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Friday, August 4, 2017

Coffee Drinkers Are Far Less Likely to Develop Colon Cancer Than Non-Coffee Drinkers

As I described at the end of yesterday's post, my work on it took me far too long, and my younger brother had arrived home from the bar just ahead of 8:00 p.m., thereby forcing me to suspend my work until after he had gone to bed.

My usual routine from roughly 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. is to watch shows with him ─ I am the selector of what we watch, because he is essentially clueless about what's good or not, or how to find the shows, on our Android TV Box. 

Well, by the time I tuned in an episode of Twin Peaks, he was unconscious. He remained so until into the early part of an episode of Orphan Black.  

There was time enough before his bedtime to slip in an episode of The Ranch, so we also watched that. Meantime, he graduated from beer to a goodly helping of Scotch.

I tuned in a news station after The Ranch, for I was expecting him to go to bed ─ he normally has to get up in the morning around 4:30 a.m. to ready for work.

But he kept watching T.V.

I knew that he planned to leave for Kelowna ─ probably by bus ─ with his girlfriend Bev sometime today, returning on either Sunday or Monday. We are entering into a long weekend ─ B.C. Day is scheduled for Monday.  

The trip is being made because Bev's father lives there, and is having a birthday ─ apparently he is not expecting her, so their visit will be a surprise to him.

Anyway, I began speculating that Mark may well have booked Friday off work, and that was why he wasn't heading on up to his bedroom. But if so, then it meant that I would need to take my leave of further television viewing because I needed to finish that day's post and get it published.

It was already after 11:00 p.m., so my final hour to finish and publish it was at hand. 

And then I looked over at Mark ─ he was passed out again. I had been sitting there with him just wasting my time.

Exasperated, I left him where he was and came upstairs to work on the post, finally publishing it several minutes before midnight ─ 11:52 p.m., it would seem.

Mark was still passed out downstairs. I just went to bed ─ no one is making him drink to this degree. And I don't even know for sure that he took today off work ─ I actually don't think that he did. He was gone when I got up this morning at 6:59 a.m.

He must absolutely love 'the morning after' with its alcohol-induced suffering. He passes out four or five evenings a week out of the six that he is home (he generally spends Saturday nights at the home of his girlfriend Bev).

As said, it was 6:59 a.m. when I began my day, but I was awake and had just gotten up to use the bathroom and drink some water a few minutes past 5:00 a.m.

But suddenly, beneath my bedroom door I saw a light flash on in the hallway just beyond ─ I reckoned that one of my stepsons had turned it on and was coming up the stairs to use that same bathroom.

So I just returned to bed ─ I had a mug of water beside my bed to drink from.

The next I checked the time after getting back to sleep was when I rose for the day. I could hear what had to have been my youngest stepson Poté fussing about downstairs as he readied to leave for work, and then no later than 7:10 a.m. he was out the front door to his car and away.

I was home alone. 

I finally published the edit of an old post at my hosted website Siam-Longings ─ I have been working on the edit since July 25: Thailand Udon Thani Province

The original post was published back on September 26, 2012, but all it ever contained were two small images, and the YouTube video that is now at its base.

With all of the added references and other information that are there now, I would estimate that the post exceeds 11,000 words.

The day is supposedly brilliantly sunny and cloud-free, but the grey, smoke-shrouded sky is often so grey that one can only estimate where the Sun is in its positioning up there.

I live in the Whalley area of Surrey, and never before has this area of British Columbia been so affected by this 'fallout' of our province's many forest fires.

I had a session of exercise out in the backyard tool shed before the day warmed up too much, and it is pronounced just how difficult heavy breathing now is where activity is involved. 

Things have essentially been like this since Monday, although I believe that I did do some sundeck sunning that day. Today, all I did was sit out in the backyard in a chair for just over 40 minutes beginning at 1:07 p.m., and wearing naught but a pair of athletic shorts.

By the way, last evening just ahead of 9:00 p.m., I was briefly in the kitchen and from there noticed a skunk traversing across the backyard. 

But let's return to the topic of my hosted websites. With my edit work on that old post at Siam-Longings finished, I did some research on the post I am going to put together at the next of my six hosted websites that I will be working on.

Specifically, what I was researching were some Amazon books. And in doing so, there was one particular book that was priced at $24.98 at the U.S. Amazon, and £15.15 at the U.K. Amazon.

But guess what it's price is at Canada's Amazon?

Take a look:

Who the blazes would ever buy that?!

It is the identical product (ISBN-10: 055708606X) shown at the other two Amazon websites.   

There was a link to click to tell of any problems associated with the book's description, so I went ahead and pointed out this ridiculous discrepancy in book prices ─ all for the very same book. 

I wonder how long it will take to do anything about that pricing mess?

As I type this at 5:00 p.m., I am nearly finished my third mug of instant coffee today. The earlier two were heavier on the coffee than this one, and they included some unsweetened cocoa powder.

I think I have read enough in the recent few years to be convinced that coffee is a healthy drink ─ but of course, not with a bunch of additives thrown in.

I would drink brewed coffee, but I have yet to experience an electric percolator that produces boiling hot coffee. By the time I add sweetening and cream to the coffee these things yield, the coffee's temperature plunges to becoming almost mildly hot ─ warm, even.

And so I buy instant coffee ─ Nescafé Rich, to be precise. I buy the 475-gramme tall tin. It claims to just be 100% pure coffee. 

The latest research proclaims a considerable reduction in risk of colon cancer for coffee drinkers over people who so not drink coffee.

This is a pretty good report about the study:


That's interesting that researchers actually specialize in the parts of the colon where cancers may develop, since these three areas of the colon each have "somewhat different biological characteristics and functions in the GI system." 

Only the abstract or summary of the study that was published on May 8 and which is being referenced in that article is presently available for access without payment of a fee.

There is an older study that was published on April 20, 2007, in that same journal, and which doesn't seem to share any of the same researchers ─ yet its title is very similar: Coffee consumption and risk of colorectal cancer in a population-based prospective cohort of Japanese men and women (DOI: 10.1002/ijc.22778). 

That study is available for free in full.

I also came upon a study first published on April 7, 2016, but later published on March 21, 2017, at a free-access journal called Oncotarget: Association of coffee consumption with risk of colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies (doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.8627).
In summary, this meta-analysis suggests a nonlinear association between coffee intake and colorectal cancer. There was a threshold approximately 5 cups of coffee consumed per day and further reductions in the risk of colorectal cancer with higher intake. Studies with larger sample sizes and longer follow-up times are warranted to confirm our results. Given that coffee is consumed very commonly and the levels of morbidity and mortality of colorectal cancer are high worldwide, the results of our study provide practical and valuable insight into the prevention of colorectal cancer and the study of its etiology.
There definitely is a powerful case for being a coffee drinker! 

I may only drink two or three mugs of coffee a day, but my teaspoons are heaping teaspoons; and often I will even add some extra coffee powder with an additional partial teaspoonful.    


Okay, I have taken a break from this post and had a bath. It is presently 6:26 p.m., and I am still uncertain about my younger brother Mark ─ did he and Bev straightaway head off to Keremeos after he finished work, if he did indeed work today?

Or is he going to show up in a little while, drunk, and with the trip cancelled?

Time will of course tell; but in the interim, I am going to close today's post with a journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 26 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster

The house I was renting in was located on Ninth Street, and abut two houses up from Third Avenue.

I was perhaps midway through a three-month contract of full-time employment with a New Westminster charitable organization called S.A.N.E. (Self Aid Never Ends) that today calls itself Fraserside Community Services Society.

I had some history with S.A.N.E. as a part-time worker, possibly stretching back to 1974.

Usually, I worked as a swamper on their blue pick-up truck, which generally was driven by dear Esther St. Jean, a remarkable woman in her early 40s.
The building S.A.N.E. was housed in no longer exists, but back then it was located on Carnarvon Street right around where the New Westminster SkyTrain Station has its access there.
WEDNESDAY, August 4, 1976

Up about 7:00 a.m., with a possibly haler back from sleeping on the floor. I am underslept.

I laundered this cloudy morning, buying $3 worth of literature: "Marie and Donny Osmond" TV Guide, Brad Angier's Food-from-the-Woods Cooking, and October copies of The Inhumans #7 ("A Trip to the Doom"), The Champions #8 ("Divide and Conquer"), The X-Men ("Like a Phoenix, from the Ashes"), and The Avengers #152 ("Nightmare in New Orleans"). 

My morning was free, though Gilles gave it some burden.

During the noon hour I scouted around, finally buying a yellow undershirt ($2.11 total) at Zellers.

At the Times Square shop I blew $2 (tho I think I may have been charged $3) on Savage Sword of Conan #15 and August's Fantastic.

And at Prince's Health Foods I spent betwixt $7 & $8 on various expensive nuts.

My afternoon was a full one, with Gordie. I ate 2 apples, and Charlie St. Jean gave me a beer.

After work at Safeway I blew $2.29 on cheese, green plums, and oranges, the latter costing 15¢ lb & 10¢ lb.

From S.A.N.E. I brought home a pack of 11 Delagar Bath Pearls.

Later here I somehow attained an all-time high of 19 chins! 

But I lost the Western Canada Lottery! The next show is October 30.

Bed at 10:30 p.m.
I never had to start too early at S.A.N.E., so often in the mornings I would do some shopping or ─ as on this morning ─ hike up to Sixth Avenue and use the laundromat nearby the public library.

I don't remember anymore where I would have bought those various items of literature while awaiting my laundry.

As it developed, I never had any morning truck duties. It seems that on such occasions I would often read. However, "Gilles" ─ a part-time S.A.N.E. employee who was French Canadian and probably in his early 20s ─ probably wouldn't give me much peace. He was annoyingly chatty.

I remember something of the stores named "Times Square" and "Prince's Health Foods," but their locations now are lost to me. 

The afternoon saw me working, although I say nothing of what was in store. "Gordie" was my co-swamper that day. I seem to identify him as being a younger red-haired fellow who said the most outrageous things ─ if he's the same dude I think I remember, Esther and I figured that he had some sort of mental challenge.

We must have stopped at Esther's home for some reason ─ I actually vaguely remember one day being there and being given a beer by her husband Charlie.

I was certainly a busy shopper that day.

If I managed to do 19 chin-ups with the very narrow doorway chin-up bar I had, then I am quite impressed and amazed. Not only was it a narrow doorway, but it was so low that I had to duck my head in order to avoid hitting it on the chin-up bar anytime I passed through.

You know, I have banked just about all of my life's hopes upon winning a lottery one day, but it never happened. It's just another reason I have always perceived myself as a 'loser.' 
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