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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Are There Really Ayurveda Body Types? │ The Prevalence of Ineffective and Unsafe Medical Procedures │ Fluoride Implicated in Increased Arthritis Rates

How the heck can this happen?

Yesterday I reported how my AdSense account proclaimed that I had only earned something like 26¢ over the preceding 28 days. Well, I just checked it again before commencing today's post, and I see that my account is listed with an accumulation thus far for just today of $2.89.

After clawing for pennies as I have been, this 'windfall' seems practically impossible.

I also reported yesterday that I have been relegated to staying home because I had been expecting a package from the U.S., and I was afraid that if I missed its delivery, I would be left with a notice telling me that I would have to pick it up at a post office about two miles away ─ that happened early last week to my youngest step-son Poté.

He has a car, though; I have to walk.

Yesterday was looking as if it was yet another day of sitting around here fruitlessly; but I had subscribed to receipt of tracking information concerning the package, and I found a message in my E-mail Inbox declaring that the following was registered at 2:24 p.m. yesterday with the tracking people at USPS:
Incorrect Address - Addressee's address being verified
I was left with no option but to see what would develop today.

Well, late in the morning I checked the mail receptacle outside our front door...and there was the package. It was small enough to easily fit, and apparently did not require anyone to sign for it.

I never needed to be hanging around home like I have been.

I have one more item concerning yesterday I would like to mention.

Since sometime last week, I have tried on five different days to access via our Android TV Box what was then the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (If you have no idea at all what an Android TV Box is, Wiki.Ezvid.com just recently published their assessment of what are the 8 Best Android TV Boxes | April 2017.)

What would happen to us is that the episode was just begin, and after anywhere from about a few seconds to a minute or so into the show, it would start buffering and/or freeze. Of late, we have been having similar trouble with many T.V. shows we try to access, but this was the worst case.

I researched and tried loading two applications reputed to help with this problem, but the first one did not seem to load the full package. The second one did, but all it seemed to offer was the ability to make a RAM tweak that was irrelevant for our system ─ we already had more available RAM than it was going to allow us to move our system up to.

I know I'm not explaining this all that well, but I don't want to go downstairs and bother accessing the two applications to clarify just what I am going on about.

Yesterday, though, I tried a third application ─ one called Ares Wizard. Through it, I accessed where a cache of data is stored in our TV Android Box, and it indicated that there were 796 files there.

I have no idea what the data-load of those files were, but I went ahead and deleted them; and now as of last evening, there has not been the remotest suggestion of a buffering problem.

I will henceforth be vigilant about deleting the cache. However, I am also aware that just because I had success watching shows last evening does not mean that the buffering trouble is at an end ─ it might just have been a good night for 'reception.'

So...time will tell.

Anyway, I was to bed at something like 10:49 p.m. last night, and for the second consecutive evening, I was able to get to bed while youngest step-son Poté was out. This affords me the chance to lock the house up ─ I delight in being able to do so and thereby necessitate him and/or his older brother Tho to use a key to gain entry.

I wish that I knew why my sleep is so broken all the night through. It is not due to noise, for I wear earplugs.

I started my day this morning less than 10 minutes past 6:00 a.m. I could hear Tho rustling about downstairs as he got together what he wanted to take with him on his public transit to work off in Burnaby. He is a few months into a one-year driving suspension, but I heard him tell my younger brother Mark last evening that he sold his car earlier that day to someone that he knew.

I had seen him outside in the latter afternoon with a good-looking young Asian lad and that fellow's very attractive Asian girlfriend. They had shown up in a white car very similar to Tho's.

I will rather miss having Tho's white car sitting in the open dual carport, for I am sure that it sometimes led the odd unsavoury character to believe someone was home whenever we have all been out for our diverse reasons.

I am the one most often home; and on those infrequent days that I do go anywhere, I tend to only go out for less than two hours at most. Actually, my maximum time away is generally around 1½ hours.

But as I have been saying, come the Summer holidays for all the schoolkids, I am considering taking advantage of the less-crowded sidewalks and school zones, and becoming more active ─ even though it will require drastically cutting back on blogging.

The weather today started off as overcast. but by midday there were blue streaks in the sky, and even sunny breaks. Still, there are some great masses of very dark cloud that look fully capable of bringing on a decent rain shower.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. However, the same was claimed for another day sometime last week, and that sunshine never showed up until at least 2:00 p.m. That is not at all what I call a sunny day!

And I seem to have gotten distracted from describing my early morning today.

After Tho left for work, Poté rose and came upstairs here to shut himself up in the bathroom while I was preparing my morning's mug of hot blended instant coffee / cocoa powder.

It was 6:51 a.m. when I heard him head out the front door to his car to drive himself to work. I was busy editing the January 12, 2012, post I have been working on at my website My Retirement Dream.

I fully expected that I would be finishing and publishing it tomorrow, but I forged on and got it all done today: Chiang Mai Living Working.

Lord, how I would love to be living somewhere else and making a living as a 'digital nomad!' But I cannot even do that here.

I have more photos that I want to post from the picnic of sorts that my wife Jack and some of her loved ones participated in back on (I think) November 13, 2016.

Jack had not seen her mother since early March 2013, so she had charged up the round-trip fare last Fall to go to Thailand and visit her home village of Nong Soong. It's a very large village perhaps a 15-or-so-minute drive from the city of Udon Thani.

This picnic that the photos feature was probably in or near Nong Soong.

The first photo today features Daisha, a friend of Jack's from her elementary school days, I believe. Daisha fancies himself as a ladyboy:

The gal in this next photo is someone I only know of as Jack's "sister cousin":

There seem to be pens below containing whatever it is that "sister-cousin" is trying her hand at fishing for.

Now it's Daisha's turn to try fishing:

Jack taking a selfie:

Daisha and "sister-cousin" again:

This is Lumpoon, the eldest of my wife's two older sisters; and that is Lumpoon's husband beyond her:

My wife Jack's mother:

"Sister-cousin" again:

The brother-in-law again, with a catch of some kind:

My wife Jack admiring that same fish, I expect:

Sated at the left is Santi, my wife Jack's only surviving brother, but I am unsure who the two women are:

Santi with the brother-in-law in the background:

Another selfie by Jack, with her mother seated on a bench behind Jack:

The camera is bad for close-ups ─ I cannot tell what anything on that plate is:

This is where I will stop today ─ there are still too many photos to place into one post.


I learned of this excellent information today ─ it's from the Organic Consumers Association concerning Monsanto:

Monsanto Tribunal: Report from The Hague
Most opinion tribunals have had a considerable impact, and it is now accepted that they contribute to the progressive development of international law. – International Monsanto Tribunal Advisory Opinion, The Hague, April 18, 2017

On Tuesday, April 18, representatives of the Organic Consumers Association and our Regeneration International project gathered in The Hague, Netherlands, along with members of other civil society groups, scientists and journalists.

We assembled to hear the opinions of the five judges who presided over the International Monsanto Tribunal. After taking six months to review the testimony of 28 witnesses who testified during the two-day citizens’ tribunal held in The Hague last October, the judges were ready to report on their 53-page Advisory Opinion.

The upshot of the judges’ opinion? Monsanto has engaged in practices that have violated the basic human right to a healthy environment, the right to food, the right to health, and the right of scientists to freely conduct indispensable research.

The judges also called on international lawmakers to hold corporations like Monsanto accountable, to place human rights above the rights of corporations, and to “clearly assert the protection of the environment and establish the crime of ecocide.”

The completion of the Tribunal judges’ work coincides with heightened scrutiny of Monsanto, during a period when the company seeks to complete a merger with Germany-based Bayer. In addition to our organization’s recently filed lawsuit against Monsanto, the St. Louis-based chemical maker is facing more than 800 lawsuits by people who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma after being exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. As a result of recently-made-public court documents related to those lawsuits, pressure is mounting for Congress to investigate alleged collusion between former EPA officials and Monsanto to bury the truth about the health risks of Roundup.

The timing couldn’t have been better for the Monsanto Tribunal to announce its opinions. But is time running out for us to hold Monsanto accountable—and replace its failed, degenerative model with a food and farming system that regenerates soil, health and local economies?

One final note—we'd like to thank all of you who helped support the Monsanto Tribunal. As always, we couldn't do the work we do, without your support. Thank you!
Unfortunately, President Trump loves big corporations like Monsanto.


As I have said before, I rather struggle to accept some of the claims concerning Ayurveda dietary principles, and that includes the idea of lumping people into just one of three supposed body types ─ you can see what I am talking about by referring to the following article and video:


There is a link there to take the reader to what I am supposing will be a questionnaire purporting to reveal  just what one's body type is, but that smacks far too much of charlatan science to me. I have never been able to honestly respond to questionnaire's like that because such questions are far too imprecise to be able to accurately answer.

I just don't believe it. There is that within me that rebels against the sense of it. However, I do sense that there is much that is sound within the practice of Ayurveda. I would have loved studying such philosophies of life when I was a much younger man, but I never had the liberty to devote myself to such study.

And I still do not. Besides that, I just do not have the years remaining within me.


If you place your unwavering faith in the medical profession, then you are most likely setting yourself up for grief at some point. Doctors are human, and quite often very selfish.

An article titled "156 standard medical treatments ineffective and/or unsafe" was published on April 13 at DrMicozzi.com that illustrates my statements, but it has apparently been pulled.

Was Dr. Marc S. Micozzi pressured into deleting it?

Whatver the case, I located the full piece reproduced at a website called FreshPickedDeals.com: Drmicozzi.com - 156 standard medical treatments ineffective and/or unsafe; but I wonder if it will also get removed from there?

I am tempted to reproduce it myself, but I shall not.

It refers to an article I have previously made reference to at TheAtlantic.com: When Evidence Says No, but Doctors Say Yes.

Both of them merit attention, for people need to realize that a doctor has failings, too. We should never surrender our own responsibility to anyone. Do your own research to prove out what you are being told in a medical facility.


Now this is very interesting ─ a study has implicated fluoride in the massive increases in cases of arthritis. More and more younger people are developing the condition.

Check out these two reports:



Insofar as I know, my drinking water here in Canada has always been safe throughout my life wherever I have lived. But I have seen reports of communities in Canada whose governing bodies have sought to have fluoride introduced into the drinking water, or else even reintroduced in at least one case where it had been done away with in the past.

Lord, spare us such ignorant political leaders!

What a sad situation it must be in the States.

As that last reference says, do not allow your dentist to apply fluoride to your teeth, nor give fluoride tablets to your children. And definitely banish your fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash!


I sent out the following to the folks on my personal E-mail list, but it bears broader dissemination ─ I think most of us are rightly fascinated by so-called 'lost tribes.'
This intriguing documentary concerns North Sentinel Island, and which is part of the Republic of India.

It is populated by a fiercely secretive people deemed to be Negrito in origin.

The video details just how impossible it has been to make lasting contact with this dwindling population.

Here to close out today's long post is a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster. I was renting that little spot in a house located on Ninth Street, and perhaps two houses up from Third Avenue.

On tap for the day was the 1½-hour hike out to visit my mother Irene Dorosh in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey. Her home was my main mailing address.

That small house she shared with her husband Alex no longer exists, but its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.
TUESDAY, April 20, 1976

I got out of bed at 6:30 a.m.

I have a Plain Truth subscription renewal to mail as I leave for mom's at 8:50 a.m.

It was annoyingly windy, and the sun didn't come out till the afternoon.

I met mom & Greta on the avenue heading for the bus to go to town here. As it developed, I had the whole day to myself, and ate quite a lot; too much carbohydrate.

Mail consisted of a returned $7 money order from Star Professional Pharmaceuticals, who do not handle Canadian orders; I was really banking on their vitamin C, as I'm pretty low.

I also received an American Express Card offer and May's Good News.

I borrowed mom's April Let's Live

Nearing the bridge summit returning home, mom & Greta were on a Scott bus waving vigorously, to my embarrassment, but I waved back.

I saw no sign of Bill's car morning or early eve, so I guess he's busy shunting Mark around; so much for our Manning Park trip. It would have been nice, but I do require my home exercise. My pre-meal weight was about 188.

I'll likely retire at 9:30 p.m. 
Greta was a Dutch friend of my mother's, and was visiting from where she then lived in Barriere.

I do not really remember Let's Live magazine, but it was undoubtedly health-related.

I have no doubt that it was embarrassing to be walking across the Pattullo Bridge when my mother and Greta were frantically waving at me from their Scott Road bus ─ everyone around them would have been gawking out at me, too.

My old friend William Alan Gill lived possibly as close as four blocks from my room. He was renting a bachelor suite. My younger brother Mark had a traffic accident a couple or so weeks earlier, and totaled his own car, so Bill was doing his best to share his car with Mark ─ both of them worked at quite different locations on a shift basis.

Anyway, Bill had talked about taking me to Manning Park because he had never been there, and he was curious about it.

Yes, 188 pounds is a little higher than I would have liked. Over my adult life, I have generally weighed in the lower 180s at a height of about five feet and 10¾ inches (179.705 centimetres).

And that's it for today!
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