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Friday, May 12, 2017

Brisk Walking Boosts Brain Health │ Does Aged Cheese Offer Us an Extended Lifespan? │ Concerning Breast Cancer │ Avocado's Outstanding Health Benefits

Early bedtimes ─ I think last night's was 10:34 p.m. ─ do not guarantee a full night's sleep. I believe that I rose twice during the night to use the bathroom just because I found myself wakeful enough to bother.

The time of my day's start now eludes me ─ it may have been around 6:28 a.m. I had been awake well before 6:00 a.m. and considered rising then, but decided to hold off. In the interim, my eldest stepson Tho must have risen for work and left without me being aware.

His younger brother Poté remained abed until a little after 7:00 a.m. He was not home when I retired last night. Nevertheless, he also left for work, just ahead of 8:00 a.m.

I was happily home alone.

I had a shopping outing planned, but first I put much work into setting up a new post at my Lawless Spirit website. Then I readied for the 1¼-mile or so hike over to Save-On-Foods in Whalley. I had my younger brother Mark's small monthly expenses reconciliation cheque to deposit at the Coast Capital Savings building's ATM over by the King George SkyTrain Station ─ this was for doing on my outward journey, for I would be returning home via a different route.

The morning was overcast and quite chilly when I left home at 10:12 a.m. Even though I could see at least one weak attempt by the Sun to break through the cloud cover, for a short while I walked in huge drops of rain that were thankfully so sparse that they never managed to wet the ground ─ the individual big droplets just left their wet stains wherever they splattered.

Anyway, I did my dual errand, and was back at my front door by about 11:41 a.m., I believe.

I had my day's second hot mug of blended instant coffee / coca powder, and then I lied down just to relieve myself of most of the strain of my venture outdoors. I wanted to engage in some exercise in the tool shed out in the backyard. Normally I don't do so if I have undertaken the sort of shopping errand I had been on, but I had already skipped two days of shed exercising.

The lie-down paid off, and today was not a third abstention from exercise in that shed. By then, the Sun was asserting itself, and there were great blue patches of sky that were to dominate as the afternoon wore on.

After having the exercise, I came into the house and finally fed myself.

However, I was starting to crash, so a bit of a nap was in order once I had eaten, or else I would not have managed to confront today's blog post.

Had I not gone shopping this morning, I would have spent time sitting out in the backyard enjoying that sunshine!

Ere I move past this talk of my day, I have four photos that I wish to post that were probably taken on November 19, 2016, when my wife Jack had charged up the cost of a trip back to Thailand to visit her mother for the first time since early March 2013.

In this set of four photos, my guess is that she is having some drinks with her two dear old friends at some quiet business within the large village of Nong Soong, or else a location very near to it. Nong Soong is Jack's home village, and is no more than about a 15-minute drive from the city of Udon Thani.    

The first two photos feature my wife Jack at the left, while her dear old friend Daisha is doing his best to look sultry:

The next two photos has another of her old friends ─ Jack or Jak ─ seated at the left:

I sure wish that I could afford to have friends to regularly drink with.


Research has uncovered that mere brisk walking stimulates the brain, and it does so with greater benefit than someone would derive from the activity of cycling.

Here are some reports on the research:




Here is some further information on that study and one or two others ─ this is from NewMarketHealth.com:
If you want to think better, be more creative and even solve problems faster, a new study has revealed how to easily accomplish that -- and it's simple as can be!

Just lace up some comfortable shoes and head out the door for a walk.

A new study done by researchers at New Mexico Highlands University has found that walking increases the blood flow to our brain, which, in turn, can make us a lot sharper mentally.

According to study author Ernest Greene, when we walk, we create a kind of "rhythm" between our feet hitting the ground and the movement of blood going into the brain.

Apparently, what Greene calls these "hydraulic effects" on cerebral blood flow weren't really known about until now. He said that it's "surprising" it took so long to figure it out!

But what shouldn't be surprising is how exercise of practically any kind can show fast improvements in all aspects of our health.

And study after study has uncovered that simply moving more can benefit those with arthritis, diabetes, cancer and even diseases such as Parkinson's!

If walking isn't something you now do every day, the best way to start making it a habit is to team up with a walking buddy, a friend, neighbor or relative who can motivate you to keep it up.

As to when the best time to walk is, a study out of New Zealand recently found that by walking for at least 10 minutes after a meal you can dramatically lower your blood sugar readings -- making this habit even more essential if you're diabetic.
I cannot help wondering if the benefit from cycling would be superior if it involved extreme effort such as extended hill-climbing and just endurance cycling in general?


Do you like aged cheese? And if so, do you eat much of it?

I prefer aged cheese, but of course it tends to be more expensive. Thus, I usually just settle for old cheddar as opposed to the extra old cheddar that costs more.

Cheese ─ and the older, the better ─ contains a substance called spermidine that research has found  may not only offer protection from liver disease, but it even enhances longevity.

Spermadine is found in other food sources, but older cheeses just happen to be an excellent source of it.

Incidentally, its name deliberately sounds like what may have first popped into your mind when you saw the word ─ as that Wikipedia link states, "It was originally isolated from semen."

Here are some reports on the research into spermidine's benefits:




So should we start feeding our toddlers a hearty diet of spermidine to give them a good taste for it, and enhance their lifespans?

For those of us who are already physically mature, I wonder just how much spermidine is required to reap a 10% enhancement of life expectancy?


For anyone concerned about breast cancer, there is intriguing information in this following report that gives a better explanation of just what the cancer is, than I have before seen:


Please note that I have no subscription to anything offered at that website, so I cannot speak for whether or not a subscription is value for the money spent.

At least that article offered a couple of interesting details for free that I was unaware of previously. It's the sort of information that the Cancer Industry undoubtedly would prefer people remain in the dark about.


I am definitely going to try and include more fresh avocados into my diet. I recently bought a small mesh bag of a half-dozen or so, but by the time I got to the final avocado, it had become overripe and spoiled.

They're easy enough to eat at a meal ─ I am annoyed with myself for not making the effort to use them all up. However, that was precisely what I was trying to avoid ─ I was trying to extend them.

Here are some reports on what the latest research has come up with concerning these unique little packages of nutrition:




I have no intention of eating the skin or what's inside the pit or seed, but I don't mind at all scooping away all the lovely green flesh from the inside of the skin ─ that's tasty enough!


Right around 5:00 p.m., it began raining. It was a shower of about 15 - 20 minutes' duration, but it signaled a return to the cloud cover.

Time is running out for me today, so I am going to close down now with this journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster. I was renting the small area in a house located on Ninth Street, and maybe two houses up from Third Avenue.

I had recently begun working full-time ─ possibly on a three- or four-month contract ─ with a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) that used to be housed in a building located right about where the New Westminster SkyTrain Station now empties out onto Carnarvon Street. 

I used to work for S.A.N.E. on a part-time basis before this ─ just one day a week ─ as a swamper on their blue pick-up truck. But after being taken back on with this full-time gig, I was very unhappy. I was not swamping, and as yet I had no assigned duties ─ there was nothing to do. My days were oppressively dreary, and I was just into my second week of employment.

Today, S.A.N.E. is known as Fraserside Community Services Society
WEDNESDAY, May 12, 1976

At last, the draw!

I'm so beat, and stiff. I got up about 6:30 a.m.

Poor persistent David came around 8:00 a.m., but I didn't let him in; I guess I should have.

The sky this morn is a huge cloud blanket.

I did my laundry and bought TV Guide

There was a letter from dad when I came home for lunch; he's broke and apologetic for his conduct when here last, especially toward Bill.

David dropped in at the shop after buying 2 bottles of wine. He tried to peg me into visiting tonight, but I told him the truth. Bill & I are to watch the lottery together. 

I am going to try and catch him before he leaves home from work at 7:00 p.m., quite a bit of exercise. It is lightly raining.

I'll get him to come here for my 2 liter cartons of yogurt.

I did all this. I'll say no more except I lost the lottery!!

My bedtime, late again, is 10:35 p.m.

I promised Bill I'd visit tomorrow night.
I had such high, vain hopes for the televised Western Lottery that was being held that evening. 

My old friend Philip David Prince most recently had a room at 330 - Fourth Street. I had known David since Grade VIII ─ the 1962/1963 school term ─ out at Newton Junior High School in Surrey. However, he was difficult to endure for any length of time, unless I was in the mood for him. He was also very clingy, reluctant to leave ─ or to allow me to leave if I visited him.

So I just about always avoided him. That morning, I just ignored his knocking and feigned being absent.

I mustn't have been in any rush to get to S.A.N.E. if I went up to the laundromat at Sixth Avenue and nearby the public library ─ the laundromat didn't open until 8:00 a.m., according to what I wrote in an earlier journal entry. 

I did go to S.A.N.E. thereafter, and then was back home again for lunch.

The letter from my father Hector addressed his drunken conduct when he caught me in a weak moment and I answered his knock. He had been drinking, but then he got into a gallon of wine I had; and soon, he was almost insanely drunk.

My poor old friend Bill had come by to visit, and before I could get myself dressed to get outside and do anything about it, my drunken father had chased him away to his car, and claimed to have kicked him in the behind.

On top of the drunken ruckus he was making, my landlady (who lived upstairs) either arrived home, or else came down into the basement for some reason, and my besotted father had the embarrassing gall to impose himself upon her by way of drunken introduction, no doubt loudly proclaiming that I was his son. 

But I don't wish to dwell upon that earlier visit ─ suffice to say that my father's tone in the letter was most contrite.

My dear old friend Bill lived maybe little more than four blocks from my room. He and I had been friends since getting to know one another at least as far back as 1962 when we attended some sort of youth programme held once a week at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Surrey. I can't recall everything that went on at this programme, but I do recall that there was often model building of one sort or another ─ I think we were expected to bring our own toy models To work on, but it was so long ago I now cannot be certain.

Anyway, Bill had a nice colour T.V., so I was going to watch the Western Lottery draw at his bachelor suite. 

I rather struggle to understand this statement in the journal entry: "I am going to try and catch him before he leaves home from work at 7:00 p.m., quite a bit of exercise."

I may have meant that I engaged in quite a bit of exercise; and then intended to get hold of Bill at 7:00 p.m. once he was home from work, and before he took off again for somewhere ─ he was rather unreliable where set times were concerned.

I had bought the large quantity of yogurt previously to share with him while we were watching T.V. at his suite.

I likely stayed a fair while on that visit, and that is why my bedtime was as late as it was.

Now back to the present for just a bit: it is nigh 7:00 p.m., and seems to be brilliantly sunny outside.
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