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Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Good Article on Vitamin K

Sometimes my younger brother Mark is in no particular rush to get to bed on a Friday evening here at home, and so it was last night.

It was after midnight before either of us got to bed.

The main draw that had kept us up had been choosing to tune in three successive episodes of the current season of The Walking Dead ─ episodes two, three, and four.

That series certainly has been action-filled this season!

Anecdotally, I had a wonderful surprise during the evening when my youngest stepson Poté passed along to me a half-dozen cans of one of the two strong (8% alcohol) brands of beer that I buy and drink here at home.

I think he managed to do the transfer to me in such a way that Mark never noticed.

This new possession made me feel more liberal in the evening's consumption, so I wound up having three cans in all ─ I had only expected to be having two cans of beer at most.

Unfortunately, the benefit overnight was limited, and I was to have another very broken sleep.

When I checked the time ahead of 6:00 a.m. this morning and tried for another round of short slumber, but none arrived, I decided to get up at something like 6:17 a.m.

I first heard Mark start to stir at 9:08 a.m. Unlike me, he seems able to comfortably lie in bed for quite some time.

I had hoped to put additional work into the new post I am still constructing at one of my six hosted websites, but all I managed to do was the morning's assigned quota of content supply.

Then around 10:30 a.m., I sought more sleep back in bed.

I never tallied just how long I was down, but I am sure that I well exceeded an hour. There seemed to be an unusual amount of dreaming taking place in that time, nothing of which now remains to memory.

I rose to find Mark shut up in his own bedroom, obviously seeking his own nap.

He was finally to rise, and head away for the day at 12:30 p.m. It is my hope that he and his girlfriend Bev get along this evening, and that he will spend tonight at her residence as he generally does Saturday nights.

This will afford me the peace to enjoy a movie this evening.

There was much rain before daybreak, but it petered off as the morning advanced. It has remained overcast, however.

I discharged my session of pull-ups fairly early this afternoon out in the backyard tool shed, freeing me up to have my day's first small meal. Both of my stepsons had gone out by then ─ perhaps Poté had to go to work, for he is involved in the retail field.

I want to bring up the topic of vitamin supplements for just a bit ─ there is one vitamin that I would keep in supply, but I have yet to see it stocked in the two food markets that I frequent, or the pharmacy that I might occasionally attend.

The vitamin supplement that I would include in my regimen if it was available at those stores ─ and if it did not prove to be too expensive ─ is vitamin K2.

I will leave it to you to discover its importance for yourself at the following article if you are somewhat unfamiliar with its benefits:


I am quite certain that I have enough animal products in my diet that I ought not to be deficient in vitamin K2; and since last March, I have been trying to have a goodly helping of home-fermented vegetables on a daily basis, so I am trusting that my gut microbiome is more than adequate to the task of producing some extra vitamin K.

My method of fermenting vegetables involves a lot of water, so I have plenty of brine once a batch of vegetables are ready for consumption.

I ladle out a good helping of the fermented chopped-up vegetables and the brine into a bowl and ingest it all ─ I do not discard the brine like many people do. Why should I? It is probably rich in nutrients and probiotics ─ a veritable broth!

Okay, that's out of the way, so I now want to post the following scan of a photo:

A photo taken on one of the many trips that my mother Irene Dorosh and her husband Alex made together over the years

The photo is date-stamped on the reverse with July 1989, so that would be when the film was developed.

I cannot identify where the scene is.
The description above is from the Google Plus album where I have the image filed.

I want to clear away my afternoon for an early start at watching a Christmas movie I have yet to decide upon. And since right now it is 5:02 p.m., I am going to close out today's post with this old journal entry of mine from 41 years ago when I was 27 years old, and living in a basement housekeeping unit in New Westminster.

I was renting in a private home located on Ninth Street, and no more than two houses up from Third Avenue.

My mother and her husband Alex were away on one of their holidays somewhere, so I was trying to daily make the 1½-hour hike out to their home in the Kennedy Heights area of Surrey.

The little house no longer exists, but it was my main mailing address: 12106 - 90th Avenue.

Normally I would have hiked back to my room after a visit to the house, but this time I seemed to be taking advantage of my younger brother Mark, who was living less than three miles from our mother.

He had to drive through New Westminster each workday to get to work, so I was getting a ride with him back to town.

This was the second week that my mother and Alex were away. The previous week, Mark had been on a regular day shift, so I would go to his residence and spend the night there, getting an early ride back to town.

But this week he was on an afternoon / evening shift, so I needed to get to his residence before he left for work in the afternoon.

I had recently broken up with my unfaithful girlfriend, 20-year-old Melody St. Jean. She was now with a young chap named Chris, a co-worker of Mark's with whom he often carpooled.

Melody was actually staying in the apartment of my old friend William Alan Gill, who was renting a bachelor suite about four or so blocks from my room.

She had moved there with her furniture after quitting her job, and the two had plotted on getting accommodation where all three of us could live. My room was too small for even Melody to share with me ─ let alone her furniture.

But now that she was involved with Chris, Bill was having to put up with Chris often spending the nights, as well as much of Chris's free time.

Bill had actually come to my mother's home and awakened me at 3:00 a.m. the previous night because he couldn't stand sharing his apartment with the couple.

I was anticipating that I might be sharing my mother's home with him this next night, too.

I wrote in my journal in the previous day's entry that I was leaving my room just before 7:25 p.m. to make the hike to my mother's home, and I was planning on first stopping in at Bill's apartment ─ he owed me $18 from the night before.

In the several weeks that Melody had been with Bill, he had blown through a lot of money. And now he was short on the rent, and told that he would have to get out if he did not pay it by Saturday.

Management was also against him because Gary ─ an old boyfriend of Melody's ─ had broken into Bill's apartment and caused an enormous uproar. Gary needed to be subdued after punching Bill, and it took Bill, Chris, and neighbours to hold him down until the police came and carted him off.

But no charges were laid against Gary.

A similar situation happened when Chris took Melody to see Gary because Gary was going out of town and wanted to see her. Gary started beating her up, and Chris used his CB to radio the police ─ yet Gary was not charged with anything after the cops arrived.

Anyway, Bill was hoping Melody would somehow come through for him before his rent / eviction deadline, since she was behind his financial reverses ─ he had fallen in love with her and could not control his spending.
THURSDAY, December 2, 1976

I buzzed Bill several times last night, but though his car was there and his light on, I wasn't answered.

I left for mom's enraged, occasionally feeling despair.

From her place, from about 8:45 p.m. - 9:15 p.m., I tried to phone, but only got busy signals.

I concluded, of course, that they'd taken their phone off the hook.

But later, mom's phone rang.

I answered, and spoke several times, but got no response. Eventually I heard the other party hang up, so I did too.

Then it rang again; it was Melody, claiming she was speaking, but the connection must have been faulty.

I spoke off and on with both her and Bill. The line was busy earlier because she was talking to Gary.

And they claimed they would have let me in if they'd known it was me buzzing; I could have even had a steak and multi-vegetable supper with them. Perhaps a potato soup the next night?

They've apparently found a duplex on Old Yale Road (1285?) for $50 more than Bill pays; Melody will make up the difference.

If not for Gary's call, they'd have gone to see it. Tonight for sure they are to go.

Anyway, Bill said to expect him over again for the night.

My depression lifted somewhat after realizing Melody was still friendly.

Just after 2:00 a.m. Bill came banging to be let in.

My sleep was not good. Too, when he left for work this morning, he failed to leave me my $18 as I directed and he agreed to.


I got over to Mark's today soon after 11:00 a.m., I suppose; he was home.

The fog was very light today; more like a misty rain.

He wants me tonight to get Bill to drive out toward Central Park in Burnaby to look at a snow tire for his truck, and buy it if it is good ($30 if I can; otherwise, the requested $35); I'm to give Bill $2 for fuel.

Hopefully I'll get this done before Bill goes to the duplex (Mark & I possibly saw it at 12851; not far from his place), so we can leave the tire at Mark's for him.

Anyway, Mark & I dropped in at the Druid's Inn at the Delta Mall, and had 4 mugs of beer each (he blew $2, I $4). I really felt it!

I came into town with him, and sobered up by exercising.

Now I've showered, and am waiting for my hair to dry.

I sure hope to catch Bill before he goes to Surrey, and I suppose it would be nice to be fed.

Mark told me more of the confrontation between Melody & Chris v.s. Gary.

Seems Chris really did sit in his truck and radio for help while Gary beat up Melody. He said to Mark that I wasn't around when he needed me there.

I realize now that he's scared of Gary, and I frighten him too when I become hostilely drunk.

Seems Melody told him I only "got her" once; otherwhiles, I just sat around like a bump on a log.

Maybe 13 times isn't much considering the time we were together, but it definitely exceeds once.

I wonder when I go to Bill's tonight if Melody will persuade us to stop at some hotel to drink?

Should hit Bill's at 7:00 p.m.
And that was it for that day's journal entry. Obviously I did not return to my room later that evening.

I was unemployed and collecting Unemployment Insurance (U.I.). I never had a phone at my room, and I certainly could not afford to drive ─ I would not even take public transport if the distance was reasonable enough for me to hike it.

I cannot remember a Druid's Inn, nor the Delta Mall. Perhaps neither exist anymore?

Okay, I'll proofread this, and then get started watching a Christmas movie!

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