ever since getting home this afternoon, I have wanted to lie down ─ maybe even nap. Starting and sitting through this post was quite trying.

The produce I bought this afternoon was heavy ─ I would estimate that it may have weighed just about the same as two dozen cans of beer. I had it all stashed into a tote bag, and thus I had no choice but to carry it in one hand at a time.

I actually felt like stopping and resting when I was about halfway home, for the lop-sided weight was exacting a toll upon me; I have badly stiffened up since getting home.

Of course, it does not help that I am sitting on a hard metal swivel chair, and hunched over a low computer desk's even lower keyboard tray.  

And for what? Yesterday, there was not 1¢ in the day's AdSense balance. And when I checked today's balance prior to starting this post, there was still nothing.

Blogging has failed me, and my health is being jeopardized. As I have said in some recent posts, I think I will be shutting down this Summer. All I seem to have done since I came online back in the latter part of 2008 is waste my time and my life in this futile effort to derive a second income to supplement my retirement pension. 
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