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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Lymphatic System and Stress │ Acupuncture Bests Morphine for Pain Control │ Liberal Government Votes Against Bill to Make GMO Labeling Mandatory

The actual time escapes me, but I was in bed last evening comfortably before 11:00 p.m. There were the usual breaks in sleep overnight, including one that I took advantage of to use the bathroom and drink some water.

It may have been 6:25 a.m. this morning when I checked the time and decided to get up. Neither of my stepsons had yet risen, but both soon did once I was back upstairs here with my day's first hot mug of blended instant coffee / cocoa powder.

Youngest stepson Poté headed out the door for work at 7:05 a.m., but his older brother Tho ─ who had gotten up, as I already indicated ─ never did go to work. And it very much irritates me because I have no idea if he was alerted that he did not need to go to work due to a shortage of business; or if he was just too damned lazy to want to go, and called in to lie that he was sick.

I am blogging today without the usual dual eyewear that I have used for quite a few months ─ a pair of orange-lensed UVEX safety glasses that are supposed to block all blue light; and over those, a pair of non-prescription eyeglasses.

I also have the Iris "software for eye protection, health and productivity" ─ the free Iris mini ─ downloaded and reducing my computer screen's white brilliance, but I know that it does not reduce all blue light. I read that it merely lowers the amount of blue light to a colour temperature of 3,400-Ks ─ whatever the heck that is supposed to signify. All I know is that the reduction can go far lower if a person purchases the 'paid' version of the software.

The UVEX safety eyewear pretty much eradicated all blue light, but contrary to what is claimed, I have great difficulty reading text while I wear them. It's tolerable for short periods of time, but I blog for many, many hours a day.

And so I added the non-prescription eyeglasses to assist with clarity.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, something most unexpected happened last afternoon while I was working on that day's post. I suddenly felt my bad right eye begining to feel more and more peculiar ─ as if it was losing its focus and sustaining a most odd sensation of strain.

So I removed the two pairs of eyewear, and felt a slight tinge of panic because my right eye seemed to have gone cross-eyed ─ which is to say, it felt like it was turned inward toward my nose, and the strain was profound.

And I could not do anything about it.

Subduing the urge to allow hysteria to build, I closed the eye, and continued working for a number of minutes. The first time I peeked, I still had the problem. But I waited even longer, and when I checked again, the eye had resorted to its natural position.

Note that not once did I refer to a mirror to have a look at my eye. I am merely supposing that it had turned inward because of the most disturbing pull that I felt which I could do nothing about.

With the eye closed, I didn't feel that horrible pull.

As I suggested in yesterday's post, my suspicion was that I had experienced a temporary attack of a condition called esotropia.

With no desire whatsoever to risk that condition's return ─ and what if it had been permanent? ─ I am no longer using the two pairs of glasses. And since I cannot see text well enough with just the orange-tinted glasses on, I am relying exclusively on the free Iris mini software and its somewhat reduced blue light exposure from my computer monitor.

I may yet splurge on a purchase of the paid-for version of Iris.

I am bringing all of this up yet again because I do not feel all that well today. I suspect that yesterday's strain on my eye has actually resulted in eyestrain and a vague related headache ─ an eyestrain headache. It's not very bad, but it does indeed seem associated with my right eye.

I had hoped that a nap would help restore me, for I seldom do seem to sleep adequately overnight. Thus, after putting in the day's work that I wanted to get done on the post that I am working on at my Lawless Spirit website, at 9:50 a.m. I returned to bed for just about an hour.

I napped, but the condition has not let. From prior experience, normalization might take a couple of days. I rather think that what I am experiencing is migraine-related.

Now on a different topic, early this afternoon I set up my second attempt at a batch of what I hope will be wholesome, naturally-fermenting vegetables.

I previously tried doing this about a month ago with a purple cabbage, and loved the result. So now I am trying it again with another purple cabbage, plus two purple onions. I am hoping that what I have researched is true, and the fermentation will remove most of the bite from the onions.

For anyone who has no familiarity with this sort of thing, all one requires are the finely chopped vegetables, enough water to well submerge the vegetable pieces, and then a liberal sprinkling of a natural salt ─ I am using Mediterranean sea salt. Sure, I suppose table salt can be used...but I don't touch the stuff. I don't want the added iodine, nor do I know just what else is added to keep the table salt from clumping. I know that it won't be something I would normally consume.

The salt helps prevent the development of any harmful organisms while the healthy fermenting ones are proliferating. And then once the fermentation has begun, other organisms are unable to live within the solution ─ which is why the fermentation bacteria do what they do. Only they can easily live in the fermenting brine.

Or so that is my rudimentary understanding.

All it takes is a mere four days at a coolish room temperature before the fermentation can easily be tasted when the brine is sampled. All a person has to do is daily ensure that whatever vegetables are floating and exposed to the air keep getting submerged ─ this ought to prevent the risk of any mould developing.

I have read that things like mason jars are supposed to be getting used, but I don't have any. Neither do I see any need for things like tubing and such ─ I don't even bother reading what that sort of equipment is supposed to be used for.

Since I have a very large volume of product, I am using a very large plastic rectangular tub. Despite hating to use plastic, I don't have anything else large enough.

The container lid happens to have a split extending pretty much to the centre, but I figure that's almost a bonus ─ it would allow any pent up gases to escape, I expect. And yet still keep tiny insects like fruit flies out.

I think I was already helping myself to my fermented cabbage and liquid in less than a week the first time I tried fermentation; and I never started refrigerating the batch until an easy two weeks after setting everything up. Just keep ensuring that the top bits are pushed down every day. The brine and good bacteria will then kill whatever unwanted organisms might have tried to develop on the surface of those bits.

Keep in mind that we have had a very cool Spring hereabouts. I would expect that a sweltering Summer's heat might yield complications, but that experience is well ahead as yet.

The day today has been overcast thus far, and it is 1:55 p.m. as I type these words. Sunny periods are being called for, however.

Before I move on, I want to post this scan of an old photo from my mother Irene Dorosh's collection ─ the description just beneath is from the Google album where I have the scanned image filed:

A photo from my mother Irene Dorosh's collection. I can offer no details whatsoever, apart from the obvious ─ she and likely her husband Alex were on some sort of bus charter.

I might guess that the date is sometime within the decade of the 1980s, but that is merely a guess.

I cannot possibly venture where this photo was taken.

From what I have researched on McKillican Coach:

•   Established by former Greyhound Canada driver Ron J. McKillican.
•   Ceased operations in 2004, and company sold.
•   McKillican then established Pro-Vision Travel. He used the 2 Prevost H5-60 coaches for this operation.
•   In 2006, he retired completely and moved to Saskatchewan. He took the two H5-60 coaches and one 1982 LeMirage with him.
•   In 2010, the 1982 LeMirage was listed for sale on ebay. 


Maybe around 2:20 p.m., I went out to the backyard tool shed to tackle some exercise. I could see that the Sun was just beginning to assert itself. In fact, I could have sat outside in the cut-offs I was wearing, for it was fairly warm, and the Sun soon seemed to be dominating the sky.

I exercised without a shirt on, for it was definitely warm enough to do so. And though there were times when I felt the pressure in my head ─ the presence of whatever state involves that vague eyestrain headache I will have this whole day ─ my thinking was that overall the physical strain was beneficial, forcing all of my systems to function at a vigorous flow.

And then I finally ate a meal today.

I have little doubt that in performing the often strenuous exercise that I undertook ─ which involved some body weight movements like several sets of pull-ups ─ would involve all manner of bodily systems. And especially so for me at the age of 67.

After I had eaten, I tried to read and understand the following article that I first perfunctorily read through a week ago to little effect:


I gleaned a little more from the article this time than I did a week ago, but I would need to apply myself and very much study it in order to adequately grasp what it's trying to report.

As the article states, like most people I definitely have little familiarity with the lymphatic system. I should involve myself more with it, trying to better understand more of just what exactly it entails.

It was encouraging to read about how beneficial turmeric is for coping with the physical effects of stress and how stress negatively affects the lymphatic system, but I can't say that I've ever heard of tulsi or holy basil, nor seen it sold anywhere. This leads me to suspect that I would likely have to pay rather dearly to keep myself supplied with any, and I just cannot do that. 

Fortunately, I can afford turmeric, and we actually have lots of it on hand here.

Apparently tulsi is called Kaphrao in Thailand ─ maybe my wife Jack is actually familiar with it! I will have to try and remember to ask her when next she is home. If she is familiar with it and has a strong enough opinion in its favour, then possibly it might be worth trying to grow some.

By the way, I learned that Thai connection at WestCoastSeeds.com: Holy Basil Organic

And gosh! I have just discovered that they list an affiliated nursery only about five or six blocks from here where I live ─ so it may sell tulsi: Find West Coast Seeds Near You.

Specifically, it is 99 Nursery and Florist. However, a search of their website failed to yield any, so it would seem that they do not stock it after all.

Oh, well.


Depending upon the sort of pain that I was experiencing, I think that I wouldn't mind trying some morphine. It always looks so effective on T.V. or in the movies.

Yet according to the following article, acupuncture has been proven to best morphine where pain relief is concerned:


I keep having scenes from war movies pop into my mind where a gruesomely and mortally injured soldier is out of his mind with pain; and since he is just going to die anyway because of the magnitude of his injuries, morphine is administered to minimize the pain and help more peacefully usher the dying man into the hereafter.

Am I to believe that acupuncture can subdue the pain just as ─ or even more ─ effectively?

I rather think that the amounts of morphine being tested against acupuncture are what might be deemed 'therapeutic' doses, and not enough to get the patient into a state of delirium. 

According to the article, 15 milligrammes of morphine "per day" were used in the study. Well, the following is from Drug.AddictionBlog.org:
Doses of morphine over 200 mg are considered to be lethal to average person, meaning an opioid-naive person. However, in cases with hypersensitivity, even 60 mg morphine doses can cause permanent impairment, coma, or even death. In case of drug dependence, long term use, or increased levels of high tolerance for opiates, up to 3 grams of morphine per day can be tolerated.
I suspect that the 60 and 200 milligrammes being spoken of are from a single administration, and not amounts released into the bloodstream gradually over a day.

By the way, I quoted the above from the article Morphine overdose: How much amount of morphine to OD?

So I guess if all you were going to be administered was 15 milligrammes of IV (intravenous) morphine over the course of a day, then you might as well give acupuncture a shot.


Well, it must really suck to be an American who wants nothing to do with GMO foods, only to find that his or her tax dollars are being used by the government to promote the damned stuff.

Here are three reports about this:




But it's not just the States whose government seems to want to have illicit relations with Monsanto and GMO foods and all of the associated criminal industries perpetrating these atrocities upon the public.

Here in Canada, the Liberal government just voted down a bill designed to make GMO labeling mandatory:

Vote Means GM Foods Remain Unlabelled in Canada
Lack of mandatory labelling for GM foods leaves an information gap that CBAN is committed to filling, for you and all Canadians.  

Last night, the Private Member’s Bill C-291 for mandatory labelling of genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) foods was voted down in Canada’s Parliament. However, it is thanks to your actions that 67 MPs did vote for labelling. Find out how your MP voted and consider writing to them.

Without mandatory labelling, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) remains the only source of information about which GM foods are in our grocery stores. The federal government does not track which GM crops, animals and foods are on the market. Our list of GM foods is continually updated and available to the public (along with background details about the market status) at www.cban.ca/gmfoods.
It's so damned discouraging.

I am disgusted with the Liberals over this ─ the ignorant, sell-out patsies.


Now closing out today's post is a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster. I was renting in a house on Ninth Street, and about two houses up from Third Avenue.

I was doing my best to adjust working full-time for a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) that is today called Fraserside Community Services Society.

I had previously worked for S.A.N.E. for many, many months in the part-time capacity of a swamper on their blue pick-up truck ─ my tenure had been a mere day per week. However, since getting hired full-time on this three- or four-month contract, and following my release when the grant that made possible my part-time hiring had run out, I found myself with very little to do ─ I was not on truck duty. 

Each day was a struggle to keep myself occupied. I might occasionally assist in unloading the truck ─ or helping to load it if any furniture was being taken elsewhere; but there was nothing else to do. There already were staff enough for everything else.

Note that back then, S.A.N.E. was housed in a building that used to be located where the New Westminster SkyTrain Station now stretches out onto Carnarvon Street. 
TUESDAY, May 18, 1976

I woke no later than 5:10 a.m., and that was that. Some day I shall have proper living quarters and no need to have to rush off to a job; then surely I'll sleep!

$7.87 total before lunch got me a pair of Japanese Star jeans at Field's.

I'm considering skipping out at work at about 4:30 p.m. and trying to make it to Bill's car at Delnor by 6:00 p.m.

Well, this didn't go. Mike drove in the afternoon, and at 3:00 p.m. I accompanied he, Dwayne, and Eugene on a trip to Langley, not getting back earlier enow for me to risk the jaunt.

At home after work I was lying about hopefully awaiting Bill when came the relieving knock. But it was Norman.

However we only went over to Bill's and shared 2 joints (I had a 3rd in Langley today).

About 10:15 p.m. he & I left.

Bed at 10:30 p.m.
Well, I don't have to get up to go to work anymore, but I spent too many years having to rise exceptionally early to do just that ─ I no longer sleep well.

From what I remember of Star jeans, they had a star embroidered on one or both of the back pockets, but I never realized that they were a Japanese product ─ this is the first mention that I made of it in my journal. 

I also see that Fields does not have an apostrophe between the last two letters as I wrote it down.

I no longer have any memory of who truck driver "Mike" was. I do remember one "Dwayne," but maybe it was not the same fellow I am recalling. And "Eugene" is no longer familiar to me, either.

I wonder which of them had the pot we smoked?

I had hoped to hike over to the car of my old friend William Alan Gill where he was working at Delnor Frozen Foods ─ it was actually a cannery called Royal City Foods, and used to be located over the  edge of the river, just slightly downstream from the Pattullo Bridge

However, I have no idea why I wanted to do that. Bill's rented bachelor suite was likely little more than about four blocks from my room.

Once I was back at my room at the end of my workday, it was another old friend who surprised me with a visit ─ Norman Richard Dearing. He usually had some pot on him.

The Dearing family home was off in Surrey ─ not too much farther than 64th Avenue & 128th Street. I daresay nothing around there today would be familiar to us.

Bill and Norman knew one another very well, so it was no problem heading on over to visit Bill with Norman.

I sure miss being able to socialize like that anymore. I have no friends anywhere near. And since I do not drive, I basically remain in isolation ─ apart from my two stepsons, my younger brother Mark whom I only see sober twice a week, and my wife Jack who shows up a few times a week from Vancouver

She might spend one night a week here at home.

But she and I are married in legal terms only. We have not been intimate since...well, the last occasion was sometime in March 2013.
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