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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hot Red Chili Peppers for Longevity │ America's Criminally Over-Medicated Seniors │ Butter ─ Not Vegetable Oils ─ for Good Heart Health

Primarily because of putting in some effort late last evening to razor-shave my left cheek where I am healing after a serious infection and abscess arising from a blocked parotid duct at the beginning of February ─ the swelling had become so large by February 9 and 10 that it looked as if a large orange was embedded inside my cheek ─ it was not until 11: 17 p.m. that I was at last settled into bed.

Since that infection, I have only shaved with a battery-operated shaver, reducing my beard in that area to a stubble.

But a nurse I saw yesterday morning who tended the infection cavity offered that I could now safely shave bare the area, and even wash it ─ I had been leaving it entirely alone, allowing that the disinfecting that various nurses have been doing was sufficient.

Apparently that is not any longer so.

Thus, I was up later than planned last evening as I did my best to fully wash my face and perform the shaving of my cheeks and neck ─ I still have a thick moustache and goatee that remain untouched by the razor.

I first sought medical attention back on February 10 because the pain had become more than I could continue to bear, and it was starkly clear that I was not healing on my own. I had been falsely of the opinion that I was merely suffering a temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

This past Friday has been the sole day thus far that I have not had at least one medical appointment. Even today, I must go to Home Health over at the Gateway Skytrain Station here in Whalley for a 3:30 p.m. appointment to have the ribbon dressing that is packed into the infection cavity removed, a disinfecting irrigation of the cavity performed, and a new ribbon dressing stuffed into the cavity. Then the whole will be covered over with an absorbent pad and taping.

But I am not at all happy about having such a late appointment. I only want morning appointments ─ I despise going anywhere in the afternoon because I have to walk, and the day is at its busiest worst by the afternoon.

The walk is nearly two miles just to get to Home Health. I will be immersed into the rush hour long before I am safely home again.

It effectively butchers my day.

I rose this morning at 6:30 a.m. One of my two step-sons was still home, but whomever it was left for work before I made my way downstairs to make my morning's instant coffee. My guess is that it was eldest step-son Tho, for I am not even certain that my youngest step-son Poté came home last night. He may have stayed at his girlfriend's home, and the two of them then went to work together from her home this morning.

I spent the morning putting work into the edit I started yesterday of an old post at my Siam-Longings website.

A little after mid-morning I took a break for some exercise out in the backyard shed. I had not exercised for well over two weeks due to my infected cheek; and when I got back at it this past Friday, I found that I was barely able to do a pull-up. Actually, I only just managed to do two.

However, the following day, I do not believe that I could do any.

I am slowly regaining my strength, however. And even though I never had the time yesterday to try any pull-ups, this morning I managed three of them in a first set, then two in a second set, and then one each in two further sets. I believe that I might have been able to squeeze out a second pull-up in at least one of those last two sets, but I didn't want to risk incurring tendinitis.

It's an encouraging improvement, obviously.

Anyway, it is 12:08 p.m. at this moment, and I have recently had a rather large first meal of the day. I still want to have a bit of a bath and perhaps wash my face a little, but I also want to rest up before I have to brave the public and get that walk to my appointment started. Consequently, I am going to break off and seek some bed-rest before I do aught else.


Bless my Thai wife Jack for bringing a huge appreciation for hot chili peppers into my life, and an overriding love of Thai food at its spiciest!

A recently published study has concluded that people who regularly include hot chili peppers into their diets have a lower mortality risk for...well, for just about any cause of death.

Read about the findings for yourself:





I almost think that the last report was written by someone who doesn't like spicy food ─ there was more doubt voiced than I happen to care for.

It doesn't matter ─ I'm a believer.


I don't know what the situation is like for seniors here in Canada but it is downright dangerous for seniors in the States where medical care is concerned.

The medical profession seems determined to bend those poor souls' minds until they become hospitalized...or worse.

These reports tell of the latest findings that detail this unforgivable shame:





The great pity here is that far too many seniors are trusting of the medical profession and will unquestioningly take practically anything prescribed to them. And of course, there are those others who are no longer mentally capable enough to understand any of what is being done to them.

Economics also play a huge role ─ after all, how many seniors are able to shirk the mainstream medical profession and seek out "a skilled naturopathic medical doctor," as that last report suggests?

The situation seems so hopeless.


I eat a lot of butter, and do my best to avoid common vegetable oils like corn oil, canola oil, and soybean oil. And if the oil is hydrogenated, I will not touch the stuff.

If you love butter, you might appreciate the following report:


I had to do some digging to uncover a good article about that old study that found that foods cooked in butter resulted in less deaths ─ 22% less ─ than did the foods cooked in vegetable oils. The report I located was published on April 13, 2016, at a University of North Carolina website: Did Butter Get a Bad Rap? Maybe, Says New Research From UNC.

So many health professionals even today cannot seem to unlearn the falsehood that dropping cholesterol levels is necessary for cardiac health. Studies like this one reported upon at Telegraph.co.uk on June 13, 2016, just don't seem to be getting the mainstream attention that they should: High cholesterol 'does not cause heart disease' new research finds, so treating with statins a 'waste of time'.

Of course, it does not help matters that the Pharmaceutical Industry does everything it can to con everyone into believing that statins are essential lifesavers.

It's a wicked world.


Well, it was exactly 2:45 p.m. when I set off for my medical appointment. I had to hustle, but I made it comfortably enough ahead of time.

For the second time, I was dealt with by nurse Grace ─ she cared for me yesterday.

I had brought along a rolled-up tote bag in case I felt bold enough to go shopping afterwards this grey, chilly day.

Grace speculated that maybe I will soon be able to benefit from alternating days of attention, but she will make that determination on Friday. Until then, I have my next appointment tomorrow at 2:30 p.m., and then at 3:30 p.m. again on Friday.

I detest these late appointments.

Anyway, once my wound had been irrigated and packed with a new ribbon dressing, and then the whole covered over with an absorbent pad, I felt emboldened enough to go grocery shopping at Save-On-Foods (over by Canadian Tire on the King George Boulevard). 

I ended up spending $121.59, so I had a bit of a load to carry home. My big prize was a 4½-kilogramme container of natural peanut butter ─ I had to buy a container of smooth peanut butter because it was all the natural peanut butter in this size that was on the shelf.

I prefer crunchy peanut butter. The smooth is far too heavily diluted with peanut oil, and it is essentially impossible to make a sandwich with the runny stuff. But I am fine with just drenching my butter-laden bread with the runny smooth peanut butter in a bowl and eating it in that fashion.

I checked the time when I was back home at my front door, but I am now fuzzy on just when it was ─ maybe 4:48 p.m.? 

Tomorrow, I may finally get around to replenishing my dwindling stock of beer, since today's shopping went so well!

I close today's post with some photos that were taken last Fall when my wife Jack charged up the fare to fly back to Thailand to visit her mother after well over 3½ years since they last were together.

Jack's family home is in the vary large village of Nong Soong, which is about a 15-minute drive from Udon Thani.

I think all of the following photos were taken on November 5, 2016. There had been some sort of special occasion involving food, drink, and music; and I get the impression that Jack's crew were readying to leave.

This was part of where all the action had been ─ I think the lad in the foreground and wearing the grey top is Jack's nephew Daniel:

Here the boy is again:

The boys in the next two photos are unknown to me, but they must be known to Jack:

Neither do I know who this little girl is:

And here is my wife Jack:

I don't know this woman's name, but Jack has always referred to her as being Jack's "sister-cousin".

And now we have Jack's second-oldest sister Penn sharing the spotlight with "sister-cousin":

That will do for today.

Gosh, all that hustling about this afternoon has very much rekindled my appetite ─ I am looking forward to digging into that peanut butter a little later!
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