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Friday, July 21, 2017

Calcium Supplementation Precautions

For a change, my younger brother Mark remained conscious last evening after coming home and eventually parking his frame into his favourite living room chair to watch T.V.

After he went on up to his bedroom for the night, my youngest stepson Poté announced that he was heading on out to visit a friend, so I was soon to be locking the front door ─ he had assured me that he had his key.

I was in bed by 10:54 p.m.

My brain is certainly effective at resisting the onset of sleep. And even after its arrival, it was a night of fractured sleep.

I did rise once during the night to use the bathroom and drink some water. If I lived alone, I would have risen for the day long before daybreak.

I rarely hear Mark when he gets up at 4:30 a.m. to start preparations for his day of work ─ earplugs are undoubtedly the major reason I hear nothing of him.

But even my eldest stepson Tho can often be unheard by me when he is upstairs to use the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom. Such was the case this morning ─ I could bear wasting no further time futilely pursuing sleep, so at 5:48 a.m. I decided to start my day.

Upon dressing and opening my bedroom door, I then found that he was ensconced in the bathroom. So I used Mark's ensuite shower room after turning on my computer in the small bedroom next to mine where I keep the machine.

And then I returned to my bedroom and lied down in bed with the door closed, waiting for Tho to finish up and leave for work. I don't feel like socializing in the morning. I just want to be left alone.

He left around 6:08 a.m., and I was then free to begin my day's routine. Poté was soon enough to rise, and headed out the front door to his car just under an hour after Tho had left.

I am still involved in an edit of an old post at my hosted website My Retirement Dream.

I ensured that I did not get too caught up into it, and shortly after 8:30 a.m. began readying for a local grocery shopping expedition to Deepu's No Frills store over in the Cedar Hills shopping plaza (96th Avenue & 128th Street) roughly four blocks from here where I live in Surrey.

It must have been right around 9:00 a.m. that I left. I had to be careful about avoiding a former neighbour from here in my cul-de-sac who was across the street talking to another of his erstwhile neighbours.

I had noticed that he and his wife were visiting the woman living immediately beside me earlier in the morning. The couple had moved away to Merritt, but they had been very close friends with her and her late husband. Thus, they occasionally come back for a visit.

I know it makes me appear unfriendly to be writing of intentionally avoiding the man. I happen to like the guy, though ─ it's just that I didn't want to get hung up when it was my inention to get my errand done as early as possible. Nor did I want to lose any of the time I was going to be devoting to that post edit.

I have no doubt that he is living his life perfectly well without me in it, so sidestepping some social interaction with the chap is nothing I feel guilty over.

The day was mostly overcast, but sometimes the Sun made a weak appearance. I had even seen very fine rain falling that essentially left scant trace because of how darned warm and muggy the day was.

There were at least a couple of periods this afternoon while I was working on this post that I could actually hear some spatters of rain on the carport roof just beyond my window ─ brief periods, albeit.

Anyway, my shopping excursion was non-eventful, and I was soon enough back at work upon the post edit. I don't think I got done what I wanted to add to it today until just about noon.

I still wanted to have an exercise session out in the backyard tool shed today after missing out yesterday, but I needed first to lie down and ease out the aches that sitting here at my computer engenders.

The pull-ups are the most grueling of the exercises I include in the session, and they figure to be roughly midway in it. I needed to take a lengthier break than usual before essaying them because I was feeling overly hungry, and lacking in determination because my energy seemed low. However, when I did get at them, I actually performed a little more strongly than usual.

Finally, I was at liberty to have my first meal of the day!

Of course, once I had eaten, I needed to lie down for awhile before undertaking this blog post. Eating a meal tends to leave me feeling physically overburdened.

It boggles me how labourers of old were reputed to have sat down to some enormous meal, and then headed out to toil mightily. Any substantial meal practically incapacitates me, and a huge one certainly does!

I have an old family photo that I scanned earlier today and which I want now to post ─ I failed to align it quite evenly, alas.

The man is my mother Irene Dorosh's husband Alex. I don't know the location of the photo; but as for dating it, my best guess is that it was taken during the decade of the 1970s:

And that's all ─ I just wanted to post the photo. There was no special reason.

I mention often enough here in my blog that I take a number of nutritional supplements. However, I take very few minerals as supplements. I think I only take magnesium, chromium, and selenium; and on occasions when I have not eaten any animal meat, fowl, or fish, I may take some zinc.

I learned better than to be taking iron years ago; and in the past couple or so years, I also learned to give up calcium supplements.

If you wonder why I no longer include calcium supplements, the following report does a good job of covering it:


I feel some reluctance to offer the article because I do not like how potentially serious information is being withheld just to curry subscriptions to a newsletter. 

But I guess he needs to make money just like we all do.

He had cited the following reference, but failed to link to it; so I am doing so:


Those same folks actually have a slightly more recent review of calcium supplements that are sold in combination with other nutrients:

If a doctor was adamant that someone needed to take a calcium supplement, then to my thinking it would be absolutely essential to do so in combination with vitamins D3 and K2, as well as the mineral magnesium.

Taking a calcium supplement entirely on its own would be akin to going out of one's way to bring on trouble.

Well, I think I will bring today's post to an earlier than usual close. And here to do it with is a journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth street, and perhaps two houses up from Third Avenue.

I believe that at this point, I was well over a month into a three-month contract working as a truck swamper for a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) that is today known as Fraserside Community Services Society

S.A.N.E. only had a pick-up truck to work with, and it was usually driven by a wonderful lady in her early 40s, Esther St. Jean.

The old building where S.A.N.E. had set up shop no longer exists, but it was located on Carnarvon Street just in front of where the New Westminster SkyTrain Station is today.
WEDNESDAY, July 21, 1976

Up and stiff and tired at 7:00 a.m. My left knee, as I feared yesterday, is rather sensitive ─ that is, the cap. So is my left shoulder from toting my mail during my run yesterday.

Under grey skies I did my laundry, buying a "One Day at a Time" TV Guide, and 3 September Marvels (Amazing Adventures #38 "Death's Dark Dreamer," The Avengers #151 "The New Line-up," and Fantastic Four #174 "The Titan Called Torgo."

I had a lazy day, reading lots.

At Safeway I spent $1.96 on groceries; I had to get buttermilk (55¢ qt) in place of absent yogurt.

At the Games, I saw a young Russian gal, Nellie Kim, score at [sic] 10 score on a difficult vault. Nadia Comanici made her fifth perfect score.

Bed at 10:30 p.m. 
The evening before this journal entry, I had undertaken the 1½-hour hike out to my mother's home in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey to check for mail ─ her home was my main mailing address. However, what damaged me somewhat was the return journey to get back to my room ─ I jogged most of the distance, cutting my time down to just 45 minutes.

I didn't have to start early at S.A.N.E., so I always had a fair amount of time to run errands. On this particular morning, that included the short hike up to Sixth Avenue to the laundromat nearby the public library. 

For some reason, I can no longer remember where it was that I would buy my comics when I was letting my clothes wash or dry. But I sure did love my Marvels

Another thing I do not remember is doing so much reading at S.A.N.E. when there was no truck duty. I expect that books were a frequent donation, so there was likely something of a library there.

Those 1976 Summer Olympics had quite caught my interest. 

Sadly and unfortunately, we all get old if we live long enough.

By the way, this is apparently the cover of that TV Guide I bought that day:

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