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Sunday, March 26, 2017

☠ 💀 Resveratrol Appears to Slow Neuromuscular Ageing │ Two Top Baldness Cures Can Cause Long-Lasting Erectile Dysfunction │ Caffeine = Dementia Protection

So preoccupied was I last night with debasement that I have no idea when it was that I put myself to bed. All I can say is that it was well beyond the wrong side of midnight.

It was 6:44 a.m. when I checked the time and decided that it was best I rise for the day ─ this was my first time-check of my night, so I must have slept reasonably well. However, it was unlikely that I would be going anywhere with my spirits as low as they were.

I set to work compiling content to the post I began a few days back at my Latin Impressions website, but I took a break before my younger brother Mark had come home from overnighting it at his girlfriend Bev's home; also, it was early enough that neither of my step-sons were yet up.

I wanted to change into cut-offs and get in some exercise out in the backyard shed. I found it to be lightly raining; and it was to essentially remain so for the day.

Despite low spirits, I was at least in capable form, and did rather well with the exercise. However, I needn't have been concerned this morning about Mark showing up too early ─ it was well after 11:00 a.m. before he arrived home.

When I had come in from exercising, I fixed myself up a brunch of the fare left over from my wife Jack's cooking of yesterday, and brought it upstairs here to the room where I keep my computer. One of Jack's sons had placed one of the pots (containing a Thai curry) into the fridge. By taking my meal with me upstairs here to where I keep my computer, it would have time to 'warm up' to room temperature. I refuse to alter the quality of food with a microwave oven.

Also, by fixing my meal when I did, I would not be having to share the kitchen later with Mark or either of the boys.

I finished the work I wanted to get done on the post, and then I ate ─ it was an enjoyable meal.

Mark tends to have a shower soon after he gets home from spending the night at Bev's. He had done so this morning, and had yet to emerge from his bedroom when I was into my own bedroom for a nap ─ I was back in bed at 11:33 a.m., entirely stripped down.

I napped darned well, waking from a rather adventurous dream and making a time-check at 12:44 p.m. ─ time to rise. Mark had by this time sought his own nap.

I fixed my day's second mug of blended instant coffee / cocoa powder, and was back here at my computer to commence this post when Mark also forsook his bedroom. He quickly readied to go out, and at 1:17 p.m. had headed away for the afternoon. I'll not have his company again until he is home from the bar this evening.

That good exercise session in the shed and a solid nap restored my spirits, I must say. Nevertheless, nothing can replace or substitute for best conduct.


A study on mice has found that resveratrol appears to be as effective as calorie restriction and exercise at putting the brakes on age-related synaptic degeneration ─ a synapse is the chemical junction whereby nerves connect and communicate with one another, and also with muscle cells.

So when the synapses between nerves and muscles ─ neuromuscular junctions ─  begin to degenerate as the years catch up with us, the ability for muscles to efficiently contract becomes impaired, and atrophy is imminent.

These reports tell of the study:





I suspect that a person would need to drink red wine all day long to obtain sufficient resveratrol to acquire therapeutic levels, but the alcohol would have a far more negative effect than any good done by resveratrol. Still, some wine in conjunction with other foods containing ample amounts of resveratrol could only help.

Alas, when I retired in April 2011 and soon faced up to the realities that were spelled out by having to live upon a monthly pension as opposed to a working salary, resveratrol supplements became out of my reach financially.

I wish that it was not so.

By the way, for anyone scientifically versed who had wanted to see the full study ─ only the abstract is available for free at any of the links given in those above reports ─ I found it in full at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute website as this .pdf document.


Any guy who has a great 'head of hair' and who starts to go bald, generally takes it poorly. When I was a young man, I even got compliments from women who said that they wished they had my thick, naturally curly hair (I detested the curl-factor myself).

So I remember how nearly traumatic it was to first realize that I was cursed with the baldness gene.

I no longer concern myself with methodologies touted to bring back or restore hair, but apparently a couple of the medications are making the news because of their "side-effects":





I used the short title for the DailyMail.co.uk article ─ its actual heading is "Bad news for bald men: Hair loss drugs cause erectile dysfunction that lasts for years (and even Viagra won’t cure the problem)."

This all is not forefront news, however. Note this article from January 12, 2011, at LiveScience.com: Drugs for Hair Loss and Enlarged Prostate May Cause Loss of Libido, ED in men.

I dug up four old photos of my formerly hairy self from February 2, 1975 ─ at the time, I was visiting my father Hector and his girlfriend Maria Fadden. Neither one of them were all that efficient at using my camera:

Believe me, it hurt deeply to start losing that hair and to start taking on a resemblance of my dear father's hair-styling. I read of cases of young fellas committing suicide because of their inability to cope with impending hair loss, and I definitely understood it.


I have already included two reports today from the following source, so I figure that I might as well add a third ─ this one concerns Alzheimer's disease in the U.S., and dire predictions concerning it:


This report substantiates those statistics given in the preceding article:


Now, that second report referred to the source for the Alzheimer's statistics, but it did not provide a link ─ the research can be found at Alz.org as this lengthy .pdf document: 2017 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures.

Also, the JacksDailyDose.com report extolled coffee ─ or at least, caffeine's very positive effect upon "a newly discovered enzyme that can slow or stop dementia."

You can read a report on that research here:


The photo of researcher Hui-Chen Lu really appeals to me ─ I had to say it.


I have in recent posts mentioned how aggravating my youngest step-son Pote's girlfriend's immodest squeals and related outbursts are when the two of them are together in the boys' den area which Poté has basically turned into his bedroom.

I have also mentioned how similarly irritating it is to me to have her show up here and suddenly take a shower.

Do you go visiting people near where you live and then excuse yourself to have a shower in their home? What the hell's up with that?!

It's not as if she was here all day. As far as I know, she never stayed here last night ─ she wasn't here whenever the blazes it was that I went to bed well after midnight, and Poté was alone in bed this morning when I got up.

Her first appearance here today as far as I know ─ and I have been home all day ─ was when he showed up with her shortly after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. It was  probably much closer to 3:30 p.m.

Well, not 10 minutes after getting here, she was upstairs here taking a shower. This just burns me!

I am going to close now with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a housekeeping unit in New Westminster. I was renting the small space in a house located on Ninth Avenue, and maybe a couple of houses up from Third Avenue.
FRIDAY, March 26, 1976

I had a couple wakeful coughing sessions during the night (mom had given me a bottle of Honey Citran cough medicine, and this I indulged in); I got up about 6:15 a.m.

I completed writing Terri's letter this morning. I'll mail it on my way to see Dr. Nielson, an appointment I feel to be totally unnecessary, and a burden.

I arrived 15 minutes late, but this didn't really matter; what it meant was that I only had to wait a half hour to be seen. But before I was, at one point I had to leave the waiting room due to coughing; and did my face ever perspire!

Anyway, I am through with the doctor.

Man, have I been eating! I will continue this policy till the last day of the month, trying to dispose of all my perishables which would not suit my April protein diet. I sure hope I lose lots of flab while increasing musculature so my expense won't be in vain.

I'm retiring about 8:30 p.m.
I had a strange cold whose main symptom was a dreadful cough ─ I would find myself beset with uncontrollable fits of coughing that would have me in tears, and would prove exceptionally embarrassing any time I was public when such a fit took hold.

I seemed to be okay when I was outdoors, though. It was as soon as I came indoors for any length of time that the change in humidity seemed to set things off.

The letter I completed was to U.S. pen-pal Terri Martin.

The medical appointment was likely one that I walked to, and then walked back to my room from afterward. Dr. Nielson's or Nielsen's office was in a building over by the Royal Columbian Hospital in Sapperton, so it was a bit of a stroll.   

He was following up on my progress subsequent to his surgical procedure to clean up the mess that ensued following the rupture of my appendix February 20. I was in the hospital until my twelfth day. But was it the Royal Columbian? I rather think that it might have been Saint Mary's Hospital, but I honestly no longer remember. Saint Mary's apparently shut down in 2004, but research show that its address was 220 Royal Avenue in New Westminster.

This must have been my final checkup with the doctor.

As for this protein diet I intended to start upon in April, I do not remember anything of that, either. I certainly was unable to afford a strict protein diet ─ I can't even do that today!

My assessment is that it came to naught, like so many of my well-meaning, grandiose plans.
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