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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

💀 ☠ Feng Shui for Better Sleep │ Type 2 Diabetes Medications That Can Double Amputation Risk │ Respiratory Infections Escalate Heart Attack Risks

I have no idea when my unconscious errant younger brother Mark roused from his living room chair last evening to turn off the T.V. and head on upstairs to his bedroom. I had delayed my own bedtime until around 10:50 p.m., if not even a little later.

I feel sorry for him that this has become his life as he pushes through his final working year before retiring.

But we all have our bad habits and even addictions.

The hot weather changed overnight, and we have been having a rather wet day ─ much needed, though, from the perspective of gardens.

I suppose that I may have slept a wee bit better, although my bedroom was still too warm for most of the night.

My day started well ahead of 7:00 a,m., and I was pleased to find that my eldest stepson Tho had gone to work. His younger brother Poté was still in bed, but he was to rise shortly after I was back here upstairs at my computer and enjoying my day's first hot beverage. And before too long after that, he had left for work, leaving me home alone.

I wanted to do some local grocery shopping at Deepu's No Frills supermarket roughly four blocks away in the Cedar Hills shopping plaza (96th Avenue & 128th Street) here in Surrey, so approximately halfway through the work that I wanted to get done today on the post I have been putting together at my Latin Impressions website, I knocked off and began readying myself.

It was 9:41 a.m. when I set forth on that errand. I felt an occasional drop of rain, but there was nothing of consequence until later in the morning well after I was back home.

I wanted to get at least a couple of vegetables for my next fermentation project ─ I shall soon have finished consuming all of the (one) fermented purple cabbage and (two) purple onions that I had set up for natural fermentation several weeks ago.

Today, I saw no purple onions; and there were only two purple cabbages, so I got one of those. I also bought a packaged cluster of celery. I read that celery is so naturally salty as a plant that the addition of extra salt to make the fermentation water into a brine is unnecessary, but I may add some anyway.

I won't get started today, though.

I saw a couple of vegetables I have been curious about, but have never before tried: kohlrabi and fennel. Both are rather large bulb-like plants with mostly lopped-off stalks extending from them. I didn't buy any because I keep forgetting to research just how these plants can be used.

And this post has been that reminder. From what I have read, either vegetable can be used in its entirety raw, if that is what one wishes to do. And that was what I was curious about ─ potential components for a future fermentation project.

I bought a batch of kale just to eat raw ─ a stalk or two with any particular meal I am having.

Recently, I read that "conventionally-grown kale is frequently contaminated with high amounts of pesticides, making it important to buy organic." (That's from the Mercola.com article How to Grow Your Own Superfood — Tips for Growing Kale.)

Well, that's all very nice, but I have no access to any organic kale. And unfortunately, I have little doubt that the kale I bought is indeed likely polluted with chemicals, for it's imported ─ of all places ─ from Mexico.

But what can I do? Just not eat vegetables? None of the stuff I bought today is organic, nor do I know where I could get any. I do not drive, and I have no bloody interest in walking miles to get to a market that sells organic produce.

The nearest such market that I know of is Two EE's, but it is over 10 kilometres (i.e., over six miles) from where I live.

Consequently, I must rely upon chemically-polluted fare. Or not eat.

But I am becoming sidetracked. Suffice to say that I got my shopping done, and returned home to complete the work I wanted to get done at my Latin Impressions website today. I hope that I can publish the post by Thursday at latest.

It was into the noon-hour by the time I was done that work. And then instead of taking a rest in preparation for some exercise, I engaged the illest of pursuits, as I am far too often wont. A couple of hours down the drain.

To at least get some exercise, I went out to the backyard tool shed and performed five sets of pull-ups. I don't have a chin-up bar out there. Rather, I grasp two overhead rungs that are maybe 1½ feet apart, and I just pull myself up.

It's better than doing nothing at all.

Before I leave this talk of my feeble day thus far, I want to post an effort that Google made today of a couple of photos of my wife Jack to commemorate this very date three years ago:

These are the two original photos that were taken May 30, 2014:

Oh, my gosh!

I just realized that today is our anniversary. We married on this date back in 2005.

Well, it's too late now to do anything to recognize the event ─ it never even occurred to me this month.


I am so out of touch with the natural world that I cannot with any certainty point to any of the cardinal directions ─ despite having lived in this house for (I think) nearly 15 years.

Nevertheless, as I ponder this conundrum, I think that when I am in bed, my head is directed towards a southerly direction.

Can the direction in which our heads are directed towards possibly matter insofar as a good sleep is concerned?

Maybe not on any specific night, but what about in the long haul, year after year ─ can it matter?

I think there may be something to this, but I do not find the following article on the topic to be entirely convincing:


It may matter to some degree, but I think it would likely be more important if we were able to sleep while being grounded ─ there are 'mats' people can buy to provide this for us.

LifeHack.org has an article on grounding that might clear up what I am talking about if you are entirely unfamiliar with the concept: 8 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Practice Grounding.


My father Hector's oldest brother Al(fred) probably had diabetes ─ he definitely had some sort of circulatory disorder.

Ultimately, the poor man had to have both legs progressively amputated until there was really nothing more to remove.

He died at the age of 57 in 1977 of "congestive heart-failure." But he suffered with "arteriosclerotic heart-disease," possible "chronic pancreatitis," and possible "generalized arteriosclerosis" ─ I say "possible" for the latter two conditions because the handwriting on the Registration of Death is almost indecipherable, it is so darned sloppy.

If you have type 2 diabetes and are taking for its management an SGLT2 inhibitor drug generically known as canagliflozin ─ or indeed any other type of SGLT2 inhibitor ─ then it is essential to be aware of the risk of amputations due to these medications.

Here are a couple of reports about the danger:



The canagliflozin brand names are Invokana, Invokamet, and Sulisent, but that second report lists a few other brand names to aware of.


It is certainly bad enough if something you cannot avoid increases your risk of having a heart attack by doubling that risk, or even tripling it; but imagine if you were faced with a heart attack risk that was anywhere from 13 to 17 times greater than it otherwise was!

Wouldn't you want to do your best to avoid whatever that factor was that was bringing on this surge in risk?

So just what IS the source of that risk?

Read and be amazed:




And to think that when I was younger and used to do a lot of running, I would never let a cold or anything like that stop me from doing my miles every second day!


Thanks to the despicable nonsense I immersed myself into earlier, I am badly running out of time to finish today's post. I shall close here with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting my small hideaway in a house located on Ninth Street, and perhaps two houses up from Third Avenue.

I see that my day's big plan was the 1½-hour hike out to the home of my mother Irene Dorosh and her husband Alex in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey. Her home was my main mailing address.

The house is now gone, but its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue.
SUNDAY, May 30, 1976

As I feared, sleep was difficult, and I arose 3:40 a.m.

I finished a letter to Terri I've been working on the past couple days, and will mail it today.

I'm bound for mom's (tho she & Alex are at Vernon, hopefully) at 6:05 a.m.

I arrived to find they'd used a skeleton key on the door, and I couldn't locate one; I finally managed to get thru their bedroom window.

I put on the apple pie I'd brought, and snacked on some stuff there.

I had a letter from the F.&S.F. Book Co. saying they'd mailed me my Black Vulmea that day (the 22nd), but hadn't yet mailed Jean The Nightland as it wasn't yet published.

I discovered my pie to be fabulous with the pint of boysenberry yogurt.

Being tired I next decided to sleep, but tho I spent several hours, I don't know how well I did due to the cold. I got up feeling like I'd missed a night's sleep in the outdoors.

Anyway, I eventually found a skeleton key which I had to retain when I later left (how put it back from outside?). 

I also found the key to the shed; I wanted my dumbbells, but couldn't find them. Then I locked up ─ realizing I'd left the key inside. For half an hour, I guess, I tried variously to carefully break in. I was fed up. Only with permanent results could I break in.

And then I found the key in my pocket.

Bill phoned later; he was visiting folks, and after stopping at Nell's he'd come for me. No word from David.

Well, Bill came all right, but to take me with him to Nell's.

Fortunately only she, Earl, Bruce & Jock were there; the rest were away or playing ball with Mark & Cathy and Garry & Cathy.

Marie Varga was also at Nell's.

We were still there when the players returned; Cathy dropped in briefly, then joined the other 3 to have supper at Garry's.

Anyway, Bill's mother later phoned to say our supper was ready. And we left.

It really was good. Anne sure crabs a lot, I must say. Proper TV watching isn't possible. Oh well.

We broke up fairly early, and I got back 3 of my hardcovers Bill had. After dropping off his mother, he did me, and I came here to enjoy my anxiety and depression over work tomorrow. It is 2 full months till my next lottery involvement.

At mom's I wrote dad a letter which I'll post tomorrow morn.

Bed at 10:20 p.m.

I saw a picture from a newspaper of Phyllis back in 1967; she was a different person at 21 or so; still beautiful.
The early-morning letter I wrote was to American pen-pal Terri Martin.

I am a little confused about the talk of a skeleton key. I think that maybe the house door had two locks, but one was not normally employed. I only had the one key access.

Another U.S. pen-pal I had ─ Jean M. Martin (née Black) ─ was going to be the recipient of one of the books I had mail-ordered to the F.&S.F. Book Co.

That shed key fiasco must have been maddening. But I bet that once I noticed that the key was in my pocket, I would have been too relieved to be angry about it.

My old friend William Alan Gill was renting a bachelor suite that was likely little more than four blocks from my room in New Westminster. He was going to visit my maternal Aunt Nell Halverson, and then come to pick me up in his car and save me the long hike home. 

He must have mentioned that my old friend Philip David Prince ─ who was also resident in New Westminster ─ had not phoned him. We were supposed to have picked up David the day before just to break up his solitude and take him for a drive, but we forgot all about it.

Anyway, when Bill finally arrived to pick me up, he had not yet visited my Aunt Nell ─ she tended to have a large household of people there at any one time. 

When we got there, just she, her common-law husband Earl, and two of her sons ─ Bruce and Jock (John) ─ were  home, as was guest Marie Varga. Marie's husband Al was probably playing ball with the others.

I have no idea now who all of the ball players were, but they apparently included my younger brother Mark and his girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther; and Mark's best friend back then, Garry Porteous, and Garry's girlfriend Cathy or Kathy.

It was Jeanette ("Cathy") who briefly came into the house once the ball players were back.

Bill's mother Anne Gregory lived in Maillardville in a suite she was renting, but she was a fixture at Bill's suite on weekend's doing all of his chores.

The newspaper photo I had sen at my mother's home was of my older maternal half-sister Phyllis, who was once a Miss Richmond.  
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