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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Foulness of Public Swimming Pools │ Dangerous Kevzara (Sarilumab) Being Promoted for Rheumatoid Arthritis │ Alzheimer's Disease Death Rates Increasing

As described in yesterday's post, for absolutely no reason that I know of, my youngest stepson ─ 19-year-old Poté ─ presented me last afternoon with a dozen cans of one of the two brands of strong (8% alcohol) beer that I tend to keep myself supplied with. 

He didn't buy it at the government liquor store, so it would have cost him at least $20.

I was in very low spirits at the time, and the gift truly boosted me in a most needed fashion.

And now for the first time since the first half of February, I was going to be having more than a solitary can of beer in the evening. I ended up drinking five int total ─ which is the equivalent of drinking eight cans of regular-strength beer.

So I celebrated that evening by tuning in the five remaining episodes of Hindsight that I still had not seen.

As I wrote two weeks ago after discovering the 2015 series, it's about a slim blonde who has something of a crisis as she faces her impending marriage to a man she does not wildly love, but whom she is deeply fond of and comfortable with. It would be her second marriage.

Somehow, as she uses an elevator, something happens ─ some sort of time warp that propels her consciousness into her 1995 self. She quickly learns that she is soon supposed to be getting married for the first time.

This is a trailer for the series:

The lead actress (Laura Ramsey) portraying character Becca Brady sometimes resembled (in my eyes) Christina Applegate.

Sure, the premise was somewhat hokey, and nothing new. But I watched three episodes that first Saturday evening two weeks ago and felt unexpectedly involved with the show.

I also found myself strongly attracted to Becca's best friend, Lolly Lavigne (played by Vancouver-born Canadian actress Sarah Goldberg). I actually found her to be more appealing to me than Becca on a physical level.

After Becca realizes that she seems to be stuck in 1995, she decides to create some changes in her life so that she will have a happier future. She decides to not make what she now feels would be the same mistakes.

One of her great sorrows was losing her friendship with Lolly in the year 2005, but we do not learn how that happened until near the end of the series. Lolly is the only person who knows that Becca is Becca's 2015 version, and not the 1995 version. And even though Becca tells Lolly everything she can think of concerning the events of their lives, she refuses to tell her why their friendship ended.

As I wistfully watched the final five episodes last evening, I came to realize something about Becca. Basically, she was a horny little package who could not resist having the same relationships with her men, even though she knew that she didn't want the relationships to happen.

Now, I can understand doing stupid things where sex is concerned. I have some relationships in my past that happened because I was too sexually overcome to resist them.

However, if it was possible to return in time and confront those same liaisons, I would definitely be capable of resisting them and turning from them ─ their aftermath was just far too painful for me, so the temptation would be easy for me to withstand.

Yet even though Becca  knew what sort of disasters would be ahead for her future self by cultivating her sexual relationships all over again, she could not resist having the sex and letting those relationship with the men occur.

As I said, we finally learn how she lost her friendship with Lolly, the dearest friend anyone could have. She lost Lolly by stealing the man Lolly loved in 2005.

So what happens in 1995?

Well, despite meeting the guy and knowing what he meant to Lolly ─ and also knowing that 10 years later she and he would 'fall in love' and break Lolly's dear heart ─ Becca fast forwards what was to come and gets involved with him right then!

She just cannot resist her sexual urges, and I thought very poorly of her for that. After all, it's one thing to fall to the lust of temptation when you have no sure notion of what is in the future, but she knew clearly what would happen. How could she not just say "No!" and walk from that temptation?

Who among us would not be able to do that if we had already lived the consequences of temptation that we have regretted years and years afterwards?

That same temptation would no longer incite the same level of irresistible lust if we could go back in time to that moment and have the chance to not allow to happen the thing we have long regretted.

Not Becca, though. She kept making the same damned inexcusable mistakes anyway. She just had to have her fornication.

The final episode ends with Becca reduced to such emotional misery and turmoil at all the damage she has done that she returns to the very elevator where she experienced her time warp ─ since appearing back in her 1995 life, she avoided all elevators for fear that they might somehow prove to be another gateway.

She is essentially an hysterical, sobbing, ruin of a woman. And that was where the episode ended. It was a cliffhanger for season two ─ a season that never materialized because the brainiacs wielding the power of renewal unfathomably chose to cancel the enterprise.

I had grown to care deeply for lovely broken-hearted Lolly, and now I will always only have this image of her as being forever devastated by the betrayal of her best friend Becca.

Becca deserved the hell she kept recreating, so the series finish was 'just desserts' for her; but I wanted to witness salvation for poor Lolly.

The video that is just below is of the final minutes of that last episode ─ Becca finally reveals to Lolly how their friendship was to end ten years later in 2005, hoping that Lolly will be able to forgive her for catching Becca smooching with Lolly's love interest prematurely right there in 1995.

Horny, morally corrupt Becca chose not to bother to wait another 10 years before stealing the guy away ─ that's the only way to explain it:

Oh, well. I see that very pretty Lolly actress Sarah Goldman has a role in a new series coming in 2018 titled Barry. I will try to remember to check it out just to watch her.

It was a little after midnight before I made it to bed last night. I feel that I slept fairly well, but I am unaccustomed to imbibing that much alcohol. I think it was 7:44 a.m. this morning when I finally decided to get myself up, feeling none too good at all. I knew I would have to nap later.

Youngest stepson Poté was apparently scheduled to work today. He rose awhile after I had begun working on the post I am putting together at my Siam-Longings website; and at 8:40 a.m. he was out the front door to drive himself to work.

My younger brother Mark had slept overnight at the home of his girlfriend Bev; he arrived here around 9:35 a.m.

Quite late in the forenoon he sought a nap; and after eating my first meal of the day, I did the same around 11:44 a.m. I was in bed for just over 70 minutes, rising to find Mark gone for the afternoon.

My eldest stepson Tho was present, but I don't know if he was home all along and just sleeping in; or if he spent the night elsewhere with his girlfriend and had recently arrived home.

The day has been mainly overcast.

I never exercised at all yesterday, so I hope to at least perform five sets of pull-ups during the latter afternoon out in the backyard shed.

For now, though, here is an old image that I would like to post ─ the description beneath it is from the Google album where I have the image filed:

A photo from my mother Irene Dorosh's collection.

The reverse just says:

"Al, Helen & Gene"

The three are all somehow related to my mother's husband Alex ─ I think Gene or Eugene at the right was his nephew.
Are not all three in this following photo, too?

My mother is wearing the dark dress, while her husband Alex is at the far right border of the photo.


Gosh, the following reports about swimming pools have almost turned me against thinking of ever using a public one:




Even Australia is warning about the same thing for their own public pools:


I was last in a swimming pool back in the Summer of 2009, but it was a private pool ─ it was at the home of a friend of my brother Mark's.

Prior to that, it was 2005 in Thailand near the city of Udon Thani. However, I don't think I was actually in that pool more than a couple of times, and there were probably less than six other people using it. I generally just enjoyed the sunshine while I lounged beside the pool.


Anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will sooner or later be hearing of the newest drug brought into the market to relieve its symptoms ─ it goes by the brand name Kevzara:


Of course, that announcement doesn't bother with the tedious details relating to the medications potential side effects. You can read of some of those here:


Be thankful if you and everyone you love do not have this miserable condition.


America's CDC has recently announced that the death rate for victims of Alzheimer's disease is escalating:



Might the reason for this dramatic increase in the rate of deaths be as apparent as the following commentary declares?


I don't think any other explanation is as valid.


By mid-afternoon, the day had become mainly sunny. But of course, I had this post to be concerned with, and had no time to be sitting out in the backyard benefiting from the sunshine.

I did have that shed workout, though ─ and it was what currently constitutes a full workout. So I am pleased about that. 

By the way, I noticed on Friday that the annual Greek Food Festival was beginning that day here in Surrey at the Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, and would continue up to and including June 18.

I don't live more than a block or so away, yet despite living in my home since possibly June 2002, I have never visited the site.

I would absolutely love to have a meaty lamb feed, but I expect I will continue my trend of remaining at home and avoiding people. If I had a better income than just my weak monthly pension, I might go and indulge in some alcoholic beverages on offer there in order to take off the social unease.

Anyway, here to close out today's post is a journal entry from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster. I was renting in a house located on Ninth Street, and about two houses up from Third Avenue.

I was fairly early into a three- or four-month contract of full-time employment with a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) that is today known as Fraserside Community Services Society.  

The old building that "the store" (as we referred to it) was housed in no longer exists, but back then it was located on Carnarvon Street right where the New Westminster SkyTrain Station now opens up onto that same street.

I had started working as a swamper on S.A.N.E.'s blue pick-up truck, but in yesterday's entry I said that I agreed to alternate days of truck duty with another chap named "Took," an Indigenous Canadian

Our usual driver was a dear woman in her early 40s named Esther St. Jean.
FRIDAY, June 11, 1976

I didn't get up till nearly 8:00 a.m.; I was strung out last night!

It's raining this morning.

I had to abandon my morn exercises due to lack of time (and energy), but will try them this evening.

I ended up working on the truck with Took at Dwayne's request; then at lunch Mike Fleming said Dwayne had quit.

I had an easy day. David showed up after 4:00 p.m., but when I sneaked off to Safeway with Took (to lend him $5; I spent $11.50), he was gone when we returned.

I had quite a load, so I awaited a ride homeward from Esther, who didn't arrive after taking Myrna to Cloverdale till at least 5:45 p.m. ─ probably later.

And now, tho I didn't get paid, I face a week-end of glorious glut!

I had a good supper; a quart of yogurt, and 1½ lbs or so of chicken giblets (perhaps 1¼ lbs) in a stew of 3 kinds of beans (just over 1½ cups dry in all) plus 2 cobs of corn.

I had Esther stop at Shop-Easy in Queensborough where I bought a boneless pot roast (99¢ lb) for later this week-end.

Bill was supposed to come for me after he finished work; he didn't yet (near 8:50 p.m.), so if I want to catch some TV, I'd better get over there.

He wasn't home, or so I deemed from the absence of his car.

Melodie was with us in the truck some time today, as she is often; I think I could still have her, did I want her badly enough.

Bed about 10:15 p.m.
Young Dwayne Johnston or Johnson was a regular swamper on the truck. If he had indeed quit, then "Took" and I would both be regular swampers.

I have no memory of Mike Fleming. 

Philip David Prince was an old friend of mine who was also renting a room in New Westminster. He would usually come to S.A.N.E. to see me because I rarely cared to visit him, and generally never answered my door to anyone but a very select few. Since David tended to be a nuisance visitor who never knew when to leave, he rarely got into my room.

Melodie or Melody St. Jean was the youngest of Esther's two daughters, and she happened to have an obvious interest in me. She was a wee bit stocky, but most certainly attractive enough. She was possibly eight years my junior.

I am unsure if the "Shop-Easy" supermarket chain still exists.

Another old friend was William Alan Gill, who was renting a bachelor suite that was maybe no more than four blocks from my room. He had a nice colour T.V. as well as cablevision. If I had a T.V., it was only a smaller black & white model with no cable hookup, so I would have had few channel choices.

It was clearly a very quiet Friday evening for me.
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