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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

💀 ☠ Opioids and Addiction │ Low Zinc Levels and Cardiac Oxidative Stress │ Marathon Events Bad Even for Non-Participants │ 2017 Record-Breaking for New FDA-Approved Drugs

I had some hopes for today, but depravity became my path.

The weather report for yesterday said that we were to have light rain last evening, but I never noticed any until at least 10:20 p.m. It was barely wetting anything, it was so inconsequential.

I was in bed by 10:41 p.m., and never checked the time again until 3:51 a.m. I took advantage of the bathroom and a good drink of water.

It was 5:54 a.m. when next I checked the time. I considered seeking a little further sleep, but decided instead to get up for the day.

It was raining with some authority, and probably had been all night.

I found my eldest step-son Tho downstairs readying to head on out for his bus to take him to the SkyTrain. He left before I was back upstairs with my day's first hot mug of blended instant coffee / cocoa powder.

His younger brother Poté did not rise for some while, but by 7:25 a.m. he was away in his car to go to work, too.

My big plan for the day was to get away later in the morning and do some shopping of one sort or another, but I became embroiled in the edit I am working on of an old post at my Siam-Longings website.

I suppose that the rain may also have factored into why I was reluctant to brave the world without.

However, it is also a fact that I had become deeply groggy while working on that post. And by the time I had done the work upon it that I had scheduled for today, I was not about to be heading out for anywhere without some bed-rest.

But shortly after 10:00 a.m., bed-rest is not what I involved myself with for the next two hours. When I finally did seek some time in bed into the noon-hour, my mind would not embrace the peace needed to nap, and so I was to give up the pursuit.

And that finds me here at 1:27 p.m. with steady rain outside, distinctly bleary-eyed from misspent time earlier. I even entertained the thought of not blogging at all today ─ my life seems so pointless. I have no one ─ just the society of my younger brother Mark in the evenings, and my two-step sons whom I do my best to avoid.

And my occasional wife Jack.

Sometimes I feel I am approaching madness ─ there is certainly decay. With no friends, and none of the intimate human contact I often crave, the weak company that I do have with the other inhabitants within this house does not serve to in any way substitute for what is missing from my life.

It cannot go on. I cannot go on.

I leave this talk of my wasted day with some more photos taken last Fall when my wife Jack charged up the cost of a trip back to Thailand to see her mother for the first time since early March 2013.

Her home village is Nong Soong, which is probably no more than a 15-minute drive from the city of Udon Thani. Nong Soong is very large, but I doubt that any shop there has the merchandise on display in the following few photos.

As a result, I will guess that they were taken while Jack was visiting Udon Thani. The date seems to me to most likely have been November 17, 2016:

This is my wife Jack:


It seems to be useless to be constantly warning people against taking opioid medications for even minor pain relief ─ hardly anyone pays attention about it any longer.

A couple of weeks ago, there were a flurry of reports about how wretchedly commonplace issuance of such medications has become:




This article was just published yesterday:


It does have an encouraging overall tone, but I don't think the tide is going to turn. People are just generally too weak. I'm not addicted to any kind of medication, but I do have an addiction that I seem powerless to long resist, so I feel deeply for people who do become addicted to anything and cannot break free.

A T.V.s series I enjoy watching is Mom.

Of course I realize that it is fiction, but I recognize the power of having the sort of support that the characters have in each other to (mostly) resist drugs and alcohol. Also important is having some calling or something similar to which one's energies and time can be devoted.

I am not addicted to alcohol, either, but I sure do understand it. I know that I could be addicted to it if I could both afford it, and if I yet still lived my present lifestyle.

But I do not want to continue talking of myself at this time.


I know that I should cut back on the amount of zinc supplementation that I take ─ and I have tried by halving the 50-milligram tablets, but I soon stop bothering. I probably don't even need to take the stuff, for there is no shortage in the amount of animal protein in my diet.

It has just become a habit. But I wonder why I cannot seem to find less potent zinc supplements?

Research has found that zinc is very important in stress reduction of cardiac tissue cells, and a deficiency can take effect in just a few days of extremely low dietary levels.

Here are some reports on the study:




That last article's recommendation to have one's serum levels of zinc tested to see if supplementation should be looked at is all well and fine, but there are many of us who do not have the sort of medical contacts to easily have this done without incurring cost.

I don't think that I can just stroll on into a medical clinic at my whim and request the blood test, and have my medical coverage provider happily cover all costs!

And I reckon that is largely why there are zinc supplements in the marketplace.


I know that people who have to drive in cities really dislike it when there is some major 'fun run' or marathon happening that is going to have traffic rerouted for most of that day.

But there is another inconvenience taking place that is costing some lives ─ the delay in getting medical attention for heart attacks in the victims who live near such race events.

Here are some reports about the study that worked this out:




I suppose people are going to be having heart attacks, no matter what day it may be. So isn't something like this to be expected?

I expect that parades are just as bad!


The year 2017 may be record-setting where America's FDA's approval of new medications are concerned.

One thing we can know for sure is that none of these new drugs will be miracle-working; and probably all of them are going to cause trouble in time.

Here are a few reports on the Pharmaceutical Industry's good news:




Wouldn't it be great if people learned how to live well instead, and avoided developing the horrible conditions the drug companies love concocting risky and questionably-effective treatments for?


The rain petered out at or soon after mid-afternoon, but it remained heavily overcast and humid.

I close out now with a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was paying rent for the place in a house located on Ninth Street, and about two houses up from Third Avenue.
MONDAY, May 3, 1976

It was harder for me to get to sleep last night than I thought it would be; my heart seemed to be labouring and my breathing hard. Overtired? Still, I got up at 5:00 a.m., and feeling calm of spirit.

About 8:00 a.m. I lied down for over an hour, and though remaining on my back, I did lapse into some sleep, arousing 9:10 a.m.

I mailed a $16 tithe on my way to Woodward's where I blew $3.73 on 3 pairs of work socks.

At 10:30 a.m. I went to bed for an actual nap, having gotten together my $13 money order from Woodward's for a ticket each on the Western & Olympic lotteries.

After getting to sleep, Norman dropped by; he thumbed or bused.

We went to a few stores after a joint each, but only he made any purchases for eats. He gave me a handful of peanuts.

We both read a spell, then at 3:00 p.m. he left. I said I'd come over tomorrow morning and we'd apply for work as garbage collectors at the Surrey city hall.

Bed at 9:30 p.m.
The reason that I bothered mentioning lying upon my back was because that was not a position in which I could easily sleep. In fact, it has only been within the past half-dozen years that I realized that I have started naturally sleeping upon my back.

I actually may have begun doing so after my left knee surgery to have my quadriceps tendon reattached to my knee cap back on the evening of November 5, 2010. So maybe it has been more like 6½ years since sleeping upon my back became naturalized.  

Woodward's was little more than three blocks away from my room ─ up on Sixth Avenue where the Royal City Centre Mall now is.

Norman Richard Dearing was an old friend whom I had known since we found ourselves in Grade VIII homeroom at Newton Junior High School back during the 1962/1963 school term. 

He lived fairly far out in Surrey, so I am surprised that he arrived as he did without a car ─ maybe his was having work done on it. But I am also surprised that we spent our time as we did. Normally, we would have done some drinking.

I have no memory of ever getting out to his family home and the two of us then going to the City Hall to apply for work as garbage collectors ─ I don't ever recall even thinking about such employment, although I was later to do it on a casual basis.

I am almost curious enough to check out tomorrow's journal entry now, but I will not. I enjoy surprising myself with these old anecdotes about my former life.
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