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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Flu Shot Fails in the Obese │ More Dire News Concerning Type 2 Diabetes Medications

After quite the despondent morning and afternoon yesterday ─ Canada Day ─ things picked up for me once I started watching T.V. in the evening.

I 'discovered' a new comedy series that I found to be quite charming, and so I watched the first four episodes of the first season: Younger.

As Wikipedia will explain for those who know nothing of the series, the premise is that a 40-year-old woman trying to return to the workforce after being out of it for 15 years due to a marriage that was to fail, and having a daughter she needed to be home to raise, finds that the younger women interviewing her for positions are just too age-biased.

After going for drinks with a close lesbian friend, a nice-looking 26-year-old fellow who runs his own tattoo parlour somewhat hits on our heroine, clearly believing her to be around his own age.

And so the lesbian friend proposes the obvious: Why not go for it, and take on the image and persona of a woman of 26?

This works in spades insofar as getting an office job at a publishing company with a 43-year-old bitchy manager is concerned. Now our gal has to maintain a friendship she developed with a beautiful up-and-coming young woman making a name for herself in the publishing field...and keep things alive with the young tattoo artist who can't seem to get enough of this unique 'young' woman he has found.

I could have watched further episodes, but I didn't want to blow through them too greedily ─ I am enjoying the series.

Besides, I had originally turned to T.V. to watch a movie, and so I selected one ─ it turned out to be called Before I Fall.

Sure, it smacked of a teenager's version of Groundhog Day ─ the young heroine is one of four females friends who meet with a deadly traffic accident during the midnight hour, following a very long and eventful day at school and then an evening graduation celebration bash thrown by a student whose mother ─ his sole surviving parent ─ had to go out of town.

In the major accident, the young lass and her three friends are being tossed about as the vehicle somersaults or whatever cars do that are having a terrible accident, and then things go black for her.

She wakes up in bed ─ her own bed. And it is the very morning of the day she had already lived through.

Unlike Groundhog Day, there are no gags or slapstick. The whole tone of the movie is pretty darned serious, and it becomes very much so at the evening party.

She starts reliving the day over and over, always trying to change the outcome. But even when she does not leave the party with her three friends and thus does not suffer an accident, anytime she then falls asleep, she wakes up in bed and has to relive the entire day all over again.

I think that the movie would be a great one for teens to watch as a potential remedy for the prevention of bullying, for that theme is of profound importance in this movie.

I could have gotten to bed soon after 11:00 p.m., but my older half-sister Phyllis had sent me an E-mail that I could not resist researching and responding to.

A day or two before, she had simply asked me if I knew anything about "pay it forward." She did not get any more specific than that.

She never does, and her cryptic questions can become damned annoying trying to figure out what she wants me to talk about.

So I had replied that I was aware of the concept behind the phrase ─ how the recipient of a good deed is expected to return the favour for someone else in the near future when the opportunity presents itself.

There is also a Pay It Forward Day ─ it was April 28 earlier this year.

Well, here was the follow-up from her that I found late last evening ─ she had sent it at 7:40 p.m.:
its a money exchanger:  Also it is legal, no purchase, no product, they call it 'gifting' If you're interested in coming to a 1/2 hr. presentation, I will pick you up-ther're meetings all over the place. Bring Jack, the boys, whoever you want.
invited in
then get 2 people to come in
then move up
then those 2 people get 2 people, then it divides
each time, move up in the line, so there only 8 on bottom, then
you are on top to receive.
And if you want to start over, its possible.

It is hard to explain, you invest $5000 and when you are on top, you receive $40,000. Then you can start over again, if you want.
The bottom people pay the top person in that group, but more keep coming. The trick is to get 2 people.
I'm sort of excited, but I entered with a 'partner' (halfers), but if I get to the top, I will go again and 'sponsor' you, if you want.
Also, you can change your mind and get your money back! (how can you lose?)
Well, I know a pyramid scheme when I see one ─ and she should be smarter than this, too!

In short order I had amassed numerous news reports and blog articles about this exact and very detailed scheme ─ right down to the identical financial figures.  

So I sent them off to her, telling her to stay out of it; and if she went ahead, she was only going to lose the friends she might manage to bring into the wicked nonsense as their sponsor.

If she is still too dense to pay attention, then she deserves to throw away her money and lose one or more friendships.

Some people are just too stupid to help. And I probably won't know if she will turn out to be one of those ─ she is not likely to be broaching the subject any further with me. If she goes ahead with this, I am unlikely to every know of it.

Anyway, it was nearing midnight when I got to bed. I was surprised that both of my stepsons were home ─ on a Canada Day Saturday evening, for Pete's sake?

I suppose that I slept rather well. I checked the time this morning well ahead of 5:30 a.m. and decided to rise ─ initially, I could not quite read if that lead digit was a '5' or a '6.' When I realized that it really was that early, I just chose to get up anyway.

Both stepsons were of course still in bed, since they were still up when I had retired last night. But youngest stepson Poté was not too very much longer in getting up ─ it seems that he had to work today.

Yesterday had been so 'off' for me that I had not even felt like exercising, so I wanted to get that out of the way before my younger brother Mark was home from where he had spent the night ─ he usually stays at the home of his girlfriend Bev on Saturday nights.

I was working at building up the post I have in draft at my hosted website Latin Impressions, and broke off well before 8:30 a.m. for that exercise session out in the backyard tool shed.

It took a little while to coax myself into it ─ I even had to lie down to ease the kinks out of my frame. Sitting here for any length of time on a hard swivel office chair before the low keyboard of my computer always leaves me very stiff and even sore.

As I lay in the comfort of my bed, I quickly recognized how delightful it would be to just sink into a nap, so I had to rally myself out of that state of mind.

I actually had a very strong workout out in the shed ─ I never expected this level of wherewithal.

Poté had risen while I was outside ─ I was probably about a half-hour in total. I think that it was 8:55 p.m. once I was back here at my computer ─ Poté had not only gotten up, but he had already showered.

And very soon he had left to drive himself to work.

Mark didn't get home until something like 10:20 a.m.

I probably spent about four hours putting content into that Latin Impressions post over the morning. I would guess that it likely contained about a thousand words.

There was just one problem with it that stopped me from saving the work ─ an Amazon embed in the centre of the post was not working right.

I needed to locate the precise area where the text was, so I copied the Amazon Product Identifier (ASIN) ─ a 10-digit blend of letters and numbers ─ and plunked them into the 'Find' (Ctrl+F) field of my browser.

Then I pressed the 'Enter' key on my keyboard.  

And my Mozilla Firefox browser ─ and all of its 10 or so open tabs ─ just disappeared. It simply crashed without any warning.

I opened the browser back up, but it never offered me all of the previous tabs like it usually does when this may happen.

I had enough wit to go to the 'History' tab and select 'Restore Previous Session' ─ but even though it brought me right back to the very draft field of the WordPress post I had worked on for those four hours, there was nothing new there.

All I had was the content I had saved yesterday.

Well, I thought, maybe the Lazarus add-on can do the trick. However, the Zemanta option did not display when I placed my cursor into the bare area of the draft field and right-clicked my mouse.

I then went to 'Tools' and opened the 'Add-ons' area ─ and discovered that the add-on had been disabled:
Lazarus Form Recovery is incompatible with Firefox 54.0.1.
I was hooped ─ all my work was lost.

WordPress had not automatically saved the content somewhere else because I had that annoying feature disabled. Between its automatic refreshes and those of Zemanta (Sovrn), the constant updates were buggering up my ability to work.

The idiots who keep bringing out new WordPress versions clearly do not themselves do much work with the product's draft field. Maybe it's fine for those people who are only interested in putting together a blog post of 300 or so words, but my posts regularly stretch to 10,000 words ─ with about 200 each of images and also reference links; and it is a nightmare trying to keep control when both WordPress and Zemanta are constantly updating and refreshing the post editor field.

Believe it or not, I am growing angrier now writing about the problem that I met with this morning than I experienced when it happened. I probably partially owe my calm to the mood boost I incurred from that unexpectedly fine workout I had in the tool shed.

So this morning never happened, and I am a day behind with developing the post. It will be impossible to locate everything anew that I had put into the post, even if I had it in me to do a far too boring redo of all that toil.

Tomorrow, I will carry on as if I had simply skipped working on the post today; and I will be faced with another four days' work ahead of me before I am done with the post, instead of the three that would have been the case had all gone well today.

By the way, my body-weight was around 188 pounds (85.2754 kilogrammes) after my exercise session early this morning, so I am still well above my normal adult weight that ranges through the lower half of the 180s.

If I had to pick a norm, I would quote 183 pounds.

I am just under five feet and 11 inches in height ─ I like to identify as being five feet and 10¾ inches (179.705 centimetres).

Mark went out this morning for a haircut, and returned while I was having my day's first meal. He was soon seeking a nap.

I did the same early into the noon-hour, and was down for just about 80 minutes. Mark had gotten up and gone by then.

I expect that tomorrow is the Canada Day statutory holiday, so he likely does not have to work.

Since I not only failed to exercise yesterday, but also did not even do any sunning, I was not going to miss out on that today. Soon after rising from my nap, I was out on the backyard sundeck very shortly after 1:30 p.m., and put in over an hour of sunbathing.

I have a scan of an old photo I want to post that belonged to my mother Irene Dorosh ─ I am quite sure that it was a shot taken of her cluttered balcony in the co-op apartment that she and her husband Alex lived in at Newton here in Surrey.

The co-op building was in a complex that included townhouses, and was located on 138th Street between 70th and 72nd Avenues.

The public library and a shopping centre were close to hand across 138th Street.

My best guess would place the date sometime during the decade of the 1990s.

Now I want to bring up mention of a recently published study involving obese participants and the latest influenza vaccine. It seems that the obese were almost twice as likely to get the flu despite the shot, as were normal-weight people.

This report goes into the details: 


I take strong exception with the opening statement claiming "influenza vaccines are currently the best forms of protection to safeguard people against getting the flu."

That's utter crap.

Scrupulous hygiene and a powerful immune system trump the toxic and notoriously ineffective vaccine.

This alternate assessment of the study is more in line with my thinking:


That latter website also had something that people taking medication for type 2 diabetes need to be fully aware of:


Why on Earth would someone with this form of diabetes not attempt to eradicate the condition by abandoning carbohydrates and maintaining a strict control of his or her diet?

Are carbohydrates so overpoweringly important that the risks of the various harmful medications are all worthwhile?

A more involved report on the SGLT2 inhibitors study is here:


The afternoon has fled me ─ I must close out now with a journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and about two houses up from Third Avenue.
FRIDAY, July 2, 1976

I had a copious WD centering on masturbation.

Before 6:00 a.m. and my sleep arising I had some prolonged knocking ─ most likely dad coming round after celebrating yesterday's holiday. I hope he left for good.

I made and ate half a pizza. It was fairly good, but wasn't of Venus quality; this, and the quantity and expense of it, have convinced me never to make another. I'll stick to hamburgers.

I finished a rather poor letter to Ron, to be mailed today.

I'm leaving here about 1:20 p.m. to sun out by the tracks, if I can, then go to mom's. She works tonight, so I'll ride back into town.

I got in an hour of back sunning, though there seemed to be cloud at least half the time.

Mom & Alex were home, and I supped with them.

And I did get a ride back to town, Danny (substituting for vacationing Kay) driving a pick-up.

I went to Wong's and bought Marvel Two-in-One Annual (the Thing & the Liberty Legion), then went to Bill's. Both he & his mother were home.

Seems John & Christine are going with Bill to find Mark & Cathy.

I accompanied Bill as he took his mother shopping, then home; he gave me 3 small peaches. 

He took me to my place so I could pick up the last half of my pizza. Then he dropped me off at his place and took off for Nell's.

I left him a small portion of my pizza.

He came home about 10:00 p.m. with a pint of ice-cream for me.

I'm surely gaining flab, I've been eating ever so much.

Before he got home I took a quick bath; my back surprisingly was quite red from the sun.

Anyway, I stayed till 1:30 a.m., then went home.

I won't be seeing Bill tomorrow, I guess.

Bed at 2:00 a.m.
I would never answer my door if I didn't know who was knocking. There were probably at most a mere six people whose company I welcomed, and my drunken father Hector was not one of those.

The pizza I made was entirely from scratch, including flour and yeast for the thick crust.

The letter I had composed was to American pen-pal Ron Bain.

My mother and her husband Alex were then living in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey ─ their home was my main mailing address.

That wee house is now gone, but its address was 12106 - 90th Avenue. The hike to get there from my room was normally about 1½ hours of fast-paced walking.

However, on this day, I stopped along what were then the B.C. Hydro Railway tracks, but which is apparently today known as the Southern Railway of British Columbia.  

I would access them after walking over the Pattullo Bridge into Surrey, and then turning right and following Scott Road (120th Street) for a reasonably short distance. You can make them out on this map where they cross Scott Road, and well before Old Yale Road. 

Many of the roads on that map never existed back then.

I would turn left onto the railway tracks and follow them until they intersected again with Scott Road up at 99th Avenue. However, to get in my sunning that afternoon, I would have stopped in a field along the left of the tracks a fairly short distance from where I first began treading them.

My mother worked as an evening office janitress in partnership with her friend Kay Krys (or however her name was spelled). Their main gig was at Scott Paper (now Kruger Inc.) in New Westminster, so it was no trouble just dropping me off in town. 

Once I was back in town, Wong's family convenience store was a short distance uphill as one walked on the left-hand side of Sixth Avenue from its intersection with Royal Avenue. I would be very surprised if the store existed any longer.

My old friend William Alan Gill only lived about four blocks from my room ─ he was renting a bachelor suite. His mother Anne Gregory ─ who was renting her own suite in Maillardville ─ was a constant fixture at Bill's place.

Bill was planning on a two-hour or more drive on the weekend directly east to join up with my younger brother Mark and Mark's girlfriend Catherine Jeanette Gunther who were camping out at a Ross Lake. I wasn't interested in going because I did not wish to overnight out there. 

Bill often got lost just going out to Surrey, so he never would have found Ross Lake on his own. However, I now have no memory of any "John & Christine" who would be travelling with him and directing his way.

Bill had a colour television with cablevision, so it was always a treat to enjoy T.V. at his suite. He was quite the social butterfly, so he left me alone at his place while he headed out to Surrey to visit at the rented home of my maternal Aunt Nell Halverson ─ she always had a house full of people.

And since I expect that his long drive was to be the next morning, I was not anticipating to be seeing him that weekend, unless we hooked up after he was back later on Sunday.
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